A Burden to Bare

Paring: Thorin Oakenshield/Reader

Tags: female reader, dwarf reader, angst, sad, eventual happy ending, alternate universe - everybody lives/nobody dies

Summary: Thorin is distant after the Battle of Five Armies, understandably so. But it leads to a dreaded feeling of neglect, and maybe his Queen has had enough of that.

Word Count:  1,140

Posting Date:  2016-05-19

Current Date: 2017-05-09

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Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: Hi guys! Chapter 7! Sorry it’s a bit long but I couldn’t stop. I actually had to stop at some point but the next chapter will still be in Rivendell. A lot will happen there :p

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x OC (Elentári)

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Chapter 7: Are you searching for purpose?

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Elentári was unconscious on the hard ground, her hair floating in the wind and covering her face. The orcs had run away, leaving her to bleed out on the ground as her soul slowly started to fade. However, in her comatose state she could still hear low footsteps around her as the earth beneath her body rumbled. She heard voices talk in rush tones but her ears could not understand what they were saying. She heard everything as if she was dived into cotton.  

The elves searched among the dead orcs, some still on their horse to prevent any other attack. Lord Elrond’s eyes scanned the area, slightly bothered by the orcs’ presence on his lands. The great elf king could feel the presence of other beings close to Imladris, he knew that they would soon enter his city, he could feel it in the air.

Nin hir! (My Lord)” An elf guard called out from before the secret passageway that led to their city.  Elrond turned around to see the guard kneeling before a small silhouette. Elrond frowned and quickly made his way toward the guard but his eyes widen as he approached the injured silhouette.

Hi bo na- ú- orch (This one is not an orc).” He breathed out as he brushed the silver-blond hair out of Elen’s face. “Elentári…” Elrond couldn’t believe what he was seeing, the elleth was barely breathing and her body was broken, pierced by a sword and an arrow… close to her heart.

Elrond slowly laid a gentle cool hand on the woman’s forehead and closed his eyes. Her life was too important, he couldn’t let this be her fate. She had yet so much to achieve.

The Company arrived in Rivendell after a few minutes of trek. The dwarves looked skeptical as they walked across a bridge and entered the beautiful city. A few guards are seen strolling about as Bilbo gazed in awe at the beauty of the place. He turned around, trying to memorize each waterfall, each beautiful alcove, each color and bright light that filled his heart with peace. Bilbo was worried for Elentári, she was his friend after all and leaving her behind had been hard. Even if Gandalf had certified him that she would be alright when he asked him about the magic he felt in the air in the secret passageway, just a few minutes ago. Bilbo had constantly asked the Wizard why they had to leave Elen behind and after a few words of comfort, Bilbo knew that it had been the only option.

The dwarves looked quite uneasy as they walked on a footbridge and Bilbo looked even more impressed as a dark­haired elf walked down a flight of stairs and greeted them.

“Mithrandir.” Lindir said with a small smile as he walked down the stairs.

“Ah, Lindir!” Gandalf exclaimed and smiled back. As Lindir and Gandalf greeted each other, the dwarves murmured amongst themselves in distrust. Gloin glared at the elf and the others, except Bilbo did the same.

“Stay sharp.” Thorin whispered to Dwalin, the warrior nodding at his king.

Thorin was tensed. He was torn in half, he wanted to leave but he also wanted to stay and find Elentári. Since the attack on the plain, Thorin couldn’t help but think about those words he had thrown at the elleth. If Elen died thinking that no one could even care about her, if she died thinking that Thorin hated her… He would never forgive himself.

Lastannem i athrannedh i Vruinen. (We heard you had crossed into the Valley.)” Lindir said in Sindarin.

“I must speak with Lord Elrond.” Gandalf answered, quite ignoring the elf’s comment, the wizard was also worried about his friend.

“My lord Elrond is not here.” Lindir said, his eyes trailing over the group of dwarves quickly.

“Not here? Where is he?” Gandalf asked in confusion but suddenly, the Elvish horns from earlier rang out in the city once again. The Company turned around and they started to shout as they saw a group of armed horsemen approaching along the bridge at a rapid rate. Thorin’s eyes widen and he shouted his orders.

“Ifridî bekâr! (Ready weapons!’) “Hold ranks!” Thorin shouted as Bofur grabbed Bilbo who was looking at the upcoming horses in awe, and pulled him in the center of the company.

The dwarves bunched up together into a tight circle with their weapons pointed outward; the mounted Elves arrived and rode in circles around the dwarves. The company growled at the elves but eventually, the elves stopped, and one of them, Elrond, separated himself from the others. He dismounted his horse in a hurry and Thorin’s eyes widen as he saw the unconscious woman in his arms. Elen was pale, extremely pale, and thick red blood ran down her left arm, winding around her fingers then dropping on the white stone of the stairs Lindir had just walked down from. The company started to shout Elen’s name as they saw her in Elrond’s arms, Thorin stepping from the center of the protective circle. He wanted to see her, he needed to see her.  

“Lindir!” Elrond said with agitation. “Take her to the healers, she’s stable for now but I couldn’t heal her entirely in the plain with the threat of another attack.” The elf lord carefully placed Elentári in Lindir’s arms.

