I would like nothing more than to become one with the sky; to feel the softness and comfort of my clouds. To pour my heart out as droplets of water to the ones I love, to express the raging anger and disappointment built up inside me with rolling thunder and striking flashes of light to stun people with the beauty that I could never outwardly portray.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1060 // 11:11 a.m. // @un3xplainable-feelings
Jumin’s Sins pt 2

I’m always writing stories about Jumin. Can you tell I love him????

Better prepare your feels for this one though.

Angst. Nothing but angst.

I’m so, so sorry lolol.

(I had all these ideas for this fic, but as I was writing I was hit with a bit of a writers block, so this isn’t as good as the first one in my opinion, but hopefully it’s still decent ;A;)

Part 3 will come if I can manage to come up with more ideas! Suggestions are always welcome, just pop it in the Ask Box!

It had been two weeks since the RFA party, and Jumin was immensely relieved that things had gone back to normal between him and MC. Being away for three months had been hard, but he was back home now and everything was perfect.

Or would have been.

But he was unable to shake the jealousy he had felt watching MC and Zen dance together, and it was slowly driving him insane.

Jumin threw himself into his work in an attempt to escape his feelings. Working helped keep his mind off of things that troubled him. He kept his promise to MC and made sure to call her often while he was at work, but he could tell she was lonely.

He ended up bringing his work home one day, finding his fiancee curled up on the couch with a blanket over her lap, fiddling listlessly with her phone. “Darling?” Jumin dropped a kiss on her forehead, and she looked up with a small smile. “Are you feeling ok?” “Hm? Oh, yes. I was just thinking about the party.”

Thinking about Zen?

It was an unwanted thought, but it stuck in his mind like a thorn.

“I see.”

He patted her head.

“I ended up bringing work home with me. We’re working on a very important contract with a strict deadline, so I needed to work on it some more. I’ll be in my study if you need me.”

Something flashed in MC’s eyes, too quick for him to read, before she rearranged her features in a neutral smile. “Okay.”

MC couldn’t help but stare after her fiancee as he retreated into his study to work. Something was wrong, but he wouldn’t tell her what. He had thrown himself into work once more, barely even giving her the time of day. She sighed.

She was terribly lonely.

The only comfort she found nowadays was when she texted Zen. He listened to her complaints and worries without judging her, and she appreciated it so much. She was so happy to have made such a good friend. 

Now, if only her fiancee would pay attention to her, everything would be perfect.

Making up her mind she stood, making her way to Jumin’s study and knocking lightly on the door before turning the knob and stepping inside.

“I’m busy.” 

Jumin was scribbling something on a piece of paper on his desk, brows furrowed, hands running through his hair in frustration.


Exasperated, Jumin threw down his pen onto the desk.

I said I’m busy, MC.” He snapped. “I don’t have time for you.”

“Oh. I see.” 

She looked down, tears forming in her eyes. She felt like she was watching her heart being ripped into tiny shreds and tossed into the wind. 

‘Let’s be real, he hasn’t had time for you in weeks.’ a tiny voice in her mind whispered.

It was right. Jumin had been so absorbed with work it had been like she didn’t even exist. 

She fiddled with the engagement ring on her left hand, taking a deep breath as she slid it off of her finger, attempting to steady her voice as she spoke.

I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t wish to be with me.”

Jumin looked confused as she placed the ring on his desk.

“MC, what-”

She looked at him once more, tears spilling down her cheeks unrestricted now, hands clutching at her heart, as if she could stifle the pain she felt. Startled to see her crying, Jumin reached for her but she backed away swiftly.

I can’t take it anymore.” She whispered brokenly. “It hurts to love you, Jumin…”

Panic flickered across Jumin’s face when he finally realized what was happening. 

She was leaving him.

With a sob, MC turned and hurried out of the room, slamming the door behind her. He could hear the front door open and slam shut, but Jumin was too dazed to do anything.

Shaking, he reached for the ring, sitting down heavily in the chair behind his desk. He clutched at the small piece of jewelry, staring at the thing that was supposed to symbolize his love for MC. Now it was just another piece of metal.

Jumin was shaking. He had MC’s ring clenched tightly in his fist, barely noticing as the diamond bit into his palm, drawing blood. 

‘Great job, Jumin.’ he thought savagely. ‘Push away the only person you truly care about. Great fucking job.’

