Imagine being the first person that Loki visits after he escaped from his prison.
He’d just stand in front of you suddenly. You two would look at each other for some seconds in complete silence until he pulls you into a deep hug, you smiling and some tears of joy streaming down your face.
“I missed you, my love”
“I missed you too, Loki”

Jealously With a Twist: Teen Wolf

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A/N: All the Gifs used are not mine! A combination of Fluff and Smut so its now call Smuff, but there’s no smut in this, just sexy scene. I’m rambling, I’m sorry but i hope you all ENJOY!

Warning: Cursing, Sexy scene but not Sexy Time, Booty Slapping, & Alpha/Beta/Omega structure for some of the imagines.

Scott McCall:

“So Alpha, tell me do you get jealous often?” You asked Scott leaning against the coffee table swirling your finger on the wood softly. He looked at you and down at your finger movements before meeting your eyes, his glowing red eyes staring back at your eyes “No what would give you that idea, the fact that my eyes or red, or that I was removed from the lacrosse field?” He asked cocking his neck slightly. He was fuming with anger, claws showing, red eyes, heavy breathing kind of anger and you knew exactly why, you looked down to what you were wearing “Does the jersey bother you that much that you went Alpha on the field? Scott , he’s a child.” You said gesturing to Liam’s jersey looking at Scott which only angered him more.

“Yeah, a child whose jersey is wrapped around my girlfriend’s body.” Scott said lowly approaching you carefully until his hands were lying on both of your sides resting against the coffee table “If you scratch Coach’s desk, he’s going to flip.” You asked softly staring into Scott’s eyes “You think I give a shit about his desk? I give more of a shit of why YOU’RE wearing his jersey.” Scott said leaning closer to your face causing you to hold your breath. You didn’t want to tell him the truth because it was only going to anger him more, and after the anger had settled he would hate himself for not being there, just as you were going to open your mouth.

“NO LIES. THE TRUTH (Y/N)!” He yelled causing you to jump in fright but he didn’t care at this point all he saw was red. “I.. I was attacked on my way to the game.. some guys came and tried to .. tried to hurt me… Liam was walking to the game.. he saw them.. as the tried to … hurt me.. he saved.. me.. Scott .. he saved me..” was all you said before sliding down to the floor, tears had began to stream down your face, you couldn’t control your fear, your hurt, your feelings. “Baby.. I .. I’m so sorry..” Scott said sinking to the floor sitting in front of you, without thinking you threw yourself into his arms and continued to cry.

“I was so scared Scott.. I felt so useless..” you said softly through your tears, Scott sat you in his lap cooing at you, while stroking your hair trying his best to calm you down “I’m sorry I wasn’t there baby.. I’m sorry you went through that.. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you..” he kept repeating as he softly rocked you. “Jealous or not McCall.. I love you.” You said softly as he kissed your forehead “This is so much better than watching you play lacrosse.” You said laughing causing Scotts chest to throw a fit of laughter.

“Man, I am on lucky guy huh?” He said kissing your hair, holding you tightly to him, protecting you.

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Stiles Stilinski:

Malia Tate. Must you continue. Ever since you and Stiles had gotten together she was always showing up at Stiles’ house asking him for help and of course since your lovable, sweet and oblivious boyfriend couldn’t see that she was just doing it on purpose he didn’t put a stop to helping her. You knocked on Stiles door to hear rustling and a couple of giggles just as you were going to open the door, Malia swung it open with a smile on her face “Hello (Y/N). We were just talking about you.” She said smiling at you which made you feel weird on the inside, as you looked over to Stiles you noticed it immediately. A kiss mark. On his cheek.

“It seems I’m interrupting something. If you’ll excuse me.“ You said turning around, running out of Stiles house trying to keep your tears at a minimum ”(Y/N)! Wait up babe! What the hell!“ He said catching you and pulling you back to him "Why are you leaving?” He asked looking at you confused, you said nothing but point to his cheek, he raised his eyebrow grabbing his phone to see what was on his cheek “Babe. Seriously?” Was all he said, just as you were going to walk away he grabbed your hand “Baby, Scott’s mom came by earlier, she gave me this kiss. Malia even mentioned it to.. wait, you thought?” He asked drifting away.

“No, baby I would never cheat on you.” He said wrapping an arm around your waist pulling yourself closer to him “So why have you a Malia been hanging out all week then?” You asked softly not trusting your own voice. “What’s today? Thursday right? Isn’t there something really important going on this exact Thursday?” He asked looking around and then it hit you “Shit.” was all you said before slapping your forehead “Yeah, so busy thinking I was cheating on you, you forgot. 6 months.” He said pulling you towards his house.

“Okay but that doesn’t explain Malia.” You said standing your ground on the fact while walking to his house “You’ll see.” He said before covering your eyes with his hands carefully walking you into his house, usually you would be amused but you weren’t exactly in the mood to receive a surprise. “Ready? 3…2…1..” you heard Stiles whisper in your ear as you opened your eyes to reveal a beautiful candlelit dinner “I couldn’t get the reservation in time, so Malia helped me with the idea. I don’t know how but that’s why we were spending more time together baby.. do you like it?” He asked fidgeting with his hands waiting for your reaction, you grabbed his hands looking up at him “Baby, I love it.” You said tiptoeing to kiss him.

“No reason to be jealous baby. You have my all.” He said holding you tightly kissing you once more before ushering you to your seat “I better Stilinski.” You said sitting in your seat, looking over at Malia, Scott and Liam “They will be serving us tonight.” Stiles said smirking causing you to laugh “Oh god, this is an anniversary I’m afraid you won’t be able to top.” You said laughing hysterically.

“Oh my love , trust me. I will.” He said taking you hand and placing a gentle kiss on it giving you a quick wink. Now you had to see what else Stiles had up his sleeve.

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Derek Hale:

You were waiting on the steps of Beacon Hills High waiting for Derek to come pick you up, like he promised but as twenty minutes passed you felt less and less sure that he would be coming at all “Hey, (Y/N) still waiting?” You heard Isaac say as he sat next to you on the steps with his lacrosse gear “Practice is already over?” You said in pure shock, watching Isaac slowly nod his head trying not to screw Derek over. “I’ve been waiting for an hour and a half and he’s still not here.” You said giving up hope that he was coming at all, you grabbed your things in defeat “Hey, let me walk you home.” Isaac said grabbing your bag that felt like pure rocks.

“Thanks Isaac.” You said leaning into his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around your waist “It’s okay, I’m sure he has a good reason (Y/N/N).” He said softly as if praying Derek had a good reason. The walk was quiet but that was alright because you weren’t really in the mood to talk about anything and Isaac understood that seeing as it was the third time this week that Derek stood you up. You had finally reached your home to see Derek sitting on your porch with flowers and a small smile, that immediately dropped when he saw Isaac’s hand on your waist. “So what’s this?” Derek sneers referring to Isaac’s hand which was still at your waist.

“Well since you don’t know the first thing about being a boyfriend and keeping your promises, someone has to right.” You said roughly as if it was a slap you had been waiting to give Derek “(Y/N) watch yourself. You wouldn’t want your little lover boy over here hurt would you.” Derek said with his eyes glowing red. You marched up to Derek, not fearing his temper “Derek Hale. I dare you to injure that boy because if you do I’ll never forgive you.” You said likely threatening his authority “Don’t forget, your Alpha position doesn’t effect me. Never will. So don’t you dare disrespect your Luna by treating her like one of your pack members because I can ruin your life.” You said softly tiptoeing to kiss his cheek.

“Bye Isaac, thank you for walking me home AGAIN. Now if you’ll excuse your Alpha because me and him have to talk.” You said threateningly causing Isaac to jet down the block “GOOD LUCK ALPHA!” Isaac yelled picking up full speed until he was no longer seen on the block, Derek turned to face you.

“Am I really in trouble?” He said smirking “Derek, three times in one week. Hell yeah you’re in trouble, now get your fine ass in this house because you got some explaining to do.” You said rolling your eyes as you walked into the house with a sour Alpha following behind you.

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Chris Argent:

You were doing your rounds at the hospital when you noticed a familiar name “Argent, C” you rushed into the room to see Chris Argent trying to unwrap his bandages “I’m sure you gave the nurse a hard time to put those on.” You said leaning against the door “Shit. (Y/N). Yeah, she wasn’t my favorite nurse, you know that.” He said winking at you, causing you to laugh.

Every time he was at the hospital he would always find a way to get caught or in trouble just to see you, he always flirted with you and you couldn’t complain because Chris was such an attractive man.

“Ah, Mr. Argent. Trying to gussy up to my girl are we?” Doctor Monroe said reading off Chris’ chart list, you rolled your eyes at the statement. Doctor Monroe had been trying to get into your pants from his first day at the hospital “Oh are you in a relationship? Funny, she never mentioned you when I took her out to dinner.” Chris said calmly and collective as he looked at Doctor Monroe’s expression.

“Well then, you shouldn’t be led on Mr. Argent. So yes me and (Y/N) are together.” Monroe said trying to mimic Chris’ calmness, you began to swat Chris’ hands away and started to rewrap his bandages “Are you sure we’re talking about the same girl because this lovely nurse has already agreed that her heart is mine?” Chris said grabbing your arm and pulling you closer to him “Isn’t that right (Y/N)? You’re all mine?” He said lowly causing you to stare at him mouth slightly open due to his movements and questions “Of course Chris.” You said in a blank state.

“Therefore Doctor Monroe, you have the wrong girl.” Chris said giving the Doctor the side eye as he watched him walk away, still holding you close to him “With all that said, how does dinner sound?” Chris said lowly in your ear “It sounds lovely, Chris I never knew you were the possessive type.” You whispered still in shock “Honey, there are so many thing you have yet to learn about me.” Chris said pulling you away winking at you slightly “Thanks for bandaging me up.” Chris said kissing your hand winking at you, as you blushed and walked out the room trying to breathe evenly.

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Liam Dunbar:

You were laying on the bed trying to replay the conversation that you had overhead between Liam and Scott.

“What if I hurt her Scott? What if she doesn’t love me then what? What if it takes over because if anger what am I going to do?” Liam said punching the locker next to his causing you to jump in place. “But what if she likes you too Liam? Then what? Sit here like an idiot and get mad anytime a guy gives her attention?” Scott said leaning against the now beat locker “Scott, I can’t… I don’t want to hurt her..” Liam said with pure fear in his voice “You won’t. Come on, let’s go before someone sees you.” Scott said walking into the bathroom with little Liam following behind him.

You tried to grasp who and what they were talking about when you heard a knock on your window, causing you to turn your head in the direction to reveal Liam Dunbar standing there awkwardly, you quickly opened your window allowing him to enter “Liam, what the hell are you doing at my window? You know I have a door that you can knock on?” You said standing with your hands on your hips. “(Y/N) it’s 3 am. What sane person knocks on a door?” He asked sitting on your bed shutting the window behind him. “Okay, you got me. So what’s up?” You said sitting next to him causing him to shift uncomfortably while blushing. “It’s me.” You said staring at him grabbing his hand “You were talking about me weren’t you?” You asked looking into Liam’s guilty eyes “I knew you were listening.. shit..” he said looking down trying to pull his hands away, you cupped his face causing him to look at you.

“Kyle, Jake, Caleb. I paid them to flirt with me just to see if I was right about my accusations. You like me Dunbar?” You said looking at him “You paid them? What the hell (Y/N).” He said looking at you confused, but you had no answer for his other than bringing your lips down to his, the kiss quickly turned into a feverish heat of need. He softly broke the kiss “Why did you do that?” He asked softly in your ear “What kiss you?” You asked looking away feeling ashamed of your advances until you felt Liam’s hands pin yours to your bed as he slowly dragged his tongue softly down your neck “No, pay them to flirt with you. (Y/N), do you know how dangerous that is?” He asked gripping onto your hands tightly causing you to look at him, his eyes gold and dilated. You had seen his gold eyes before when he was angry or threatened “That was a bad move for such a pretty girl. Do you know what happens when someone tries to take what’s mine?” He said kissing your neck softly.

“What?” You asked breathlessly “I have to mark them.” He said lowly and he then bit down softly on your neck sucking on spot until he was happy with the size. He rose from your bed opening your window “At school, I better see that mark. Or else you won’t like what comes after it.” He said before disappearing from your room, you were confused at his statement until you looked in the mirror and saw the bright red mark on your neck “Liam. Fucking. Dunbar.” You said softly already planning his funeral with a smirk on your face.

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Jordan Parrish: 

You were leaning in your chair with your eyes traveling his face trying to see if he would give you any information by his movement or expression but Peter was a professional when it came to the Sheriff’s department, so you thought a different approach would work better.

