Gina looks down at Ozzie’s fish, which has gone belly up. “Oh my god. Abraham? Come on, Abraham?” She sets the fishbowl down at the table and starts batting at it. “Abraham, wake up, you stupid fish! We need to help him; we—” she panics and turns to the group, “Somebody call the vet!”
“Gina, it’s dead,” Margaret says soothingly.
“What? No!”
“It’s dead.”
“That’s impossible, he was—” she gestures, “How could he just die? He was alive!” Gina sinks down in front of the fishbowl, her face contorted with grief.
“It’s okay, Gina,” Father Doug says.
”…He’s dead.”
Other Starcrossed members remain silent, the weight of the past few days sinking in on them.
Father Doug pats Gina on the back. “It’s okay,” he repeats, and she takes in a ragged breath.

People of Earth 2x06, “Aftermath”

  • Suzaku: So where's Lelouch?
  • Suzaku: ???
  • Shirely: ...
  • Suzaku: *huge sigh* Well, thank goodness. If you've stopped caring, then Lelouch and I can come out.
  • Shirley: Come...out? Why the hell are you asking ME where Lelouch is if you already know?!
  • Suzaku: I meant that we could come out of the closet.
  • Suzaku: I'm about 100% certain that he's not in the closet to hide from you.
  • Shirley: I'm gonna find out! *marches over to Student Council closet* Lelou, you can come out now!
  • Suzaku: Uh, Shirley...
  • Shirley: *yanks open door* LELOU-- huh? Suzaku, he already came out.
  • Suzaku: Not that one. It's a metaphorical closet. It means Lelouch and I are gay.
  • Shirley: G...ay...?
  • Suzaku: Yeah... We didn't want to tell you in case you got upset, but if you don't care anymore...
  • Shirley: I totally want you two to be happy!
  • Suzaku: Wow, Shirley, you're taking this much better than we'd thought you would. Thanks a bunch.
  • Shirley: Sure, Suzaku! You must think I'm heartless. Say, what kinds of things do you and Lelou do when you're gay anyway?
  • Suzaku: You know, I think I'm gonna let Lelouch handle that one.
  • -+-
  • -+-
  • Lelouch: Suzaku. At a time of my choosing, I'm not going to talk to you for 47.25 minutes. Because that's how long I had to endure Shirley going into hysterics.
  • Suzaku: About what? She took it so well the other day!
  • Lelouch: I had to clarify. She thought you meant that you and I were happy together.
  • Suzaku: But we ARE happy together.
  • Lelouch: ...While I love you dearly, you can be SUCH an idiot. Between you and Shirley, no wonder the message didn't get across.
  • -+-
  • Milly: Where are Lelouch and Suzaku?

@dirkjohnweek Day One

Favourite Canon Moment

I had so many to choose from here! It was really difficult to make up my mind so I’m going to share a few.

~ A romantic bath-time for two, courtesy of Miss R Lalonde. ~

~Rose interrupting some outside-the-bedroom bedroom time~

~Who could forget the good ol’ Skaia Crew?~

~And what about the time John and Dirk had a sweet movie night with Jade?~

Okay, so, maybe there is only one real option here.

Obviously, it’s


Team Sarumi: Episode 12 Edition


anonymous asked:

Reaction for them having a one night stand with their crush, but they don't react to badly to it ~ Thanks 💜 Fighting

Sorry this took so long to get to! I feel like they’d all want something more, but unless you were friends and that one night stand ended the friendship, I don’t think they’d really react badly, per se. So, that being said, I hope you enjoy~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would want for it to be so much more than a one night stand, but he would also understand if you didn’t feel the same way. But, rather than just wondering about how you felt about him, he decided he’d finally talk to you about it; he’d tell you that he had a crush on you, and he had for a while, and if you didn’t feel the same way about him then that was fine, but he felt that you should at least know how he felt about you.

