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Hi ! Who are your favorite pre-ASOIAF characters ?


And man, that’s such a tough question because I feel like the majority of my heart lies in things that happened before the opening of the series, so there are so many! I’ll try to break it down by house/region though:

Dorne/House Martell:

I am in LOVE with Queen Nymeria of the Rhoynar and I really think there should be a book/film/series all about her everything, because she was so amazingly dope in everything she did. The story of the crossing of the narrow sea is probably my favorite tale of the asoiaf history. 

I also think there should be more about the Princess of Dorne (mother of Doran, Elia, and Oberyn) because my headcannon just calls for her to be such a boss ass lady, and I’m still forever bitter that grrm couldn’t even give her a name! Like, he can name random shit like castle’s and plants and animals, but not the female ruler of a prominent region? He can name a million insignificant smallfolk, bannerman and baseborn Baratheon babies, but not a Princess of Dorne? Not saying those people don’t deserve names too, but ugh…

My sweet, sweet Elia too! I need more about her, seroiously crave it. All the little anecdotes that Oberyn would give about her just give my imagination so much amo as to what she was like as an adult, what her and Rhaegar’s relationship was truly like (I ship it so hard, I know I probably shouldn’t because he’s kind of trash, but I do), and how much of her tragic end was she able to foresee? Kills me.

The Westerlands/House Lannister:

Joanna, Joanna, Joanna. I just love the idea of this woman so much, especially the one my headcannon calls for. I refuse to believe that she was just some cute little demure housewife that would have been so sweet a presence in her children’s lives had she lived. She HAD to have been a match for Tywin in every way, and that’s the only way I’ll accept her tbh. I think she was just as intelligent and fierce and cunning as any true lion should be, but I also think that she understood the power in a woman’s wiles as well. I think back to a quote that Cersei made about her in ACOK when speaking to Sansa:

Tears,” she said scornfully to Sansa as the woman was led from the hall. “The woman’s weapon, my lady mother used to call them. The man’s weapon is a sword. And that tells us all you need to know, doesn’t it?

Her influence on her young daughter had a lasting effect, and I think it’s safe to say that, in Cersei connecting this thought to her mother and not to Tywin, that there were many more things that Joanna did to shape her way of thinking as well. I view her as a more refined Cersei in a way, one with a more stable partner and stable position in general, so all of the paranoia and anger that plagues her daughter was absent in her. I also think, given the earlier time period and position as the daughter of a second (fourth really) son, allowed her to be more comfortable in her life as a woman, as someone’s wife much more than the child of the most powerful man in the seven kingdoms would be. I actually think that they would have had a very clashing relationship had Joanna lived, but that’s something else entirely…

In other Lannister news, I absolutely adore Gerion too! He just seemed so fun and easy-going and fierce and adventurous. He probably was super hot too, so there’s that. I kind of wish that he’s not actually dead, but just lost at sea, soon to return and save his house from the ruin that’s so inevitable at this point lol

Also, a special shoutout to Rhoanne Webber (I know she’s native to the Reach but still), because obvious reasons. Also, she’s probably the reason House Lannister is full of hotties with gorgeous eyes, so thanks for that one Ro!

The Crownlands/House Targaryen:

There’s too many of these fools to count so I’ll try to narrow it down:

Fuckin’ Visenya Targaryen (sister-wife of Aegon I) man! I’ve just always felt so akin to her for so many reasons. Just like, warrior queen doin’ the damn thing with dragons and a bomb ass sword? Sign me up! Also, being low-key shafted in favor of Rhaenys hurts my heart too. (I unashamedly ship her and Aegon so hard though ugh, I like drama and tension, oh well…)

Daena Targaryen, because she was a boss in the face of that creep Baelor. She escaped the maidenvault three times and did all kinds of shit just to piss off her crazy, zealot husband, and I’m all here for that. Plus, she’s Daemon’s mom so without her there would be none of the Blackfyre drama that I live for so, so much.

Aemon the Dragonknight, because I’m a sucker for men that are constantly in their feelings (j/k, not really…). He’s also basically Jaime Lannister in a past life, and him and Naerys tear me apart, so there’s that.

This is going to sound so, so bad, and I don’t even think I’d say he’s a “favorite” but Aerys, especially pre-Duskendale Aerys, is SO FASCINATING to me. The idea of how his upbringing, parentage, and life situations shaped the madman he eventually became just interests me so much, especially his years with Steffon and Tywin. His relationship with Rhaella is also interesting, given the circumstance, and my heart bleeds for her so much because of it. Also, looking into young Aerys is just so parallel to who and what Dany is and who she’s becoming (in my opinion) it’s crazy!