You walked over to the front of the desk laying your hands on the sides of Peter’s chair causing him to shift “What is this bad cop, good cop? Honey we both know that it’s not going to work on me.” he said calmly his every word hitting your face “Oh, honey, this isn’t good or bad. This is my hidden attraction for you. I have a thing for criminals in chains.” you whispered softly in his ear causing him to shift uncomfortably “What?” he asked looking at you in pure shock as you smirked leaning against the desk now “Seeing as your weakened by something you didn’t expect I’ll allow someone else to interview you.” You said grabbing your files, walking out of the room to bump into someone hard and psychically hot.

“Shit.” Was all you said as the burning person grabbed your hand and forcefully led you to Sheriff Stilinski’s office. “Want to explain yourself?” Jordan asked you standing in front of you full of authority. You were trying your hard to focus on him but you couldn’t get passed how hot he was pissed off “Well baby, I needed Peter to talk for the departments well being, so I did what I had to do.” You said sitting on the desk not wanting to stand “To hell with the department, do you have feelings for that criminal?” Jordan spat out the words causing you to become putty in his hands “Parrish.” you purred stretching to grab his uniform shirt pulling him closer to you feeling his heat radiant off of him.

“The only man I’m interested has to be single handedly the hottest man on this earth, literally, he burns as hot as a third degree burn yet is alive and I love him and everything about him.” you said wrapping your legs around his waist pulling him closer “And he is the only man that I want, so Jordan Parrish, shut up and kiss me.” you said softly leaning into his lips waiting for them to connect “Not now. Later.” he said unraveling himself from you and throwing you over his shoulder walking out of Sheriff Stilinski’s office gently slapping your ass. “This is all mine.” he said softly looking in the direction of Peter knowing he would be listening.

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Peter Hale:

“Only you would be the one to get caught in something so stupid Peter.” You said cautiously pulling out the bullet lodged into Peter’s chest. “God all you do is bring yourself hell and pain huh?” you ask stitching him up “Is that why you find me attractive?” he said smirking through the pain that was now coursing through his body “Not at all.” you said rolling your eyes looking over at Derek who sat on the couch watching you and his uncle interact “I don’t know why you bother pay him any mind. Hes an old man, you need someone young and ready to take you to heights you’ve never been before.” Derek said smirking laying into the couch causing his uncle to tense up “Is that truly necessary?” Peter grinded his teeth staring coldly at Derek watching him shrug.

“(Y/N), don’t you feel it necessary?” Derek asked grabbing your hand causing you to jump in surprise. “Whatever the hell is going on between you two leave me out of it thank you.” You said packing your medical gear “Peter please, try not to burst your stitches because I won’t be coming back tonight.” You said grabbing your coat ready to exit “Why? Got a hot date?” Derek said now full of curiosity.

“Well if you must know. I do actually.” You said smirking walking out of the loft without a single word. “We’re going to get your girl.” Derek said throwing a jacket at Peter as he shortly followed after you, trying to stay out of sight. When you had reached your home you quickly changed into your shorts and tank top throwing yourself on your couch, with your popcorn on the coffee table and just as you were about to start “Game Of Thrones” you heard a knock at the door “Coming!” you yelled not really wanting to open it.

Once you reached the doorway and opened the door you saw Peter standing there looking inside your home “Are you alone?” he asked confused causing you to laugh “Well, I was until you came. Wanted to see my hot date?” you asked walking into your house sitting back on your couch “I was expecting someone yes.” he said walking behind you closing the door as he made his way to your couch “Your date is the TV show isn’t it?” he asked looking at the screen “No actually. You are.” you said smirking “You think I don’t know how you feel about me? The only reason you even came is because you were angered by the idea of me being with someone else.” you said moving next to him.

“So what if I was?” he said pouting pulling you closer into his side by wrapping an arm around you “Nothing, I would say that it’s cute that you actually have feelings Peter.” you said kissing his cheek “So hot date night?” he asked grabbing the remote which caused you to nod as he began the show. “Best date night.” you said snuggling into his side smelling his cologne and feeling his heartbeat.

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Isaac Lahey:

“Seriously? He was ALL OVER YOU!” Isaac yelled at you causing you to flinch, he had never raised his voice at you before “Isaac I pushed him away! BUT I’M ONLY HUMAN!” you yelled back feeling anger rise inside you because he knew you weren’t the strongest person in this world. “So his lips, just magically nearly touched yours? Huh?” he spat looking at you in disgust “I slapped him Isaac. Were you even paying attention?” you asked grabbing his jersey pulling him down to look at you.

“Isaac Lahey, you better calm the fuck down. Because you’re acting like a child right now. You know I would never hurt you, so stop it.” you said softly looking at him sink into the ground shaking harshly. “(Y/N), how can I relax.. He’s more open than me, handsome, funny, and isn’t afraid to show you off like you deserve..” he said softly, his voice cracking in between his sentence “How can I compete with a guy who’s beyond me.. I was lucky enough to get you to agree to be my girlfriend because we both know that you’re way out of my league.” he said softly now the tears slowly beginning to slide down his face.

You sat next to him softly cupping his face in the most gentle way possible hoping he would flinch to your touch, as you turned his head he looked into your eyes “Isaac, baby, listen to me. I don’t need a man who is trying to show me off as a prize, I don’t need a man who is openly funny, who flirts with other people, I don’t need anyone who isn’t you. You are my rock and I am your anchor. You can’t get jealous because you feel threatened, Isaac there is no one else that could threaten this relationship. I love you.” you said kissing his forehead, holding his hands squeezing them for support.

“I love that you’re more reserved, and only funny when it’s me and you, I love that you only show me off when you want to because you want to genuinely show others your happy not because you want anyone to envy you. I love you for you Isaac Lahey. Now stop second guessing yourself so I can show off my incredibly sensitive and loving boyfriend.” you say kissing his lips softly getting up from the floor pulling his arm up in the process as he smiled at you “I love you (Y/N).” he said wrapping an arm around you dipping you slowly kissing you intensely before exiting the room to face Beacon Hills once again, but as always you wouldn’t be facing it alone. Not when you have your rock and he had his anchor.

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Theo Raeken:

You’d been avoiding Theo like wildfire for about a week and you could tell that his patience with you had come to an abrupt halt as he had now cornered you in the girls locker room after cheer practice. “Care to explain where the hell you’ve been all week?” he said smirking but the yellow eyes glaring at you painted another picture “Of, me. I was just hanging out with Stiles and Scott, why? Did you need me?” you asked pushing past him as you continued to pack your belongings “So youve been avoiding me all week to whore around with two other guys?” Theo said lowly and as badly as you wanted to snap his head off for his comment you kept your cool because you didn’t plan a week’s worth of shit to screw everything up in a second. “I wouldn’t say ‘whoring’ around, more like being tutored to not fail math.” you said slamming your locker facing Theo smiling.

You walked out of the locker room and made your way to your car that was waiting for you in the parking lot “And where do you think you’re going?” he asked swinging your keys between his fingers. “Theo, I’m tired I just want to go home. If you’re offering to drive that’s great.” you said ignoring him and anything he had to say about your previous comment. You sat in your car as you waited for Theo to begin driving you home, the car ride was silent and uneventful but you kept fidgeting in your seat because you couldn’t wait to see his reaction for his surprise. “Okay, were here.” he said still gripping the steering wheel with anger “I have something to show you..” you said opening the car door making your way to your door “What is it? A portrait of you and your two new boyfriends?” he sneered causing you to laugh. “Nope, something way better.” you said opening the door to your home.

You swung the door wide to watch his reaction change, you were a bit afraid because Theo hadn’t celebrated his birthday for a long time since his sister had, passed. “Please don’t hate it or me.. I worked so hard for this Theo.. I know you are fond of parties but I felt like you deserved one.” you said drifting off “I don’t deserve anything (Y/N). I’m a monster and you know it.” he said softly looking over the banner and presents laying on the floor of the table that had food and a cake you had made from scratch.

“No Theo, you’re wrong. You do deserve this, if you’re a monster then what does that make us? No one in this life is innocent.” you said grabbing his hand “I haven’t celebrated my birthday in so long, I completely forgot I even had one..” he said softly looking at you “I made sure to be well prepared considering I’ve never done anything like this.. Hence why I needed Stiles and Scott ot help me..” you said looking at the ground “So you ignored me all week to plan out my birthday.. And I call you a whore….” he said now feeling hatred wash over him “Hey I know you get jealous fast and just to crazy ideas.. I know you didn’t mean it.. But I would never cheat on you. Just because you’re a smart ass doesn’t mean you don’t deserve happiness.” you said walking him towards his cake.

“I don’t deserve happiness.. But you are more than I’ve ever deserved in my entire life and yet I’m blessed to have you.. I should be banished to hell for touching and corrupting an Angel.” he said lifting your chin with his finger slowly planting a kiss on your lips “Oh darling, me and you both know we have a one way ticket, so cut your shit and make a wish.” you said smiling at him as he pulled you in front of him causing him to lean down “I already have all I can wish for in one person.” he said blowing out his candles kissing your neck before swiping his finger across the frosting and wiping it on your face “THEO!” you yelled as he ran away from you laughing. Yes this was true happiness, just the two of you together.

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Brett Talbot:

“Why are you even with him (Y/N)! He’s an asshole.” Liam said grabbing your arms trying to enlighten you with some common sense. “We use to make fun of him being a part of Douche Ford and now you’re dating him!” Liams eyes were now gold and his claws had escaped his knuckles “Liam, I like him, I think he’s an asshole sure but guess what, I didn’t like Haydn every mushy but you went BEHIND my back and dated her at least I’m telling you the truth.” You said backing away from Liam until you bumped into someone who grabbed you by your waist “There’s no need to ruin your friendship with (Y/N), Liam because she loves you as a brother and as much as it pains me to say this she really does care for your well being. I don’t dream of hurting her but if you don’t believe me you can have your whole pack hunt me down, if she hasn’t killed me herself.” Brett said looking at Liam watching him calm down.

“There’s no need to worry about her attention going else where because you guys will always be her family, but I’ll be her boyfriend. She’s an amazing person and I would hate to ruin the friendship you have with her and the friendship that started to grow between us again.” Brett said watching Liam smile lightly “Yeah L there’s no reason to get jealous, you will always be my best friend.” you said walking out of Brett’s arms to hug Liam.

“And you’ll always be mine (Y/N/N).” he said hugging you back “Plus we can still make fun of Douche Ford.” you whispered in Liam’s ear causing him to laugh “I can hear you.” Brett said sighing loudly “Good.” you said pulling apart from Liam walking back to Brett, who held your hand and began to walk you out of the corridor “Hey Talbot, if you break her heart or ruin her, we will kill you as a pack. Mark my words.” Liam said lowly eyes flashing so fast and then changing back to their regular form.

Brett nodded smiling as he held you closer to him kissing your forehead “I think I have more to worry about than you. You’re the real heartbreaker here babe.” he said slapping your ass quickly while kissing your cheek “Mhm. Got that right Talbot.” you said winking at him.

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PLEASE talk about the kind of shit Bitty and Tater would get up to without Jack or someone more level-headed there to restrain them.

lisTEN Tater and Bitty have like, not a single impulse control between the two. Oftentimes people get fooled by Bitty’s politeness, need for a clean kitchen, and preference for people not to spit on the ground (LOOKING AT YOU, NURSEY, YOU GROSS COLLEGE BOY) and think, this is a reasonable and level headed young man! they are wrong. 

Tater: B! What if I get huge soda bottles, big ones, and shake them. 

Bitty: D: that makes it go flat though, do you not like the fizz?

Tater: *shakes his head* No, no. I strap them onto me and shake them and then BOOM! I fly. 

Bitty: Hmm, I don’t think so…

Tater: :((((((

Bitty: You’re too gosh darn heavy! Strap it on me! 


Tater: B! B! Guess what!

Bitty: I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?

Tater: *shows a picture* new motorcycle! I see it, I like it, now it’s mine!

Bitty: *fans himself really hard because he LOVES those bikes* oh dear

Tater: You one of my best friend. First person I ask to ride with me. 

Bitty: Mister Tater! I am delighted and honored! 

And then they proceed to ride the motorcycle WITHOUT A HELMET until they get pulled over by a cop, and tater’s telling the story to the team later and jack hyperventilates because HIS BOYFRIEND WAS ON A MOTORCYCLE WITHOUT A HELMET.

One day jack walks into the kitchen to find Tater with tears streaming down his very red face as Bitty feeds him pieces of what looks like mini pie and asking “how about this? is this spicy enough?” 

“I’m feel dying and my soul return to heaven. Not enough. Do more.” 

Tater: What I’m be for Halloween? Has to be sexy. 

