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Headcanon that MC likes photography as well and they love to go on walks with V and take pictures of nature

Yes please!
Love me some V! I can also kinda relate to this because nature is great aaand photography is great

This has been sitting for so long, i’m sorry.>-<

  • V and you take photos of eachother all the time, you’re both completly red because “no you’re the one who deserves to be captured in a picture not me!”
  • Your favorite flower is the blue ones and thats also what most of your pictures are (Wonder why)
  • When you can’t seem to find the right idea or just cant really get into it, V is right there with you helping you through your blocks, and takes silly pictures with you. Some of those silly pictures are displayed
  • Prior to dating (if dating) you two always took walks together and talked about everything between earth and sky, and photographed whatever came to mind.
  • V still has pictures of that, even his old grey days
  • most of your displays is of him in fields of flowers or in a tree.
  • Flowercrown selfies
Whom The Gods Favor (1/?)

I am in under the wire but proud to add this little offering for the Monster Hunter + Soulmate day of Fantasy Pretzel Week. I haven’t a clue if I will ever get more than this little bit down but @barpurplewrites encouraged me to go ahead and just write up what I could and I am glad she did because this was really fun and I really hope I get the chance to share the rest of the story with you guys. 

1.2k |  Rated: T | I’ll link archives if I ever finish it. 

Despite the wind and rain lashing the Irish countryside the small pub was warm, awash with light, laughter, and the smell of hearty food, it was quaint, too quaint, and as Emma Swan stood on the threshold she felt a warning run up her spine–not everyone here was human. She evaluated the room with the practiced ease of years dealing with the preternatural but there were no obvious signs of what she was up against, no dark spots, no color shifts, no shimmers indicating magic, no malicious, hungry eyes, staring back. A few patrons gave her a passing glance or a nod but none seemed to be overly interested in the soaking blonde in a red leather jacket and jeans. If she had been younger she might have ignored the warning but she had learned to trust her favor, had scars both physical and emotional to remind her that while the Gods were fickle their favors could always be relied upon, and so she kept her guard up–an easy task since she rarely let it down.

She strode to the bar and slid onto the stool. A short, bearded man approached her with a dour expression. Emma ordered a hot chocolate which earned her a huff. So much for the friendliness of the Irish. Not that Emma wanted to make friends, she was here on a job and once it was finished she would move on to the next one and the next. It was a good life, rewarding in its way as she used the favors the Gods had bestowed to help humans with their problems or with the more vile preternatural elements in the worlds. She wasn’t strictly a Hunter but had been known to kill or trap a monster when needed. She hoped, for Belle French’s sake, that there would be no creatures this time around.

When Belle had contacted her about her missing child Emma had wanted to refuse. When babies were taken they were rarely recoverable–eaten, used in spells, transformed, taken to another world, whatever it was the kid wasn’t coming back– and she told Belle to just accept her son was gone. But the woman was stubborn, full of a fire that Emma couldn’t help but admire, and not afraid to play dirty.  

“Don’t you wish your parents had tried to find you?” Belle had asked.

“How did you–?”

“I do my research. You were weeks old when they found you on the steps of the temple. You grew up in and out of foster homes, never knowing who your parents were or why you were left.”

“My parents abandoned me because I was Blessed,” Emma said darkly.

“Or you were stolen by a god and then blessed and your parents are still looking for you.” Belle shot back.

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I have a strong feeling that kxk break up news will come shortly before Egk-zo’s comeback.

Lgbtq+ people getting outed and kicked out is such an important, real-world issue. And yet they (SG) doesn’t properly explore it? What the actual fuck.  

Pocky Game

Pairing: Glaciershipping
Rating: PG

“I don’t see why biting both ends of a chocolate covered stick will strengthen our relationship.” Zane said rather bluntly, still not seeing the point in this Pocky Game. Cole really didn’t understand it either, but he thought since a ton of other couples did it, why can’t they? He shrugged it off, saying “let’s give it a try” and opened the box of chocolate sweets.

“Does it matter what end you want?” Cole asked, taking his eyes off of the pocky to look at Zane. Zane shook his head ‘no’ and Cole nodded back, holding the chocolate end of the stick between his teeth. Zane leaned in, biting onto the non-chocolate side. Cole held up three fingers, counting down. Once his fingers were down, they started to nibble towards the center.

Cole closed his eyes, his nerves pricking at him because he knew Zane’s eyes were open. It was a weird habit he had, and it would make Cole super nervous whenever they would kiss. Anyways, he continued to slowly nibble. He was just about to kiss Zane when the pocky stick snapped. “I won.” Zane stated happily after he finished eating the pocky.

Cole blushed, quickly taking another one out of the box. “Let’s do it again.” Cole said, a bit of determination in his voice. Zane looked at him confused, his head slightly tilting to the side.

“I thought doing it once would increase the level of our relationship? We must do it again?” Zane questioned, looking down at the stick. Cole didn’t answer and put the pocky stick in his mouth, pointing to it. Zane didn’t protest and he leaned in again, biting onto the other end. Cole started to bite it a little faster, Zane slowly following behind. Yet again, Zane bit off the longer piece of the stick and won.

Zane smiled once more at his victory, but his lips were quickly met with Cole’s pressing against his own. His eyes widened a little, taken back by the sudden actions. However, he soon relaxed into the kiss. He could feel Cole’s lips curl up into a smile. Cole pulled back after a few seconds, a sorta smug grin on his face.

“You may have won the game, but I think I got the best prize.” Cole folded his arms and let out a small chuckle. Zane blushed(even though he’s a robot)and touched his lips, Cole’s words and the kiss making him feel butterflies(not real ones). Cole noticed the light color on Zane’s cheeks, his smile softening as he placed his hand on his shoulder, “sorry for throwing you off guard buddy.”

“I-It is quite alright,” Zane quickly cleared his throat and pushed himself up, “affection is harmless.” Cole chuckled, taking out another pocky stick and sticking it in his mouth.

“How 'bout another round? I’m sure I could beat you this time.” Cole grinned, resting his hands in his lap. Zane felt his body increase in heat and he waved his hands.

“No, that is alright, uh,” Zane looked up at the clock on the wall and headed towards the kitchen, “the time for dinner is about to start, I need to begin cooking.” Cole nodded and winked to Zane as he walked out. As Cole ate the rest of the chocolate sweets, he decided that this game wasn’t such a bad idea.

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What video is this quote from? "Dancing and nasty kissing, it’s one of my favourite things to do.”

Oh god, I remember watching that interview, but I just spent 30 minutes looking for it and I can’t find it :( I’m sorry

Does anyone else remember when she said this?

I could start my essay that’s due in 2 days or I could go to sleep early….hmm guess which option I’m choosing

Why the ever loving heck would you translate “ousia” as “substance” in the Stoic system when “huphistēmi” is a term of art for the Stoics that literally translates into Latin as “substo” or SUBSIST which is the same root as SUBSTANCE I.E THAT WHICH STANDS UNDER, given that “”“”“substances”“”“” do not “”“"subsist”“”“ for the Stoics because all “ousia” are bodies and only non-bodies can be referred to with “huphistēmi”