A Burden to Bare

Paring: Thorin Oakenshield/Reader

Tags: female reader, dwarf reader, angst, sad, eventual happy ending, alternate universe - everybody lives/nobody dies

Summary: Thorin is distant after the Battle of Five Armies, understandably so. But it leads to a dreaded feeling of neglect, and maybe his Queen has had enough of that.

Word Count:  1,140

Posting Date:  2016-05-19

Current Date: 2017-05-09

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Closed RP. Raelene&Kili


Kili had been away from home for two weeks, and he was anxious to get back. The trip had been successful, whatever Uncle Thorin had gone looking for, he had found. Not that he shared what was going on with any of them. Kili glared at nothing in particular as they walked on, about three miles from home. He hated being told what to do, but never being told why.

“Because I said so, and I am the King, nephew.” Thorin had replied, deep voice monotone. Fili had ushered his brother out before the younger one could argue further. “But I don’t understand-” Fili shook his head, golden locks swaying, “And you don’ have to. Just do what yer told for once.”

The dark haired dwarf rolled his eyes, determined to let it go before he arrived back home. Back to Raelene. He felt terrible, because when they had left he hadn’t had enough time to even leave a note. He had asked his mother to relay what was going on, but he had no way of knowing if she had actually done it.

Erebor- finally.

A smile broke out on every face in the company at the sight of it, there truly was nothing better than returning home after being away. As they walked through the great doors, Thorin turned to his younger nephew. “Kili, before you take off you need to help your brother put the weaponry and food away.” Kili gritted his teeth and nodded, “Yes Uncle.”

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Fili would have been an amazing king, probably (and I hate to say it) better than Thorin, given time!

yeah I mean thorin is fantastic, I’d never dispute that - he saved his people and built a new home for them with his very own hands and worked so damn hard for all of that, all the while never losing hope that he might one day go and reclaim what was righftully his and his kin’s, and obviously commands enough respect and loyalty that he does in fact succeed at making that happen - but you can’t seriously tell me he would have no trouble whatsoever adjusting if he did manage to survive bofa

upon reclaiming erebor, he immediately started deteriorating into paranoia and making all the wrong decisions, never really seeing clearly until it was almost too late - the only thing that jolted him out of his madness was the enemy literally banging on his door and threatening his mountain. he was never happy inside the mountain - the sickness buried its claws into him the second he lay his eyes on the hoard of gold and never really let go.

I’m certain he would have tried to make amends after the battle, because perhaps that would help him realize what really mattered, but while I firmly believe he has all the skills required for a king, he also suffers tragically from holding onto the past, and I’m pretty sure even upon his coronation, even upon being finally able to restore erebor just like he’d always wanted, the sickness would always lurk there at the edges of his mind. I just really think being inside the mountain wouldn’t be too good for him.

but then there’s fili, who was born to thorin’s little sister who had been far too young when the line of durin still resided in erebor for anything to have much effect on her; who’s grown up away from erebor and only knows it as a fairytale, realizes its glory and importance, but also remembers what’s truly important - he’s proven it in dos time and time again, that it’s family (‘I belong with my brother’) that matters, the people that matter, and I’m pretty sure he’ll prove it again in the third movie.

even though he’s the heir and thorin must have taught him everything about the history of the royal line, he’s still lived unhindered by all that guilt and sense of responsibility that thorin has been dragging around like a lead weight, and I think that would factor really positively into his potentially becoming the king. he would obviously need a lot of preparation and would have to learn a buttload of stuff, but I believe that his clear and open mind would really help make him a marvelous leader eventually.