It wasn’t until the next morning, when Jumin woke up in his bed alone, that the realization that she had left fully sunk in. He had fallen asleep with her ring clutched tightly in his hand. It was the only thing he had left of her now….

“How are you feeling?”

MC looked up, offering Zen a small smile as he handed her a mug of coffee. 

“Not well.” She admitted, blowing gently on the surface of the hot liquid.

She had walked all the way to Zen’s house after she had left Jumin’s penthouse. She had been amazed she was able to even walk straight, considering her vision had been blurry with tears the entire time.

The white haired man sat beside her on the couch, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her into his side for a hug. She sniffed, and Zen placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“That jerk doesn’t deserve you.”

MC let out a watery chuckle. “Maybe not… But I still love him.”

A month had already passed since MC left, and Jumin wasn’t getting any better. He ran a shaky hand through his already messy hair, staring at the piece of paper in front of him on his desk. He had thrown himself into his work in an attempt to run from his emotions, but now his emotions were making it impossible for him to focus on his work.

He missed her. He was so tired of waking up every morning in an empty bed. Tired of walking into the kitchen, expecting to see her making breakfast, humming to herself as she cooked. It hurt. It hurt even more now than it did when she first left.

He let out an aggravated sigh, picking up the piece of paper and crumpling it up into a ball, throwing it across the room. It was time for him to swallow his pride and beg her to come back home.

Jumin couldn’t believe how nervous he was, standing in front of Zen’s apartment, waiting for the door to open. All he wanted was to see MC, but he was terrified that she wouldn’t want to see him. He knocked on the door, then, unable to stay still, paced anxiously in front of it.

“Who is it?”

The door opened a crack, and MC poked her head out.



He offered his ex fiancee a small smile. 

“Would it be ok for me to come in?”

She glanced behind her when a voice called out to them.

“Hey, who is it?”

The door opened wider to reveal Zen. He was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of pajama pants slung low on his hips, and Jumin could feel that all too familiar burning sensation in his gut rearing it’s ugly head again. Stifling it, he turned to MC.

“Can we talk? Please…”

She glanced at Zen, who frowned at Jumin, crossing his arms in front of him.

“After the way you hurt her I don’t think you should be allowed within 500 feet of her.” He said shortly.

“But I don’t have any sort of control over her, so if she wants to talk to you, that is up to her.”

MC bit her lip, staring at the floor, small hands clutching at the hem of her overly baggy sweater. After a moment, she nodded, and relief exploded in Jumin’s chest.

Zen frowned, but leaned towards MC, giving her an affectionate peck on the cheek. 

“I’ll step outside. You call me if you need anything, okay?” 

She smiled slightly at him, squeezing his hand in return as he walked out the door, shutting it behind him. She turned, walking into the living room and sitting on the couch, and Jumin followed.

“Are you and Zen….?”

She blinked at him in confusion. 

“…Oh! No…. Zen is just a dear, dear friend.”

She smiled sadly, and Jumin’s heart thumped painfully. He was glad that she and Zen weren’t together, but it hurt to see her so sad.

“MC….” He said softly. “I… I’m so sorry. To tell you the truth… I was jealous of you and Zen.” He grimaced. “I didn’t know how to handle it, so I threw myself into my work, figuring that the feeling would just go away in time. But it didn’t, and because of that I ended up hurting you.”

Jumin took a deep breath.

“I… I wanted to ask you to give me a second chance. Move back in with me, please. It’s so lonely without you, and I miss you so much.” He touched her cheek lightly. “I love you….”

MC didn’t say anything for a long while. She just looked at him, and he could tell she was thinking. Finally, after a long silence, she spoke.

“I love you, too…. But I need time, Jumin. I was really hurt… So let me think about it. Please.”

Jumin could feel his heart sinking, but he mustered up a small smile.

“I understand.” He said softly. “I will give you all the time you need.”

She returned his smile with one of her own, squeezing his hand lightly. He stood, and she did as well, walking him to the door. He turned to her, then took her hand, depositing something within it. It was her ring, attached to a golden chain.

“I kept it.” He said softly. “When–if–you feel like you are ready to come back to me, return this to me. So I can ask you to marry me again.”

He touched her cheek once more, then turned and left.

