Okay here it is! South Park in 2015. It may not have been the best season, but it brought with it some big moments for the fandom. I didn’t include this, but South Park was one  of the most re-blogged animated shows on Tumblr this year, probably because of some of the moments listed above. Congrats to us! In addition, here are some of the moments that were also significant:

  • Increased diversity in David and the Asian students (and also with Creek being canon)
  • Officer Barbrady’s dog
  • EDIT- THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE teaser trailer
  • The Style fight of episode 1909
  • Butters gets a girlfriend
  • Reddit as a resource for news + theories for the Tumblr SP fandom (overlap of internet communities in general)
  • Cartman’s sexuality is explored in greater depth
  • Stans gets no lines
  • The South Park critique that went viral
  • The annual anti-Kyman debate
  • Token is homophobic vs. No he’s not
  • Long-legged Craig
  • Too many Creek posts/Creek gets haters
  • “Replace Cartman with ___________” posts
  • any more I may have missed (feel free to add on)

But overall- great year everyone!!!

he feels like quiet, stronger when you hold him

a fanmix for the inquisitor and her commander

take me to church - hozier // i found - amber run // only love (acoustic) - pvris // i’ll keep you safe - sleeping at last // luminous - alice & the glass lake // lift me up - mree // run - daughter // don’t wait for me - racing glaciers // do i wanna know - hozier // i am the one - maryden halewell + trevor morris

the insanity called love

plot: when you meet your soulmate everything turns black and white, not allowing you to see colors anymore but when they die you get to see color again.

group: bts

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: soulmate!au

word count: 7.5k

A/N: I finally finished it! omg this is the longest thing I have ever written, I hope you like it 💖 idk if I will write a part two for this, I want to but I won’t be writing anything until October ;-;

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It was simple, a sudden change of reality, you would stop seeing every color if you met them. No one knew when it could happen, it wasn’t like those clocks you have that counts down your time to when you meet your soulmate but in real life the world was sadistic, it could happen any time. And it hasn’t happened to you yet.

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kiss it better (do it right)

Title: kiss it better (do it right)

Pairing: Chanyeol/Tao

Rating: pg-13

Word count: 1473

Summary: Chanyeol’s uncovered eye shoots open wide and accusing before drawing back into a tight squint. “You broke my face and I have to use it tomorrow.”

A/N: Written for this prompt.

Ice Skating ~ 25 Days Of Fic Day 9

Meh, I’m a day late on this one, and I’m gonna be a day late on the next one. Welcome to the life of a procrastinator ;-; Hope you enjoy!


Fandom: A:TLA

Pairing: Tokka (Toph x Sokka)

Rating: T

Word Count: 853


Toph’s POV:

Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph all walked along the stone paths of Ba Sing Se, trying to come up with some type of activity to do. So far, there seemed to be nothing, and the weather was beginning to get worse. Toph could already feel it coming.

She felt Katara hold onto Aang for warmth like the blind earthbender had done with Sokka last time they took a walk, but unfortunately for her, she wasn’t alone with him this time. Plus, it wasn’t snowing like it was then.

Sokka stopped dead in his tracks. “I’ve got it!” the watertribe boy yelled, causing Toph to jump in surprise. Everyone stopped walking.

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Puppy Love

A/N: I’ve had this post saved as a draft for what feels like ages, finally got around to finishing it…hehe I’m so lazy omg.


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For you birthday, your boyfriend of three years decided it was time to get you a puppy. You had already moved in with him the year before and he knew that it sometimes got lonely when he was gone. He had also heard an earful of you begging to get a pet. He wasn’t the most comfortable getting a pet because he knows that they are tons of work, but he knows that you’d go above and beyond taking care of one.

It had to be a small/medium sized dog because your shared apartment was definitely not big enough for a large dog. He did plenty of research and finally decided on getting a little French Bulldog puppy.

JJ’s son Henry helped him pick it out…and helped you name her too- Honey.

 Hey sweetheart, did you know that French bulldogs are known to be patient and affectionate with its owners, especially with children? Female French bulldogs are very affectionate and protective of children…for when we eventually have one?


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There are only a few things that you have a soft spot for…your boyfriend Aaron, his son, and puppies. So you were more than stoked when Aaron told you that he was thinking about getting a puppy for Jack (. Of course you were completely on board with the idea and even helped him look into potential candidates to adopt into the Hotchner household. He ended up adopting the most adorable golden retriever puppy. He was actually a stray, most likely abandoned by his mother for being the runt of the litter. He was quite tiny and fragile when you guys got him, but with all the love and attention he got, he grew strong and healthy very fast.

Jack absolutely adores the new family member but there have been multiple times where he and his furry little brother have gotten into messy situations. There was the one time where they decided to play outside after a rain storm and muddy footprints and paw prints trailed all over the house. Another time, Jack accidentally tipped over the bag of dog food and it got all over the place…luckily there was a very hungry puppy willing to eat it all up.


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If you were to ever picture SSA Derek Morgan getting a dog, you’d think he’d get a big dog like a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd. That’s the type of puppy you were expecting your boyfriend to bring home. You had the flu so you weren’t going anywhere this afternoon…not even to choose out a puppy. You felt fine enough to go but Morgan wouldn’t listen to reason.

You were FaceTiming with Penelope trying to pass the time when you heard the door open. You look up to see your boyfriend holding this little pug puppy. You were quite shocked with your boyfriend’s choice of dog but you weren’t complaining. His big angelic eyes captured your heart, later finding out that was the reason why your boyfriend picked him.

You decided to name him ‘Baby Boy’- Penelope thinking it was quirky and funny and Derek laughed as he rolled his eyes.

happy to announce that i am now undertale trash <3

I Will Never Lose This Feeling

im so so glad ive finally finished it! i love these two so much omg alphyne has stolen my heart
i also thought undyne would be v attractive w/ her hair out
i was not wrong
i still have trouble drawing alphys tho???? like idk how to make her look like.. HER
ps. i think this is the best fan art ive ever done im so happy it turned out how i wanted it to!
its so nice to draw something other than dogs for a change
and baggy pants <3 gotta lov pjs man

Undyne, Alphys, Undertale © Toby Fox
art © Dekkasaurus