Bitty: Haha what about a stripper

They look at each other and an electrical moment passes between them

Tater: I’m go shave my legs now!!! 

Bitty: Yes you do that and I’m going online right NOW to find the perfect costume!!! 


Bitty: here let me shave you! 

And then when Tater’s practicing his routine, he routinely asks Bitty whether it’s sexy enough. He’s not doing it very close to Bitty (bc Bitty’s personal space expands when there’s stripping involved by ppl other than jack)

Tater: Weird to ask Jack, you know. He my teammate.

Bitty: I completely understand, and oh dear this is making me blush! *giggles* 

Tater: *performs another body roll*

Bitty: *giggles* 

That one time Bitty went to the hospital because Tater thought it would be a funny prank to empty out a windex bottle and pour blue gatorade in it so Bitty can shock everyone, but someone accidentally switched the bottle so Bitty drank a mouthful of actual windex. 

I feel like Tater’s like the one person who finally convinced Bitty to try weed? Like in the sense that Tater’s never tried it because the fear of his parents is strong, and Bitty’s only had contact high before and never bothered with actually trying it himself. And Tater is curious bc it seems like a lot of the college athletes are high and he wants to try! And Bitty because oh well, if you want to try it I’ll do it too! 

They chose a time during the off season, so that Tater won’t get in trouble. And Bitty makes the most delicious weed brownies in existence. And then Tater promptly forgets that they’re weed brownies and eat wayyyy too much and Bitty’s too high to deal with him and Jack comes home to two grown men giggling over his couch. (Tater’s okay, bitty made sure not to bake too much.) 

That one time Tater wrenched his shoulder dabbing with Bitty on the ice. 

When Bitty was super drunk and Tater handed him a banana and Bitty deepthroated it in front of everyone and then promptly choked and almost died. 

That time they were lighting fireworks with their bare hands and didn’t get injured at ALL. 

Georgia had to give a little talk to Jack about how tater and bitty should never be left alone, and maybe Jack can thirdwheel some of their hangouts a little bit more?

Jack: I’m the one dating Bitty, you know. 

Georgia: He’s an amazing person, but I also need his friendship with Tater to change into something less life threatening. 

The Secret Book Club Part 4

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Pairing: Loki x Reader


Words: 1518


Authors Note: THE FLUFFS HERE! Not the longest update cause I’ve been soooo tired pulling long shifts at work, but it’s here and I wanted to end it there before I got to the *wink* OTHER STUFF *wink*. So yeah, not the end! SO not the end!

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Secret Relationship- Derek Hale

Request: ‘Can you do a Derek imagine where you are Derek’s girlfriend and the pack finds your instagram and it has pictures of you two on it doing cute things and Derek is smiling and they confront him and they find them sleeping together? (Actually sleeping) Thanks!’

prompt: you confront Derek about him wanting to keep your relationship a secret from your friends, which leads to a few confessions. Meanwhile your friends found your also secret Instagram account.

pairing: derek x fem!reader

A/N: I’m obviously back from the dead. Please don’t hate me for my absence


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You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend and truned away from him. You were in the middle of another one of your arguments. Derek and you had been together for almost half a year now and yet none of your friends were ‘allowed’ to know about it.

Derek thought it as inappropriate to share his relationship will Scott’s whole pack, which, unfortunately, were your closest friends. You just wanted to tell your best friends how happy your boyfriend made you and how happy you had become in general but Derek wanted it to be a secret.

Tears had welled up in your eyes as soon as the argument had started, but you were the one who had started it in the first place. You just were hurt by him not wanting others to know about you.

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So This Is Love [1]


Summary: Y/N is heavily mistreated in her household. Prince Peter has to find a bride to become the queen of the kingdom.

AN: So this came to me while I was watching the cinematic masterpiece that is Cinderella (2015) and i literally love it so much so I got inspired to write this and yes this will be a series!!!!!  Yay!!!!!! 

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

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“May I have this dance?” His silky sweet voice rung in my ears. He offered his hand to me.

“You may.” I smiled at him. I gently took his larger hand and he immediately gripped it tight. He brought my hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to the back of it. I blushed. He pulled me closer to him and held my waist. We danced to the sweet music around us. He guided me across the dancefloor while my gown swished around me.

The whole time we stared at each other, a certain glint in his eye. I rested my cheek against his shoulder, sighing in content. He placed a kiss to my temple and smiled widely. I could stay in this moment forever.


“Hmm?” I lifted my head from his shoulder.

“I love you.” My smile couldn’t get any wider.

“I love you too.”

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Do I Love You?

GIF credit: @peteschurro

First of all who the heck gave Tom permission to do this? That is not okay?

Tom is asked if he loves you, and he hesitates to answer… Warnings: one f word but that’s it p>

“And that is when I fell.” Jacob finished his story. 

I laughed along with the audience. Tightening the warm blanket around myself, I continued to watch the interview from the couch in Tom’s private room. Traveling with Tom to his final set of interviews was amazing. Not only did it mean that I got to travel around North America, but it also meant I got to spend time with Tom.

“Excuse me miss,” a young woman said poking her head into the room. “May we come in and leave Mr. Hollands gifts?” she asked.

“Sure.” I said standing up from the couch.

The lady smiled and opened the door all the way. Behind her was a very built man pushing a cart filled with flowers, assortments of candy, and gift baskets. They placed them all over the room and left.

My eyes scanned the now filled room, wondering which of the goodies to try first. Obviously I choose the chocolate covered strawberries. 

I mean, Tom doesn’t like those, right? I innocently thought to myself. I grabbed the box of strawberries and sat down on my previous spot.

“Tom did you bring your girlfriend with you today?” asked an older looking reporter.

“Well, she isn’t my property so no, I didn’t bring her. But she did come with me.” he said with a tight smile on his face as the audience laughed lightly. He didn’t quite like answering questions about me since he didn’t know what I considered crossing the line. At least that is what he told me. If he answered every question about me, they would just ask more. But the interviewer didn’t seem to be backing down.

“My apologies,” said the reporter. “I didn’t mean it like that. But as a follow up question. Is it hard to be with one woman with the level of attention you get? Like, after a stressful day, or with all the women who would love to be with you?”

What. The. Fuck.

Zendaya looked at Tom from the corner of her eye and then straight at the audience. Laura just looked startled. Jacob looked like he was about to fight someone. Robert didn’t bother hiding his glare to the reporter. If only your boring buddy, Harrison, was here. We usually kept each other company while Tom was in interviews and such.

I looked at the screen, waiting for Tom’s answer. Tom is cleaver. He wouldn’t say anything that would get him into trouble…right?

But Tom looked calm. Too calm…

“No, it isn’t hard.” He answered. “I believe that there are people in this world that are cheaters and those who are not. And I am pretty sure I am not one of them.”

The crowed of fans cheered and Tom smiled a genuine smile. The reporter looked pretty angry, but just wrote something down.

Other reporters asked the cast questions.

“Zendaya! How come we don’t have any bloopers with you?”

“Imagine if I messed up on my 8 or so lines”

“How did it feel to be the only adult in the main cast, Robert?”

“He didn’t act like an adult!”


Eventually, they asked Tom about Tessa. His whole face lit up. Mine did too, but because I found another box with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. Thank you Godiva!

“Yeah, I love her a lot.” He finished, still talking about Tessa.

“What about y/n?” a familiar voice asked. 

“What about y/n?” Tom asked.

 “Do you love her?” the annoying reporter asked. I froze.

Wow. Awkward. Tom and I never talked about it. I mean, we have talked about how much we mean to each other, but that was more in a teasing way. Do I love Tom? Yeah, I do. Does Tom love me? I don’t know…

I hope he does. I have thought about it, and I CAN see a future with him. Getting married, having kids, getting into arguments, the whole thing.

But I am not sure if he feels the same way…

He looked shocked. My stomach made a noise and I regretted eating so much. Tom was obviously hesitating quite a bit.

I decided to send him a quick text.

Hey, it’s alright. I won’t hold anything against you.

I watched the television as Tom looked down at his phone. He read the text and then look at the camera. It made it seem like he was looking at me.

He took a deep breath then answered, “There have been a lot of things that I am not sure of. But I can tell you with the upmost confidence that yes, I do love her.”

Some fans cheered. Some awed.

I just felt a pain in my chest.


Soon after the interview was over, the cast made its way over to the commons area, where they got to talk and hang out during their breaks and such. I stayed in the room, scrolling on my social media. It was hard. People kept tagging me in videos of Tom saying he loved me, messaging me, someone even sent an email asking if I would like to give an interview about it to a magazine.

The door handle turned and Tom stepping into the room.

“Hey!” I greeted, as if nothing had happened. That was my decision. I was going to pretend it didn’t happen.

“Hey.” he responded as he walked over to me. Tom gave me a quick peck on the cheek and motioned for me to scoot over. I did, giving him a questioning look. Why did he make me move when there was all this space on the other side of the couch.

He sat down and, to my surprise, pulled me towards him. My head was on his chest and his hand was playing with my fingers. We sat there in comfortable silence for a while before I spoke.

“I ate about two dozen chocolate covered strawberries that were for you.” I sheepishly admitted. He laughed softly before responding.

“That’s okay.” Tom took a deep breath before continuing. “We should talk about what happened though.”

Not if it means getting my heart broken…

“I’m sorry, but I’ll buy you more. Promise” I replied, avoiding the real topic.

He shook his head. “No y/n, not that. The other thing.” He paused. “The I lo-”

“I love you.” I finished. “Yeah I guess we should.”

We stayed in our position on the couch for a while before I spoke up again.

“Look Tom, like I said in the text, I’m not holding it against you. This is your way out I guess.” A tear rolled down my face and onto my lip. I licked it off. Salty I thought. “I understand why you did it. And it’s okay.”

“Is it because you don’t love me?” he asked suddenly.

I sat up and looked into his warm brown eyes. His face turned to worry when he saw the tears streaming down my face. Which means if I don’t stop crying soon, booger bubbles will start to form. Hashtag, not a pretty crier.

“No Tom. It’s because I love you. And because I love you, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” I cried. He grabbed my head and brought it back to his chest, stroking my hair.

“That’s the thing y/n. I do love you. I’ve loved you for quite sometime now, I just never told you.” He answered.

“You do?”

“Well, maybe not anymore. I mean you did eat all my chocolate covered strawberries.”

I laughed. A real laugh. And Tom laughed too. He wiped my tears away with his thumb and pressed his lips to mine. Sitting back, I smiled and poked Tom’s cheek.

“Aw Tom, you love me.” I teased. He laughed and stood up, grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder.

“Oh shut up y/n. But yes, I do love you.” He said walking to the door and opening it. “I love you enough to make you Mrs. Holland someday.”



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Burned (Nolan Holloway)

Next installment of the Broken series

Broken Bruised (finally figured out how to do this without posting the links, go me!)

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song (for all my fellow Theo lovers but also works with this part)


I was suddenly ripped off of him and thrown in to the wall.

“what the hell?” I said struggling to get up.

I looked up to see Liam growling at Nolan. This was all my fault.

Nolan went to get up but Liam shoved him back down.

“you may have her fooled but I can see right through to who you really are.” Liam growled.

Liam backed Nolan up in to the wall still growling at him.

“Liam.” Scott said suddenly appearing and putting a hand on his shoulder.

Liam looked to Scott and then me before storming out of the holding cell. I could tell he was angry but when wasn’t he angry. Scott came over giving me a hand up.

“are you okay?” He asked giving me a smile.

I nodded giving him a half smile. The truth was I wasn’t okay at all. Nolan told me he loved me and now I felt like I had to choose between being with him or saving my friends. I knew Scott would understand better than anyone, he was in my position once. Scott grabbed Nolan’s arm so he could be escorted to another room. I walk over picking up the vial of wolsbane.

“thanks for saving us.” Jiang said giving me a small smile.

“saving us? She was making out with the enemy that’s hardly saving us!” Tierney growled her eyes glowing for a split second.

It was only a split second but I saw them. Blue. She’s killed an innocent, exactly what we were trying to prove that we weren’t doing. I glared at her before walking out of the holding cell area. I watched them handcuff Nolan to a desk in another room and an officer was to stand by at all times and keep watch on him. What really struck me was he didn’t put up a fight, he fully complied. Scott came walking towards me giving me an apologetic look.

“check their eyes.” I said simply.

He gave me a confused look but just nodded at me before walking away. Liam stood across the room glaring at me. I took a step forward to talk to him when an arrow flew through the window before sticking in a support beam. I pull it from the wood releasing a piece of fabric. I pick it up, it’s a bloodstained number seven.

“Brett.” Liam growled grabbing the fabric from my hand.

He started breathing heavily.