Rhaegar is my problematic bae ugh…

Stormlands/House Baratheon:

STEFFON BARATHEON, KING OF MY HEART. It’s like, if Robert wasn’t an insufferable piece of shit, he’d be Steffon. Strong, and hot, and just pleasant as fuck to be around. He was like the glue that kept Aerys and Tywin from strangling each other at times, and it’s my own headcanon that Steffon was the only other person besides Joanna that could make Tywin laugh (I’m obsessed with that trifecta bro-ship if you couldn’t tell). I also really appreciate his loyalty to his cousin, and the realm in general. Also, him and Cassana were a love for the ages in my head; the one stable, non-drama couple in that quadrangle mess that was Rhaella/Aerys/Joanna/Tywin.

The North/House Stark:

I’m OBSESSED with Brandon Stark. Any time he’s mentioned, I go off, and it’s purely for aesthetic reasons, because the man was sex on legs, period. He probably would have been a really bad boyfriend/husband, but that doesn’t stop me from shipping him and Cat to the ends of the known world. His fuckall attitude for honor and duty when it came to his sister is such a special thing to me…I can’t with him honeslty lol

Lyanna is my second wife behind Cersei tbh. I can’t really go into everything because there’s so much, but she was just a dope ass bitch, and the thing I hate most about her story is that fandom tries to erase that a lot of times to make her this damsel in distress for Rhaegar and Robert’s fuck boy stories. I’m not about that: My Winter Princess was a reckless, horse-stealing, knight impersonating, sharp-tounged, bad bitch of the tenth degree with all the Wild Wolf’s Blood that Ned was sorely lacking. Don’t ever forget that kids.

Last, but not least (well, maybe least but still), The Iron Islands/House Greyjoy:

Kind of like Aerys, not really a “favorite” but Quellon Greyjoy also interests me very much. He wanted to stop with the reaving and get down with the reading and he just seemed so enlightened in comparison to his sons that it’s a shame he perished in the sea. Also, he came through big time with the ships for the Ninepenny Kings war, even when the rest of the realm was still apprehensive about trusting Iron Islanders, so that was pretty cool too.

Sorry for the novel, I just have a lot of feelings smh

I Gave You My Heart

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a9X8xp

by TheRedGlass

Steve and Tony almost had something. Almost. One Christmas later, Steve tries to explain.

Words: 863, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a9X8xp

I meander through this nocturnal puzzle box that is my mind as the reality starts to elude me, wandering around in this void that like an ink well spilled the darkness starts to blot out my very light. I feel you Nothingness, and there is no longer any resistance to your existence. I feel you on the edge of my soul, there gnawing at the puzzle box that I am, yet you have failed to discover the pattern, yet I fear you will discover it and I will be but a helpless verr to your very carnivorous nature. 

As every night washes the day from my life I am struck with the stark realization that not a soul has seemed to miss me, not a s i n g l e soul. Not one Master from the place that still in my very heart is home. It burns there as deeply as a brand. My soul is starved for the lagoon and all that it is to me. I feel as if I am drowning upon dry land. So utterly alone in this city of millions.

I feel the wraiths, more pin pricks at my very being, my essence threatened constantly by them, still I am steadfast in my resistance to the Captor. Seek he does to discover the pattern to my puzzle box, to my very feminine heart, yet riddle me this… if the collar is the solution to the great riddle of life, then please, I beg you, for a woman born to the solution why am I the one that is left with the riddles? I thought perhaps once I had the solution, the key stone with the very secret to my riddle, Love….

Love, is but an irony, a contradiction all on its own. Where I once thought I knew love, the world stopping all encompassing love, only to be left like sand in the wind… brushed off. Alone. Then it comes to pass another finds the skeleton key, and what of me now…. truly a humbling experience this all is. Serving night after night in a paga den as the Captor does his best to fuck the purity right out of me, to dismantle me into a rubbish pile that is left helpless and in need of him. But he is not the one I need, it is not his eyes I see when I close mine. 

Yet now, now I must face the reality and accept that as a moon as passed, I am now the Captor’s slave. He is My Master, just writing that leave a molded taste in my mouth, even the water turns to dust thing of it. The poison that leeches into my veins as that reality settles will be my undoing. 

I do know of a safe house, it was an apartment I visited once. The captor does not know I know of Ar. I know it like the back of my hand, if I can lure him in enough to forget to lock my ankle I can run…. I can run there and perhaps find the friend… he seemed to like me well enough…. perhaps then I can return…. but I pause…..do I want to?

For, why would I want to return somewhere that obviously I was so disposable that not even one small blurb has been heard about anyone looking. And I would know, slaves are often viewed as tables, or other inanimate objects that the free speak openly around them…we know everything. 

My heart breaks, I fight off the Nothingness… perhaps it is time to let it consume me and let the shadow fall upon my time in the sun, upon my time where I felt truly alive…..

To Be Continued…