She was so confused. MC stood at the door after Jumin left, staring at the ring currently clutched in her hand. She loved him, even after everything, but she was so scared. She wanted to be happy with him, but she was terrified of getting hurt again, of being lonely even though she was engaged. She sighed, barely managing to plaster a fake smile on her face when the door opened once more. Zen had come home.

“Hey.” He said quietly, noticing her expression. “How did it go?”

MC looked down at the ground, fidgeting with the chain in her hands.

“He…. Wants me to move back in with him. He apologized.”

Zen frowned at her expression.

“That’s a good thing, isn’t it?”

“Yes…. But I’m unsure. I’m scared….”

Zen pulled her close in a gentle hug. “Why don’t you take a bath and relax and think about it? I’ll cook dinner while you do that, and then once you’ve thought it over a bit more you can talk to me about it if you need to.”

MC sighed and hugged him back. “That’s a good idea. I’ll do that.”

Zen patted her head affectionately and she padded off to the bathroom. She filled the tub and stripped, then slid into the water with a deep sigh.

Why am I such a coward?” She asked herself miserably. “I miss Jumin… But I’m so scared…. I don’t want to be hurt again…”

He looked so sad, himself….

She sniffed, rubbing at her eyes, attempting to hold back tears. Sometimes, at times like these, when she felt like she was at her ultimate low, she wished she could just end it all….

Her gaze wandered aimlessly around the bathroom, coming to rest on the razor Zen used to shave, sitting on the sink. She stood, stepping out of the tub, not caring that she was dripping water everywhere, picked up the razor and settled back into the tub. 

Just end it all….

She managed to pop the blades out from the rest of the handle, then tossed the plastic parts across the bathroom. She was so unhappy, and Jumin was so unhappy as well, she felt like he would be better off without her… She twisted her wrist so that she could see the veins on the underside, then, with the razor blade in the other hand, made a deep, vertical cut along the most prominent vein she could find. Blood flowed, quick and steady, and it only took a moment before everything went black, and she slumped in the tub, unconscious. 

“MC?” Zen knocked on the door of the bathroom. “Hey, dinners ready!” He knocked on the door again, frowning at the lack of noise from behind the door. “MC?” He twisted the doorknob, opening the door a crack and peeking inside. “Hey…” He could hear nothing but the quiet drip of water from the bathtub faucet. Brows furrowing in concern, he stepped inside, yelling when he noticed the prone figure in the tub.

“MC! Hey! MC!” The water was stained red with blood, and Zen could see the deep gash on the inside of the brunette’s wrist. Thinking quickly, he grabbed a towel, pressing it against the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. He dragged her out of the tub, oblivious to the fact that he was quickly becoming soaked, and quickly covered her naked form with another towel. 

“MC!” He shook her gently. No response. Panicking, he whipped out his phone and dialed the first person he could think of.



Jumin wondered why Zen was calling him. Had MC made up her mind already and was having Zen call him?

“Jumin!” Came the other mans panicked voice. “Jumin, it’s MC! She- she’s hurt! She’s bleeding so much–”

What?” Jumin asked sharply. “What happened to her? Is she okay? What’s going on?”

Zen took a shaky breath. “Call an ambulance for me, please. I think… I think MC tried to kill herself.”

Jumin nearly dropped his phone at these words. His hands had started to severely shake as his brain struggled to process these words.

“I’m calling the hospital right now.” He said, struggling to keep the fear in his voice in check. “I’ll meet you there.” He hung up and immediately called for an ambulance as well as the best doctors he could find. He couldn’t lose her, he would do anything he could to make sure she recovered and got the help she so desperately needed. Jumin called for Driver Kim to bring the car around immediately as he hurried out the door. 

“I’m coming, MC.” He said in a terrified whisper as he clambered into the back of the vehicle. “Please, hold on until I get there. I’ll be there soon, hold on for me.”


okay but

the thing is, i’m not lying about being mentally ill

one day i decided to pretend nothing was wrong with me for a few weeks

i decided to forget all about my illnesses and “become neurotypical”

and guess what

it didn’t work, like at all

in fact, keeping things inside made me feel worse

if it were as easy as that, i would be fine now. if i had a choice, i seriously would rather be neurotypical.

