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“It has been quite the wild ride, this short while that I’ve been about, thank you, everyone, for making it so interesting.”

So there has been a lot of things happening recently, that have been keeping me away from these blogs. Back in December, when I first started this out, I really just wanted to have this be a bit of an exploratory blog into a different side of everyone’s favourite jackal.

Of course, that didn’t last that long, and I loved every moment that I spent talking with you all. Though it seemed to explode pretty massively, far, far more than I had anticipated. I had set this up as there was a lull in my actual work, but that has picked up again. On top of organising things to move house, it unfortunately left too much on my plate, which is why I have been mostly absent for the last month.

That’s changed now, I’ve moved house, and my work has settled again. While I won’t be around in the exact same capacity as I was before, I will have more time to devote to here.

Thank you, everyone. For both your attention, and your patience.

I heard that Trump talked about an "incident" in Sweden.

Now there are rumors of a terror attack. But whatever Trump was talking ablut, it didn’t happen. We have not had a terror attack here recently. He seriously makes things like that up just to push his agenda. Well, let me tell you about the last terror attack we had.
It was in 2015, a Swedish 21-year-old white guy by the name Anton Lundin Pettersson went into a school with a sword and attacked only non-white people. Three people died, two of them were students and one was a teacher. The police shot the killer dead. Finds in his home made it clear that he murdered those people because of racist views; he was a nazi and even liked Hitler fanpages.
That was our last attack. It was done by a nazi. Nazis like him are born from lies like the ones Trump makes sure you will hear. Don’t buy into these lies. Don’t give nazis an excuse to ever kill again.

A year and a half ago ago I had a crush on a girl in one of my classes. Her eyes were beautiful and bright, her smile stunning, the freckles on her cheeks were like the constellations in the sky. As I got to know her better I came to see just how kind and funny she was; she was all a girl could want. Sadly another girl asked her out, they started dating and so I distanced myself from her and tried to forget her.

This year I had a cooking class with her and we talked some more. I found out that things didn’t work out with her girlfriend and they had broken up a while back. Getting to bake together, make awful puns, and just enjoy being around her, my feelings came right back. For several months things went on like this and it seemed like she felt something for me too. We started holding hands and people began asking if we were dating, both of us would freeze up, unsure how to respond.

Ultimately a friend of her’s encouraged her to ask me out at the beginning of December– she was so nervous, her last relationship was not good for her and she was scared to enter another relationship because of that, I was worried because I had never been in a relationship before.
We started dating and wow… we both have been so happy together despite our initial fears. Being with her was worth the wait, she fills me with so much love ❤️

Fic: Queen of Hearts

Maggie and Alex have been together for a few years and Valentine’s Day has become a special day for them. However, Maggie has to spend the whole day working, far away from Alex. To keep the day special for Alex, Maggie leaves some surprises behind for her with the help of their friends.

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So, I wrote a thing for Valentine’s Day…

(It’s also under the cut but its a bit long so I would use the link)

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Soulmate AU where people have the half of a tattoo and when you meet your soulmate it gets complete. Person A (Betty) thinks their soulmate is in another country because they haven't found each other and starts travelling the world to find them. After 1 year they are home, disappointed& make an appointment to cover their soulmate tattoo because they give up. When the tattoo artist, Person B, (Jughead) enters, Person A sees that it's complete.' Thank you so much!!! I adore your talented writing!!

Wow! I really like this one, it’s so interesting , let me give it a try. Thanks so much!

She was exhausted,
It had been a year since she started this pointless journey.

She couldn’t count the places she’d gone and the things she’d seen, one thing more beautiful than the next.
She appreciated it all, really she did.

It was just.. of all the things she found, she never quite found what she was looking for.

Rubbing her tattoo mindlessly she looked down at the peculiar ink stain on her forearm.

It was half of a book, left open the writing on the inside blurry.
Sure she loved reading, and writing was her passion but she never thought her soulmate tattoo would be a book.

She remembered the day Kevin had found his soulmate she had been lucky enough to witness the meeting.

He was now happily married to Joaquin and their film reel tattoos matched up perfectly.

They had been at the drive in when the boy had reached out to pay for his popcorn revealing the matching tattoo to Kevin, who dragged him away and came back twenty minutes later hand in hand.

So that brought her back to her own tattoo, everyone she knows had already found their match and her own tattoo was just a constant reminder that she hadn’t found hers.

That’s why she sat proper in the tattoo shop waiting for the artist who was going to cover it up.

She noticed him immediately, he was gorgeous.

Long dark hair tucked into a beanie, peeking out slightly and piercing blue eyes that regarded her curiously.

He reached out for her, his red flannel brushing against her light blue cardigan. Shaking her hand he smiled at the warmth of her little hand.

