JM: Una vez prometí cuidarte y respetarte para siempre, prometí estar contigo en la salud y en la enfermedad y hasta te dije.. hasta que la muerte nos separe. Me cansé de prometer cosas, y esas palabras las dicen solo personas que se aventuran en un solo viaje, en un nuevo viaje que no conoce ni el verdadero amor y que son movidos en ocasiones por la euforia del momento… esas palabras nos dan esperanzas y ya me cansé de vivir de ellas. Y aquí estoy, frente a la mujer que amo con todas mis fuerzas, con firmeza y seguridad.. diciendo que te amo María de Jesús, te amo este día y hasta el último, por eso estoy seguro que tu eres mi compañera ideal, mi amante .. mi mejor amiga. Mi corazón late por ti, y este día en que la vida nos da una nueva oportunidad te entrego mi corazón en tus manos, te entrego mi vida eterna para que viva junto a la tuya.

M: Un beso, una vida, un amor.. eso es lo que te prometo yo. Te prometo el amor sincero de una mujer que da la vida por el hombre que ama. Te prometo un segundo, un instante en el que la vida se vaya.. se vaya entre olas mágicas, te prometo una eternidad a tu lado. Una sonrisa, una lágrima.. el mundo, nuestro mundo. Voy a vivir para amarte, para cuidarte, para levantarte día tras día.. cuando el felices por siempre se nos llegue a escapar sin proponérnoslo. Te prometo calor cuando haga frío, confianza.. y mi arrepentimiento y mi capacidad de perdonar. Te juro Juan Miguel San Román ante este Dios y todos los que nos rodean y nos quieren que .. que te haré el más feliz de todos. Por siempre mi amor.. por siempre.

Honestly, the third years are a classic protagonist trio. Like they have their ups and downs, of course, but at the end of the day, nothing would ever truly tear them apart. Every day they spend together is a new adventure. Their love and support of each other is unlike any other bond they’ve ever had, and they know they’ll be in each other’s hearts forever. No matter what happens in the future, they’ll always remember. 

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Why I love the idea of Joker being a completely innocent family man before his breakdown is because I think this helps make the relationship between Batman and Joker a perfect and unrivaled representation of how incredibly important it is for a person with mental health issues and bad experiences to have someone they feel completely understands them and what they've been through, to not feel alone in the world. I was watching the end to the KJ film and had huge streams of tears down my face haha

This is exactly why comic fans (and fans of fiction in general) can get so passionate and invested in their worlds. It can mean so much to people to see a character that they share struggles with and can relate to, and if it helps even just one person feel less alone then I think that’s an amazing, powerful thing. :)

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I've been struggling lately and having a hard time, but seeing your posts and tags always cheers me up. I love how you get excited and are so enthusiastic about the things you like. It makes me smile, so thank you.

I saw this message a few days ago, and…I seriously just….Like there are no words in the universe to describe how I’m feeling????? LIKE???? OMGADLKFAFADASLDSJ;LF SERIOUSLY ANON, I JUST! 

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 I am SO HAPPY that my little place on the internet brings you smiles, like you have no idea. Honestly, I never thought my blog was anything special, just me fangirling over the things I love, but..wow. I just. (I kinda thought I was annoying lmao.)

Did I tell you that I seriously can’t find the words right now??? 

Honestly, my heart is so full of love and all kinds of emotions right now. Anon, just know that whatever you are going through right now, while it probably seems tough and difficult and never ending, just know that you will get through it. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. 

 Let me tell you a little story (I don’t mean to babble) - I joined Tumblr at a VERY difficult time in my life. Like, I felt everything around me was crumbling, my mind was in a state of self-loathing (no matter how happy I looked on the outside) and I basically felt like I was…trapped. I guess. I didn’t quite realize it at the time, but I was a mess. It’s hard to explain. I won’t really go into too many details, but it was basically just a period that was kinda the end result of a build up of negative shit….I felt like my own worst enemy. I originally joined Tumblr since I was going to have another place to put up art and many other people I knew were going on Tumblr as well so I thought, why not. But anyway, it was basically during the time after I had finished watching the first two Hobbit movies. To make a very long, long, LONG story short, I..I found something again. I don’t even know really what, but.. I found myself again? Like…there was just something about the joy and happiness that this brough me that reminded me about who I was? I guess? Like, I suddenly was introduced to this whole world, these amazing actors and this amazing cast and crew who brought to life this beautiful world, and here, in this world, in thier worlds and the characters they portrayed, I could escape to, and it just reminded me of all the beauty, the brilliance of the world again, and how much fun life could be again. It had been such a long time where I had loved something so..passionately? It had been such a long time since I felt like that about something, and it felt so good. 