“Princess…” The dark-haired elf breathed out in horror but he did not ask for any other explanation as he ran quickly up the stairs.  

“Princess?” Thorin whispered in confusion then glanced at Dwalin to see if he had heard the same odd title.

“Gandalf.” Elrond turned around when Lindir was out of view and greeted the wizard. Gandalf bowed gracefully before the elf king with a smile.

“Lord Elrond. Mellonnen! Mo evínedh? (My friend! Where have you been?)”

Farannem ‘lamhoth i udul o charad. Dagannem rim na Iant Vedui. (We’ve been hunting a pack of Orcs that came up from the South. We slew a number near the Hidden Pass.)” Elrond said as he approached the wizard then he and Gandalf hugged. “And we found Elentári, hurt and barely alive.”

Gandalf looked at the company briefly and the dwarves looked down in guilt. The wizard joined his hands before him in slight discomfort.  

“Strange for Orcs to come so close to our borders. Something, or someone, has drawn them near.” Elrond held up an Orc sword and shew it to everyone, then handed it to a guard.

“Ah, that may have been us.” Gandalf answered sheepishly.

Thorin stepped forward, and Elrond looked upon him with recognition. However, Thorin glared at Elrond and couldn’t help but ask in a threatening voice.

“Where did you take Elentári? Is she going to make it?” Elrond frowned for a second then a smile crossed the corner of his lips as he ignored the dwarf’s question.

“Welcome Thorin, son of Thrain.”

“I do not believe we have met.” Thorin answered bitterly.

“You have your grandfather’s bearing. I knew Thror when he ruled under the Mountain.” Elrond informed Thorin kindly.

“Indeed; he made no mention of you.” Thorin said, making Gandalf sigh and roll his eyes. Ignoring this insult, Elrond looked upon the dwarves and decided to finally answer Thorin’s question.

“Concerning Nin fwîr, you do not have to worry. She will be healed quickly. She is lucky we found her in time.” Elrond said with a gentle smile but Thorin’s eyes were as wide as the moon.

“What did he call her?” Oin asked the others, stepping forward with his trumpet.

Nin fwîr. My niece.” Elrond repeated and the entire company started to gasp and talk among themselves.

“What is this all about Gandalf?” Thorin asked as he glared at the wizard and Elrond looked around him with a frown of confusion.

“Well… hm…” Gandalf looked rather embarrassed as the entire company and Elrond looked upon him with expectation. However, Bilbo spoke up before he could.

“Elentári is an elvish princess.” Bilbo stated, catching the attention of the company. Elrond nodded his head.

“Yes. She is Lady Galadriel’s daughter, the heir of the Lothlorien’s throne and my niece.” The elf lord answered and the dwarves staid silent for several seconds, shocked beyond measure.

“It is impossible…” Thorin breathed out. “Why would she hide something like this?”

“You will have to wait for her to awake to have the answer, Thorin.” Gandalf said. The dwarf stayed silent, too confused and shocked to be stubborn at this point.

Elentári was the princess of the Lothlorien and he had treated her without respect. Then maybe that was why she didn’t want them to know, Elen wanted the company to accept her for who she truly was and not because she was a princess. After speaking with Gandalf for a while in hushed tone, Elrond turned to the dwarves and spoke suddenly in Sindarin. The dwarves didn’t understand what he was saying. Some of them still not being able to swallow the news of Elentári’s true identity.

Nartho i noer, toltho i viruvor. Boe i annam vann a nethail vin. (Light the fires, bring forth the wine. We must feed our guests.)” Elrond said, playfully using a grave tone as he spoke. The dwarves took it as an insult and Gloin stepped forward.

“What is he saying? Does he offer us insult?” He growled in anger as the dwarves grew bellicose and gripped their weapons uneasily. Gandalf spoke exasperatedly at the dwarves, he was really tired.

“No, master Gloin, he’s offering you food.”

The dwarves quickly discussed this amongst themselves, the mood slowly shifting from uneasy to merry. The mention of food was always a serious matter to dwarves.

“Ah well, in that case, lead on.” Gloin said, eager to finally have the chance to rest and eat a warm meal in peace.

The company followed Lord Elrond and his guards up the stairs, all talking about the food. Fili and Kili talked about Elen with Bilbo. They were worried and couldn’t wait to see her again. Thorin climbed next to Dwalin but his mind was wandering, he didn’t have the heart to eat after everything that happened. Elentári almost died and she had hidden her true identity. Moreover, Thorin couldn’t help but wonder what he saw when Elen pushed him into the crack. Was it light that erupted from her hand? Thorin shook his head as he followed Gandalf and Elrond away from the company, his heart hurting for his elleth.


The birds were chirping as Elen woke up. The soft wind carried laughs and merry sounds to the elleth’s ears and she smiled. Elentári remembered the orc attack and how she got herself injured to keep Kili and Thorin safe. The sounds she heard could only mean once thing; or she was dead and finally joined her ancestors’ halls or she was alive and in a bed in Rivendell. As a familiar voice spoke up, Elen knew that she wasn’t dead yet.