“there just trying to mess with us.” Lydia said running a hand through her hair.

“It’s working.” Theo said.

Suddenly a loud scream shakes the station.

“Nolan.” I breathed running to the room he was being held in.

I walked in seeing the officer in charge of watching Nolan hanging from the ceiling, a noose wrapped around his neck. I couldn’t hear a heartbeat.

“I didn’t touch him I swear, he did that to himself. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t stop.” Nolan cried.

I walked over wrapping my arms around him.

“I know you didn’t it’s okay.” I said running my hands through his hair.

Suddenly I look up and it’s not Nolan I’m holding but the creature with no face. I quickly let go of him falling back in terror. The creature stood up from the chair walking towards me.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” I yelled backing up.

I couldn’t think of a time I had ever been as terrified as I was right now. The creature kept walking towards me. I quickly grabbed my belt snapping my katana in place. I got up charging at the monster holding up my sword, while commanding the fox in me to come out.  

Originally posted by stilinskiever

“WATASHI WA KITSUNE, AKU NO KUCHIKA-KANDA!" I yelled charging at the creature. (I am the fox, the destroyer of evil)

"Y/N STOP!” Scott roared flashing his alpha eyes.

I quickly stopped, dropping my sword. Nolan stared at me terrified. I looked around quickly but didn’t see the creature anymore, and I realized it was only in my head, the fear was playing tricks on me. I was going to attack Nolan.

“Nolan, I..” I started but he cut me off.

“GET AWAY FROM ME” Nolan yelled and tried backing away from me but he was still handcuffed to the desk.

I could feel the tears fall down my cheeks as I slowly walked out of the room. Before I could leave Scott grabbed my arm making me look at him.

“when did you learn how to speak Japanese?” He asked looking in my eyes.

“I don’t know how to speak Japanese?” I questioned confused.

“you just did, before you almost killed Nolan.” He said looking at me up and down.

Suddenly a gun shot rang hurting our ears. Scott and I turned around to see another deputy had shot herself causing everyone to rush in the room.

“get him out of here." Noah says pointing to Nolan.

Liam grabbed Nolan who looked even more terrified now.

"Nolan I’m sorry.” I cried but he wouldn’t even look at me.

“Scott we only have ten minutes until midnight” Malia said checking the clock.

“what are we going to do?” Quinn asked, tears running down her cheeks.

“I already have two dead bodies, I’m not giving Monroe two more.” Noah said running a hand over his face.

Parrish and Stilinski exited the room along with everyone but myself. I looked around the room. It seemed so real, the creature standing in front of me. Also I spoke Japanese? Kira used to do that while her fox spirit was taking over her body.

“It’s in here with us, I feel it too.” Lydia said coming to stand beside me.

“I almost killed Nolan, it was so real I could’ve swore the real creature was in here. It’s almost as if I wasn’t in control anymore.” I said frustrated.

“It’s playing on your fears, I think you’re afraid that Nolan really is bad and it knew that.” She said patting my shoulder.

I shrugged my shoulders not wanting to acknowledge that she was right. I wasn’t just afraid, I was terrified that Nolan will actually go through with the hunters. We walked out seeing the rest of the pack shoving the two dead deputies in body bags. I gave them a questioning look.

“Monroe said dead or alive, she doesn’t actually know what they look like so.” Scott explained to Lydia and I.

“Do you think it’ll actually work?” I asked.

“Hopefully.” Scott said.

“just one more thing.” Noah said before firing two gunshots.

Scott, Theo, Parrish, and Noah took the bodies outside while the rest of us crowed around the window. Maybe we could all make it out of here alive. I looked at Monroe’s face and could tell she wasn’t buying it. That’s when all of the hunters aimed their guns at Scott and Theo. I was about to run outside when we heard loud sirens and saw flashing lights. Scott, Theo, Parrish, and Noah came back inside.

“Scott what’s happening?” Liam asked.

“I don’t know.” Scott said disappointment in his face.

Rafe McCall came back in looking at all of us. I could tell what he was going to say next wasn’t going to be good.

“you all need to leave Beacon Hills.” Rafe said looking at all of us.

“what no we can’t!” I immediately protested.

“I agree.” Liam growled.

“I am not leaving.” Lydia said crossing her arms.

“look I know you guys don’t like the idea but a little de-escalation is what’s needed here, that is why you called me right?” Rafe said looking at us and then at Noah.

“It doesn’t matter if we leave, they’re just going to keep hunting us down.” Malia said.

“No they agreed to it.” Rafe said.

We all looked to Scott to help us, but so far he’s stayed silent. He was either plotting or he’s ran out of hope.

“fine, we’ll go.” Scott said looking at all of our faces.

We’re escorted out of the station all the hunters staring us down. Nolan runs out of the station immediately back to Gabe. I realized we were never going to be together. He’s already made a choice. Jiang and Tierney were dragged out of the station and put in a separate van. The hunters cleared as we went to our homes to pack our bags to leave. I walk in my house feeling nothing. I grabbed some clothes throwing them in the duffle bag. I looked up seeing the picture of Nolan and I. I grabbed it off the wall along tearing it in two. That wasn’t enough for me though. I ripped it until it couldn’t ever be put together again.

“Is that what you think of me?” A voice said from the doorway.

I snapped my head up seeing Nolan standing there. I didn’t say anything, I just went back to shoving clothes in my bag.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” He said.

I quickly turned around, angry tears streaming down my face.

“sorry for what? sorry for lying to me? sorry for choosing them? Nolan it’s you I feel sorry for, because once this is all over you’re not going to have anyone left who cares.” I said shoving past him.

“I didn’t lie.” He said grabbing my arm and making me stop.

“yeah well you didn’t exactly tell the truth now did you. Nolan waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought, useless and disappointing.” I said jerking my arm out of his grasp.

He didn’t say anything, just stared at me.

“goodbye Nolan.” I said turning to leave again.

Nolan grabbed my arm pulling me to him before crashing his lips on mine. I quickly pulled away from him.

“No, you don’t get to just kiss me and everything goes away. I’m leaving Nolan, because of you and your friends, you don’t get to do this to me anymore. Goodbye Nolan.” I said walking towards the door.

“but I love you.” He said making me stop in the doorway.

“you don’t hurt the people you love.” I said before walking out the door.

I didn’t look back either. I was gone, physical and emotionally, just gone.


Pulse Part 8

Part 7

Genre: ANGST
Words: 1,821
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Stalking, injuries, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

Originally posted by 0awesome0mix0vol1

There was a sea of people surrounding you. Unfamiliar faces swarmed through your hazy vision and voices were muffled, barely audible at all through the constant ringing in your ears. You couldn’t distinguish anything through your heavy eyes except for the white tiled ceiling above you.

The panicked atmosphere seemed to consume you, muffled voices sounding determined yet rushed. There was a red spot in your vision, no doubt from blood that had gotten into your eye, and it was covering the view from your left side. It was hard to tell what was hurting, your brain only knowing that something everything was.

A bag valve mask was placed over your mouth, attempting to adjust the rate of your breathing. You weren’t sure if it was too rapid or too slow. You couldn’t feel your heartbeat, you couldn’t feel your breathing, you couldn’t feel your own skin. All you could feel was air rush past as each person reached for equipment.

And then a face moved past the red spot in your vision, leaning over you and mouthing something to you with so much resolve, that you couldn’t look away. His eyes pierced into yours, breaking open whatever trance your body was in. You were sent gasping for air through the mask, and your ears opened up to the sound around you.

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surprises - tom holland

Originally posted by marvel-is-ruining-my-life

—- requested by @hollandtomx i hope you like it & i’m sorry if it wasn’t that good, i don’t know why i’m rushing myself :(  but enjoy it anyway :)


“Babe c’mon, it’s almost time for that Spider-man photo shoot you are all so eager to go to,” I say as I slip into my grey cardigan. I hear Tom utter some curse words from the bedroom as he runs around looking for god knows what. 

“Yeah, darling just give me a few minutes I seemed to have misplaced something.” Tom voices as he continues rummaging through his bag. 

“What are you looking for, it would be easier if I helped you find it,” I suggest, grabbing his other bag as I start to unzip it, his eyes widen and he leaps forward, snatching the bag from my hands, shaking his head furiously.

“N-No, why don’t you go wait downstairs? I’ll be down in a few,” He stutters, pushing me out of the room kissing my forehead before shutting the door in my face. I shake my head lightly at him before slowly walking down the stairs heading towards the kitchen. 

Grabbing out a bottle of water I head over to the living room, sitting down on the couch before grabbing my phone out and scrolling through my social media. 

A few minutes later Tom comes rushing down the stairs panting slightly, 

“Okay are you ready to go love?” 

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that, love?” 

He laughs at me before wrapping his arm around my shoulders as I stand up from the couch. He guides me out of the front door before heading into the car.


“Tom, Y/N!” I hear Harrison yell out as soon as we step out of the car, I give him a small smile and a wave as I grab hold of Toms hand, I see Harry and some of the cast standing near Harrison. I wave at them as we walk towards all of them.

I let out a sigh as I hug the cast one by one, rubbing my hands together, the cold weather slowly getting to me. 

I watch as Tom gets whisked away by the makeup and hair people, I have some small chatter with Zendaya about how everything was going. Harrison smiles at me before going to Tom who was getting into his Spider-man costume.

“So Y/N, how is everything going with Tom?” Zendaya smirks, looking over towards Tom then looking back at me, a smirk still on her face. I roll my eyes at her before giggling,

“Everything’s perfect actually,” I declare a smile appearing on my face as I think about Tom, Zendaya smiles at me before pinching my cheeks,

“Oh you two are just so cute,” I laugh, pushing her hands away from my face. 


The photo shoot is almost over but then Harry calls me over telling me he wants a couple photos of Tom and I, with Tom being in his own Spider-man suit.

“Can we try to have a few photos of the significant spider-man kiss?” Harry says as he looks at Tom with a smirk on his face. Toms eyes widen as I nod and he rubs his hands together. Harrison gives him a look and  whispers something in his ear as they ready Tom to hang upside down. 

They make me stand in front of him facing my back to him, as I stare directly into the camera with a smile on my face as Tom poses in the back. I see the cast recording and giggling as Tom and I pose, I furrow my eyebrows looking back at the camera seeing Harry telling me to turn around, obviously to do the kiss.

As I turn around, I swear I feel my heart stop, my hands raise to cover my mouth as I see Tom hanging upside down, with his mask on, and a beautiful diamond ring stationed in his hands. One hand lets go of the ring to pull me in for the kiss as my eyes are still wide with shock but I quickly close them for the photo. 

He pulls away all to quickly, as Harrison comes over to help him get down, more gracefully then I ever could.

I feel tears prick in the corner of my eyes as he takes the mask off, a big smile on his face as he gets down on one knee, I can hear Laura sniffle and I turn to her as she wipes her eyes, but she motions me to look back at Tom who is holding one of his hands out. 

I grab a hold of it with both hands as I bounce on the balls of my feet, forcing the tears not to stream down my face. As I grin at Tom in happiness, I hear him inhale deeply before he says,

“I would make a huge speech about how much I love you but I would hope that you already know how much I love you. I want to make this short and sweet because firstly it’s really tight in this suit right now and secondly I just really want to hug you right now, so will you Y/N L/N, become my beautiful wife?” 

I shakily reach to hold his face in my hands, I press a kiss to his lips softly.

“Of course I will,” I whisper looking away, his grin becomes the size of the moon before he puts the ring on my finger quickly before getting off of his knees wrapping me into a hug as I hear the cheers of his friends and family.

“I love you so much darling,”

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hey i wanna talk about this scene!!!

hunk spends this entire time in a state of panic because he’s overwhelmed and anxious about his mission. we already know that hunk has a lot of anxiety, but i feel like this scene portrays hunk’s anxiety is a much different light than it has in the past!

take this scene for example (s1e1):

hunk has these huge, theatrical tears streaming down his face, and his entire demeanor seems overexaggerated.

but in the first screencap (from s4e6), there’s a lot less dramatization. his expression is toned down, he’s not crying, and instead of yelling about his anxieties, he’s quietly mumbling to himself.

basically, his anxiety isn’t being played up as a gimmick.

i’ve had a lot of issues with the unsettling way voltron has portrayed anxiety in the past, especially with their characters of color. it’s always been portrayed as comic relief, as if we’re supposed to laugh at their panic, or at the very least find it endearing.

but hunk’s anxiety in season 4 wasn’t treated like a joke! it was portrayed in a more realistic and less overdramatic way! and i think that’s so important, because it shows that perhaps the showrunners are starting to treat hunk more seriously, which is so, so long overdue

chapter lll: cold feet?

summary:  Eddie Kasprak and Richie despise each other, it’s just too bad that they’re anonymously best pals on tumblr. This is gonna be good…

read on ao3!

