1D Preference: Baby it's cold outside
  • Niall: There was nothing better than snow days, except when you just happened to be snowed in with your boyfriend and he had no choice but to stay over. "Tea?" You ask, gesturing to the cup in your hand. "Sure, babe." Niall grins and makes his way over to you in the small kitchen of your flat. He looked so adorable in his pajamas and messy hair. Neither of you had even decided to get dressed for the day. "Mmmmm...I love lazy days," He mumbled as he wraps his arms around your waist and nuzzles your neck. It was nearly too cold to function, but with a fire in the fireplace, a mound of blankets, and warm drinks - you both might just survive. You lean against his chest as your pour the liquid into two cups. "Careful, its hot." You say as you hand him his cup. He takes a sip and sighs, "You and my mum are the only ones who get my tea right." He leans down to peck your nose. "What kind of cold, lazy day would it be if I didn't get your tea right?" You chuckle and pull him back toward the couch. "Come on, I've been out of the covers too long and my toes are starting to freeze." He just laughs in response as you pull him back to bed.
  • Harry: "Harry!" You shout as you push the curtains back. The entire street was blanketed in white fluffy snow. You rush for you coat and boots before realizing your boyfriend is still in bed, wrapped in the duvet. "Nope, nuh uh. I'm not going out in that." He shakes his head and pulls the blanket closer to his body. "Harrrry..." You whine and poke your bottom lip out. "Please?" He peaks his head out and frowns. How could he ever say no that face. "Fine," He mumbles as his resolve crumbles. It takes him too long to put on some warm clothes, but you don't try to rush him for fear of him changing his mind. After what feels like forever, you are finally outside. You giggle as Harry keeps his arms crossed across his body. "Lighten up, grouchy." You joke, pulling him out further into the snow. "But, baby, it's cold outside." He winks and wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close. In one swift motion he has your lips captured and you melt in his arms. "Mmmm..." He moans into your mouth and pulls you closer. "That's better."
  • Louis: You pull your duvet close to your body and scan through your phone. Louis was supposed to be home by now, but the snow had pushed his flight back and now you were stuck at home alone. You had planned out a nice evening for you two: made his favorite dinner and had a grand fire going in the fireplace. But now it seemed that you were going to be spending your night solo. Just as you were about to doze off you heard a knock at the door. With a groan, you pulled yourself out of bed to see who would be knocking at such an ungodly hour. Just as you reached the door you heard a voice outside. "Babe, it is so cold outside and I forgot my key. If you value my life please let me in," You flung the door open to find a snow covered Louis standing with his bags at his feet. "Louis!" You speak and throw your arms around his shoulder. He pulls you up so that he is fully carrying you. In one motion he kicks his bag inside and shuts the door. He doesn't set you down until he has carried you all the way to your bedroom. "Surprise." He mumbles into your neck as he drops you down on the bed. "I couldn't stand to be away from you so I pulled a few strings to get home early."
  • Liam: "Looks like your going to be stuck here for the night," Liam says as he plops down on the couch next to you. You groan and run your hands through your hair. "I promised my parents I'd be home tonight, my dad is going to flip," You sigh and lean back against the couch cushions. Liam's hand finds its way to your knee and gives a reassuring squeeze. "I doubt they'd want you out in that weather, love." He leaves over to give you a kiss before standing. "I'm going to find something for you to wear, you have a phone call to make." You groan again but pull your phone out and scroll to parents number. After a short conversation, they are all upset that you won't be making it home - but also reassure you that they are glad you aren't driving in the snow. You make a promise that you will be home next weekend, weather permitting of course. Once your goodbyes are said, you stand and make your way to Liam's bedroom. "These'll swallow you up, but its the best thing I have," He says as you walk in and tosses you a shirt and some gym shorts. "Is it selfish that I'm glad I get extra time with you?" He grins as you change. "Just a tad," you say with a giggle before joining him in bed.
  • Zayn: The only thing you are aware of is the fact that Zayn is no longer in bed with you. His side of the bed is still warm, but you miss the weight of him beside you as soon as you are awake. Without dragging yourself out of the covers, you peak around the room for any signs of him. Before you know it he is tip toeing back to the bed and crawling under the covers again. "Where did you go?" You mumble, not opening your eyes as he cuddles up next to you. "To see how much it snowed last night," He replies and tries to wrap his arms around you again. "Zayn," You squeak and wiggle away. "Your hands are so cold, go away." You whine in protest as he pulls you close. "I know, that's why I need you to warm them up," He's grinning. You can hear it in his voice. After a few moments of struggle, you manage to wiggle yourself away from him and pull yourself out of bed. "Where are you going?" He asks, sitting up to watch you walk out the door. "You made me cold, I need coffee." You shuffle out of the room. "Make me one!" He yells after you. You roll your eyes but grab two cups anyway. He'd owe you later.