“Jughead Jones, I’ll be working on you today.”

She smiled

“Thank you so much, its just a cover up, nothing too crazy!”

He smirked at her pulling her over to his station

“I don’t mean to be rude but you don’t seem like the crazy drunk tattoo type, is there a story behind this?” He laughed rolling up his sleeves.

She smiled at him before she glanced down at his forearm.

It was the other half of her book.

Her eyes widened and she immediately snatched her arm out of his grip before he could pull up the sleeve of her cardigan.

“I…I’m it’s my soul tattoo, I’m, im sorry maybe this was a bad idea.”

He looked confused

“Wait no, im sorry you don’t have to explain, let me take a peek I’m sure it’s an easy cover.”

She bit her lip and sighed, slowly sliding the cardigan off her shoulders letting it slip to the seat.

He grabbed her arm smiling reassuringly, before his eyes widened and he lifted his arm next to hers.

“Well damn, I knew it” he said breathily

She finally forced herself to meet his eyes, confused.

“I’ve been waiting for you green eyes.” He smiled brightly.

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I dare you to make some kind of gif set that compares Loki to Donald Trump. Loki had the 'alternative facts' thing going on loooong before Donald Trump did

Nah, honestly, I’d stay away from that.

Loki is a fictional character and he doesn’t need to be a good person/god/anything to actually bring people happiness.

Trump is a very real disaster who is daily causing incredible amounts of misery.

I’m a firm believer of keeping fictional and real separate.

A thing that’s bothering me about Mando Armour

So I was pretty sure it was supposed to be metal - heavier and tougher than the Stormtroopers’.  This is why Sabine had such a stripped down set (that she’s slowly built back up) - to aid her flexible, fast fighting style.

Yet I swear it’s flexed a fair bit lately on several Mandalorians - making it look more plastic in nature. In addition, while Saxon’s armour looked like a mixture of metal and plastic (rather fitting), Tristan’s armour seemed to look mostly fabric-y!  I’m honestly not sure about where that armour actually protects…

Partizan Belgrade’s Brazilian star Everton Luiz left the field after a match Sunday in tears after suffering a wave of racial abuse from fans of local rivals Rad.

Luiz, 28, saw his every touch greeted with monkey noises and the match was halted late on after some Rad fans brandished a banner insulting the Latin American midfielder.

At the final whistle, Luiz making flipped off the Rad fans, who made their disapproval clear, prompting police to move in and prevent tensions spilling over as Luiz headed for the dressing room in tears.

“I couldn’t hold back the tears as I had to face racist insults from the terraces for 90 minutes,” said Luiz.

“I was even more shocked by the attitude of opposing players who, instead of calming things down, backed this behaviour,” he added. (x)

Okay So this is my (theproanarecipes) witchy account

I had an anon ask me what moon water is on my recipe account, and a few others ask some questions

I want to keep my recipe, meme/personal, and witchy blogs separate 

So if you have a witchy question/want witchy things, ask/follow this account

Okay but moon water

You can google how to make it, but you put out a crystal/glass see through  bowl the night before a full moon, night of and after the full moon, or just the night of a full moon (depends on your preference) and maybe out some crystals and pretty things around it.

leave it out over night, or if you cant leave it outside just put it somewhere itll get the most moonlight

then booyah, you got yourself some moon water.

White people are really delusional.

I’m not joking,, i”m not being funny here.

They live in an alt-reality and forcibly refuse to join ACTUAL reality. Beyond that, they often attempt to force people into theirs.

I literally had a white a used to know say that ‘I’ll fight for you once people are being rounded into camps but not before that — because anything before that is just suppressing free speech and I stand for liberty’.

Does that make any fucking sense? Any at all? It literally demands collateral damage before action and somehow he thinks that’s a really just and honorable thing to say.

So much of what white people have been saying recently, when inspected for logic- regardless of politics, regardless of what’s right and wrong- just literally inspected for whether or not any sort of logic based on the natural world binds their argument together- are 100% batshit.

And this is so disturbing to me. Add in the fact that we know that rich people don’t empathize with others the way everyone else does (and most rich people here are white men) and that white fragility and inclusive white communities cause many white people to live in a social bubble…

THere’s a parallel world in our society and they want so badly to expand it, but it’s not real.

This is just…it’s a lot. I mean you have people out here brainwashed into believing that alternative energy is unsafe, unsustainable, unreliable…and literally bad. Facts, information about our actual reality, are actively spurned by these people.

When are we going to call it what it is?

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I saw my dash all upset with an article from the sun with James Arthur and everyone is complaining about Louis team. I just had a thought of what if that's not Louis team but it's syco or simon or someone trying to make him look that way. And his team might just be ignoring it or they may not be able to say anything against it. But I just had a thought of what if that's not his team. If that makes sense?