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i’m want to add a boppin playlist for this fic so please send me songs/playlists you’ve made in dedication to the fic! it will be linked in every chapter (and maybe a sequel???) and we’ll all need some music to cry to after this chapter

a/n: thank you to my amazing beta, who helped me out even though they’re going through some tough times. follow them on tumblr @losvcr <3

also!!! some amazing art was made!!! by @lovscr!!! here’s the art

btw im sorry in advance

It had been a week since Richie agreed to meet up with nervous-plants.

‘Today’s the day.’ Richie thought to himself, while messing around with his guitar before he had to head over to Rainbow Bouquet. He was extremely excited to meet nervous-plants, but he couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

‘What if he’s really a 70 year old man who wants to wear my skin as a jacket?’ and ‘What if he’s a serial killer who wants to stuff my corpse in his closet?!’ were some of the uneasy strings of thought that drifted through his head.

Unfortunately, Richie knew that one of his troubled thoughts was extremely plausible:

‘What if he’s perfectly fine, but he realizes that how pathetic I am?’

Richie had been neglected in his childhood, and as a result of his parent’s disregard, he looked for any circumstance where he could draw attention to himself. That led him to be called “annoying” and “obnoxious” for as long as he could remember. It was a touchy subject for him, to always be known as the detestable and pathetic friend.

It made it even harder when his Eddie knew how pathetic he was.

Richie knew how obvious his kind-of crush on Eddie was. He was attracted to Eds from the moment he saw Eddie carrying boxes into his new store. The problem was that Eddie detested Richie.


Richie had been thrilled when he overheard Eddie’s snarky comments and witty remarks, thinking that they would be best of friends. Turns out, Eddie thought Richie was more repulsive than expected.

As much as it hurt Richie that Eddie didn’t reciprocate his feelings, Richie knew it was for the best. Richie was dead weight. He brought people down, and Richie had come to terms with this.

Richie checked his watch and swore, seeing that he was at least fifteen minutes late, knowing Eddie would be frustrated with him (again).

Richie bolted out of For The Record and skidded into Rainbow Bouquet. He saw Eddie cleaning the windows and let himself smile at the sight of the pink adorned boy on his tiptoes, trying to reach the top of the glass.

Eddie turned around and raised his eyebrow when he saw Richie. Richie stood in front him with his shoulders rolled back and gave him a mock salute.

“Richie Tozier, reporting for duty!”

Eddie folded his arms and popped out his hip. “You’re late.”

Richie rubbed the back of his neck and sheepishly said, “Sorry ‘bout that, shortstack.”

Eddie rolled his eyes, and led Richie over to a group of bonsai trees. “I need you to lightly water them, and groom them.” Eddie passed him a pair of shears. “By the way, I have to check out early today.”

‘Oh, shit.’ Richie thought, thinking of where he needed to be tonight. “But, I need to leave early tonight!”

Eddie just shrugged his shoulders. “I guess we’ll just close early, then.”

As Richie examined the shears in his hands, his curiosity got the best of him. “So… Where are you going tonight?” He inquired, trying to appear nonchalant.

“Oh… Um… I have a… date.” Eddie replied hesitantly.

Richie felt a sharp pang of jealousy strike his stomach and asked, “Seriously, Eds? You have a date? Better alert the newscasters! Now for tonight’s news, the guy who everyone thought would die alone, Eddie Kaspbrak, has a date for the first time in a goddam century!”

Eddie’s relatively calm face twisted up in anger. “Yeah, Rich. Believe it or not, someone who’s as pathetic as me is capable of getting a date.”


Richie’s face immediately fell. “Oh, Eds, I didn’t mean-”

“Just shove it, douchebag. I get that you hate me, but sometimes, you really are too fucking mean.” Eddie mumbled as he walked away.


Eddie was way too anxious. He was already on his fourth time cleaning the counters this afternoon.

He was extremely excited to meet trashmouthrt, but at the same time, he was incredibly nervous. He just kept on thinking about the possible disasters that could happen tonight. It didn’t help that Richie was putting him on edge.

He decided to immerse himself in his work until 5, when he was supposed to get ready to head over to Persephone’s Coffee, and meet trashmouthrt.

Trashmouthrt had told Eddie to bring a pink rose to put on the table, and that he would wear a denim jacket.

It was almost time for Eddie to start getting ready to go, so he decided to check in.



we still good for tonight?


The reply was almost instantaneous.



totally! you getting cold feet?


definitely not. persephone’s coffee with a pink rose, right?


you got it sunshine


That nickname gave Eddie a strange feeling. It was like he couldn’t remember something. ‘Who else calls me sunshine?’

Shaking it off, Eddie shouted, “Hey, I’m closing up. Hurry! ” Eddie saw Richie run out of the storage room, holding a denim jacket.

Eddie frowned and started to get a headache. ‘Why am I feeling so much deja vu today?

Richie looked at Eddie and began to say, “Listen Eds, I’m really so-”

“Save it for someone who cares, Tozier. Just get out before I lock you in.”

Richie nodded and walked out the door. Eddie saw him walk down the street to his motorcycle, and drive off.

Eddie pinched his nose and rubbed his tummy a little, because it was hurting from how nervous he was. He finished his routine of reorganizing the plants, flipping the light switch on and off twelve times, and wiping down the counters one last time.

Eddie was just about to walk out the door when he dashed back in the store and grabbed the pink rose.


Richie drove back to his apartment and spruced up a little before checking the time. Knowing that he had five minutes before he had to be at the cafe, he slid on his denim jacket and spritzed on some cologne. He took a deep breath and shook out his limbs before walking out the door.

The ride to the cafe was extremely quick, and it barely gave Richie any time to organize his thoughts.

Once he pulled up at the cafe, he hopped off the bike and prayed a collective prayer to every deity he knew that he didn’t smell like exhaust.

The cafe Richie had chosen to meet nervous-plants at was one of his long time favorites. It was extremely comfy and it gave off a warm, happy vibe. With the fairy lights strung inside and out, he couldn’t help but think of Eddie, knowing that he would appreciate this place. He just hoped that nervous-plants was thinking the same thing.

Richie walked up to the front door of the cafe, closed his eyes and walked in.

Once he was actually in the cafe, he automatically glanced at all of the tables to see if there was one with that was inhabited with a pink rose. Richie almost let out a sigh, but then he saw a table in the corner. It was occupied by a person with their back towards Richie. Richie looked at the table and…

A pink rose.

His stomach jumped and he slowly and hesitantly stepped towards the unknown person, and he started to get an unusual sense of deja vu.

‘That hair looks weirdly familiar. Do I know someone with that shirt?’

That’s when Richie saw the person’s profile, lit up by the warm and soft lights of the cafe.

‘Oh my god. Oh my shit, oh fuck.’

Richie frantically stepped backwards and raced out the door. As he ran, he tripped on the pavement and came down with a slam. He saw his hand bleeding, but he didn’t really feel it.

Richie picked himself up and pushed his hair out of his face. He spotted his motorcycle and sprinted towards it. He revved up his bike and sped down the street. Richie felt tears streaming down his face, getting blown in his hair because of the wind.



Eddie was getting anxious. He had been waiting at Persephone’s Coffee for nearly an hour, and there was no sign of trashmouthrt. He ignored his anxiety, decided to wait a while longer.

‘Maybe there’s traffic.’

The wait turned into two hours. He checked his messages and there was nothing new from trashmouthrt. He sent him a quick message.



hey is everything ok?


After that, he began to feel dirty, and wiped down the seats and table with antiseptic wipes.

At three hours, he started to feel dirty again, and he started to clean his already pristine cast and hands with the wipes. 17 minutes after that, the barista came up to Eddie and told him that they were closing up.

Eddie felt tears sting his eyes, but refused to cry. He gathered his stuff with as much dignity as he could; He decided to bring the rose with him too.

Once he was out of the godforsaken cafe and back in his car, he began to cry, sobs wracking his body. He knew he was being indulgent for allowing himself to cry, but after everything building up on him for the past three months, it was this moment that the dam broke and his repressed emotions flooded his mind.

After a couple of minutes, he looked at the blush pink rose resting on the dash and contemplated tearing it up, but instead, kissed it gently with tear blurred vision. He felt the velvet-like softness of the petals against his lips, and for some reason unknown to Eddie, he began to cry harder.

‘I knew it was too good to be true.’


next chapter!

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The hurting - part 2 of It’s Over

hello hello! this was originally going to be two parts but i had a lot planned and i thought it would be too long. so i thought about doing three parts instead. sorry for the wait! hope you like part two! xx M

heath ledger deadass looks like harry in this movie, bye

Heartbreak. There is the kind of heartbreak that a person can get over. Sometimes it’ll take a few days, weeks, or even months. But eventually, a person can get over it. Even though sometimes it may linger in the back of the person’s mind but they’d only remember it as a small memory from their past.

It can make one strong or weak. It can change one’s perspective on certain aspects of life like love or trust. 

Heartbreak can make one strong. It can teach one a lesson about not giving yourself to someone entirely. Keeping a part of you to yourself only because you’re your own person. 

That’s the kind of heartbreak Y/N wishes she could have gone through. But if your heart is broken in the worst way by someone who you thought was going to be your soulmate, then you don’t know if you’d ever recover from it. That’s the kind of heartbreak a person can’t get over. The kind where you give yourself to someone entirely and they hold your heart in their hands. Just from making one decision, they can break it like it never mattered. Like your heart isn’t fragile. 

That’s how Y/N felt with Harry.

He was everywhere. No matter where she went. No matter how much she tries to distract herself, there was always something that reminded her of him. Of her soulmate. The man who broke her heart without realizing it until he had to face it too. 

 He knew that he broke her heart. He just didn’t know how much regret and guilt was going to come crashing down onto him until it actually happened. Until he saw her broken face. Until he saw her no longer wearing the wedding ring he put on her himself, promising that he would remain faithful to her the rest of their life together. 

It was all gone. All of those promises are broken.

But the heart aching pain and memories, it was still there. 

It’s been two months since Y/N left Harry. Two months since she left him in their house with her wedding ring in her bedside drawer. Two months since she left Harry with no remorse because he deserved to feel the pain. She had to watch her husband come home every night with another woman’s perfume and marks on him like he was someone she could just share. But it felt like a stab right to the heart. So seeing Harry’s broken and crumbled face didn’t make her feel anything but emotionless. Because he deserved it. 

Y/N had left Harry on that same exact night she confronted him. She already had her bags packed because she couldn’t take it anymore; seeing Harry give himself to another woman when he should’ve only belonged to her. She didn’t know what made her stay for so long. Maybe it’s because she loved him far too much. Maybe, just maybe, did she think that Harry would’ve stopped. But he never did so she was never going to stay. 

She had stayed with a friend until she got her own apartment. Harry would constantly call and text her, begging her for forgiveness. For a chance. Because he’s an idiot and he messed up so badly. Because he wasn’t thinking. But Y/N didn’t care at this point. She had given him a chance without him noticing. She just wanted a little bit of his heart. She just wanted to see that maybe he would stop because he promised her that he was all hers. But he went back on that promise and broke it. 

Once the media found out, it was plastered on every news stand. All over websites. It was constantly talked about and mentioned everywhere they went. Paparazzi following the two for questions. Y/N would feel like she couldn’t breath every time someone asked her what happened, who ruined it, why did they ruin it. Some of the answers to those questions are ones that Y/N needs too. 

Why did Harry ruin it? What did she do to deserve it?

She could no longer take it. She didn’t want to be associated to him any longer. So she sent him divorce papers that he had yet to receive. She didn’t care about money or the house. He could have it all. She didn’t want any of it. She just wanted to get away from the man who took her heart from her and crushed it like it was nothing. 

It was around four in the afternoon when Y/N heard a loud pounding on her door. She felt herself jump, slightly spilling the hot tea she was making in the kitchen. Cautiously, she walks towards the door, worried who it might be and why they were knocking like they were about to break her door down. 

When she opened the door slightly, she felt her airways constrict and she could no longer breath because she sees a mess right in front of her. 

Tangled hair, swollen red eyes with hues of dark purple beneath them and a stubbly chin stood Harry. And in his hands tightly held were the divorce papers. 

“Y/N,” His voice cracks, deep and raspy like he was just crying. 

Y/N already felt herself trembling, ready to shut the door but he stops her, putting his feet between the door with his hand pushing against it. 

“You need to go,” She tells him, already falling apart. 

“No, please, just listen to me, please, Y/N,” He cries out, the tears already streaming down his tired face. 

She doesn’t bother holding the door anymore, too tired to argue. Too tired to do anything at this point. 

