The dreams are getting the best of me
My mind tries to compose itself
But it’s not fruitful
These vivid, almost lucid dreams
Where what I can’t control
Has now been bended in my favor
These dreams have a whole new set of obstacles
I don’t have to deal with
when I’m awake
I won’t mince words.
This is about you.
Why does it have to come down to you
I am tired of waking up,
Living these dreams every night,
dealing with the harsh juxtaposition that is
these dreams are truly beautiful and sweet,
but not good all the time
Some of these exploit the parts I don’t show.
I understand we all have things going on
but please don’t just disappear.
I’m always moving on man,
Come on please!
I lost parts of my childhood,
I gave up opportunities in the past,
I move on
Friends come and go every season, people I let in everytime
I move on
Family dies and parts of you go with them
I move on
But right now, in this moment,
I’m tired of moving on.
Give me a break please
I want to cherish this moment
I want to cherish you
Things are different now
But give me something, anything
So I can figure out a way to make it through,
Though this time, it isn’t so
You and I are so very far away
Not a hip, skip, and a jump as I’d like to say.
So yeah, as much as this hurts

It probably went on for only a few seconds, but to Y/N it felt like hours until he drew away, and she whines again, having not realized that her nails were digging into his forearm. She lets go, turning in his lap to face him and she sees him licking at his lips. Her head is foggy, and her body feels like Jell-O, and she giggles at the thought of having Jell-O legs before leaning her head against his shoulder.

“You need to drink cranberry juice.”

His voice sounds far away.

Y/N passes out.


Harry is smitten with a human, and Y/N hates cranberry juice (a lot)

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            “We are all the pieces of what we remember. 
   We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us.
    As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.”

Favorite Characters from A to ZZ
Zachariah. a.k.a Jem Carstairs

Lance leaned in close across the table as the waiter left, pulling out his phone.  “I got an idea.”

Keith rested his chin on his palm.   “Is this going to be as bad as I think it could be?”

“Depends on how you view me.”

“Well, I think you’re—“  Keith swallowed, eyes glancing over the eager expression on Lance’s face.  He thought Lance was a lot of things, that’s for sure.  Excitable.  Passionate.  Annoying.  A little bit exciting.  A lotta bit tempting. He made Keith think about some of his four year’s regrets. “Reckless.”

Lance hummed, waving his phone in his hand.  At this point, they probably looked stupid, leaning across the table like this, but Keith could better see Lance’s freckles and the half-crazed, half-excited look in his eyes, so he didn’t particularly mind.

“If we’ve both wasted our high school career, and this is all everything turned out to be, then—well, why not just do it?  We can wipe out everything we wanted to do in one night.  No regrets.”

Keith glanced down at Lance’s phone, where a small list seemed to be typed out, and Lance moved it slightly away so that Keith couldn’t read.  “Like a bucket list?”

“I guess so.  A poor man’s bucket list.  Stuff that we had the past four years to do and just, didn’t.  I already have the list planned out.  Whaddya say?”

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Guys. Guys? People.

Holy shit.

I did the thing.

I finished a story.

It’s a fluffy 1500 word one-shot that’ll make your teeth rot out and I named it after a No Doubt song that’s older than some people who may read it, but holy fucking balls, I finished it.

I don’t even know how to describe what my brain is doing right now. I haven’t finished a fully fleshed-out piece of fanfic since a secret santa piece over a year ago. I haven’t done anything self-contained enough to put on AO3 in three.

Three goddamn years.

So if you have a minute to read it and feel like being encouraging to someone who fell hard enough for this dumb ship to unstick three years (THREE!) of writer’s block, please do. I need some headpats and kudos and encouragement for this so I will hopefully be able to make myself continue doing it.

Holy shit, guys, I finished a story.

you give me the most gorgeous sleep (AO3)

(With immense love to @daftpunk-delorean and @malevolentmango for hand-holding, cheerreading and general encouragement.)