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And she was the only one who admitted that it was wrong and owned up to her privilege too. i dont rember this when did it happen

I’m gonna proceed with how I don’t think that what Lydia did was right. She wasn’t right. She is prejudiced and Meliorn did not deserve to be treated this way - even if I am mystified about how he knew certain things. However, in my honest opinion Lydia is demonized by the fandom when she has shown growth and understanding of her mistakes. Not to mention that no one actually pays attention to the situation Lydia was in or how much pressure she was under. 

Let me start from the top, because some people actually think that Lydia wanted and even enjoyed arresting Meliorn. She literally says ‘the Clave has ordered for you to be placed under arrest’. It wasn’t her idea to drag Meliorn to the Institute - the order came from the top. She even says to Izzy ‘I have orders, that’s all. I never wanted any of this

When it came to transferring Meliorn to Silent City, Alec says ‘It’s not our decision, Isabelle, Clave made the order’ 

Then Alec says to her ‘Are you sure about this?’

Lydia answers ‘Do you think I would be sending Meliorn to Silent Brothers if I thought there was another way?

Then there is this whole story about how John died - which should have made people more sympathetic to her, because it’s clear that she suffers from PTSD and she is scared of not following Clave’s orders, because that’s how the person she loved ended up dying. No one ever considers this?

When it came to arresting Izzy from her body language, she doesn’t want to do it? She apologizes to Alec for it? Literally all the orders come from Idris from the higher ups, Lydia just follows them and she gets shit for it, not the actual person (aka Imogen I suspect) that is making them. 

During the punching bag scene she clearly admits that the Downworlders and Isabelle and Clary and Jace were right and the Clave was in the wrong. Alec says:‘ They thought they were stopping a war’ to which Lydia says ‘They weren’t wrong, but I had my orders’ 

Now the moment Imogen enters, you can see how Lydia shrinks. She looks exactly the same as when Maryse talks down to Izzy and Alec, but still she says to her ‘Madam, I don’t honestly believe Valentine was involved in the Seelie’s escape’. She literally tries to stand up to her supervisor about this when she could have been punished for it. And that is met with a complete dismissal and a pretty much order to do her job and be ‘efficient to the Clave’

During the trial when Magnus asks her why she is prosecuting Izzy she says ‘Because the law is hard, but it is the law, but that doesn’t make it right.’ and after that she admits that Isabelle was right all along to protect Meliorn - even when her supervisor interrupts her, she still goes on until she withdraws the charges which will reflect on her future career very poorly.

Throughout the season, actually, since the beginning of the season, even while following orders, Lydia shows understanding that the Clave discriminates against Downworlders and that is not right. Up until the point where she actively opposes the Inquisitor  - which is like the equivalent of Prime Minister for Shadowhunters

To sum up: Do I think that Lydia blindly following orders was right? No. Did she make some discriminatory remarks fueled by prejudice towards Downworlders? Yes. Was she in the wrong? Definitely. But she wasn’t the only one that was behaving this way. Alec was. Raj was. Even Jace made discriminatory remarks towards Downworlders. Izzy didn’t treat vampires very well either even if she is an amazing advocate for Downworlders otherwise and she supported them and actively opposed the Clave on their behalf.

But while Lydia wasn’t the only one in the wrong, she is the one that is demonized the most in this fandom. It’s especially irksome, because she understood why she was in the wrong. She admitted she was wrong. She tried to help out at the end. And still that growth is completely glossed over and she is still demonized for it - when Alec and other characters are not brought up to the same standard when it comes to this issue at all. 

dear everyone in the shambless “fandom”

if you are going to accuse me of being transphobic, please fucking unfollow me and choke on a dick or whatever i really don’t care.. i already hate “trnever” and I always will. NOTHING will change that and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that he’s a trans character just as the fact that faileb was black had NOTHING to do with the fact why I hate him

absolutely nothing, have a nice day :)

I kinda wish the producers of the Arrow verse would realize that I don’t want to have to keep up with 4 shows simultaneously to enjoy the universe.

Like this is the exact reason I don’t watch Chicago PD or Chicago Med, despite both shows having actors I adore (It has Sophia Bush people. I LOVE her.) But I don’t want to feel obligated to keep up with so many shows. I would prefer to be able to let a few slide and then catch up. Or to drop one. But no because Barry ‘I make selfish decisions and then get called a goldenboy hero’ Allen, fucked up the timeline my favorite show has to suffer.

I’ve been so terrible about putting art/writing out lately I’m so sorry. I’ve been slow at everything lately. No Wi-Fi, issues editing because of my shitty eyes, my head has been in a weird place, and some other shit has made it hard to keep track of everything I even need to do. RIP anything I forget, but I’m going to try and make a to-do list tonight and hope I get it all down. I know I still have drawing requests (I’ve started them I swear) and I have the writing I need to put out being worked on, but if you guys know anything I need to do plz tell me :p

am i the only person who doesn’t see any similarities between gray and juvia and musica and reina beyond the superficial? especially not since the phantom lord arc…?

i mean, juvia doesn’t act anything like reina, nor does she even look that much like her.

if anything, ultear’s sacrifice was more like reina’s than anything with juvia.


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