(Oh god, I’m starting to cry. Whoops! XD)

 It just reminded me, somehow, of how I was when I was younger I guess. I was so much more simple then. I was so carefree, not concerned about such trivial things. Something I lost during that time, I guess. I just can’t even find the words. Obviously I know I’m an adult and I have to deal with adult things. But that rush, that feeling of…excitement? Like I see something Middle Earth related and I’m just over the moon. I see Aidan on something (not that this happens, ever, because he’s never in magazines or anything here, except for that one time) and I freak out (Actually kinda like the Poldark book hahah!)… I think that’s why I love it so much. Why it is so near and dear to my heart. God, I don’t even know how to describe it! I can’t find the words! (this seems to be a problem for me? Get me a dictionary or something.) It’s just such an amazing feeling, and honestly I think if I were to ever meet the actors in person I’d probably just cry because I can’t find the words to express how I feel. Honestly, the whole fandom really helped me cope with my negative feelings. 

 I have bad days, still. We all do. I have days where I struggle, but it’s getting better. Each day, it does. I’m learning to let go, and reminding myself that you just can’t change certain people (maybe most people?) and situations and that some things are inevitable, and that the past is the past. But the best thing you can do is find something, anything, that reminds you of the beauty and the joy of this world. Find a passion and do that passion - whether it’s writing or drawing or running or whatever. Take the time to care about you, to remember that you are an amazing, wonderful individual with talents and that NO ONE - ABSOLUTELY NO ONE - can take that away from you. You will meet people in your life who will try and tell you who you are, who will try and change you and break you down and hurt you for their own benefit. Let them know they can’t.

 Life can be really cruel - but life can be beautiful too. I really hope that whatever struggles you are going through pass soon - and if they don’t pass soon, remember that they WILL pass. Like I said, it can feel like a never ending struggle, but, to quote one of my favourite Disney movies (that doesn’t get enough credit, like, ever.), Meet The Robinsons:

Keep moving forward :) 

 It is just so heartwarming to know that my blog, my little place on this blue hellsite, can cheer you up. I honestly love you so much, anon, even tho I don’t know who you are behind that nonny icon. You are amazing and never forget that! 

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(I just really love that gif. )

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Sorry for rambling (I really can’t ever not ramble omg.) but seriously, you really just filled ME WITH SO MANY INDESCRIBABLE FEELINGS! DFASFDASFAF!!

I finally understand what musicians mean when they say that music is a therapy. I used to think it meant relating to the lyrics in a song that was about personal struggles and using it to help understand how you feel and emotionally heal yourself from whatever shit’s going on around you, and that’s part of it, but there’s so much more than I ever thought there could be to music. When I picked up this guitar in the store today and started playing, I relaxed and went into my own little world where it was just me and this guitar. The next thing I knew, tears were streaming down my face and the girl playing in the classical guitar section of the acoustic guitar department of guitar center was looking at me like i belonged in a mental institution. Music has been my main escape from everything from parental abuse, mental illness, bullying, and more, for close to 6 years now. And only today when i picked up this hollow piece of mahogany and started noodling around on the strings did I understand why musicians spend their whole lives writing music. Once you have the right instrument in your hands, you’re not playing the guitar, trumpet, accordion, piano, or whatever your respective instrument is, you’re telling your life story, like speaking a second language that only others who have had the same experience will be able to understand. I now know why legendary musicians have such iconic, timeless sounds. Kurt cobain, jimi hendrix, even composers from hundreds of years ago like Bach, mozart, and beethoven (sorry to any classical music fans, those are the only classical composers I know by name) had stories to tell, stories of tumultuous childhoods, unrequited love, joy, happiness, freedom, and any other emotion it’s possible for a person to feel. That is what music is all about, not to get sex, money, or fame, or to be remembered for generations. It is about expressing your emotions and sharing your story, both the positive and negative parts of who you are and how you came to be that person. No amount of training, no pricey record deals, no amount of fame can have the same effect on someone as having that connection, that emotional bond to their instrument that enables them to communicate as if music is a second language they’ve known their whole life. If you’re a musician still looking for their voice, I urge you to try new things, to listen to new music, to look for more obscure artists from the same era as your favorite band/singer to help broaden your view on what it means to be a musician(that’s how I discovered bands like dinosaur jr, sonic youth, and my bloody valentine), and if you don’t play an instrument or used to but haven’t picked it up on months or even years, I encourage you to start playing and explore a new area of life.


you were in my dream last night, we sat by the ocean and apologized to one another for all the pain we’ve caused before you finally kissed me… a tear steadily streamed down your face and I woke up feeling empty

Last night I noticed that Kenshin snuck by me on iTunes while I wasn’t looking :DDD

So now (because I haven’t even removed the plastic from my bluray ugh) I am listening to it for the first time since the theater and feeling grateful that I can do my stupid job in my house where no one can see me making aquacise posters with tears streaming down my face no big deal.

IT’S BEEN A LONG WEEK happy Friday everyone <3

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Why hello there Jasper, this is Pink Diamond. Remember me? I wonder about how you're doing, you were after all, my perfect Jasper. I do miss you, really. Please stop feeling bad about yourself for not being able to protect me during the war. There was nothing you could do anyway. It still would've ended the same. Now I want you to get up and continue living, Jasper. You are beautiful. Never question that.