“Good evening, cousin.” Arwen’s gentle and warm voice said from next to Elen’s bed. The woman smiled and fluttered her eyes open, the light hurting her eyes.

“Good evening, Arwen. It is good to see you again.” Elentári said with a chuckle.

“Oh, don’t you dare chuckle Elen! You gave us quite a scare, you were dying!” Arwen reprimanded as she helped Elentári to sit up in the bed, only making the injured woman laugh even more.

“Ouch! Ouch!” Elen said as she held her side and tried to stop laughing as it was too painful. Arwen looked worriedly at her but smiled.

Adar said that you would only be soar for the next few days. You’re lucky he found you and you’re lucky too heal quickly.” Arwen said as she sat back on her chair. Elen nodded as she observed the room she was in. It was her bedroom.

“This room did not chance a bit.” She told Arwen with a soft smile.

“It is yours, it will stay in the state you left it the last time you were at home.” Arwen said making Elentári smile softly at her words.

“This place feels more like home than my true kingdom…” Elen muttered and Arwen sighed. “Are the dwarves already here?” She asked knowingly.

“Oh, yes they are. Gandalf led them through the hidden passageway, they arrived almost at the same time as you with Adar.” Elen turned to look at Arwen and frown at her knowing smile.

“What is the matter?”

“A certain dwarf was really eager to see you. He almost ripped Lindir’s head off of his shoulders when he did not let him enter your room earlier.” Arwen laughed but Elen felt her cheek blush.

“I don’t know who you are talking about.” Elentári denied, glancing at her lap to avoid Arwen’s eyes.

“We both know that is a lie. Thorin Oakenshield, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror… The heir of Erebor’s throne.” Arwen teasingly said, making Elen rolled her eyes.

“Thank you, cousin. I did not know his entire title before.” The elleth said sassily but Arwen ignored her.

“Are you courting?” She asked with eagerness.

“No!” Elen exclaimed as she almost choked on her own tongue. “Not at all. Thorin hates me, he would never… no.” Elen said shaking her head in denial.

“Well… he seemed to care for you quite a lot, my dear cousin.”

“This is impossible.” Elen answered.

“Why do you think that he hates you?” Arwen asked as she got up and filled a glass with cold water and handed it to Elen. Elen took it and thanked her cousin before taking a huge sip.

“I don’t think he hates me. I know he does, that’s the difference.”

“I think you’re wrong.” Elen rolled her eyes at Arwen once more, making the gentle elleth smile. “I have an idea!” She suddenly exclaimed.

“Oh, I don’t like that…” Elen muttered.

“Shush! Do you feel good enough to join my father for dinner?” Arwen asked still smiling but barely containing her excitement.

“Yes, I guess I am.” Elen answered, eyeing the beautiful brunette.

“Then I’ll help you get yourself ready! We’re going to show him! Thorin will see your true beauty and he’ll be mesmerized!”

“Wait a minute, what makes you think that I want… I mean, what makes you think that I fancy him?” Elentári was as red as a tomato as Arwen smiled and gently took her hands in her own.

“Elen, I can see it in your eyes. And we both know that you are smitten with him since the first time you saw him under the mountain.” She said with a smile. Elen looked up at her cousin with blank eyes then sighed.

“He does not know that he saw me before and anyway, I was hiding behind my veil. He did not really see me.” Elentári protested.

“Maybe but you first met him a while ago and you are still smitten with him. Now is your chance.” Arwen got up and started to search through Elen’s wardrobe.

“Arwen…” Elen tried to protest as she slowly swung her legs over the bed and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Estel keeps asking about you.” Arwen said suddenly while still looking though Elen’s wardrobe.

“How is he doing?” Elen asked, her heart clenching at the mention of her other little cousin.

“He misses you. A lot.”

“I know.” Elen sighed.

“Don’t worry, he knows that you love him but he’s still a child.” Arwen said with love in her voice.

“I don’t know who my father was, Arwen. All I know is that he was one of the Númenor. Like Estel’s father. He’s the only person I know from my father’s family and he’s more like a little brother than a distant cousin to me. It kills me to leave him behind…” Elentári sighed, guilt gripping her heart.

“Elen… It is not your fault. Estel knows that you love him dearly.” Arwen said as she sat next to her cousin on the bed and laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. Elen smiled up at her sadly then her eyes caught a silky-looking material in Arwen’s hands.

“No… No, no, no. I’m not wearing that dress.”

“Oh, don’t be a child! It’s a beautiful dress!” Arwen got up and stretched her arms to show her the dress.

Elen had to admit that the dress was absolutely gorgeous. It was made of silk, smooth and fluid white and creamy silk, the material floated in the wind letting Elen watch the beige reflections of the dress as it moved. What caught Elen’s eyes were the small sparkles that covered the top of the dress and cascaded down. It looked like small diamonds covering the top of the dress and the thin drape that trailed on the back.

“I do not recall having this dress in my wardrobe…” Elen noted as she eyed Arwen with a knowing smirk.

“Really?” Was all the princess said as she helped her cousin to get up. “Oh yes and I forgot about something.” Arwen added as she took a crown out of a drawer.