“What is there to listen to Harry?” Is all she asks. 

“I just–you, you sent these divorce papers,” He mutters, a doleful look etched upon his face. 

A look of disbelief takes over Y/N’s face and she puts her hand on her chin pretending to think, feeling her anger increase already. “Gee Harry, I wonder why–maybe because my fucking husband cheated on me!” She spits harshly and he winces, shame written all over his face.

“I-I know,” he mumbles, “God, Y/N, I know because I can feel it. I know what I did and yeh don’t know how much I regret it, dammit, I don’t know what else to say other than sorry!” The tears dribble down his chin and he sniffles through his nose. 

“If you know, then why are you asking me? You think sorry is gonna fix this?” She mocks, a hostile look on her face. “You broke me! You promised me you were gonna take care of me. You promised me a happy life. You promised me you were all mine. Dammit, Harry,” She cries, “You took my heart right from me and crushed it! Imagine how the fuck I feel right now?! I constantly ask myself what I did wrong but I still don’t have an answer!” Her chest heaves hardly when she finishes speaking, her tears uncontrollable now. 

“I-I d-don’t know what t’ say,” He stutters out. 

He had no excuse for his actions. There was never going to be a good excuse for this. He lost her for good. 

“Just sign the papers and leave me alone!” Y/N says bitterly, ready to shut the door on his face because she could no longer stand in front of him like this. 

A pained expression takes over Harry’s face and he vigorously shakes his head, “No, No, Y/N please, No!” He begs but she brushes it off, slamming the door shut and locking it. Her back is against the door and she slides down until her bum meets the floor. She brings her hand up to her mouth, sobbing in her hands as the tears don’t stop. 

She didn’t think it was possible for her heart to hurt any more than it already did. 

“’m not giving up on us, Y/N, an’ ‘m not signing these divorce papers either! I love you dammit!” Harry speaks through the door, knowing she’s still there. 

Y/N lets out a shaky sigh, “You gave up on us a long time ago, Harry.” Is all she says to him, ignoring his last words. If he really loved her, he wouldn’t have cheated on her.

And with those words being spoken, Harry felt himself fall apart all over again like the night she left him. 

It’s been a week since Harry showed up at Y/N’s doorstep with the divorce papers. He still didn’t sign them. He’d still call and text her even though she hasn’t answered a single one. 

It’s two in the morning and Y/N is trying to get some sleep but it was still hard. It was still hard to fall asleep when she was so use to having Harry’s large, lean body laying beside her. She’d remember all the times he’d cuddle her from behind or sometimes she would cuddle him because he loved being the little spoon even if he was much larger than her. She missed it. She hated the fact that she still missed him. She hated how she still thought about him. She shouldn’t being thinking about him but she still did because she still loved him when he didn’t even deserve her love. 

The sound of her phone vibrating on her nightstand causes her to let out a tired sigh and open her eyes. She leans up on her elbow to grab her phone, squinting at the screen in the dark. She wasn’t surprised to see Harry calling her considering he does it every day. 

She decides to answer the phone so she can tell him to fuck off because she’s trying to get some sleep for once and not think about him. 

“Dammit Harry, can you at least leave me alone at this time–” She was cut off by his giggling, loud music playing in the background. What the hell was he doing at this time? 

“Y/N,” he speaks through the phone, “Miss youuu, loveee,” He drags out.

Y/N rolls her eyes. He was drunk. 

“Harry, I’m gonna hang up.” She says, meaning it. 

He quickly protests, his voice going from happy to sad in a matter of seconds, “No, no, don’t hang up, ‘m alone–oops sorry, mate.” She hears the sound of a glass breaking, her eyes go wide and she felt worried that Harry got hurt. The music dies down, Harry’s heavy breathing the only sound coming through the phone. 

“Harry, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

“I dunno,” He says drunkenly, leaning against the brick wall in the alleyway. 

“You don’t know?” She sighs, “Harry, how much have you had to drink?”

“I dunno,” He answers again, “‘ve lost track after the ninth one.” He says drowsily. 

Y/N sits up on the bed, wide awake and worried that he might drink too much if he goes back in for more. 

“Harry, I need you to go home,” She says calmly even though she felt herself getting upset for even answering in the first place. 

“Wha’? Why? ‘m just ‘avin a drink!” He grumbles, seeing his vision go blurry and he sits down on the cold ground.

“You don’t even know much you’ve drank, Harry!” Y/N stresses. 

“S’not like you’d care,” He mumbles sorrowfully, “’m sure you’d be happy ‘f yeh find out ‘m in the hospital. Won’t even bother yeh anymore. Won’t even call yeh or text yeh anymore an’ ‘m sure you’d be so happy–”

Y/N interrupts him, hating that he’s talking like this. “Harry, of course I still care about you. I don’t wanna wake up to a call from the hospital, notifying me that you’re getting your stomach pumped from drinking so much.”

Harry doesn’t say anything, resting his head between his knees as he brings it up to his chest. 

“Harry,” Y/N calls out, wondering why he wasn’t say anything.

“Hm?” He hums, feeling his body betray him. 

“Harry, where are you?”

“‘m-’m ou’side,” he slurs. 

“Where?” She asks, getting up from the bed in a hurry to put on a jacket and shoes. 

“Dunno,” he mumbles, making her feel frustrated. 

“Dammit Harry! Just stay there and don’t leave okay?” 

“Mhm,” He responds, allowing her to let out a sigh of relief because he was still a little conscious. 

Y/N grabs her keys and runs down stairs to her car, worried sick that someone might take advantage of Harry. Even after all of this, she was still going to worry about him because she still loved him. She didn’t want anyone to take advantage of Harry in such a vulnerable state, half unconscious and drunk outside of a club. She drives to the club closest to his house and parks her car on the side of the road. She runs her hands through her hair, looking around to find her husband’s lanky body. 

She sighs in relief when she’s him sitting on the side of the building, unharmed. She runs to him, shaking him awake. 

“Harry, Harry. Wake up,” She tries and he flutters his eyes, confused. 

“C’mon! I need to get you home,” She pulls him up from the ground, wrapping her arms around his waist while he throws an arm around her shoulder, dragging his feet along the ground.

“O-Our home?” He asks her timidly. Y/N felt her stomach hurt, a lump forming in her throat at his words. 

“Mhm,” Is her only reply but she felt heart hurt in her chest.

Harry giggles drunkenly, “Our homeeee,” he smiles, “missed yeh, pet.” He slurs, leaning against her as she tries to open the door. She helps him sit down in the passenger seat, putting on his seat belt for him. He leans his head back against the headrest, closing eyes to inhale the familiar scent of her car. God, he missed her so damn much. 

He watches her start the car as soon as she gets in, watching for any cars so she could pull out from the spot. 

He wanted to savor this small amount of time with her. He knew that she was going to leave as soon as he gets home and he didn’t want her to leave. He missed her. He missed her scent even though he could smell her everywhere. He missed seeing her beautiful sleeping face every time he woke up in the morning, only to be met with an empty bed side. He missed kissing her. He missed her laugh whenever he’d do something entirely dumb or say a really lame joke she’d laugh at nonetheless. He missed hugging her from behind and making her jump in surprise when she least expected it in the morning. He missed her voice. He missed their conversations about the most random things. He missed her smile that would cause butterflies to erupt in his stomach still every time. He missed her comfort when he’s had a bad day. Now every day felt like a bad day because she wasn’t there. She wasn’t there to soothe him and it was all his fault. He was the one to blame for both of their pain. He was the one who decided to ruin their marriage because he was being selfish and had sex with another woman. He was the one who decided to remove his wedding ring first. He broke his promises to her. It was all his fault. 

Y/N felt tense as she drove, knowing Harry was staring at her and she didn’t dare to look at him. She didn’t want to look into his pale green eyes only to feel weak. He made her feel weak. He made her feel weak because he was the one who took a part of her with him. He was the one who she’s still hopelessly in love with him. She hates that she doesn’t hate him. She wants to hate because he fucking cheated on her but she doesn’t. She loves him so much. She loves him so much and she still cares about him that she came to pick him up drunk from a club, worried sick that he would end up in the hospital. She hated how he still had this affect over her. 

Harry brings his hand up to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear, watching her swallow thickly as she stares ahead at the road. She ignores his actions, knowing it was pointless to say anything because he was drunk. He doesn’t even notice when they reach their house until she stops the car and turns off the ignition. 

He fumbles with the seat belt holder, unclicking it after a few seconds. She opens the door and helps him outside of the car. He wraps an arm around her shoulder again, taking advantage of the fact that she was right here. Right next to him. 

She still has the key to the house so she pulls it out, unlocking the front door. When they walk into the house, Y/N is immediately met with the sight of a messy house. There’s a broken vase on the floor and bottles of different alcohol strewn across the house. She notices a bunch of crumpled up papers scattered upon the floor and coffee table in the living room. There’s a pillow and blanket on the couch and she wonders if he’s been sleeping in the living room.

Her question is answered when he drags her to the couch instead of upstairs. 

“Don’t wanna sleep upstairs,” He mumbles tiredly, rubbing his eyes. 

“Why not?” She asks him even though she probably doesn’t want to know the answer. 

“s’where we’ve made love, talked ‘bout babies an’ everythin’. Didn’t want t’ sleep there ‘cos it hurts,” A look of pain takes over his face as she helps him lay down on the couch. She lets out a shaky sigh, not responding to his words. She walks over to kitchen and grabs him a bottled water from the fridge. She sees the empty fridge and she’s worried that he’s not eating properly. She’s noticed that he’s definitely gotten skinny since she last saw him. 

She walks back to the living room, seeing him laying with his eyes shut and breathing heavily. She puts the water bottle down, not wanting to wake him because he looks like he’s falling asleep after days. It was going to be hard to say goodbye if he’s awake again, knowing he might stop her from leaving. 

Y/N decides to clean up the broken vase, not wanting him to get hurt either when he wakes up. She’s starting to worry how much alcohol he’s consuming everyday because every message she deleted from her phone seemed incoherent from drinking. 

When she finishes cleaning up the vase, she quietly walks to the door but stops when she hears him whimpering her name. 

“Y/N, Y/N,” her eyes go wide as she sees him thrash around a bit on the couch. “Don’t leave, please. ‘ve messed up badly an’ ‘m sorry. ‘m sorry. ‘m sorry.” He keeps repeating and she felt her heart hurt and her throat was constricted but she couldn’t move. She couldn’t do this. She shouldn’t even be here right now. She could’ve called one of Harry’s friends to pick him up tonight but she didn’t because in that moment, she didn’t think, she was just worried about him. 

Seeing how badly Harry was reacting to this was starting to break her heart. At first, she wanted him to feel heart broken just as much as she did. She wanted him to feel the pain just as much as she did. She wanted him to face the consequences; to see what he’s done to him. But seeing Harry get drunk almost every night and almost to the point where he may have to get his stomach pumped, didn’t it any better. It only made her worried. 

Maybe she was going to rethink this divorce. Maybe in the back of her mind somewhere she might give him a chance. He didn’t deserve it. Not when he constantly cheated on her with the same woman. Not when he broke every promise he made to her. He didn’t deserve her love and pity. But Y/N can’t help it when she’s still so irrevocably in love with him. He’s just made her that weak. He just has that much control over her heart and mind. 

She felt herself fall apart when she had to leave him on the couch in that state. He was clinging a pillow to his chest like a child, cheeks covered with tear stains. 

Maybe he did make her weak. Maybe she was going to cancel the divorce. Harry hasn’t even signed the papers so it’s not like it would’ve happened anytime soon. But she’s not going to run back to him either. She thinks that they’re better off separate for now. Until she’s made a final decision because seeing the love of her live tearing himself apart like this was something she couldn’t just brush off. 

She just needs time to heal.

Alrighttttt I’m sorry if this part bored you guys! I’ve been writing this for four hours and I still have a lot to say which is why I’ve decided to split it into 3 parts. Part 3 will be up sometime this week. Thanks for the read homies. By the way, i’ve skimmed through so ignore any typos, i’ll fix them later. xx M

PTSD ; Peter Parker

WARNINGS: full of angst and fluff, PTSD illness, emotional scenes, vv weak peter

summary: after Peter’s clash with Vulture, he was left completely shocked and thrilled. He’s frail and is unconditionally suffering under PTSD whilst you try to put up with him through the many wakeful nights.

A/N: ily for suggesting this @bbparker… THIS WAS 3k WORDS!!

After days of Peter’s threatening encounter with Vulture, the events that he underwent left Peter utterly terrorized and debilitated. Every night he would call you as you’d hear his faint voice crying over the end of the line as you were left completely saddened. All you wanted to do was solace him with embracing arms as he’d fall to his slumber —feeling welcomed and loved.