Upwards of 100mg Insane DMT Trip Report

Used a large tea spoon to fit it all in one enormous hit. Held it in for 7s and then suddenly I was outside my body as the body fell to the floor and I kept standing there for a second, not even sure I ended up exhaling at all, I wasn’t inside the body anymore, I was watching over my body that was on the floor, so I had no idea what my body was feeling or going through, like a separate entity. I was nothing but pure consciousness, watching over my body as it started decomposing and dissolving like it was sprayed with invisible acid. Skin melted and dissolved, then there was blood, and you could see the cartilage dissolving fast, then my skull, followed by organs and brains, then suddenly all that was left of me was a puddle of goo with incredibly intelligent and conscious enzymes there just swimming in the puddle in crazy geometric patterns to a certain rhythm, the enzymes had an energetic pattern of what seemed like sacred symobls that I had never really seen before, but they emanated divine energy, almost like a very patterned aura around them. Then time froze and everything around me disappeared, I was somewhere else briefly, somewhere where there is only warm divine light, then it felt like I had descended back to the room I was in with the goo, only it had began to crystallize and grow fast with crazy lattice rainbow patterns. It kept crystallizing and then started to take form, my form, my old human egotistic form, I felt like whatever process just happened was over and I had an overwhelming sense to touch the crystal and become one with it again. As I tried that, the closer I got to the crystal form which was right in front of me, it was shaped exactly like me with crystal spikes. time kept slowing. As I eventually after what seemed like eternity I managed to touch the crystal, I immediately realized it was like a portal into a this place surrounded by waterfalls completely in a circle, inside some sort of what seem like a sacred cave. As I entered that place I became the water, slowly more and more, meanwhile I was getting washed by those amazing waterfalls and transforming to water at the same time, two different types of water that don’t mix for some reason, but as I fully entered the middle of this circle of waterfalls with me as this water form I stared to mix with the water and become one with this warm, energetic, conductive fluid. From there I slowly faded from water to warm light. Then I woke up 25 minutes later with a slight headache and some echoed thoughts, feelings and visuals. The room wobbled and felt like it was in only semi-solid state for 4 minutes. Then I stabilized, although I was in a funk for another 20 mins where everything seemed really sharp, almost like a mix of cartoon and reality. I feel like A lot more happened, I sure feel like it, but it all slipped my mind. A DMT experience is like grabbing a handful of sand and trying to hold onto it, most of it will seep right through your fingers slowly but surly. It felt like my entire experience was being watched by some sort of entities, I could feel them, almost like they’re guiding me through whatever that was.


Unfortunately,this happened.I’m going to miss you with all my heart,I couldn’t be more grateful for everything you’ve done to this club.Just wanna let you now that you gonna be missed here a LOT because you are EL ÚNICO.

Today, I fucked up… by taking a dump when there was someone else in the bathroom, hiding in the shower

Let me begin by clarifying that I enjoy my privacy. I don’t like doing my dirty business with people around, even if they’re in the next room over. My ideal place for taking a dump would be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on a boat by myself with soundproof, bulletproof, completely opaque walls. Anyways, my neighbors were over at my house and they were playing games with my younger sister as children so often do. Unbeknownst to me, they were in the middle of playing a competitive round of hide-and-go seek. One of my neighbors was hiding in the bathroom shower when I just so happened to feel like cutting a brick. Initially, when I entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet, he said nothing. Not a peep. So I closed and locked the door, thus locking the two of us inside together. But just as my pooping session began, he jumped out of the shower and started screaming like his arms were just amputated or something. Then, I started screaming, both from the initial shock of seeing someone jump out of my shower screaming like this was some kind of “Psycho” remake, and because this kid was watching me shit. He ran towards the door while I was yelling at him, telling him to leave, but in his fervor to leave the scat party I was holding, he pulled to hard on the door he broke the bottom hinge, jamming the door. It’s not like I could just stop pooping in the middle, so the next minute or so was a mix of me screaming and pooping, and the kid screaming and nearly pooping as well. Now, I hate pooping in public even more than I did before the incident, and my neighbors don’t like coming over to play anymore.

tl;dr: hide-and-go-seek leaks to accidental poo voyeurism

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“Asexual women are fucking useless because what good is a 40 year old woman without a child and a man? I’m not saying women owe men sex or anything, but sex should just be something that comes within a relationship, and so should children if you are to get married.”

Manslation: The Lord came to me one day and said, “Listen up, Tim, I’m putting you in charge of everyone else’s business.”

