“The Avatar must be compassionate towards all people, and the only way to do that is to live with them. The Avatar must experience sadness, anger, joy, and happiness. By feeling all these emotions,  it helps you understand how precious human life is, so you will do anything to protect it.”

                                                                                                                 - Avatar Yangchen

Shit went down- Even and John Lenonns “imagine”

This was a really wild clip!
But let’s be honest, it was also the biggest gift to see Even and Isak singing on stage together!

Thanks to @skamfairy  and @grilledisak for helping me!! you are my heros! 

Here are my thoughts to this scene:

We saw a girl singing before Even, and it was pretty much in the background, still very noisy, people are chatting and not really listening to her.  

When Even goes on stage and the melody of “imagine” starts, everything gets calmer and not just Sana’s interest shifts onto stage, but everybody else’s - and I think, in this moment it isn’t just a POV thing, but reality.
What does this mean? My thought is that Julie wants us to see, that after all Even has been going through, he is in a situation where he is “heard” - people like him, he found new friends, people listen to him, he is seen, not just by his close friends but by everyone! And this is so important for Even! As I am pretty sure, due to his bipolar disorder and due to what we know about Bakka and what happened back then, Even must have felt misunderstood and NOT seen for who he is, very often in his life (and still does - sometimes).

So, why is he singing “Imagine”, one of the most peaceful songs ever?

Starting with the first sentences “imagine there’s no heaven” followed by “no hell below us” and “Imagine all the people living for today…”
The “hell” reminds me of what Yousef told Sana, that Even wrote some stuff on a fb page about “people going to hell” when they are gay… and it’s the moment when he looks up to Isak, like to assure himself, that he is not going to hell just because he loves this gorgeous boy and Isak is nodding, agreeing! It’s good! After all it’s good for Even…

Then there is coming the lyrics “living for today”, that does remind me about the “minute for minute” theme. Also, living in the now- don’t look back! The Evak theme!

But now it gets intense; The “balloon squad” comes in, and Even sees them.

 He struggles with the lyrics and it’s Isak who immediately jumps up and helps him (I could write 2 pages just about this but I keep it short for now). Isak is there when Even struggles and Isak catches up at the parts “Nothing to kill or die for- And no religion too”. 

Nothing to kill or die for - Even tried to kill himself after the Bakka incident, and this is the moment when Even sees the balloon squad entering! Coincidence? I don’t think so… but now there is Isak. Isak, who stands next to Even and helps him at this moment - but also Isak, who helped Even the last time he wanted to die (S3- O Helga natt). So Isak sings the first lyrics and Even follows him… and then the “magic” happens - it’s not just Isak who helps, it’s also the boy squad. We can see Magnus (Magnus, whose mother is also bipolar) initiating the whole boy squad singing the chorus loud. And not just the boy squad - everybody in the room does! We see all the people smiling, singing, hugging, kissing- everything is so peaceful!

So this song is such an “Even” song- and all we learned about him so far is, that he is a really peaceful character. When he was talking to Sana about his past, you could see how scared and hurt he was, but even then, he asked about the boys, his former friends, he still cares for them. His face softens, his body is relaxing. Even is a peaceful and caring person. This song IS Even.

But of course, that’s not everything- I think it is also “foreshadowing”- there is tension, there are struggles! We learn this right after the “Imagine" scene- when there is a fight between the boy squad and the balloon squad (it’s not a coincidence that we don’t see Even fighting- he is the peaceful person, remember). But I am pretty sure it was about Even (The boys and Isak aren’t that kind of guys who fight for themselves but for their friends- in this case Even!). We see “shit goes down” right after everything was so good and peaceful.

But, I also think, it’s Evens peaceful heart (and Sanas) that will bring everything into place- this song is a message to the fans, that even when shit goes down, it will be good in the end! It will be good for Even but it also will be good for Sana and everybody else who struggles this season! I still believe that Even is Sanas mirror (I made a huge post about this with @skamfairy here) - and that whatever closure we will get, it will connect the both of them. Sana is the person that this songs fits at well as Even.

when you came to the end of this post and really read everything- i am impressed! sorry for making it sooolong!! love ya’ll! and peace!