“Where did you find this?” Elen asked in awe.

“I have my ways.” Arwen answered with a smile and handed the crown to Elen.

“You found my crown… I guess you want me to wear it for dinner.” Elen muttered as her fingers trailed over the beautiful mix of wood and metal.

“Well… it could be a really good idea.” Arwen said gently and Elen laughed happily as she followed her cousin into the bathroom, her cheeks flushed at the idea of seeing the company, and Thorin, after what happened.


The company was sitting at long tables with elves playing music and serving food as they waited for Gandalf, Thorin and Elrond to start the feast. However, the dwarves looked rather betrayed as they looked at the green food around them.

“Try it; just a mouthful!” Dori told his little brother as he was playing with the lettuce in his plate.

“I don’t like green food!” Ori answered in disgust, making his brother shake his head. “Do they have any chips?”

At the same moment, Elrond, Gandalf and Thorin entered the opened room and walked to sit at the royal table. Thorin was oddly behaving, too worried about Elentári to even show his distrust in elves. At another table, Kili was eyeing a female harp player. He smiled as he tried to flirt with her and even winked, catching Dwalin and Oin’s attention. Dwalin gave him a stern look and Kili tried to play it off.

“Can’t say I fancy Elf maids myself.  Too thin.” Kili said. “They’re all high cheekbones and creamy skin; not enough facial hair for me. Although…” Just as Kili stopped talking another elf walked by. “That one there’s not bad” Kili said, whispering the last part.

Dwalin smirked before replying; “That’s not an elf maid”.  

The elf in question turned to reveal that he was indeed not an elf maid, but a male and Kili almost gasped. He looked shocked then Dwalin winked at him, and everyone suddenly laughed as Kili looked ashamed.

“That’s funny… Really funny…” Kili muttered.

Thorin heard his company laugh then abruptly stop, a few gasped came out of the dwarves’ mouth as they stared at the way Thorin had walked from a few seconds before. Thorin looked at his company with a frown, wondering what made them look so impressed but Elrond’s voice brought him out of his thoughts and he turned around.

Ah! Nin fwîr! You found the strength to join us!” Elrond said as he opened his arms and hugged Elentári carefully.

Elen chuckled softly as she hugged her uncle back then looked at the company with a soft smile. The elleth took a few steps forward and looked at the dwarves with an embarrassed smile. Then, suddenly Kili got up and bolted in her direction. The young dwarf collided with the elleth and hugged her close, his eyes glossy with joyful tears. Elen gasped then laughed and hugged Kili back, kissing his cheek to calm him down. The entire company cheered and got up to welcome Elentári back.

“Everything is alright, Kili.” Elen soothed as Kili hugged her even tighter.

“I’m so sorry, miss Elen. I’m so sorry.” He muttered, his voice waving with sadness.

“It is not your fault.” Elen comforted him as Kili finally pulled away and Fili took his brother’s place and hugged her. Elen laughed again, and smiled at Bofur as he patted her on the shoulder with a gentle smile.

Thorin watched in awe at the elleth. He had never seen Elentári like this before, she was absolutely beautiful. Not that she wasn’t beautiful before but the dress she was wearing was hugging her curves in a way that shew her grace and beauty. The material looked as smooth and soft as her own creamy skin, an innate grace floated around her as her long silver-blond hair caressed her cheeks and cascaded down her back in soft waves. Her eyes sparkled with happiness as she was now hugging Bilbo who seemed truly happy to see her alive and well. Thorin’s eyes trailed to her forehead and his eyes widen as he saw the crown on her head. The crown was made of thin dark brown wood and silver. White leaves circled the upper thin branch of the crown and a beautiful white pearl laid in the center. 

Elen’s eyes trailed upon the company, she first met Gandalf’s eyes. The wizard was chuckling and smiling at her as he watched the company happily hug his friend then, Elen’s eyes landed on Thorin and her heart stopped. The king was looking at Elen in awe, with love-filled eyes and his mouth agape. Elen blushed as she thought about Arwen’s words. ‘Maybe she was right?’ Elen thought but she quickly looked down to hide her flushed cheeks. However, she quickly looked up at the company as they slowly stepped aside. Thorin walked with his eyes focused on Elen and only stopped when he was facing the elleth. Elrond shared a look with Gandalf as everyone waited. Thorin glared in Elentári’s eyes, the girl couldn’t look away as she was entranced by his deep blue eyes.

Then Thorin did something that impressed everyone. He kneeled before the elleth and bowed his head. Elen’s eyes widen as she looked at the King.

“Thank you.” Thorin breathed out. Elen looked at the others in confusion, seeing their smiles and knowing smirks. “Thank you for saving my nephew, princess. Thank you for saving me.” Thorin looked up at Elen, the elleth didn’t know what to do and to be honest she was a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable to be called princess.

“Please, Thorin. There is no need to…”

“No, you deserve all my respect. Even after the way I treated you, you almost died for my nephew and for me. I am terribly sorry, princess.” Thorin said, his voice deep and filled with remorse. Elen shook her head and kneeled down before Thorin who was watching her with a frown. Elen took Thorin’s hands in hers, they felt so warm and strong in her cold ones, and she smiled at him.