Preference #122: Snow Day
  • Liam: You were suppose to be doing homework for the class that you had the next day, but you couldn't help but stop and watch the snow that was slowly falling outside your window. The news said that it was going to be a small storm, but from the looks of it, it looked like it was going to be much more. "It's beautiful out there isn't it?" Liam asked as he walked into the living room where you sat, with a cup of hot coco in his hands for you. "Yeah. I wonder how much we are going to get." "Hopefully enough for them to cancel class for you tomorrow." "That would be wonderful." Liam moved the books off of your lap and pull you over to sit on his instead. He placed your mug on the coffee table before he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you. You two must have gotten a little lost in the kiss because the only thing that brought you back to reality was your phone ringing. You instantly recognized the number as your school and once you picked up, it was a pre-recorded message telling you that all classes were canceled for tomorrow. Your face instantly lit up and Liam picked you up off of the couch. "Where are we going?" "To our room because now I won't feel so bad about keeping you up tonight."
  • Zayn: Your two children were so excited to hear that they had off from school that day and they quickly got dressed to go outside and play in the snow. You smiled as you watched from the kitchen as Zayn played with your two boys outside. They were tackling each other and laughing their heads off as if seeing their dad fall was the funniest thing that they have ever seen. Your boys had a blast sledding down the small hill that was in your backyard and snowman seemed to be all over by the time you called them in for lunch. As your little ones sat down at the table, they wouldn't stop talking about all the funny things that had happened while they were outside and Zayn smiled proudly at his boys as their eyes shined with excitement. You gave Zayn's cheek a kiss before sitting down next to him to continue to listen to your boy's stories.
  • Niall: "What are ya doin'?" Niall asked you as you stood with your face practically smooshed against his sliding glass door. "Just look at all the snow Niall!" "Haha I know. I can see it." He smile and wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. You turned around and looked up at him before asking, "Can we go play in it?" He smiled and nodded his head and you immediately took off to go get dressed in some warm clothing. Seeing Niall waddle around outside, all bundled up, had to be one of thee cutest things that you have ever seen. His nose and cheeks were bright red as he constantly tried to readjust his scarf to cover them. After spending a few hours outside, you and Niall had successfully built some sort of fortress out of snow and you managed to take an adorable photo of Niall poking his head out of the entrance. He quickly got out and attacked your face with kisses which made you laugh uncontrollably. Days like these, made Niall think about what it was going to be like once you and him had kids of your own to play with one day.
  • Louis: Last night, was the first big snow storm that your town has had in a long time. Once your son and daughter woke up to learn that they didn't have school that day, they were so excited as they learned that Louis would be taking them sledding instead. Your little family got all bundled up and headed over to the closest park to your house that had a HUGE hill. A few children and their parents were already there and your kids eagerly joined the other children. You struck up a conversation with your neighbor who happened to be there with her kids as well and you watched Louis take turns messing around with your kids. One of the best decisions that you ever made was the decision to start a family with Louis. It really made him one of the happiest guys that you have ever known and he loved spending every moment with those two kids. Just seeing the three of them rolling around in the snow made you realize how much you truly loved being a mother and a wife. Louis quickly made his way back up the hill towards you before he gave you a big kiss before he ran off to chase after your son.
  • Harry: Clearing the driveway and the sidewalk wasn't one of your favorite things to do when it snowed, but it was something that just needed to be done. So after breakfast, you and Harry got all layered up and ventured outside to get to work. As you started to shovel the sidewalk, you felt something hit your back and when you turned around to look at Harry, he was just standing there with a smile on his face. "Oh you are so on Styles!" You declared as you dropped your shovel and bent down to grab some snow yourself. Harry took off across the front yard but since the snow was so high, he didn't make it very far and he ended up falling down as he tried to avoid your snowball. You started to laugh so hard that you didn't even notice that Harry got back up and he threw another snowball back at you! The fight continued on for a bit more until you both were sitting on the ground, in hysterics. Afterwards, the shoveling was long forgotten and you were both back inside, under a nice warm blanket and some hot chocolate in your hands.