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I'm really torn about what to feel about this whole mess with how Rucas is developing. I agree 100% that they should get to develop at their pace which has always been slow and innocent. That's great. But I also don't think it's wrong of the fans to want a real payoff from all of this. I don't understand why there can't be some sort of medium. There has to be something that fits them that also better shows the new level they're on.

I think this was really well put anon. I feel like I’m going back and forth on this issue every day because of the very reasons you stated. It’s super important (as they established back in season two) for these things to happen at their pace and I think it’s great that Riley and Lucas are comfortable and confident enough in themselves to do that now, but it’s not irrational to want a little more at the same time. I think there probably could be more of a compromise between the two rationales, and for a lot of fans, it’s a definite shame that we aren’t getting that, but it appears that that’s not a part of the story that they’re interested in telling right now. In the meantime, we get to be satisfied with the fact that Rucas is canon, and we’re getting some great little hints as to what’s going on off camera that we can build headcanons and their world with.

So I have several posts by princess-of-positivity and I reblogged their posts in the past because they promote positivity and acceptance and all the while they are pastel and therefore match the aesthetic of my blog.
But apparently they have joined the anti-cgl bandwagon, specifically the group that hates even non-sexual littles who only regress and are not kinky because they stereotype all littles under some description that has nothing to do with cg/l that was created by someone who blindly started hating cgl without actually knowing what it is.
So princess-of-positivity, a blogger who promotes listening, learning, and being respectful of other people and aspects of their lives, now is against a whole, vast group of people and is indiscriminately blocking them based on an incorrect stereotype.
I’ve never been more shocked in my life. I guess mass hysteria and stereotyping are more powerful than I thought.

Unfortunately I can’t unlike those posts now, as that’s a result of blocking, so there’s now a shit ton of posts cluttering my likebox (or whatever it’s called) and it’s making it hard to reblog stuff because it takes so long to scroll past those posts.

The level of nastiness that can be reached is truly saddening. 

I am honestly beyond disgusted - I am disappointed - in the rude, vulgar, ignorant, and hateful displays I’ve heard/seen second-hand on tumblr tonight. 

This is why I do not allow anons on my blog and why I refuse to engage with people who will not change their minds, are just out for hate/drama, or who are not mature enough to have an adult conversation. 

We are all human beings. Treat others as you want to be treated. 

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1. how tall are you?
5'6 so like 173?? ish idk?

2. what color and style is your hair?

rlly light brown, but bc I thought it would be cool to have blue ends in 6th grade the ends r blonde and dead :/ it like to my ribs and rlly wavy if I don’t straighten it??

3. what color are your eyes?


4. do you wear glasses?

ye, but I wear contacts

5. do you wear braces?

nah but I need them

6. what is your fashion style?

simple?? like I dont like patterns?? on the weekends I usually wear black shorts and like this grey shirt thing?? idk that’s like my most worn outfit ahsksk

7. any freckles/moles/beauty marks?

on my neck ye,

8. when were you born?

Jan. 14th 2001

9. how old are you?


10. where do you live?

Florida :///

11. do you have siblings?

ye 2 younger brothers and a lil sister

12. do you go to school?

yes sadly..

13. what kind of student are you?

lol I despise school, does that answer this question ajsksk??

14. what are your favorite tv shows?

criminal minds!!! but I like dramas the most

15. favorite pastime?

just chillin™

16. what is your dream job?
idk rn?? I just wanna chill

17. would you like to get married one day? if so, when where?

yes!! idk but I want subway to cater it ajska

18. would you like kids one day?
yeah but with my luck theyll b 10 pounds like I was ajksskla

19. girly girl or tomboy?
neither I just like to chill

20. do you like shopping?

occasionally, unless I look gross like I do rn?

21. what countries have you visited so far?

n o n e.

22. what’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had?

I had a nightmare a few months ago tht drake shot up my school and I rode my scooter to get away ajsksks👀

23. do you have enemies?

nah I’m chill

24.do you have a s/o?

duh!!!!!!! jeno

25. if not, do you want one?

26. are you open about your feelings?

idk I think so?

27. what’s your family like?

nerds. Idk it’s awkward w/ my parents?? ish?? but I’m chill w/ my grandma and like rlly close w/ my cousin ajsk weve been bonded since birth

28. would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?

ofc I’m a #rebel

29. any pet peeves?

people who talk shit👀 hsm haters (al I’m talkin abt u)

30. do you believe in astrology?

yes bc taurus and capricorns r compatible akskskks

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  • Me:I don't really have the patience for dating sims.
  • Me two hours and 6+ save slots after that:WOO MIRACULOUS ADRIEN ENDING oh shoot it's 2am

I have a feeling this isn’t what you guys expected, but oh well. MOVING FULL STEAM AHEAD IN TOTAL SPECULATION LAND.