“Please, Thorin get up.” Elen said as she got up herself and pulled Thorin up with her. “I would do it again if I had too, there is no need to thank me.” Thorin looked at her then slowly brought her hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

Elen blushed as she felt Thorin’s warm and soft lips on her skin. Her heart was beating fast and hard against her chest as Thorin stared into her eyes. Time seemed to stop and Elen could only see Thorin before her, as if the entire room was empty. Suddenly, Elrond cleared his throat and everyone reappeared in the room around them. The company chuckled at the elleth and their leader, Balin beaming softly at them. Elen smiled in embarrassement and Thorin chuckled as everyone walked back to their seats, including Thorin who offered his arm to Elen and led her toward the royal table. The dwarves went back complaining about the food as Elrond examined the swords Gandalf and Thorin found in the trolls’ cave.

“This is Orcrist, the Goblin Cleaver. A famous blade, forged by the High Elves of the West, my kin. May it serve you well.” Elrond explained before handing Orcrist back to Thorin, who accepted it with a nod. Elrond then examined Glamdring as Elen smiled at Thorin. She was sitting next to him, nudging a vegetable roll in her plate with her fork. Thorin glanced at her then at the roll.

“Are you not hungry?” Thorin asked sweetly, his eyes trailing up Elen’s arm, seeing her hand shake.

“Oh, I’m… Not really.” Elen stuttered. Thorin observed her as she brought the fork to her lips, her hand shaking even more.  

“And this is Glamdring, the Foe­hammer, sword of the King of Gondolin. These swords were made for the goblin wars of the First Age…” Elrond said as he observed the sword but Elrond’s voice faded in Elentári’s ears as a conversation between Bilbo and Balin caught her attention.

“I wouldn’t bother, laddie. Swords are named for the great deeds they do in war.” Balin told Bilbo who was looking at his sword.

“What are you saying, my sword hasn’t seen battle?” The hobbit asked incredulously.

“I’m not actually sure it is a sword; more of a letter opener, really.” Balin answered making Bilbo frown.

“How did you come by these?” Elrond’s voice brought Elen’s attention back to their conversation.

“We found them in a troll hoard on the Great East Road, shortly before we were ambushed by orcs.” Gandalf answered, glancing at Elen then at Thorin.

“And what were you doing on the Great East Road?” Elrond asked with a raised eyebrow.

Elentári glanced at Gandalf as no one answered the elf’s question. Thorin looked perturbed and pushed his chair then got up, excusing himself, the King left with his glass of wine and his new sword. Elen watched him with an understanding smile but quickly looked away as Thorin’s eyes observed her from his spot over the balcony next to the company.

“Thirteen dwarves and a Halfling; strange travelling companions, Gandalf.“ Elrond commented as Thorin left the table.

“And you forgot to include me, uncle.” Elen added with a smirk. “Which makes Gandalf’s choice even more strange.” Elrond smiled teasingly at his niece.

“These are the descendants of the House of Durin! They’re noble, decent folk.” Gandalf answered, trying to defend his friends but Elen caught Nori pick up what appeared to be an ornate salt shaker and discreetly put it in his coat.  

“And they’re surprisingly cultured.” The wizard added as Bombur stuffed his face with food, making Elen chuckled to herself. “They’ve got a deep love of the arts”.

Nori turned to the harp player behind him and said “Change the tune, why don’t you?? I feel like I’m at a funeral!”  

“Did someboy die?!” Oin exclaimed as Elentári glanced back at her friends.

“Alright lads, there’s only one thing for it!” Bofur said then got up and jumped onto a plinth next to the table.

“Oh, good gracious…” Elen breathed out as she knew what was coming. The elleth glanced at Elrond as Bofur started to sing.

“There is an inn, a merry old inn

beneath an old grey hill,

And there they brew a beer so brown

That the Man in the Moon himself came down

one night to drink his fill.

The dwarves started to trash the food, throwing it at each other and at the table where Elen was sitting. The elleth ducked a few timed and glared at Kili or Fili for trying to hit her.  

The ostler has a tipsy cat

that plays a five-stringed fiddle;

And up and down he saws his bow

Now squeaking high, now purring low,

now sawing in the middle.

Elrond and the other elves looked horrified by the dwarves’ behavior, Gandalf was really embarrassed and Elentári couldn’t help but clap along and laugh. Even Thorin was stomping his feet in rhythm to the song.

So, the cat on the fiddle played hey-diddle-diddle,

a jig that would wake the dead:

He squeaked and sawed and quickened the tune,

While the landlord shook the Man in the Moon:

‘It’s after three!’ he said.

The other dwarves laughed happily and cheered for Bofur, Thorin clapped his hands but his eyes were glued to Elen as he saw her beautiful smile and heard her melodious laugh. Kili threw a handful of food Elen’s way but she ducked in time and it came very close to hitting Lindir. Elentári glanced at the elf in surprise but burst out laughing as she saw his horrified face.


Later that night, after dinner, Gandalf, Elrond, Elentári, Thorin, Balin, and Bilbo are standing in a hall in Rivendell. Elen was standing next to Thorin as she listened to the conversation.

