*pats chair next to me* please, sit, I have a very serious and important question for you
*rests chin on folded hands**stares intensly*
*whispers*what kind of ice cream would McCree and Hanzo eat


character study: im jaebum (insp

     Wrath is not a sin that Vladimir’s familiar with. In all the static of his emotions, it’s very likely he’s never felt it in his life — not genuinely, anyway. It’s near impossible to break through Vladimir’s unflappable demeanor, and if there’s anything he’s good at, it’s brushing people off when they seek to spite him. 

     Should anyone manage to push the reaper to anger, they’d find that it’s very quick. He snaps, then retreats, and the entire affair is over with his hands around his victim’s neck or his own presence removed from the situation. (He doesn’t ever drain anyone out of rage. The connection between his bloodlust and his spite is nonexistent, and in the event that he uses his magic on the other person, it’s isn’t to unleash wrath, but rather to permanently end a situation.) 

     He’d feel awful after the fact. Heightened emotions take a lot of his energy, and anger even more so, which is why his thoughts during a furious bout would be get away get away get away get away—- 

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I just wanna say thank you for talking in your tags! I somehow got lucky enough to follow a lot of the ppl who do make funny or silly comments in their tags! I enjoy it and love seeing others do it! 👍

Sometimes I forget there are people who actually reads my tags then I get all anxious at the thought of people judging me on how obsessed I am with Eliza in my tags, but then I remember people like you exist so thanks to you too haha <3


I will be looking at this and only this for the remainder of the day/my life.