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Can someone please prevent the 12 year old twins from SM! What a mess tbh them liking Eleanor pics, sometimes Larry, sometimes danielle....I'm just? I don't care if they know what's going on but this is so unnecessary! Louis, dan, please do something honestly!

If what two pre-teens are doing on social media is upsetting you so much, here’s a wild concept - stop following them on social media. You’re the one who is obsessing over what they’re liking on Instagram, and I hate to break it to you, sweets, but those likes are probably happening for people like you - people who are following their every move and getting worked up about it, either out of excitement for Elounor’s reunion, or out of distress. Calm down and leave them alone. Social media activity is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things and it’s constantly used to send a message (and often a bullshit message at that), so if it’s bothering you, step away from their accounts and devote your time and attention to something else. They are TWELVE YEARS OLD and I’m beyond tired of getting messages bitching about them.

No scratch that, the most upsetting thing is people are mostly out to invalidate the harm done by fetishization. From brushing off a prevalent issue as “just kids” to actually saying the words “fetishization hurts no one,” nobody seems to care AT ALL that they’re doing harm more than they care about their own self interests. Stop telling us we aren’t being hurt. We are.

This is the cruelest thing ever. Belittling Sakura as some love struck girl. “Having fun daydreaming about love” how could he say this. She saved his fucking life how many chapters ago?? And all she ever wanted was for him to be happy and stop feeling pain. I have tears in my eyes as I type this… I hate Sasuke he is horrible trash. I was never so disgusted with a fictional character till this chapter. Also I’m so offended by this fandom, no one is thinking about Sakuras feelings everyone is just talking about the ship wars.. Please just fucking stop for a moment and think about what Sakura just went through and how she will feel when she gets out of that HORRIFYING genjutsu. I find it incredibly rude an just fucked up to Sakuras character having her knocked out like this in an endless nightmare while Naruto goes and most likely will “save” Sasuke alone. What about Sakura? Can he really just leave her out of this…I seriously lost all faith in Kishimoto.