If a one night stand was all Yoongi was going to get, then he was fine with it. Well, not entirely fine, but he would take what he could get. He knew you just viewed it as a one night stand, and though he might mention doing it again, he wouldn’t outright ask, waiting for you to ask him. Still, from then on, the thought of that night would help him a hell of a lot more than any of the porn that Namjoon had downloaded onto the computers in the studios.

Hoseok would want to talk about the night as often as he could; if you didn’t want to talk about it, he wouldn’t, but otherwise he’d bring it up whenever he could, not forcing it into conversations but taking every chance he got to talk about it. He wasn’t doing it to hint that he wanted to do it again - he’d say that outright if you asked - it was just that talking about it with you brought all of the feelings back, giving him that same rush over and over again.

Namjoon wasn’t going to tell you about his crush; if he ruined what you’d had - and the friendly relationship you still had - he’d never forgive himself. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to tell you that he was fine only having sex with you that one time; he would “hint” at the fact that he thought it should happen more often. If you were adamant about it just being a one night stand, he’d back off, but otherwise he was going to do his best to make sure it happened again.

Jimin was happy that the one night stand had happened, even though he wanted more. He had to be happy with what he could get. Plus, there was always the chance that it could happen again. He wouldn’t mention it to you, though, as he didn’t want to risk making you feel obligated to do it again; he wanted it to be your decision, as that meant there was a possibility that you liked him just as much as he liked you. If it did happen again, that was when he’d tell you about his crush.

Taehyung thought that he’d be really upset after the one night stand, but he found that he was still happy when the two of you returned to just being friends/acquaintances. He was just glad that he’d managed to get closer to you, even if it only happened once. And he would tell you that; he wouldn’t explicitly state that he had a crush on you, but it wasn’t as if he was trying to hide it anymore either, but he’d make sure to tell you he didn’t expect anything if you found out about it.

Jungkook wasn’t going to tell you about his crush on you, nor was he going to hint that he wanted it to happen again; he would love for it to happen again, but he certainly wasn’t going to say that. He wanted you to want it, and his goal from then on was to try to make you want it; he’d ask you what you thought of him naked - “so that I know what workouts I should focus on more” - and what you thought he did best - “I just want to know what my moves are, you know?” - anything to make sure you kept thinking about it as much as he did.

roverof4lands  asked:

Prompt: 'Jelous Erétria' (She is a person who gets angry easily, so I need to see this. I think you can work out something from there. And don't feel pressured by this block, it will pass. ^^

first, so sorry this took so long i had a billion ideas for this prompt and didn’t know how i wanted to go about it. second, thank you, i hope it will pass too! here’s the story, enjoy!

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This is the first things I’ve been able to finish since the season 3b final. I think that sums up how I feel about it. Hoping now my block has been broken I can write more. 

I know it’s OQ week, so this might get buried, but I’m posting it anyway. 

Robin has not been able to stop thinking about her and it’s making him drown in guilt. 


These days Robin couldn’t remember what it was like to walk around without a heavy burden of guilt everywhere he went. It was unrelenting and tiresome… but there it was.

Because he knew in his heart of hearts how he was supposed to feel.

His wife, the woman he loved, cherished and downright adored had returned to him. She was- in nearly every sense of the term- back from the dead.

He was supposed to be happy. His heart so bursting with joy that he could barely contain it. He was supposed to be so overcome by his re-freshened love for her that he never wanted her to leave his sight.

He was, for Roland, thrilled that his son now had an opportunity to know his mother, beyond tales he would share.

But aside from that, all he felt was his heavy guilt.

Because at night when it was his wife by his side, it was Regina on his mind. In the day when they would stroll leisurely through town, it was Regina he was keeping an eye out for- hoping for a glimpse of her dark hair and petite stature. When it was his wife kissing him on the cheek, it was Regina lips he was picturing- and not just on his cheek- but on his lips- full and soft and full of passion.

The woman had not left his mind once and with that came the unrelenting guilt.


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