So this is just my thoughts on what the original paladins COULD have been like; I’m praying and hoping like crazy that we do get to meet them in the show rather than them just remaining shadow-less forms in the history of long ago. Like, I would sell my soul for that story arc.

But anyway, I’m straying!

  • The Red Paladin and the Blue Paladin are like Chat Noir and Ladybug; they are always partners throughout time and space, whether that partnership is romantic or platonic. They have a strong bond with each other despite their polar-opposite nature. The two paladins on Zarkon’s team were romantically involved in each other, which could be helpful to give Lance and Keith the little push they need to brave the waters of romance.
    • The original team was always making wise-cracks about it and teasing them, but they were genuinely happy for their friends.
  • The Red Paladin died first in my speculations: Keith is pretty much Shiro’s lieutenant and I could see the same applying for this group as well. He was the first to confront Zarkon after his betrayal against the advice of the others, and in the deadly battle that ensued, gave him the asymmetrical scar he now wields. Despite his greatest efforts, he was killed and the Blue Paladin prepared a tomb for him where his body was safe from the ravages of time (and where it could be a place for the next paladins to learn about what happened to them).
  • The Blue Paladin (honestly, I call her “Irissë” in my mind, after Tolkien’s Noldorian elf princess in the Silmarillion) has the powers of foresight and she could predict some future events; it was mostly speculation based on how fluid the future could be. But some events, events destined to happen no matter what, were solid and easy to predict for her as well. It varied. She had all the untouchable majesty of a virgin goddess and the cunning of a courtesan; she also had quite the sharp tongue as well. In my personal wonderings about what happen, I see her and Alfor being the last two survivors. She was the one who saw Zarkon’s corruption and begged him not to leave on a mission that would put him into contact with Haggar.
    • He told her it would be fine; he was the Black Paladin! No one could hurt him.
    • HA.
  • Alfor is the Yellow Paladin; the arguments have swayed me to believe he is a Paladin and his armor is like that of Hunk’s. He was the last survivor of the group after Zarkon whole-sale slaughtered them in his corruption; he held out the final defenses against Altea and was the one who hid the lions. He didn’t have enough time to properly hide the Red Lion, hence it’s discovery, and the Blue Paladin sent hers away to Earth before her death.
    • Because yes, I believe they are all dead. There’s no way Zarkon would leave them alive.
  • Anyway, he took the betrayal of Zarkon most personally as the heart of Voltron. He pled for Zarkon’s return to the light just before his death, but he just laughed him off before killing him. He refused to surrender the location of the castle or the lions.
  • The Green Paladin is pretty murky in my thoughts; I’m not entirely sure where they could fit in. If any of the paladins were to survive, I think it would be this one: I see them as being clever, sneaky and far too creative for their own good. So when the Red Paladin was killed and the Blue Paladin engaged Zarkon to give Alfor time to hide the lions, the Green Paladin hid their lion and then disappeared into a Dagobah-like world, where the forests (and their element) was the strongest. They laid low for years and years and years, maybe even going into a cryo-chamber if they couldn’t live as long as Zarkon could, and perhaps the new paladins will come across them in their journeys.

And these are just ideas! I’m drawing from common tropes and my own personal thoughts and wishes for these, so I eagerly await to see what the original paladins are really like and how they can interact with and relate to the new paladins!

  • Me:*literally just wakes up*
  • Me:*opens eyes*
  • Brain:As Will dove himself and Hannibal off into the icy Atlantic, Hannibal twisted his body just so, taking most of the impact. Even after Will supposedly tried to plummet them both to death, Hannibal had given the ultimate forgiveness and the ultimate love; "[No greater love hath man] than to lay down his life for a friend"
In Baekhyun’s case, his personality is very bright, it matches the character well. My daughter is a fan of EXO, so i have known about this. (laughs) I’ve watched EXO’s webdrama and asked Do Kyungsoo (whom he knew from “It’s Okay It’s Love”) about it and he said ‘he will suit (the character) well’. As his personal charm matches the character well, i think he will be able to show a good image. Honestly, it’s the same for IU and Baekhyun, i know the reason why they are able to be the best idols. Their ability to learn and digest (their character) and speed of growth is really fast. I think the audience will be able to look at Baekhyun as a new actor.