I have a lot of thoughts, really, none of them popular.

First I think JA is going the Justin Bieber douchebag route, either because he IS a douchebag and it’s easier than trying to hide it or because he thinks it’ll make him cool. So yeah he’s gonna say stupid shitty things. It’s not a personal insult against me. It’s not a personal insult against Louis. It’s just some dick being a dick. Unfortunately they are heavy on the ground in celebrity culture. Louis and 1d have always been unique in that they aren’t like that. That’s one of the reasons i became a fan and why im still a fan.

Second I believed last year and I still believe that new team is essentially masquerading as old team so as to clean up this mess without associating themselves explicitly with it. So when Louis had to sign a manager for JHO he picked one with explicit Syco ties. If you are working to eventually lay all your troubles publicly at one door, you can’t switch to a new team when things aren’t clean yet. Is Russell as bad as people say? Probably not. Is he probably making any big decisions? Probably not.

Louis is smart. He has fought Simon and Syco and those who have tried to stifle and bury him for YEARS. He is not going to roll over and play dead now. I’m trusting in him and his decisions and that he isn’t acting like he’s at war now because he’s NOT. we know what that looks like. He isn’t fighting this. Did he get a personality transplant? Not likely. What is more likely is he is working with whoever is organizing this and there is a PURPOSE. but per usual people are so ready to fight and find villains and jump to conclusions they aren’t patient enough to wait to find out what it is.

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What are your head canons about Edd?

This has been sitting in my inbox for awhile because I wanted to make sure I had as many headcanons as possible.
So here goes nothing.

-Edd has aspergers
_Ed and Eddy we’re Edd’s first friends
-Edd is secretly into metal and post hardcore
_Edd collects different types of socks
-Edd is bisexual
_Edd has a lot of bad habits in early adulthood like smoking, drinking, ect
-Edd cries a lot but doesnt like to admit to it
_Edd has Ocd, anxiety, and depression along with his aspergers
-Edd’s parents repress everything he does making natural things seem bad or taboo in order to control him, he thinks its normal parenting
_Edd has wavy black hair with a scar running from the left side of his forehead to the back of his head due to the dodgeball incident.
-After the Big Picture Show, Edd tries to get Eddy to do different hobbies in order to help Eddy with his identity crisis
_Edd helps Ed with making figurines and/or organizing monster movie marathons
-Edd talks to May occasionally and they become good friends.
_Edd can bake and decorate cakes like it’s going out of style.
-Edd, though he will never admit it, likes when Eddy becomes incredibly hands on, because he is starved of affection.

These are just a few but not all, i just can’t think of anything else right now.

vivaldis-prodigy  asked:

Also to the bisexual Mormon: hello from a fellow bisexual Christian! I suppose you could say I'm 'half out' my mother and her side of the family are very accepting of me and my sexuality, my father however (they're divorced) is a large baptist and I don't feel comfortable coming out to him. I personally had to stew for a while and study my beliefs to find a balance between who I will love and my faith.

(2/2) My point is that it might take a while for you to come to a conclusion on the convergence with your faith and sexuality. I personally would wait until you are independent of your parents to discuss this with them like I am with my father. Just know that it doesn’t make you a better or worse Christian for being bisexual and I hope one day you are in a situation that you can talk about these things freely, and without fear

A+ example if you’re concerned about how your parents will react I would probably recommend waiting until you’re not dependent on them. Most parents will be supportive of you no matter what, even if relations are rocky for a while, but if you think your parents may react badly to coming out you are under no obligation to do so until you feel safe. Make sure you have a plan for if something goes wrong, make sure you’re not staying in an abusive household and have somewhere to go if you need it

‘Chicago PD’ season 4: Is there possible Lindsay – Halstead drama ahead?

‘Chicago PD’ season 4: Is there possible Lindsay – Halstead drama ahead

Chicago PD -Mrs. Carter: Should all Linstead fans be worried when it comes to a future “Chicago PD” story?

Given that these two have had a fairly stable, healthy relationship on the show for a little while not, we understand that it was probably a pipe dream that it would last. Still, we WANTED to believe it just because believing in nice things is fun.

Do we think that these two are meant to be? Absolutely, but there are going to be some other stumbling blocks that are going to be thrown in there way here and there over the course of the coming weeks. For more on that, just take a look at the small, but important, tease that executive producer Matt Olmstead handed down in a new Entertainment Weekly piece:

“A past ‘undisclosed’ relationship of Halstead’s comes back into the picture, putting his relationship with Lindsay on the rocks.”

