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Shook It Out // That’s Life // Bridge Over Shooken Water // Shook Dreams (Are Made of This) // Shook The Show // Balada Para Un Loco // The Way You Make Me Shook // Boyang-Man // Let Me Think About It // The Winner Shook It All // Shook Una Cabeza // Earned It (from Fifty Shades of Shook) // As Time Goes Sh00K // Everybody // Can’t Help Falling In Love // Shook Me 2 Church // I Put A Spell On You // Iron Sky

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Not to sound optimistic or anything, but the writers made the dumbest mistake in ep12 (if it is a mistake). Making Kara confess whatever feelings she has for Mon-el in the Luthors centric episode in which she does EVERYTHING possible to show how much she trusts Lena and cares about her is so…backfiring. To not add that they showed the Karamel scene right after the Supercorp one which is also the reason why articles are writing so much about Lena/Kara. You may ask why? Well the change of dynamic and atmosphere was so big, going from the couch scene with so much chemistry to the other awkward one was just so evident and such a dumb move. Now I’m gonna say that I’m glad they made that mistake, if it was indeed a mistake, but if they wanted to push Karamel down our throats once again, they should have used another ep in which the gay between Lena and Kara isn’t so noticeable, which is impossible.

“ ‘Cause I got the wind in my hair,

And a gleam in my eyes.

And the endless horizon.

I got a smile on my face,

And I’m walking on air.

And everything life ought to be,

It’s all gonna happen to me, out there.

And I’ll find it, I swear.

With the wind in my hair.”

-Wind in my Hair from Tangled: Before Ever After.

“What if I told you
That its just a front
To hide the insecurities I have

What if I told you
That I’m not as strong
As I like to make believe I am

There’s so much I want to say
But I’m so scared to give away
Every little secret that I hide behind
Would you see me differently?
And would that be such a bad thing
I wonder what it would be like
If I told you..”

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Ok I know this sounds stupid but I have a hard time trying to understand mess like what's his personality like and his traits again sorry if this sounds stupid

hes very, very closed off .. doesnt trust easy and when he does, it should be super special to the other person !! very observant and analytical , hardly has a filter so he can be a little invasive at times… which is funny considering how he hates invasive people 😳 he isn’t a fan of people being in control of him, and what he does so once again, if he lets you takes the reins, that’s pretty good

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I’ve been a little busy today, but I’d just like to pop in before I go to work and ask everyone to imagine Sam saying the words, “Don’t stop,” while in bed with Bucky. Breathy voice, all deep and pleasure warm but shaky too.

What I’m saying is their should be more fic where Sam and/or Bucky have really passionate sex and still want more.
That is all.