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I saw a movie trailer today in the theaters named gem and the holograms or something about a group of girls who get thrown into the music world and they start being molded into things they don't want and changing their images to make people happy and sell more records yada yada the typical music industry ruined me thing (which i completely agree with btw) but i thought it was funny that in the trailer one directions song story of my life played as the only song in the trailer

Were you seeing Pitch Perfect 2? I noticed the same thing.

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anybody else notice that meta posts speculating for next season are at BEST getting like a couple hundred posts and most of them getting like 30 (when in previous years they got thousands or even tens of thousands)? Has the fandom literally tanked or is the enthusiasm for next season just that low?

Good evening dear anon,

that is something I have been talking about with a couple of different people too. It is a trend that we are thinking has been there for a few months now. It seems that in general the fandom is a little less interested in meta than during S8 for example unless it’s all time hot topic themes such as John Winchester’s awful parenting or the relationship between Dean and Cas for example. I will admit though that after the finale there seem to be even less interest in conversation about where the show could be headed. There are a lot of very disheartened peeps out there, who either are deeply dissatisfied with the show and said they were about to quit watching or people, who aren’t feeling any inspiration to join discussion over the finale or the possibillities for S11 yet simply because they need time after the finale to make up their mind.

I can only speak for myself of course, but it saddens me that there are quite a few people I know, who think SPN has fucked up everything for them. I just wish the show could provide something for all of us to enjoy and be excited about. Of course it’s impossible to make everybody happy, but it sure would be nice if it worked that way. :)

I know I am a total minority in feeling this way and I absolutely understand the critique many express over the finale, but I actually like the set up of where we are now. And while there are things that I also think would have made more sense to tie up differently - for one, the fact that the mark could be removed will never make sense to me on a narrative level (though I understand why the show deemed it nescessary to free Dean from the mark - though at one hell of a price) since it goes against everything the past season has been trying to say imo, which is that the key is not the complete erasure of one force, but to find balance (Good!Charlie and Dark!Charlie probably were the most head on symbol for that), but who knows, maybe that very fact will come up in S11?

Like I said. Total unpoular opinion, but I guess the reason I personally am not as upset as many others is based in my reading of the moment when Dean is about to kill Sam. I totally get why for most people this is the ultimate return to the bro-dependency and the erasure of any character development, but I actually never saw that this whole scene was just in the slightest framed in a positive light. In my opinion the show has never made it clearer as in that moment that Sam’s and Dean’s actions to save the other no matter the cost, is something toxic and dangerous and not at all desirable, but something that has to change. And the fact that their actions unleashed the Darkness, basically brought on the second apocalypse and placed the world in the biggest known danger to date just speaks volumes about how tangled up and harmful their relationship has become. Not for a single second Sam and Dean have been framed as making the right choice there.

So I get why people see all this differently, but the main reason why I am reading this not as a fallback into old patterns is due to Dean not stopping for Sam or his love for his brother, but his mother. I know this is another massive unpopular opinion, but to me that moment was not about the brother bond, it was about a mother-child-relationship and the specialness of said love. To me this was particulary emphasiszed because it was contrasted so heavily with Crowley and Rowena. But I don’t urge anyone to agree with me.

Also, to me it really seemed as if Dean was genuinely surprised he had missed Death. obsessionisaperfume wrote a wonderful piece on that moment, which I think provides an interesting reading of that moment, because it truly did seem as if Dean was shocked to see he killed Death (or his human vessel) and as if coming out of a haze, basically the mark stepping in and protecting its host from being plucked from the playing field and depriving the mark and Darkness to be sated.

That’s one way to look at it, the other to me was that Dean maybe had not intended to kill Death but had meant to miss Sam. He may have intended to miss Death too. I personally think there was the possibility that Dean would give Sam the benefit of the doubt and chance to say goodbye and promise to not try and save him. Of course it’s unlikely, but since Dean really has understood how wrong things have been going between them, how their actions though out of best intentions turns them into the bad guys more often than not and bring about damage affecting the entire planet, I think he never would have backed back into the old patterns and I don’t think he has. The way he said “I’m sure everything’s perfectly fine” shows how well aware he is how massively they fucked up.

The thing is, and I assume this is partially where the frustration stems from - and I do understand it - Sam not being on the same level yet. He is miles behind Dean in that regard and he has to catch up and fast.

So yes, basically I think maybe the fandom at the moment is still too upset about various things to be interested in conversation, discussions, spec or meta, because of the disappointment felt over the finale, which I can understand, maybe it’ll change in a few weeks or months. I sure miss a few peeps I used to be able to freak out with collectively and run wild with spec wise, but I think if you are too disappointed and hurt by where the show decided to go (not just the finale but with Charlie too), then it is better to withdraw - maybe for a while - in order to not hurt even more. I personally am really interested in S11 and the possibilities the introduction of the Darkness holds. Like I said here yesterday, it has the potential to re-write the whole grand story and that is exciting to me. It’s sad at the same time though that I feel like being excited about it makes you look stupid or insensitive or wrong.

I hope that SPN will provide something to be excited about and maybe also something to convince those, who feel burnt by the show now, that things will change. Of course maybe they won’t ever find out because they left before. So I can only say I wished SPN would have made all of us equally happy.

Sorry that this got long and completely off-topic. Though I guess it is partially a reason for why there seems to be less spec and meta. Then again, maybe the fandom and everybody in it just needs some time to come down and breath, collect itself in order to come back with more energy and new ideas and love for discussion, spec and meta.

Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger becoming friends when they meet at Diagon Alley before going to Hogwarts

Hermione Granger telling Ron that something seems off about Ginny, maybe he should ask her if she’s okay? And then telling Percy and Fred and George because ONE of her brothers has to do something.

Hermione Granger keeping a close eye on Ginny because she knows Ginny is upset about something, but doesn’t know what.

Ginny Weasley tearfully admitting to Hermione that it was her who opened the Chamber and that it was her fault Hermione was petrified. Hermione giving her a big hug because “No, Ginny, it wasn’t your fault, honest, I don’t hate you”.

Hermione Granger comforting Ginny after a nightmare, telling her Voldemort will never hurt her again. 

Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger gossiping about people in Hogwarts and what’s happening in the Wizarding World, because really, they’re teenage girls and they’re allowed to gossip.

Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley talking about boys and boobs and periods because Ginny can never talk about these things with her brothers and Hermione has no other girl friends she can really talk to about this stuff.

Ginny Weasley helping Hermione pick out clothes and makeup she knows Hermione would never wear and Hermione giving Ginny some Muggle books she knows Ginny may or may not enjoy. 

Hermione Granger listening to Ginny Weasley go on and on and on about Quidditch but not having a clue what any of it means. Hermione telling Ginny about something she read in a book and Ginny perks her elbows on her knees and listening because, for some reason, she finds it fascinating. 

Ginny Weasley praising her brothers to Hermione on minute and then complaining about them the next while Hermione just giggles and says “Honestly, I wish I had siblings to fight with and love” and Ginny just looks at her straight in the eye and says “Hermione, you are like my sister, we can fight whenever you want”.

Hermione Granger giving Ginny advice about Harry and Ginny trying to convince Hermione “Ron’s not all that bad, I promise”.

Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger holding each other after the Battle because everything is finally over and they’re so glad that despite everything they’ve been through they still have each other.


When Jensen thinks about it, really thinks about it, because sometimes he has to, has to categorize and objectify his thoughts just to keep from wanting to crawl out of his own skin on the worst days, he has found that, to him, their relationship most resembles country, the songs that blow through his truck’s speakers at the ungodly hour of midnight, hitting eighty down an old dirt road going no where. When he was younger. When his family thinks he’s asleep. When he needs to not think for just two fucking seconds. And yeah, it might be ridiculous, but hell, is it accurate.

“Crashing into me like waves on the coast…”

The music, It’s a whirlwind emotions, a mix of trades. It’s late summer nights, under the stars, wrapped up in blankets and happiness. It’s light and vibrant, giddy with the anticipation of simply talking, completely infatuated with another person. It’s silly and downright ridiculous, but smiles and laughter, because that’s just how it goes. It’s raw yet tender, because love stories are better sang than spoken, anyway.

And sometimes, only sometimes, is it angry and loud, like the overturned lamps and pillows thrown to the floor of hotel rooms in full on yelling matches that they’re left to explain to staff at three in the morning. It’s bitter and heartbroken and real, because neither truly understands what’s worth what anymore. What’s worth themselves. What’s worth each other. 

Despite it all, despite everything, Jensen still finds that it’s his favorite kind of music, has since he was a kid, even when Misha downright hates it. What’s new, though? There’s always going to be different genres, different songs, different tastes, different people, different responsibilities, different lives. 

But at the end of the day, when he’s at wit’s end or even out of his mind exhausted, his brain goes back to those tunes, wants to hum those familiar words and reminisce in a happiness that is confined solely for those back road times, those cherished but rare moments. 

So when he and Misha stumble up the stairs after yet another convention, with chaste kisses and grabby hands at each other like damned teenagers, he finds himself swept in yet another song.

“You coming?” A coy smile. Always the smiles. 

“ … lean in and your lips taste like Sangria.”

A sigh. Always a sigh.


“ …..your lips taste like Sangria.”

The song repeats. He’s not sure if he’ll ever not.

ok i’m finally doing this….heres my fangem jasper

i came up with her before there was a canon jasper ok. and her gem is important to her personality / backstory so i can’t change it… Truly unfortunate

along w/ jade and cobalt she’s a part of my knockoff cg trio. just a very sweet sad dog/boar/lion thing

her gem is cracked so she can’t change out of this form, summon a weapon or fuse; she can’t speak either and b/c she’s by far the smartest of the three this is a problem

jade is a healer they’re out searching for a way to fix jasper’s gem (and cobalt tags along and that’s the story i guess)

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I don't much understand that "distractions" mindset you mentioned, with Hook and Robin. I mean, if that were the case, if they were making a SQ a slow burn ship, then they could have simply made them disposable boyfriends. They didn't HAVE to write Killian to fit every single need Emma has as a character who has been broken by love. They didn't have to have her be IN LOVE with him. They didn't HAVE to make Robin Regina's soulmate. Writing that deep if they're only going to be temporary? No.

If you are at all familiar with my blog then you already know I am 100% convinced that Hook is Emma’s True Love and that their relationship was planned from the start.

If you want to understand the mindset that Hook and Robin are disposable then you’d do better to ask someone who ships S-Q.

I will say this though - those that favor Emma and Regina as romantic interests often point to the fact that they are the leads, they both have magic, they started out as enemies but are now a family - they share a son. 

Based on those things listed above a tale in which they end up in love together could make sense from a story telling perspective. However it does NOT make sense from a character based perspective - the way Emma and Regina have been written, and what the writers have shown us they need emotionally, it is my strong opinion that they don’t make sense together romantically.

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Interview (??) with Years & Years ft. Mikey singing