I said to the Lord, “Are you sure, Lord? I am but a humble dude bro. I have nothing to offer but… wait, I literally have nothing to offer.”

“Yes, I am sure,” said the Lord. “Look inside your heart and decide for everyone who they are and how they feel. Start with women and your many opinions about how their human worth depends on their sexuality and how they are nothing more than vending machines for sex and babies.”

I asked him, “May I practice with you just once?”

He nodded gravely. I cleared my throat and said, “I’M NOT SAYING WOMEN OWE MEN SEX, IT’S JUST THAT THEY DO ACTUALLY OWE MEN SEX ALL OF THE TIME. … How was that, Lord?”

“You will make a fine Douche Angel, Tim. Go forth with my blessing.”

Soothing a Venus
  • Venus in Aries:Wrap your hands around their head, 'relax darling'
  • Venus in Taurus:Let them feel your whole body in embrace
  • Venus in Gemini:'Take a deep breath. Now tell me everything you want to say'
  • Venus in Cancer:'Have you eaten properly?'
  • Venus in Leo:'I am so proud of you'
  • Venus in Virgo:Take their hands into yours and gently hold them to ease the tremors
  • Venus in Libra:'I want your opinion though. Your's is equally valid'
  • Venus in Scorpio:Hold them close in the darkness until they can feel the soothing soul
  • Venus in Sagittarius:Go for a walk towards the sun, let them speak as they move their legs
  • Venus in Capricorn:'You have nothing to prove to me, you have already proven your brilliance'
  • Venus in Aquarius:'Bring your feet back to the ground next to mine, now tell me what's going on inside there'
  • Venus in Pisces:Hold them on your chest so they can hear your heartbeat, it sounds like a shell from the ocean
  • person:how are you doing
  • me on the inside:'since the beginning of X factor me and louis have always said we wanted to live together' was an actual thing that came out of harry's mouth and he said it with such innocence as if it was natural and there was nothing to be ashamed of for wanting to move in with a random boy he just met which means there was a large enough connection the minute they said 'hello' for the feeling to be mutual
  • me on the outside:*tear runs down cheek* he was just sixteen how do you think i'm doing
  • person:
God only knows how scared I am. To reach that point again, where nothing matters anymore. The point where the unhappiness I feel poisons each detail inside me. Wrecks all feelings and leaves me completely reckless. The point where it empties me and turns me cold.

I was unmoved by the sky. someone somewhere said my name but my heart did not recognize it. i stared out the window looking for something to come back. my brother made a joke about me not having what it takes to be a mother. i’ve forgotten every name intended for the children i might never have. i dreamed something terrible and told no one. a man on the street asked me for help and i did nothing. i did nothing. yesterday, i went home and wrote about a ghost. there’s one in my driveway. i miss that old minivan we used to have. i don’t call the people i want to talk to even though i know they’ll pick up. something inside of me does not want to be touched. i have a feeling that this place won’t be mine anymore. it’s been brought up at dinner more than once. i can’t forgive myself for my latest mistake. love is just a word to me now. when i can’t fall asleep at night, i practice saying it out loud. it doesn’t feel right on my tongue.  i used to think it was something i’d be good at, but i don’t even look for it in my own poems anymore. i think it must have went out the back door when i wasn’t paying attention. i hope it finds someone who remembers to leave the lights on. 

She had picked up the amulet to drop it into the little space when a thread tugged inside her- no, not a thread, but… a wind, as if some force barreled from Rowan into her, as if their bond were a living thing, and she could feel what it was to be him-
—  Earlier I dismissed this as the carranam bond between Aelin and Rowan but after Acomaf nothing can stop me from believing this is the mating bond snapping into place for Aelin


I’m sorry I haven’t called. I’m sorry I haven’t texted. I know my promises don’t mean a thing. But did you really mean those words? Am I really a piece of shit to you? Am I a fucking liar still? I don’t know the exact workings in your head, it’s hard to read you. I’ve always been good at that. I could write libraries about people, but about you– I saw nothing but pain. It’s something, something in our bones, that emptiness we feel inside of our ribcages– you know, I think you felt it too. Somewhere between the arguing– I lost me and you lost you.