Keep reading

Jeffrey | Jeff Atkins

Requested by @v-ii-mcmlxxxv a sweet girl that enjoyed my writing so much inspired me to write an imagine for her and luckily my writing streak is still so strong I was able to write this in the same day I got the request :3 Anyway I hope you all enjoy this request and thank you for reading my work! Don’t be afraid to request something ♡

Originally posted by itsme-hannahbaker

Warning: smut

“What is your problem?!” I yelled at Jeff as he followed me across the courtyard.

“We have to talk about this y/n!” Jeff screamed back, his hand wrapping around my wrist pulling me close and keeping a grip so I couldn’t get away from his easily.

“I don’t want to talk to you! All you do is give me crap about anything especially talking with any guy except for you!” I growled moving closer to him, noticing the crowd surrounding us but I had had enough of Jeff’s attitude this week, “How about you take your head out of your ass and realise I’m not trying to get with any other guy, I’m in fucking love with you” I shouted tearing up as the words shot out of my mouth, I didn’t want it to be like this.

“What?” Jeff questioned his tone dropping along with the frustrated look on his face.

I shook my head not wanting to keep talking, afraid if I did more hidden confessions would come out and my world could collapse around me. I chose to run and escape this reality, I pushed out of the crowd that formed around us and jumped into my car. Tears were streaming down my face as I drove without a place in mind, I watched as the buildings passed. I stopped the car and realised I was at the beach, I got out of the car stumbling onto the sand as my body shook from the intense emotions racking my body.

After I sat in the sand crying for what felt like hours I heard a car drive and park next to mine, I didn’t have to look up to know who it was. Jeff sat next to me and I looked at him with tears still streaming down my face.

“Why are you here?” I force out, my voice scratchy from crying so much, a painful look struck on his face, “Are you here to yell at me again?” I questioned angrily.

Jeff’s face changed to frustration, “I’m not here to yell at you. I just want to talk, like I said before, but now there’s something more important to talk about” I glanced at him knowing exactly what he said about to sat, “You said you love me y/n, I can’t just forget that”

“Why not? I know you don’t feel the same about me, you’re Jeff Atkins, the star baseball player at Liberty High. Why would you be in love with me?”

“Of course I love you!” He shouted making me freeze up.


“I’m in love with you y/n. You’re my best friend, how could I not be in love with you? You’re beautiful and smart and every time you smile at me you just take my breath away” Jeff whispered moving closer to me “That’s why I didn’t want you to talk to other guys because what if you fell in love them? Then what chance would I have?”

Not thinking about answering him I brought my lips to his and kissed him with all the passion I was feeling for him, finally making one of my dreams a reality. Jeff kissed back, laid his jacket onto the sand then softly brought me down to lay on his jacket, his lips travelled down my neck and his hands gripped my body making me moan at his rough touch.

“More please” I begged tilting my head back wanting him to kiss further down my neck.

Jeff chuckled “And to think you’ve been hating me for the whole week”

I rolled my eyes “Are you going to fuck me or do I have to get someone else to do it?”

He growled and ripped open my button up shirt, I squealed and grinned at him, biting my lip, his roughness turning me on. He roughly attached his lips to the skin not hidden behind my bra making me whine in pleasure and run my fingers through his hair, I reached my hands under me and undid my bra. Jeff groaned at the sight of my boobs with no distractions, he took my nipple into his mouth sucking and biting it lightly. I gasped and tugged at his hair “Jeffrey” I whimpered.

A deep moan erupted from his chest and he quickly pulled off my jeans, his following suit soon after, “do you want me?” He questioned pulling out a condom.

“Of course I do; I love you”

He grinned and kissed me quickly before sliding the condom on and inserting himself into me, I clenched onto his bicep as he filled me with his thick cock, gasping into his ear while he moaned deeply into mine.

“You are so tight” he mumbled to me staying still as I got used to him stretching me out.

I gave him a reassuring nod and he kissed my forehead before rocking his hips, pushing his cock deeper into me, I moaned loudly tilting my head back “Jeffrey!”’

Jeff moved harder and faster keeping himself up above me as he fucked and kissed me, moaning into my mouth as I dragged my nails down his back. His lips travelled down my body again and captured my nipple into his mouth sucking on it, I dug my nails into his back feeling my climax grow closer.

“I’m close” I whisper.

Jeff nodded and gently pushed my legs up so they were touching my chest and started to thrust deeper “fuck!” I squealed from the intense pleasure.

Jeff leaded down moaning into my ear gently as his hips slowed down making the feeling more intense, I didn’t notice as he moved a hand down and gasped when I felt his thumb touch my clit “Cum for me y/n, scream my name” Jeff whispered.

I followed Jeff’s request climaxing intensely on to his cock, screaming out his name, soon Jeff moaned loudly as well making aware that he too came. Jeff chuckled and kissed me deeply.

“I love you so much and I’m sorry for making you cry” He apologised affectionately making me smile and reply “It’s okay, I love you too”

Seventeen Reaction to them making you cry during a fight

A/N: This is my own personal opinion, I’m not saying that the boys are like this, I don’t know them. I’m just not about those unrealistic imagines where they’re too nice and coddling you; from what I know through being a fan, this is how I think they’d be. 

Seungcheol/S.Coups: It would be your first fight and neither of you would know what to expect from the other. You’d always seen Cheol as this loving caring character so it honestly surprised and scared you when he yelled at you. He immediately reigned himself in and regained his cool but tears were already pricking at your eyes as you gaped up at him, not knowing who it was that stood before you right now. “Shit… Y/N I’m sorry…” He would honestly feel so helpless bc all he wanted to do was just coddle you and make all your sadness go away but dammit he was the cause this time. You guys would probably have a far more reasonable conversation after that, working through whatever the problem was.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan just strikes me as a super bitter person when he’s mad like if he was really mad he would go after something you were insecure about just because he knew it would hurt you even if he didn’t mean what he said at all. And so you and Jeonghan would probably be having the worst fight of your entire relationship and you guys would be screaming profanities at each other. At one point Jeonghan would just take it too far and you wouldn’t reply, staring at him in disbelief. You were trying so hard not to cry all this time but you couldn’t help it anymore. Jeonghan would immediately sober, “N-No.. I’m sorry…I swear I didn’t… I didn’t mean it..” He would whimper and immediately step towards you, his heart breaking when you stepped away.

Joshua/Jisoo: Joshua seems like he’d be really cruel when he’s upset too but more of in a petty way. Like I think he’d be the type to continuously bring up old stuff while you guys fought. And you’d cry more out of frustration than anything else because you weren’t sure how much more you had to do for him to forgive you for things in the past. “Are you really trying to cleanse your own guilt by bringing up my old mistakes!?” You would yell, tears streaming down your face. His face would sober slightly and he’d clench his teeth, upset but realizing he was in the wrong too. “Can we just not talk for like 5 minutes..” he’d whisper as he hugged you tightly, “Can we both calm down before we talk about this again?”

Jun/Junhui: I feel like if he’s gotten to the point of yelling then this fight is something that has gone way too big; Jun seems like a calm person that tries to make peace as much as he can. Even if he did yell though, even before he saw you cry he would sober, realizing that he needed to calm down. Jun seems like the kind of person who never raises his voice, so for him to do so would surprise even him. The sobering would only speed up if he saw tears in your eyes. He seems like the type to just pull your head into his chest and sigh to himself, holding you. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled… We’re not going to come to any sort of understanding by yelling at each other,” and he’d cup your cheeks, making you look up at him, “I’ll order takeout, lets just sit and talk okay? Communication is the key to relationships or the heart of relationships– whatever you know what I mean!” 

Hoshi/Soonyoung: Honestly I feel like whatever her did would be an accident. Soonyoung just seems like he’s not prone to yelling at people or anything but he’d probably be kinda inconsiderate if he was stressed about something. Like how he didn’t listen to Minghao’s idea lol. Like you’d probably need to discuss something important with him like you would understand if this was like you had a bad day and you need to vent like he can’t drop all his responsibilities for you just because you’re sad but this is an important thing like idk maybe you two are moving in together or your dog is sick idk its important. And he’s just not taking you seriously he’s just like “Later Y/N, this is really important okay?” and you’re so fed up and you’re just “So is this!” “Listen this is my job, you have to be more understanding about this, I can’t compromise this okay?” and you’re just looking at him like so betrayed and you’re tearing up “But you can compromise me… Okay.” and you say it so softly like you’re not understanding why he’s making you out to be the crazy person. And this kid finally sees clearly like oh no… tears, those are tears, I caused those tears oh no. And he’s like “You know I didn’t mean it like that..” “I know… but sometimes that’s really what it feels like..” And he tries to explain but you’re like no i want a real proper discussion so you finish whatever it is you need to do for work and then we’ll talk. 

Wonwoo: The type of man that is probably really good at the silent treatment. Like you both probably had a very passive aggressive back and forth until a silent cold war began in the house. He wouldn’t speak to you, he wouldn’t stay if you came into the room, he wouldn’t even look at you. Honestly he knew that he was being immature but it was one of those things that he had already taken too far and now he wasn’t sure how to stop. Besides you were probably even more mad at him now and if he went and talked to you after this grand show that he had put on, he’d be sacrificing his pride wouldn’t he? It wasn’t until you grabbed his arm as he was trying to leave, your voice shaking as you looked at him teary eyed, “If you’re going to act like I don’t exist then at least break up with me so I can get closure.” and that gets his attention real fast, man is whipping around like what break up what no “I don’t want that..” “Then talk to me! At least look at me for god’s sake!” and that’s how you guys end up having a heart to heart about whatever problem you were fighting about and potentially both of you end up crying. 

Jihoon/Woozi: It’s a long standing cliche that Jihoon works a lot and all the fics portray him as someone who doesn’t give him s/o enough attention. Truthfully it’s not that he doesn’t give you enough attention, its that he’s just stretched so thin that he doesn’t have time to show you how much he loves you sometimes. You’ve always been understanding about this, you’d never ever complain and only encourage him about it; but that just made him too lax in giving you his time. Maybe a month would’ve gone by and you wouldn’t have seen him once, his texts were always brief and his phone calls practically nonexistent. You wanted to be understanding but you had limits too. You’d call him, hoping that you could have some sort of discussion but almost minutes into you calling he immediately goes “Oh Y/N can I call you back, something came up.” and he’d be using a bluetooth so he wouldn’t hang up, he’d just start doing whatever it was that came up. You would assume he had hung up and couldn’t stop the tears that pricked at your eyes, “seriously…” you sniffle, “let’s just break up Lee Jihoon, you can date your job instead.” and you’d say it so bitterly, assuming he wasn’t there anymore but he’d be frozen on the other end, feeling sick to his stomach “Wh-What…?” and then he’d try to get out of the office to see you but if he couldn’t he’d force you to at least FaceTime him. 

Seokmin/Dokyeom: I don’t think he’d make you cry in the sense that he says something that makes you cry. With Seokmin it’s probably a slow rise of things that are happening but he seems like the type to always pretend that everything is okay; he might think that the only way to not lose you is to never fight. Seokmin also seems like the kind of person who hates confrontation so even if you try to bring it up he’d probably dodge and just make it seem like everything was okay. Inevitably that leads you to thinking maybe you’re the problem and that maybe you’re just too sensitive. And one day you just snap, you just start crying and you can’t stop. Luckily it was a day off for you that day but you were supposed to spend it going on a date with Seokmin. When you cancelled on him with a really flimsy excuse, he immediately went to your place. His hand would hover over the door but he pulled it back and just fished out his spare key to your apartment, not knowing what was wrong with you and not wanting to make you get up if you were sick or something. Walking in on you clutching your pillow for dear life, sobbing your heart out would make him panic in all sorts of ways. He’d probably just stand there frozen as he softly called out your name. You’d panic, acting like you weren’t just crying and one second you’re asking him how he got in and the next you’re in a warm hug, holding you tightly like you were were only thing keeping that person alive. You guys would talk eventually but a lot of it is just hugging tbh y’all have a bonding moment. 

Mingyu: He seems like he’d try to just smile and be like “why are you being like this..? Calm down..” whenever you tried to fight with him. He also seems like he takes criticism a bit to heart so whenever you tell him anything you’re worried that he’s going to get really insecure about it. And its frustrating for you. Usually you just try to take it and stop getting upset but it honestly made you feel like you were being unreasonable or psychotic every time but it wasn’t his fault either because you tended to never criticize him so when you did it seemed like it was out of the blue. You two have a very bad communication situation please work on that. But yes anyway so one time he says this and you literally lose your mind like you just start tearing up and you crouch on the ground like hugging your knees like you’re sniffling and just in a crouched position and he’s !?!?!?!? and like slowly walking up to you like “Hey… hey please don’t cry.. I’m sorry..” but tbh he has no idea what he’s apologizing for until you whisper “I’m not crazy.. stop acting like every time I say something I’m being crazy and unreasonable..” and hes very ??? “I know you aren’t crazy.. I just don’t think fighting helps and that we should talk about it” “But we don’t! You tell me to calm down and then we pretend everything is just dandy!” and that’s how you guys have your first ever proper discussion and put it all on the table. You grow as a couple tbh. 