  • Harry: Did you eat the last biscuit?
  • Draco: What do you mean?
  • Harry: I mean there's an empty box of biscuits in the cupboard. Why would you put the box back when it's empty? That's just mean!
  • Draco: We both know it's a cruel world.
  • Harry: Ugh, Draco! You know these are my favourite!
  • Draco: Is it too late now to say I'm kinda sorry?
  • Harry:
  • Harry: Are you quoting Justin Bieber to me? Incorrectly?

scarletbloodmoon  asked:

Your art is really amazing and i cant draw a sans or a papyrus, only human ;~; but i know ill get better as long as i practice because you inspire me to try!, and if you have time, can you make a cat version of Gaster! Sans? *puppy eye no jutsu* 0^0

awwwww thank you! i also have some problem drawing papyrus and gaster , but like you said ,practice can get better , so let us keep going on my friend!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

and i do have some doodle of kitty g!sans that.. i drew when during a school test long time ago hehe _(┐「ε:)_

dont worry…i’ll redraw it someday ouo;

fluffytale : me

davekat au: dave is a college radio host guy, Karkat keeps on calling in to complain about the music choices and jokes

Karkat would never admit it but he loves hearing daves voice, doing chores to it, even falling asleep to it. he warms up to the hipster music. Dave would never admit it but hed be so bored without Karkat. and honestly, Karkat is probably the only person who regularly tunes in? Dave tries looking for the most atrociously hipster songs to make him call in, plays some of his own rapping despite its mediocrity

anonymous asked:

The "I've got you buddy" scene reminded me SO much of the Wonder Woman scene where Diana and Steve are fighting alongside one another and they both share fond looks and stuff in the midst of battle which is basically the moment you can really pinpoint their relationship taking a romantic turn. I'd love to think that's what the "I've got you buddy" scene was for klance...

shhhh i already knew about this bc of aleu and their posts (x) (x) but i just watched wonder woman myself for the first time a day or two ago and lemme tell you……. klance is all i could think about when i got to that scene because they really are so similar like. not even similar. pretty much exactly the same………

jungkookie doesn’t hover...

following all the thirst posts, i thought it was about time i made a jeonlous/hoverer!jungkook post; 

that’s NOT jungkook hovering over seokjin and jimin. no. 

care to guess whose hand that is behind jimin?

is anyone surprised that it’s jungkook? probably not. but can i pls also gush about jaebum and jimin together in one photo, interacting…sdkfsfk

look at jungkook staring at yoongi lifting up jimin all happily. just like namjoon and seokjin, look at him cheer them on. he looks super pleased. that frozen smile he gets on his face cracks me up every time.

(x) listen, the camera noona was gushing over jimin’s abs after that legendary MAMA performance. i feel you girl. jungkookie is NOT jealous. hell no. 

why is he always around whenever jimin and hoseok flirt? i have no idea but his expressions are the best, honestly. 

do i need to remind everyone of this glorious moment? 

ok, so he’s stopping our hobi, i WONDER what he’s gonna do next? 

jimin: *aegyo* “give me~” 

jungkook: *cant resist* *feeds jimin himself*

(x) look at this smug BABY BUN. im in tears. 

jimin and hoseok exercising, care to guess who’s watching them through the mirror in front of them? 

jungkook: not amused. 

aww…namjoon and jimin walking together, isn’t that sweet?

jungkook: no.

(x) look at this guy, he literally wedged himself between namjoon and jimin. calm down, bro. 

aww, joonie finds jiminie adorable…

jungkook: no.

rhaegal: so apparently imma have a new dragon rider a la ‘aegon’ snow-

ghost: now you look here you little biotch