“Our business is no concern of elves.” Thorin hissed, making Elen roll her eyes and Gandalf scoff.

“For goodness sake, Thorin, show him the map.” The wizard demanded.

“It is the legacy of my people; it is mine to protect, as are its secrets.” Thorin stubbornly answered.

“Save me from the stubbornness of Dwarves. Your pride will be your downfall. You stand here in the presence of one of the few in Middle­earth who can read that map. Show it to Lord Elrond.” At this point, Elen knew that Gandalf had had enough.

“Please Thorin.” Elen gently said, the dwarf king’s eyes glancing at her. Elen laid her hand on his forearm and smiled. “My uncle is the only one who can help us.” The elleth whispered.

Thorin thought quietly for a few seconds, with everyone looking at him. Elen removed her hand from his arm and he began to hand the map to Elrond but Balin tried to stop him.

“Thorin, no!” Thorin brushed Balin aside and handed Elrond the map. Elen smiled at Bilbo who was observing the scene with great interest. Elrond looked at the map with a raised eyebrow.

“Erebor. What is your interest in this map?” The elf lord asked. Thorin was about to speak, but Gandalf interrupted him quickly.

“It’s mainly academic. As you know, this sort of artifact sometimes contains hidden text. You still read Ancient Dwarvish, do you not?” The wizard said and Thorin looked at him surprised but nodded his head in thanks.

Elrond walked a little bit away, looking at the map. As the moonlight hit the map, Elrond realized something and turned to look at Elen first.

Cirth Ithil.

“That’s what I thought…” Elen answered just above a whisper.

“Moon runes. Of course. An easy thing to miss.” Gandalf said, looking at Bilbo and smiling.

“Well in this case, that is true; moon runes can only be read by the light of a moon of the same shape and season as the day on which they were written.” Elrond explained, making Thorin look at him with expectations.

“Can you read them?” The dwarf asked and Elrond smiled.

The elf lord led them all to an open area outside, on the side of a cliff, with waterfalls all around. The place was beautiful but Elen hesitated as the moon appeared behind some clouds. They walked toward a large crystalline table as Elen finally took a deep breath and stepped into the moonlight.

“These runes were written on a Midsummer’s Eve by the light of a crescent moon nearly two hundred years ago. It would seem you were meant to come to Rivendell. Fate is with you, Thorin Oakenshield; the same moon shines upon us tonight.” Elrond said as they all looked up. The clouds covering the moon floated away, and rays of moonlight hit the crystalline table, causing light to flow through the map which has been laid on the table. Ancient runes became visible on the map, and Elrond translated them out loud.

“Stand by the gray stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin’s Day will shine upon the keyhole.”

“Durin’s Day?” Bilbo asked as Elen tried to stay behind but the moon looked so appealing that she stepped forward and her eyes focused on the beautiful satellite, blue runes slowly appeared on her body as the moonlight kissed her skin.

“It is the start of the dwarves’ new year, when the last moon of autumn and the first sun of winter appear in the sky together.” Gandalf answered the hobbit.

“This is ill news. Summer is passing. Durin’s Day will soon be upon us.” Thorin said thoughtfully.

“We still have time.” Balin told Thorin.

“Time? For what?” Bilbo asked, still confused.

“To find the entrance. We have to be standing at exactly the right spot at exactly the right time. Then, and only then, can the door be opened.” Balin said, making Elen look at them.

“So, this is your purpose, to enter the Mountain.” Elrond suddenly piped in.

“What of it?” Thorin asked annoyed and defensive.

“There are some who would not deem it wise.” Elrond answered as Thorin took back the map gruffly.

“What do you mean?” Gandalf asked.

“You are not the only guardian to stand watch over Middle­earth.” As Elrond walked away, Gandalf turned slowly, thinking deeply. Elrond stopped before walking back inside and turned to look at Elen.

“Elentári, dear.” Elrond called, everyone turning to glance at the elleth. Thorin’s eyes widen once again that night as his eyes landed on Elen and the blue runes that were shining on her skin. Thorin had thought that she could not have been more beautiful in his eyes but as he watched the elleth stand in the moonlight with blue runes over her skin, Thorin knew that he would never love anyone more than Elentári. “You should have some rest Elen.” Elrond said before disappearing inside.

Elen glanced at the others with tired eyes, feeling suddenly extremely tired. Gandalf advanced toward her and laid his hand on her shoulder.

“Are you alright, my friend?”

“Yes, do not worry Gandalf, I just need some sleep.” Elen answered in a weak voice and Thorin stepped forward suddenly.

“Let me take you back to your room. You need to rest after what you’ve been though today.” Thorin said, his voice gentle and filled with care. Elen looked up at him and nodded her head. Thorin offered her his arm once again and Elen took it, trying not to snuggle into his warmth. Elen smiled at Balin and Bilbo and wished them a good night.

“Thank you, my king.” Elen whispered for only Thorin to hear. The dwarf smiled and bowed his head as he led the elleth inside and through the night to reach her chambers. The fact of her calling him ‘her king’ made his heart flutter.

