Anonymous Said: I dare you to make a gifset of all the times Laura cried on screen :)

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite people to the prayer circle where we pray that s3 leTS LAURA HOLLIS BE HAPPY

Agreste Mansion's Garage

I’m not aware that anyone has noticed, or pointed this out yet, but the Agreste’s do in fact have a garage attached to their house.

It is at the ground level, bottom right, under the dining room windows.

Here we seen a small corner from behind the wall.

In a quick screenshot of Bubbler, the garage door is more visible from within the courtyard.

 Even though it is almost unnoticeable, and not in a place typically expected, it makes sense for them to have one. It is only large enough for a single vehicle, and must be the place where their private car is kept when the Gorilla isn’t driving it.


To anyone who’d like to understand a little bit more about Mads’ character, Kaecilius, and how the magic works in the movie, here’s a good video to explain it.

Also the narrator is awesome. XD

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Ok so I feel like the biggest virgin ever. I'm 20 and I've never once kissed, held hands with, or (obvs.) had sex with anyone ever. I feel like such a loser. Like I've never even felt the touch of a man. I really want to know what it'd be like to have a S/O cause I've been alone all my life. I'm the ugliest female in the universe so that doesn't much either. :/ (sorry to rant, you're bout the only person I trust)

Hey man, no one’s worth is based on how many romantic/sexual interactions they’ve had with another human. It’s okay to want these things, but they’re not necessary in making you a good, valuable, worthwhile person. They don’t determine who you are or anything about you. 

Despite my love for virgin crap, I really do believe virginity is a made-up construct that we create to place a value on sexual activity (a value that’s used to demean women and laud men, btw!!), when really, it has no greater meaning than if you’ve, like, ridden a roller coaster or not.

That doesn’t mean your feelings of loneliness are invalid, or in anyway lesser. I just hope you can try and reframe your way of thinking so you can recognize these feelings aren’t steeped in any reality–just the one you’ve constructed for yourself.

Along with that, “ugliness,” too, is no indicator of your value. You have so many qualities that make you important outside of your looks. Beauty is a prison that we contain ourselves too that we don’t need to. It’s no woman’s obligation to be “beautiful” or even “not ugly.”

Furthermore, there are so many “ugly” people out there with partners and healthy, happy sex lives–a lot of this comes from confidence. Easier said than, done, I know. But hey, it’s worth it. I can tell you from experience–as a fat woman who used to HATE her body, I love it now. It took a few years of dedicated work to get to this point though–and even now, I still have bad days (working on none, though!).

You’re an important and worthy human regardless of who has or hasn’t touched you, or how “attractive” you are, and you deserve to love and be loved just as everyone else does. <3

Growing up with acne like
  • Someone who has never had acne:You know, I read that if you cut out sugar and coffee and pizza from your diet and stop being stressed out all the time and wash your face, you can actually clear up your skin! :)
  • Me:I hear that if you stay in your lane you can clear up your chance of me punching you in the face. :))))))))

is anyone else having problems with themes looking like a mess? a few blogs i follow (and my own) are like that to me but others (like disneydailly) are normal, and no one is talking about it so i don’t know… i remember we had something with themes going crazy a few weeks ago but i wasn’t home and i never saw that (i only saw the posts about it afterwards). i know the problem got fixed the last time tho, so should i just wait? do i do something?

I was always told to never use second person to write. Jokes on you teachers, I use second person daily. And I think it’s turned out alright.

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Sorry this is so late!😅😅

Show your own personal aesthetic!
Rules: Only use photos that you have taken yourself / made yourself / that you legally own - no google images! Do not use other people’s pics without their permission. Tag other people if you want to. A description is always nice!

So, I love the colour pink, though I actually don’t own much of it. I tend to wear cooler colours. I love flower patterns.

Got a few of those in my closest! My glasses have been a part of my appearance since I was thirteen (and look! Flower case!) I love to read (rereading one of my favourite books on my kindle) I like sweets, glitter and tea and as you all know, I’m an artist😁😁

Steven universe is my favourite cartoon and I’m obsessed with making ATCs. I’m also from the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean (sweet sweet T&T!). I haven’t met another artist from the Caribbean (as far as I know) that would be really cool!

I’ll tag @bella-aubrie , @nina-rosa-draw , @teacupduck , @shinea1204 , @homage2art and @kira-97

Do it if you want to of course! ☺️☺️

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Where is bucky barnes in the new marvel logo?!??!?

Having watched it again, I’m pretty sure the only people in it, are people that are current avengers, which Bucky is not. And if they plan to add him to the team at a future date, putting him in the logo may be a spoiler. And they may not plan to make him an Avenger. But im p sure everyone in the logo are there bc they are Avengers.