• Souda: "So Kamukura, do you have any hobbies?"
  • Izuru: "Nanami is my hobby."
  • Fuyuhiko: "A person can't be a hobby."
  • Izuru: "A hobby can be something that brings meaning and purpose to one's life. That's what Nanami does for me." "Though I suppose saying that she is my hobby wouldn't be correct. Being in her company is my hobby."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: "...." *didn't expect for him to get so deep all of a sudden*
  • Izuru: *wonders why they went quiet* "Was I not clear?"
  • Souda: *scratches cheek* "I-It's not that. It's just a little surprising to hear how much you care about Nanami."
  • Fuyuhiko: *rubs back of neck* "You hardly talk about her so we assumed that you didn't like her or something."
  • Izuru: "...."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: *assumes they made him upset* "Ah.."
  • Souda: "B-But we get now that you really like her!"
  • Fuyuhiko: "Yeah, we understand now."
  • Izuru: "I can see why Nanami values you two."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: "Huh?"
  • Izuru: "You have an interesting dynamic and make a unique pair."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: *embarrassed*
  • Fuyuhiko: "Geez Kamukura, you can't just say shit like that out of nowhere."
  • Souda: *teases him* "Kuzuryu, what you getting all shy for?"
  • Fuyuhiko: "Shut the fuck up or I'll kill you!"
  • Izuru: *wonders if he said something wrong*
  • Chiaki: *walks over to them* "Hey Kamukura-kun, what are you guys talking about?"
  • Izuru: "We were discussing hobbies. I told them that you were my hobby."
  • Chiaki: *laughs nervously* "I don't think I qualify as a hobby."
  • Izuru: "To me, you qualify as many things, Nanami."
  • Chiaki: *blushes slightly* "Oh..." *pulls her hood over her head*
  • Izuru: *wonders why she is hiding* "Is something wrong?"
  • Chiaki: "Nothing!" *runs away*
  • Izuru: *watches her go* "...."

Holy heck Pickle is already climbing onto my hand but is still so afraid of everything what is going on with this boy

Hamilton didn’t even willfully climb onto my hand until like two months ago

I am confused


Please imagine hugging Junkrat. Like we’ve all seen the photo of Reaper hugging him and he’s super happy but ima gine it. He’s super excited, probably doing his ridiculous giggling he does, letting himself feel this for a while before hugging back. Lets be real he’d lift you off the floor. He’d spin you around. If you backed off too soon for him he’ll grab your waist and hug you there which would probably keep your arms to your sides but he doesn’t care because you did it first, so you must care about him in some way right?? He’d probably hug you all the time after that, or at least wrapping an arm around you. He’d get protective because “ Listen mate this is my friend and I will blow you up if you make a wrong move on them. We HUGGED. We’re close. Move along, pally.”

vivelareinedelune  asked:

I have to be honest with you: i didn't care at all at dan stevens and actually did not like very much his casting for prince adam at first buuuuut girl are you making me change my mind and appreciate him and whatever the hell is happening to that stupid beautiful face of his! Good job, you lovely human <3

Well that’s the goal isn’t it?

I’m glad you’ve changed your mind about it/him! To be honest my initial reaction to him being cast was “who the fuck is this and why would they cast him?” I thought he’d be bland. Just “meh”. So my expectations were LOW, let me tell you. Low and behold, a year or two later, I find myself in the cinema with goosebumps up my arm as the intro starts to play. Two hours and nine minutes later I walk out of that cinema, my jaw nowhere to be seen, my mind going haywire.

That’s probably the reason why I’m so stunned by him. I expected nothing and he just blew it out of the water. To me, he stole the show.

Thank you so much for the kind words, sweetie! Never hesitate to hit me up in messages if you need to vent about this beautiful human being! <3

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I hate Hinata fans so much!They keep using the excuse that she's shy.Well guess what I'm shy too and in real life I also liked a boy that I didn't really interact that much with.But did I expect him to ever like me back?Of course not,I knew it was unrealistic and he didn't have reason to.Well what I'm trying to say is just because she is shy doesn't mean that her character is realistic or good.Frankly she kind of insults me with how unambitous she is,as if shy girls only care about love and boys

I actually disagree she’s shy. She blushes and stutters around the boy she’s infatuated with, even people who’re not shy act like that, they get nervous when they’re around the person they have a crush on. 

I suppose it’s “relatable” cos most people would act like that around that age when they’re hormonal and have huge crush on people for no reason. But it’s sooo mundanely “relatable”, you’re like why is it a big deal? Why should I care she blushes around naruto? I see people at my school blushes around boys all the time

Harry Styles surpassed any expectations I had for him in Dunkirk. You know when an actor is so good you forget about them as a person and you only see them as this character they’re playing? He disappeared into the role for me 🙌🏼
I am a hardcore Nolan-ist, the cinematography was gorgeous, the acting was spectacular, I was entertained. It was human. The opening scene is spectacular.

Yes, I am mad there wasn’t a kiss, but it makes sense in a way to me. What Stiles said- the precious memories he shared with Lydia- was far more important. He was about to be erased, and he wanted Lydia to remember him with memories they shared that he found important-the first things that came to mind when he realized what it meant for him not to exist anymore. Lydia being the first girl he danced with, him having a crush on her all of highschool, Lydia saving his life, Stiles saying he loves her- these are what Stiles wants Lydia to remember. He wants her to remember her impact on him and place in his heart, not his kiss. When he thinks about what it means to be erased- gone from the lives of the people he cares about the most- Stiles doesn’t think that something physical like a kiss is what should stay. He wants his love for Lydia to be permanent. When he is gone and no one remembers him, Lydia will feel Stiles’ love, and he will come back.

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So we really can't trust their rep anymore from now on? I think this is absolutely ridiculous, we've literally got proof of harry being in London today. I didn't care about narry not attending before this but now I'm just annoyed.

anon said:

I never expected Harry to be at the ball so I’m not upset but I’m completely baffled as to why the 1D reps are lying about him being in the US when they would have known he had been papped at Heathrow this morning. It’s so weird and shady

anon said:

everyone was fine (if a bit disappointed) with harry not going, but that rep statement just pissed everyone off, they could’ve not said anything and people wouldn’t be talking about it half as much as they are now, most people at least 50/50 on him going anyway


“they could’ve not said anything and people wouldn’t be talking about it half as much as they are now,” 

Yes, normally when you lie you don’t want people to know that you’re lying… But it wasn’t necessary for Harry to get papped at the airport. Really brings it home to everybody. Especially for an event where it was actually reasonable to expect Harry to show up, which he highlighted by wearing the BIM bracelet on stage along with Harry. Very interesting.

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Do you think when CC wrote the first books, she didn't think Malec would the most popular ship despite the little focus on them? I personally think Malec is interesting not only because they both are men, but because their story is compelling. How a centuries old warlock who initially didn't care much about shadowhunters met this beautiful, lonely shadowhunter and felt a connection with him. I'm so grateful we get to see how they fall in love in the show, because in the books it isn't explored.

Yeah, I don’t think she expected malec to become this popular. I agree with you, their love story is so beautiful and touching I’m glad we’re able to see it explored more in the show. :)