We're a secret ... ?

so this was an idea of mine for the next part of we are a secret , tell me what you think about it cause I personally think its very funny xD , I’m not sure if I should use it xD

You sat in your office. It was the first day at work since you came back from Greece. You hoped it would do your career a little good and maybe you’d get a better position. But there was nothing. Nothing in your career and nothing in your social status inside the office. You were still stuck with Jill who always thought she was better than you just because her man worked for an important news paper. If you had to describe her, you wouldn’t. It would do both of you no good if you’d play mean girl. She still had something that made you want to punch her. She always made bad jokes usually about you. Her two colleagues, who thought they were more popular by hanging out with her, always laughed at you when she made a joke. They laugh but they keep quiet for the major time. Apart from them there are fortunately also normal people at your working place. People who care about their work and not their nails. It was relieving to know that there aren’t just assholes and idiots in the world. But sure, what would the world do without them ? It would get to boring to fast.

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I never got ‘stay strong’ in particular. Like, you’re not a house brick. Stay weird, stay fluid and stay bendy, it’s far less stressful. 


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