–another apology

The way someone can get me so nervous scares me, but the funny thing is you know nothing that’s going on inside my head. It’s like I know everything I want to say to you but all the words get tangled up and come out wrong. Have you ever realized that you could say the simplest of things and it would make my day go from being original to amazing in just a few words. But the worst thing is that all these little things I feel inside could never be said to you, because on top of it all, you are my biggest fear. I’m scared that if I tell you everything things will change, and will never be the same. So keeping it bottled up is the only way of not getting hurt.

I’m the type of person who acts responsible, cusses, says mean things about people, cannot stand somethings, and acts like nothing bothers me. When inside I just want someone who will listen to my late night thoughts, deal with me when I’m in a bad mood or I hurt, hold me when I feel stressed, and let me be who i truly want to be. The girl who still sleeps with teddy bears, who gets weird when she’s tired, wants to share her knowledge with our future generations, wants to be at home a lot or suddenly go on adventures, and wants to be the best that she can be. I just want to be me and not be judged.

A - Z sentence starters

“A day without kissing you isn’t a day worth living”
“Bed? Yours or mine?”
“Can I get that in writing?”
“Do you ever just feel completely empty inside?”
“Ever imagined what it’d be like to fly?”
“Forget I said anything”
“Generally second dates aren’t my thing”
“How am I meant to carry on?”
“I need air”
“Just once I need you to listen to me”
“Kiss me”
“Love is a risk”
“Many people have told me that”
“Nothing will ever change my mind on this”
“Of course you did”
“Perfect, that’s perfect”
“Questions require answers”
“Rice is an important meal”
“Sorry I didn’t see you there!”
“Time to go”
“Umbrellas are overrated”
“Violence isn’t the answer”
“When did that become important to you?”
“X-rays don’t lie”
“You’re the most important person in my life”
“Zoos are fun, we should go”

Dear taylorswift , Hey I know the odds of you seeing this is slim but I just need to tell you something. About a month ago my dad was diagnosed with stage four liver and colon cancer and it truly devastated my entire family. We’ve had small health concerns before, like I’ve had surgery a few times and stuff but nothing has ever been this serious. It kills me seeing him in so much pain every day, especially because of all the chemo he is going through. Seeing the news about your mom made me feel even more sad inside. However, with your tour and just seeing you smile every day, I have been able to remain happy and optimistic. Listening to your songs every day and just seeing your smiling face makes me the happiest I can ever be. I just want to thank you for that and thank you for giving both me and my dad joy during this hard time. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve listened to your songs together and just shared so many great memories because of you. We went to MetLife together and, besides being thrown up on by a woman behind me, we had the best time of our lives, especially when you sang you belong with me. My dad told me that is his favorite song by you :) We will never forget being able to shake it off with you. I love you more than words can describe
-Tara ( 1989andswift )

Asexuality and Polyamory: My Life is Not a Contradiction

“The fact that I am asexual and polyamorous sometimes feels like a contradiction inside of me. I know there is nothing contradictory about these coexistent identities, and it is not even other polyamorous people’s judgment that I fear. It’s the judgment of people who are skeptical of polyamory.

Some pictures of my partners and me recently went viral on a social media site. Most of the comments were supportive, but too many immediately sexualized our relationship. Not only did it bother me to see people discussing my sex life, but I also feared that, if they knew that sex was not a part of my relationship, many would see my relationship as less valid.

Polyamory is already seen by many as a less valid relationship style, or “doomed to fail.” That’s a lot of weight placed on relationships like ours already. If we have problems, which arise in any relationship, there are people who will say it is because we are polyamorous, not because we are human beings with emotions like everyone else.

On top of this, my relationship with my partners is non-sexual. Many asexual people face the stigma that their relationships are not really relationships because they are not sexual. Meanwhile, polyamorous relationships are often over-sexualized, with some people assuming that polyamory is all about having sex with more than one person. At this intersection of assumptions about asexuality and polyamory, I fear both strangers and loved ones viewing my relationship as something less than real.”

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[Headline image: The photograph features three people sitting on a couch together. The person on the left has blond hair in a pony tail and is wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt. The person in the center has long brown hair and is wearing a dark tank top and a plaid hat with a brim. The person on the right has short brown hair and is wearing a red tank top. They all appear from the back. The people on the right and left are holding hands behind the couch. The person in the middle has an arm around the person on the right.]

Everything’s not okay. Everything’s falling apart. Everything’s not the same anymore. Everything inside me hurts. And to be honest i don’t know what to feel anymore. I want to be numb. I want to feel nothing. I want to be okay.