“How are you feeling?” Thorin asked as he felt Elen squeeze his arm, her hand on his bicep.

“Tired… But apart from that, alive.” She answered with a chuckle. Thorin smiled sadly at her and sighed as he looked at Elen.

“I am terribly sorry for the way I treated you, Elen. I truly am.” Thorin said. “I don’t know why I acted that way when you had done nothing wrong.”

“I can understand, Thorin… What Thranduil did is unforgivable. I can understand that risking the lives of his kin against a dragon was impossible for him but leaving your people alone and not accepting to help you when you were homeless…” Elen looked down. “This is unforgivable. It is normal that you cannot trust elves easily.”

Thorin looked at Elen, his eyes filled with adoration.

“You’re still willing to pardon me? Even after those mean words I threw at you?”

“Yes. I know what grief and loneliness can create.” Elen looked up at Thorin. “I simply hope that you will think better of me one day.” Thorin stopped, his eyes wide open.

“But I do! I did not mean a single word I said, Elen. I… It was out of anger.” The dwarf looked down.

“Nevertheless, you were right. No one can care about someone like me.” Elentári chuckled sadly but Thorin gently placed his forefinger under the elleth’s chin to make her look in his eyes.

“I know that this is not true because there is already one person who cares about you dearly.”

“Who?” Elen asked, her voice waving with sadness and her eyes glossy with tears.

“Me.” Thorin breathed out, his eyes and features softened with love.

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Watch Out Below (13)

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The wait for Thorin’s arrival felt infinite. Between you and Thranduil, there were few words exchanged as you fumed and he preened. Your mind, underlined with anger, ran wild with ideas of what the elven king had planned for you and Thorin. Amidst you flurry of thoughts, you couldn’t help but pause and wonder if Thranduil had been right in his guess. Did you care for Thorin more deeply than you should?

The dwarven king had dragged you through sleet and across mountains with your hands and feet bound. It could be argued he had treated you as poorly as Thranduil did at that very moment and yet the experiences were wholly disparate. The elven king staring at you with his serpentine eyes was stone incarnate while Thorin was more; he was a river which flowed from a pool of tragedy and betrayal which had turned him to ice. The king of Mirkwood, however, stood unbending and unfeeling like a tree which grew leaves just to spite the sun.

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Winter’s chill

For the Anon who drabble-requested: Imagine on cold nights in erebor you put your cold hands and feet on thorins warm skin and he hates it.“ But instead of Thorin; Eomer? (I believe you guys said its okay to do that). :D With some fluff too, please?


Winter in Rohan was cold. Having lived your whole life in the warm temperate climate of Dol Amroth, you had never seen snow before you came to Rohan to marry its young king. Éomer had ordered extra blankets made, of course, but once the cold really seeped into your body, extra blankets only made you feel more cold. Feeling the bed dip, hours after you had retired, with the weight of Éomer’s weary body, you saw your chance. With a sleepy murmur – he probably knew it was fake – you rolled over, wrapping yourself around him… and snuck your icy fingers underneath the linen shirt he slept in, feeling the siren call of his warm flesh. Éomer cursed, shuddering violently.

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Closed RP. Raelene&Kili


Kili had been away from home for two weeks, and he was anxious to get back. The trip had been successful, whatever Uncle Thorin had gone looking for, he had found. Not that he shared what was going on with any of them. Kili glared at nothing in particular as they walked on, about three miles from home. He hated being told what to do, but never being told why.

“Because I said so, and I am the King, nephew.” Thorin had replied, deep voice monotone. Fili had ushered his brother out before the younger one could argue further. “But I don’t understand-” Fili shook his head, golden locks swaying, “And you don’ have to. Just do what yer told for once.”

The dark haired dwarf rolled his eyes, determined to let it go before he arrived back home. Back to Raelene. He felt terrible, because when they had left he hadn’t had enough time to even leave a note. He had asked his mother to relay what was going on, but he had no way of knowing if she had actually done it.

Erebor- finally.

A smile broke out on every face in the company at the sight of it, there truly was nothing better than returning home after being away. As they walked through the great doors, Thorin turned to his younger nephew. “Kili, before you take off you need to help your brother put the weaponry and food away.” Kili gritted his teeth and nodded, “Yes Uncle.”

I wanna talk about that scene with Dwalin and Thorin. Specifically, about "You were always my king. You used to know that once.“ The first line is the big one, of course, the one that’s going to be used in a thousand gifsets and graphics and everything, but tbh, it’s the second one that kills me. "You used to know that once.”

I think that, more than anything else, represents how reciprocal their relationship is, because Thorin is not a trusting person and I don’t think he would trust most people’s opinions the way that, here, he is said to have trusted Dwalin’s. And can you just imagine what a comfort that must have been to him? When he lost his parents and his grandparents, when he was working as a blacksmith, when he was missing Erebor, when he (inevitably) made a mistake as a ruler, he might hate himself all he liked–he might think that Thorin Oakenshield wasn’t worth anything–but he could still fall back on “Dwalin thinks I am a king.” And there’s also the implication that he knew Dwalin very, very well,because there is no doubt at all in Dwalin’s two statements. I used the word “think” just now because it fits, but Dwalin doesn’t. “You were always my king. You used to know that once.” These statements are clear and definite. Dwalin never hesitated to think of Thorin as his king, and Thorin could not overlook that fact.