So why wouldn’t Halstead mention this to her? We have a hard time imagining with this guy it’s because he wants to get back with this other person more than he wants to be with Erin. Maybe it’s just a situation where he didn’t think the past mattered all that much, or that he was embarrassed about something that happened way back when.

The issue that Jay has with this is mostly just perception. With Lindsay. you’ve got someone who has such a rich and at times very dark past, but she’s been open with it and she’s had someone in Halstead that she could rely on to discuss much of it, both the good and the bad. Having that rock, the shoulder to lean on is a pretty valuable thing. She wants to feel like she can be that shoulder to him, but if she feels like she’s putting 110% into the relationship and he’s somewhere around 85%, you can see why that may be an issue … and something that they are going to have to deal with.

Luckily, there’s plenty of time, and plenty more episodes to go this season!

My opinion: see even this author of the article doesn’t believe Jay would want to be with someone else other than Erin. I’m hoping we all jumping to conclusions thinking it might be a woman he might have had a past relationship with because we don’t trust the writers. The only think I’m little not agreeing with is yes Erin has been open about her past to Jay but most of the time it is because it is in the present when it comes back. But that’s what Erin and Jay are, they both have pasts and they don’t judge each other on their past issues. I’m hoping whatever it is, they work through it and not run from their relationship because that is just not them. Please let it be his dad.

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Astrid accidentally walks in on Hiccup bathing naked

lol sure why not 

She rapidly knocked at the door.

“Hiccup? Are you in there? I need to talk to you.”

Without even thinking, she flew the door open. Although the house was empty, the fire pit was still burning strong. Hiccup’s sword lied next to it. Curious, she  picked it up and held it in her hand. It was a lot heavier than any sword she had carried. She began to fiddle with it, trying her hardest to get the sword to enlighten. Why did Hiccup always have to make things so complicated? A sudden clang from the next room over caused her to drop to sword and the three canisters fell out of the bottom, rolling around the room.She swore to herself as she quickly picked up the pieces and set them back down on the table. She followed the noises to the other room. The door was shut and hid whatever noise fell behind it. As she pushed the door open, a yell rang off.

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you're pregnant *proposal*

If you’re reading this listen to 1d 18 while reading

Y/n’s pov

I walked through the house scared for my life. I had another freaking human inside me, and what about Harry? What about his career?

“Hey love” Harry said as he entered the front door taking off his shoes, making his way over to me. “Hey haz how was your day?” I asked and he smiled that cute smile of his and said “good now that I’m home” then the thing that made me melt.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled his face into my neck releasing a sigh. “Um sorry to ruin the moment but, I feel sick” and with that I ran up the stairs and into the bathroom to begin throwing up.

Harry was right behind me and held my curly locks for me. “Thanks haz” I said and stood up washing my mouth and my hands. “No problem kitten, what’s wrong?”

He asked and that’s when I immediately felt bad for not telling him yet, I mean how was I supposed to. “Come on haz, I gotta tell you something.” I said and grabbed his hand, which he happily wrapped his fingers around mine, as we made it to our bedroom.

I pulled him to the edge as we both sat down, all my seriousness changed when I saw his devious smirk. “If you wanted to make love, you could’ve said that, baby.” He purred in his deep raspy voice.

I flared my nose and pushed his face away earing a chuckle from him. “No Harry it’s something way more important.” His face immediately turned to concern and worry. “What baby? You’re not breaking up with me are you?”

You softly laughed and just blurted it out “Harry, I’m pregnant” you looked him dead I. The eye waiting for him to storm out but he just stood there, his green eyes even greener, and his smile widening.

“You’re joking? I really hope you’re not joking.” I smiled and walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. “No Harry I’m pregnant like seriously.” I said and he started jumping around and singing like an idiot.

I couldn’t help but laugh, after all it was a funny sight “I’m soooooo, happy that you’re having my baby y/n! ” I laughed as he got on his knees and kissed my stomach that was still flat until an number of days.

“If it’s a girl, Darcy, if it’s a boy Edward.” I nodded and made him stand up. He stood all the way up and happily pecked my lips. “Oh and since we’re throwing news out uh……” He stuttered and scratched the back of his neck as he got on his knees once again, I thought his wanna gonna kiss the baby, until I saw something that brought tears to my eyes.

“Y/n y/l/n, will you do me the honor of being my wife?” He asked his eyes getting glossy and mine we’re too. “Yes” I said, tears running down my face. He jumped up and slipped the ring on my finger from that day on, we knew we’d have a good life.

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You amazing beautiful sweet human, what would we do without you? Shola, you deserve all the love. The world had better be good to you because you make it a better place. You are worthy of so much love. You are so incredibly amazing and wonderful. Just by you existing a little more light is put out into the world. You're such a great person, you really are.