Human Form (trash):

  • Gets dirty
  • Needs food and sleep
  • Can´t move through solids like some kind of nErd
  • Clearly defined edges and surfaces
  • Bound by physics
  • Can be seen by anyone
  • Needs “education” and “joB”
  • Lame

Ghost Form™ (Cool & Good)

  • Edgeless, no form, free-flowing force
  • No maintenance required, infinitely clean
  • FREE from the Laws of God and mAN
  • Can only be perceived if feel like it
  • Doesn’t need to know anything, just is
  • Shuts doors and knocks thing over for entertainment
  •  No metabolism, indefinitely sustainable through the aether
  • Cool

some practice doodles… I still have yet to figure out how I want Mishima and Akira to look in my style;;; I think I keep drawing Akira’s hair too long… and he NEVER LOOKS PRETTY ENOUGH, maybe he’s just not suited for my style………………………..

I’m also suddenly working on a winter-themed pegoshima charm… I think the outfits on the bottom right are what I’m going to use.

hey guys wanna hear something Bad?

Dirk’s probably had like 10?? maybe?? good christmases in his whole life

like he got taken into blackwing when he was pretty young and we haven’t gotten much info about his home life before blackwing but i’d hope he had some good christmases.

in blackwing, i feel like he almost definitely didn’t get to celebrate christmas. even if he did, it would just be a shitty turkey meal and sitting all alone in his cell with even shittier cheery christmas music playing throughout the facility.

after he gets out, he probably doesn’t even know how to celebrate christmas properly. like, it’s been so long that he doesn’t even remember how to, and has almost only sad memories of being alone on christmas.

but then his first christmas with farah and todd is?? so good??? and warm??? and wow i guess THATS what christmas is like

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It's weird but Im thinking about Ryan accidentally going back in time and meeting a smol and soft Shane. Child Shane being the complete opposite of Adult Shane. He's quiet and shy and a bit of a crybaby. Ryan trying to find his way back to his own time while trying not to make contact with Shane because it would screw up everything but it's tough because he finds out Shane had a sad and tough childhood and he wants to protect baby Shane IDK MAN IM JUST FEELING SAD TODAY. lol

wow thanks omg.

ahhh, now i’m thinking about this. you know how Shane’s so funny? it’s cliche but the funniest people tend to be the saddest, so honestly it makes sense to me. what if there’s like a Thing that happened to Shane as a kid that really broke him, and then he decides to bury all his trauma for fear of the thing happening again and decides to instead be funny and happy on the outside. 

wow i hate this. thanks a lot anon! now im sad too :(

poor soft baby Shane, and Ryan From The Future having to like watch and wanting so badly to run over and comfort Shane or something but he Cant because it would screw everything up.

what if he’s in the past in a sort of like Learning A Lesson kind of way? I can’t imagine Ryan being really mean or anything, but maybe he says the Wrong Thing one time and feels really bad about it, but then he thinks like “whatever i dont need to apologize” or something, because of all the teasing Shane does at him hes like yeah its fine but actually Its Not. Idk how he gets to the past, like? a ghost? I dunno, but I like this idea….

wow let me just go cry in a corner or something bye

this post is already really long BUT I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING. WHAT IF INSTEAD OF RYAN BEING MEAN, HES LIKE “ahh, no one would miss me if I left?” 

and its like an “its a wonderful life” situation and Ryan gets taken to like see what his friend’s lives were before him and he sees Sad Shane and he gets really emotional or something and he thinks about all the fun they have and he can’t imagine Shane of all people being sad and alone like that but he used to be. 

Or like the angel shows him real-time except without Ryan and Shane’s like dead or something, like he drank too much one night and crashed his car and died. What if it was a night where Ryan would have stopped him from driving or like asked him to stay over for his own safety or something? 

oh god now im really sad haha bye.

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Oohh! This seems fun! Okay, I had a few, but I decided on one: A Sine from Above (because math puns are one of my weaknesses)

With a joke like that? Gotta be a high school AU.

When Dean comes home with one more failing math test, his mother issues an ultimate: get his grades up or suffer through a 6 PM curfew every night. 

Enter Castiel Novak, the school’s primmest, properest student, to tutor Dean in trigonometry. At least Castiel is easy on the eyes, but other than that, Dean dreads every minute they have together.

But as it turns out, Castiel is an excellent teacher. He understands that the key to learning is proper motivation. For him, good grades are their own reward. When he realizes that such is not enough for Dean, he has to get creative.

Fortunately, he’s got a lot of ideas…

(slightly underage, dom/sub undertones, Cas is not above trying bondage, humiliation, sex, praise, whatever it takes to get Dean to pass math…especially since, the longer they’re together, the more invested Castiel gets in making sure that Dean does *not* have to be home by 6 PM…)

send me an ask with a made up title for a fic, fandom/ship optional, and I’ll tell you what I’d write!

Unpopular™ Opinion but like, Yang deserves so much better than Bl*ke right now. I’ve been incredibly disappointed with how Bl*ke has been Written over the past two volumes, and I am not looking forward to how that reunion is going to go because I have a terrible hunch it’s going to be messed up.

Because of Yang’s current emotional state I feel like it would be totally illogical to have the first person she really opens up to be her “partner”, even though I feel like that’s a thing they would totally do.

I don’t even know. This isn’t even about a “omg shipping war!” It’s about who and who hasn’t already seen Yang struggling