That, combined with Graham McTavish’s spectacular delivery of “You sit here in these great halls with a crown upon your head–and yet you are lesser now than you have ever been” (this is the moment that got me closest to crying upon my second viewing of BotFA), is what really makes “Get out before I kill you” so fucking heartbreaking, because the preceding lines really carry the weight of their decades-long friendship and partnership, and without explicitly stating it, it really reminds the audience that Thorin and Dwalin have been trying to reach this point, with Thorin as King Under the Mountain, for most of their lives, and that dragon sickness corrupting this long-held dream is truly a tragedy in the Aristotelian sense of the word (although depending on how you interpret dragon/goldsickness, this might be considered a misadventure rather than tragedy but w/e).

I just… I’m never going to get over this goddamn scene.

anonymous asked:

Fili would have been an amazing king, probably (and I hate to say it) better than Thorin, given time!

yeah I mean thorin is fantastic, I’d never dispute that - he saved his people and built a new home for them with his very own hands and worked so damn hard for all of that, all the while never losing hope that he might one day go and reclaim what was righftully his and his kin’s, and obviously commands enough respect and loyalty that he does in fact succeed at making that happen - but you can’t seriously tell me he would have no trouble whatsoever adjusting if he did manage to survive bofa

upon reclaiming erebor, he immediately started deteriorating into paranoia and making all the wrong decisions, never really seeing clearly until it was almost too late - the only thing that jolted him out of his madness was the enemy literally banging on his door and threatening his mountain. he was never happy inside the mountain - the sickness buried its claws into him the second he lay his eyes on the hoard of gold and never really let go.

I’m certain he would have tried to make amends after the battle, because perhaps that would help him realize what really mattered, but while I firmly believe he has all the skills required for a king, he also suffers tragically from holding onto the past, and I’m pretty sure even upon his coronation, even upon being finally able to restore erebor just like he’d always wanted, the sickness would always lurk there at the edges of his mind. I just really think being inside the mountain wouldn’t be too good for him.

but then there’s fili, who was born to thorin’s little sister who had been far too young when the line of durin still resided in erebor for anything to have much effect on her; who’s grown up away from erebor and only knows it as a fairytale, realizes its glory and importance, but also remembers what’s truly important - he’s proven it in dos time and time again, that it’s family (‘I belong with my brother’) that matters, the people that matter, and I’m pretty sure he’ll prove it again in the third movie.

even though he’s the heir and thorin must have taught him everything about the history of the royal line, he’s still lived unhindered by all that guilt and sense of responsibility that thorin has been dragging around like a lead weight, and I think that would factor really positively into his potentially becoming the king. he would obviously need a lot of preparation and would have to learn a buttload of stuff, but I believe that his clear and open mind would really help make him a marvelous leader eventually.

lovelylilpup  asked:

looking @ gifsets of thorin and being like 'dangit he is hot' but my brain defaulted to 'yeah but what if by dwarvish standards he ISNT' like i know thats a headcanon out there already but u know. him crushing hard on bilbo but he doesnt have an impressive beard or intricate braids like ri brothers (and bilbo hangs around them), he doesnt have any 'attractive' dwarf traits (and cmon, bombur is THE FULL PACKAGE DWARF) and fretting over that while bilbo is just like 'thorin is being weird...'

oh nooooo self-conscious thorin hURTS and bilbo obviously finds thorin attractive so he doesn’t understand why he’s acting weird 

i love (by love i mean hate but love) the trope where they both think they’re not good enough bilbo thinking ‘i’m not a dwarf!! and i’ll never be good enough for a king’ and then thorin thinking ‘i’m not attractive for a dwarf let alone a hobbit he’d never find me attractive especially when he surrounds himself with such desirable dwarves’ and oh m y god they’re both so dumb 

anonymous asked:

I'm curled in my sofa, crying over Thorin and Bilbo relationship. Can you imagine that Bilbo probably never married anyone because he couldn't get over Thorin's ghost? Just kill me.

you know i always pictured bilbo loving his life as a bachelor and never really wanted to spend his life with anyone.

but then 13 dwarves invade his home and he meets this dwarf king who represents all the things bilbo ever wanted. but he knows he’s just a hobbit, a baggins and he could never be someone like thorin. for him, thorin is out of reach

and this is how his admiration for the dwarf begins. at the beginning of the quest when thorin complains about him, yells at him, he can’t hate him. he just feels the need for thorin to see he’s more than that, that he left his home for him and the company, he’s willing and loyal and really wants to help them and he wants thorin to see all this

and when bilbo saves thorin from azog, they begin to discover each other on an equal footing and they find out that after all they aren’t so different and this is how they develop their trust, comprehension and an unbreakable bond

and they have something so unique, so special that after thorin’s death bilbo knows he’ll never feel something so strong for anyone else, he didn’t even try to forget thorin and move on, he just lives with thorin’s memory for the rest of his life bc that’s all he can do now