Minghao/The8: I don’t think it would be from an actual fight. Minghao sometimes tends to take his jokes too far and while he immediately makes up for it when he realizes he might’ve hurt the person’s feelings, if you’re not the type to immediately show on your face that you’re upset he might think you were okay with it. Especially if you laughed and said something back like you probably didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing and come off as sensitive so you’d try to play it cool. But one day you may just be having a bad day and he’d say something, not realizing that you weren’t feeling well and you’d blow up. “Do you have to be like that all the time!? Am I not human? Do you think I don’t have feelings?” and he’s just staring at you like shellshocked because where is this coming from, what did he do, oh god are you crying– “I-I was just kidding.. I didn’t–” “I know it’s my fault for not saying anything but how can I we’ve only been dating for a few months and I didn’t want to come off as crazy or sensitive but I have limits okay…” and you’re just rubbing at your eyes angrily because you feel like you’re throwing a fit and you feel crazy and sensitive. But then Minghao is cupping your face and walking close till he can rest his forehead on your comfortably. “You’re not crazy or sensitive. If something I do hurts you, you have to tell me, how am I supposed to be a good boyfriend if I’m hurting your feelings all the time? I’m sorry okay? I swear I don’t mean any of it. Pinky promise.” 

Seungkwan: Seungkwan is your biggest supporter, he’s everyone’s biggest fanboy. But usually everyone doesn’t reciprocate back to him the way he cheers them on. Everyone loves him, but they don’t always show it. And that’s why he makes you cry, not because he hurts you but because he just looks so pitiful as he pours his heart out to you, admitting that it hurts him when you don’t cheer him on or congratulate him and he realizes that it’s not like everyone can be as extra as him but its still unpleasant when all someone says is congratulations. And you can’t help but cry as you hug him, not realizing that you had been hurting him all this time. Out of the two of you Seungkwan had always been the more exuberant one and you didn’t realize that he was expecting it back but you vowed to do better from that day forth. 

Vernon: I just can’t see him making anyone cry? Like he’s just too soft of a person? If anything he’s the one that’s crying? I dunno man.. If he were to make his s/o cry it’s probably like a you’re both just so stressed and its tears of frustration because he just can’t seem to get what you’re saying; you’ve reiterated your point about 10 times already and he still doesn’t understand why you’re upset and you’re at your wits end and ready to scream. And so you start crying because if you’re like me you cry when it gets too much. Your fight would probably pause with you telling him to forget it and walking out on him. The poor boy probably wouldn’t get why he was in the wrong until he went and asked his members tbh. 

Chan/Dino: He seems really old for his age. Not old, that’s mean, mature, he’s mature for his age. And because of that sometimes he finds what his older members do to be quite childish and kind of sighs at them like “Hyung wyd.” Like he’s still a bright child that knows how to have fun don’t get me wrong; its just sometimes it feels like Dino could blend into Hyung line and people who don’t know svt that well wouldn’t be surprised if you told them he was one of the older ones. So if his s/o was a person that had moments of hyperness, if he was really tired, he’d sometimes put a hand on your arm like “Y/N why are you yelling babe” And so it would honestly just be a huge misunderstanding; he’d do it a few times in one week and you’d start wondering if he found you annoying. You’d probably try to stop it all together but you’d have a moment of too much excitement randomly and he’d laugh and ask you to stop yelling and you wouldn’t know what came over you but smh you’re tearing up and Chan is sat up like !!! shoot what what did i say omg. “Sorry.. I just.. I can’t help it sometimes.. I know it’s annoying.. I’m sorry..” and hes like ??? what do you mean? Its not annoying my head just hurts right now???? And you all talk about it finally basically the moral of this entire post is, talk about things with your s/o if you want a healthy relationship. 

Lance is a Boy #6

-suicide warning-

It took a lot of explaining to Allura in order to justify why Lance had asked about Alteans menstrual cycles. Eventually the princess led hunk to a storeroom “if he ever needs any more just show him to these.” She smiled warmly,

“Thanks princess.” Hunk grabbed what looked like a box, but after holding it it didn’t seem as sturdy and was made of pliable material. “It means the world.” He awkwardly tapped the box once and turned to leave.

He was stopped by a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Hunk?” He froze and turned to the altean with a questioning look. “Um, here.” She handed him a different looking box. “These usually help with any kind of cravings, they react to pheromones once put in your mouth and stimulate the taste buds, simulating whatever your mind really wants.” She laughed, “give them to Lance?” He smiled and hugged the girl, she yelped in surprise but hugged back. “A-And apologize for me, I should have stepped in when Shiro was scolding him, I should have heard him out.”

“I’m sure it’s fine, you didn’t know.” He put a comforting hand on her shoulder and she cupped it, “I’ll tell him.” Their eyes met and they shared a moment before hunk turned to leave again.

“Knock knock!” Hunk called as he walked into Lances room, “buddy I found some thi-” he was cut off by a frantic Lance pushing at him.

“Hunk we need to go see coran right now.” There was something pale in the boys face and Hunks gut dropped.

“W-what? Why?” Lances face turned from despair into sickness and he ran to the bathroom and there was the sound of him vomiting, hunk cringed but mustered a warm smile as Lance ran out of the bathroom, pulling on pants.

“W-We need to go! Now!” He pushed past hunk into the hallway, still shirtless.

“Lance!” Hunk set the boxes on his dresser and turned to follow. “Lance what’s wrong?” The blue paladin was haunched over in the hallway, already winded. “Lance what’s wrong? What happened?”

He was met with teary eyes and a panicked voice. “Hunk I don’t want to die!” The blue paladin leaned on yellow, pushing on him for leverage to stand up. “Please! Help me!”

Now hunk was really confused, “die…?” Lance was pulling on his friend as they thundered down the hallway. “Lance what happened!” Hunk stopped, planting his feet in the ground, grabbing his friend by the shoulders. A wave of shame washed over Lances face but it was brief before panic returned.

“Hunk.” He gulped. “I tried to kill myself, I downed an entire bottle of pain killers.” Hunk stared at his friend with wide eyes, he could feel tears coming on almost instantly but his expression was engraved on his face. “Can you help me find coran?” There was a sense of demand in Lances voice. “Hunk I’ve changed my mind and I am afraid, more afraid than you. I regretted it as soon as I did it.” He was holding hunk by his shoulders now, the bigger man just stared blankly, a tear streaming down his cheek. “We have to find coran or I WILL die.” he lightly tapped Hunks cheek with the palm of his hand. “Buddy I know you’ve done a lot for me but I need you right now.” Hunk snapped his eyes to Lance, they had wandered slightly, lost in panicked thought. He gulped deeply and nodded. “I’m going straight to the med bay, I’m going to page him from there, I need you to try and find him sooner, every second is valuable.” Hunk nodded again, not saying a word. With that, Lance hugged him briefly, choking back tears. “Hunk,” hunk hadn’t let his attention slip again, “I love you man.”

“Love you too buddy.” His voice cracked multiple times, knowing that if they couldn’t find coran this may be the last time they exchanged words, hunk held on a second longer than usual, eager to remember every second of Lance. The blue paladin turned and pulled away, ready to run but hunk caught his wrist. He turned back to the yellow paladin and they exchanged a look. To the untrained eye it was just a glance of reassurance, but there was so much more there. There was a look of gratitude, of friendship, of love. There was a mutual respect and understanding. There was a goodbye. Hunk didn’t want to admit it, but Lance blinked slowly, or maybe hunk was still in shock and everything was moving at a slower pace, but he blinked, and in that blink Lance was saying goodbye, goodbye to his best friend. Not farewell, not see you later, but goodbye. It was a look of exhaust and Lance was pale and sick and ready to fall apart at any second. Hunk let go and Lance stood there for an extra second before turning it to leave.

He only made it three feet. Hunk would always remember how Lance had froze and clenched his stomach, how he had crashed into the wall and tried to stay standing but failed miserably, he would always remember the cry of pain before silence hung in the hallway as his best friend had sat, blacked out in the hallway breathing shallowly as drugs attacked his system. What he didn’t remember was how he got to the med bay but there he stood, Lance in his arms, he looked so peaceful, if he weren’t so ghastly one might think he were asleep, but he was far to pale, and far to still, to be asleep. He leaned against the comms, pushing the button with his arm and his voice bellowed over the intercom. “Coran! Med bay! Now!” It hummed to silence and he stumbled over to a table, setting the blue paladin on the table, his limbs limp and his head lolling to whatever side the weight threw him. Hunk didn’t want to check for a pulse, he really didn’t out of fear of the worst. In seconds coran burst through the door, panting heavily. “What’s wrong?” His voice was afraid and shaky. “You sounded serious.” He jogged over to the table and gasped at Lances sickly colouring. “What’s happened to him?”

“He overdosed on pain killers.” Hunk bit his fingernails nervously, stepping back from his friend, trusting the altean. “I don’t know how many he took, he just said he downed the rest of the bottle.”

“How long ago did he take them?”

“I don’t know.”

“How much does he weigh?”

“I don’t know.”

“How strong were the pain killers?”

“I don’t know!” Hunk flailed his hands in an exasperated motion and Coran sighed, checking for a pulse, clearly failing and readjusting his hand multiple times.

“Hunk…” his voice cracked.

“No! Keep looking!” Hunk demanded, refusing what was clear.

“Hunk that won’t make a difference…” he choked on his words. There was a silence that was only broken by quiet sobs from hunk, he didn’t move, just let himself choke on tears.

“N-No.” he mumbled quietly. “Pump his stomach. Do something… maybe you just can’t find his heartbeat..” he stepped towards Lance. “Maybe it’s still there.” He huffed. Coran sighed and went to move Lance over slightly so he was more stable on the table.

The blue paladin grunted.

…to be continued…

Aren’t I Good Enough? C.H

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warning: smutttttt

word count: 2200+

summary: Luke cheats on y/n with Arzaylea and Calum is there to support her and help her through it. 

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon! Hannah wrote this one, she was very excited about it so I hope y’all enjoy it :)

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“He what?” I asked Ashton, not believing a single word of what I was hearing. “Y/N, I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner. Luke snuck Arzaylea on the bus countless numbers of times during the last few weeks of tour and it’s been eating me alive hiding that from you. You deserve so much better.” He told me with sympathy and I could feel the tears instantly streaming down my face. 

Normally, I wouldn’t believe anything until I talked to Luke about it first, but Ashton was one of my best friends and I knew that he would never lie to me. I sat there and repeated the words he just told me in my head, and there was a sudden knock at the door. 

“Well, thank you for being honest. I appreciate it, but I better let you go. Somebody’s here.” I told him. “Stay strong Y/N, I’m always here for you. Just remember that you deserve better than that dirty scumbag.” He told me. 

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I still remember the day you left, just like it was yesterday. Worst pain I’ve been through. I remember the tears streaming down my face, and that hole, oh my, the big empty hole in my chest.
When you first got here, I wasn’t looking for my other half, cause I’ve never considered myself as a half. But God, you made me feel complete.  
I said goodbye to you, hoping you’d be back some day, but those things you said to me stabbed my heart a thousand times. I knew I had to keep my distance, but baby, why hurt me so bad?
Yet I’m here, writting for you, hoping you won’t leave again, but prepared if you ever do.
And suddenly we looked at each other for the first time in 5 months with tears streaming down our faces. It was all too familiar, the feeling of wiping her tears off her cheeks, they were always so soft. But now, they were red from the yelling and crying. I felt my face turning a similar shade of pink as I looked at you with a strong hesitancy to hold you. I did anyway. We stood there for a while and just held each other.
‘I loved you so much. I loved you so much’
I didn’t know what to say. It felt strange using it in past tense.
You looked back at me with red eyes, ‘I loved you too. I loved you a lot’
But we were toxic. We both said it, I had no room to disagree.
'We were never going to work’
And it hit me that this, this moment was what I had been waiting for since the moment you left me. The tears, the eerie nostalgia, the fact that we looked at each other and said that although we are no longer in love, we can say that yes, we loved each other. And maybe we were right for each other at a time. But we became two people that weren’t meant to be together as we grew.
We loved each other,
but we were never going to work
—  past tense