Jasper collapsed to her knees, tears in her eyes and a shocked expression on her face. “My… Diamond?” Her body could barley move, except for her arms clutching her chest in sorrow. “I wish I could’ve done SOMETHING!” Tears streamed down her face, her nearly perfect eyeliner now smudged. “I will carry out your last wish, My Diamond.” She replied, valiantly.

Three in one bedroom(part 6) last part

Warning: really short and kind of crap but I guess it will work. And I think a little bit of cussing.*********************
“oh my god” tears are streaming down my face. I look down at Y/D/N and even more tears fall down my face. “Oh my god guys…” I look back at the boys “ Dan?” Dan looks down at his feet then turns to my eye contact. He has so much emotion in his face I feel sorry for him “Dan,your the father” Dan looks down at his feet and let’s out a sigh “yeah just pay I’ll get over- wait…. What………..what did you say……………..y/n?” Phil jumps in excitement and let’s out a small ‘yippie’ Dan let’s out small laughs and then cries. He has tears streaming down his face “oh my god…. Oh my fucking god…….I just….” Dan is completely speechless as I pull Y/D/N out of her cradle and hand her to Dan. “Say hello to your Daddy.” Dan’s tears are still coming and is smiling with so much happiness. I remember Phil and turn to him “are you okay?” Phil nods “yes of corse. I feel better knowing you two are going to grow a happy family together then have to deal with a bunch of drama.” Phil smiles as he talks “Phil ….your crying” I et out a breath and let a few tears fall down my face as well “I know” Phil wipes his tears away “I’m just so happy right now” we all pull into a group hug and we stayed like this forever, until Dan breaks saying “I’m hungry” we break in laughs and we have the most amazing day ever. The day Y/D/N’s father was confirmed.________________ Dan’s POV: it was a actual miracle. I have no idea how this happened, but I don’t care. Y/D/N was beautiful, just like her mother. I was the father and y/n was the mother. We couldn’t be happier

almost there, i whisper, tears streaming down my face. but i’m not. i’m nowhere near almost there.

this fic is taking too long to write. 


I’ve never felt so alone
The tears stream down my face
I only want to feel you
And lie there in my space

I sit here in the darkness
And long to hear your voice
There’s nothing I can do now
Perhaps you’ve made your choice

My heart will always love you
You’ll always be the one
I won’t ever forget you
What more could I have done?

You used to call me Angel
And comfort me while I’d cry
That is all I wanted
Instead I heard goodbye

14. You’re Sick

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*Your POV*

Justin and I had seafood for dinner. We had such a wonderful night. Once we got home, I was exhausted. I decided to change while Justin put in a movie. I was in the bathroom washing my face when I felt a pain in my stomach. I stopped what I was doing and waited a minute. The pain went away so I walked out to Justin. He smiled at me and I crawled into bed with him. After a few minutes into the movie, I felt the pain in my stomach again. I took a deep breath and tried to push the feeling away. Justin didn’t seem to notice that I was in pain. That’s when I felt my stomach twist. I ran into the bathroom and started getting sick.

I heard Justin calling my name. He paused the movie and ran into the bathroom. I was puking and I had tears streaming down my face. Justin pulled my hair back and out of my face. Once I was done, Justin pulled my hair up in a messy bun and grabbed a rag. He got it damp as I flushed the toilet and closed the lid. I sat on it and Justin knelt down in front of me. He started wiping my face and I sniffled. He helped me up and walked me to the bed. I laid down while he ran down stairs to get me some medicine and cup water. I thanked him and took the medicine. After I got settled in the bed, we cuddled and then fell asleep.


The light hits.
I am blinded, but only for a moment.
It feels warm on my face.
And just like that it’s over.
The shadow cold replaces the heat.
She has stepped in front.

And we all know why.
She knows it too.
Just as the music starts, she takes a breath.
She begins while hitting every note.
I stand and watch.
She takes one big breath
And belts as if she’s singing to the heavens.


It goes on and over and over the shadow comes back.
Will I ever be able to feel the sun. Feel the heat.
A tear streams down my cheek.
I wipe it off because I can’t mess up my makeup,
But what does it matter?
No one will see me anyway.
Not even the light will see me.

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The way I loved you, the moment I knew, style, blank space and bad blood.

The Way I Loved You - 


The Moment I Knew - 

What do you say when tears are streaming down your face in front of everyone you know?
And what do you do when the one who means the most to you is the one who didn’t show?
You should’ve been here and I would’ve been so….happy

Bad Blood - 

Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes


So this is it, this is what utter and complete happiness feels like. I’ve been used to crying in life, oh so used to it, but here I am with tears streaming down my face and all I can do is smile. Everything is going to be fine, it will all turn out okay and I know this now. It’s all thanks to her, she’s so amazing, I can’t get over how she makes me feel. She was the missing puzzle piece, and she’s fallen into place. I have never been this happy in my entire life.