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what's the significance behind the blue bandana? is it because it's blue or is there more to it?

There’s a lot more to it than that! Like Louis’ recent contribution to 31 Days of Larry, there was a fan project running at the time:

It’s this whole saga but the basics are: The fan project was planned for the whole America leg of WWA and started circulating on July 6th. Harry picked it up during the infamous That Week in August when it was practically all out rebellion. Harry bought bandana on August 20th, wore it onstage in Houston on the 22nd, the fandom FLIPPED OUT (as you would) and he continued to wear to more shows and appearances after that (so it really can’t be argued he did it unaware).

He then pulled it out for two more rounds since then, the most emotional being in April 2015 when they were setting up PartyBoy!Louis and he was being seen out clubbing all the time in the UK while Harry was in LA. The fandom was frustrated and anxious about a break-up at the time so Harry wearing the blue bandana was a big statement to the contrary. And then it became even more !!!!! in hindsight as we’ve since learned he wore it what was likely the day after Louis wrote Home during what fans think is the longest time they were separated (almost four weeks). That’s when If I Could Fly came about so it’s tied up with the writing of that now too~

Andddd that’s why people are very HE DID THAT over The Blue Bandana. Here’s another good tag for it. ;)

Some things about my gender.

Just to clear all of this up:

  • My gender is faery. I’ve been saying that for years, but I have no idea how many people have taken it as tongue-in-cheek. I assure you that I am completely sincere in that self-identification. To me it means (in addition to some complicated monstrous/inhuman identity feelings) that I am not just nonbinary but have completely rejected the existence of a gender binary at all. Gender as a binary is a social construct I avoid participating in as much as possible, and “male” and “female” are completely meaningless labels for myself as a person.
  • I do not identify as transmasculine anymore. I haven’t for a good three years or so. I never identified as explicitly male, but rolled with it sometimes for convenience’s sake. What I did identify as (a guy, a boy, sometimes a man, masculine-leaning, etc.) is part of my past history. It is no longer my present.
  • I no longer have a set pronoun. I prefer ey/em, but that’s a preference (click this link if you’re not sure how those work). If you are used to calling me “he,” you can keep using that, especially if you’re talking about me out among the cis people and don’t want to have to deal with explaining nonbinary genders. It’s not my favourite, but it is acceptable.
  • Similarly, if someone calls me she, they, ze, or any other pronoun you can think of aside from “it,” you don’t need to correct them. They’re not my favourite, but they are acceptable.
  • Some of my tags maintain reference to myself as a boy or as “he.” This is because I don’t care enough to change them (see above re: completely meaningless labels).
  • I do not care how strangers gender me. I do not. I straight up do not care.
  • In the work world and when dealing with my alumni office I pretend to be binary (trans) male until/unless proven safe to be otherwise (I don’t explicitly say I’m trans but it’s kind of hard to hide).
  • I like being “brother.” Otherwise, I do not care what family referents are used for me, though err on the side of gender-neutrality if you’re uncertain. I dislike all terms, both gendered and gender-neutral, for “child of a sibling” or “sibling of a parent” and would prefer a return to the archaic “all-purpose ‘cousin.’” When my siblings have children I will ask to be “cousin Jared.”
  • I do not consider Jared a “boys’ name,” I consider it my name.
  • I have no objection to being either an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend to the people who dated me when I was a girl or boy respectively. If you’d rather refer to me as I am now, ex-partner is also fine.
  • I will and do refer to my past self with a variety of pronouns, based on the gender I was at the time. No, I was not born a girl, I was born an amorphous ungendered baby, but I was a girl for a good chunk of my life as a child. I have also been genderqueer and a boy. My experience overall is nonbinary and I believe I always have been thus, but I was also other things simultaneously.
  • My old name is not and never will be my “deadname.” I don’t have a deadname. Other people do; I am not one of them.
  • Yes, I’m still taking hormones; I don’t intend to stop. I’m still considering my options re: other medical procedures.

i feel like a big part of what inhibits people from performing acts of kindness for one another is that there’s never an obvious moment to do it. there’s rarely a clear, signaling moment in the average person’s day that reminds you, “okay, do something nice now!” and so we go around full of potential kindness that we just never act on because there’s no external motivation to do so.

so when you see this post, please take it as a signal to do something nice for another person. it doesn’t have to be anything big. just compliment someone. say something you’ve always really loved or respected about a friend but never verbalized to them. if you see someone with a great haircut or outfit or smile, tell them that. if you’ve got a little cash to spare, give it to someone else–leave an extra big tip somewhere, or buy a present for someone you care about, or donate it to a fundraiser or charity. even just tell someone on your dash what unique thing you like about their blog. as long as you’re courteous and respectful about it, you’ll be making someone happier by doing so.

((reblogging this would be appreciated, if only so that more people see it and we can get a ripple effect of kindness going))

I see the voltron fandom is descending down into hell where people think any other ship but their own or a ship they dont like is a sin

stop treating voltron like some sort of shipping object, it’s a show 

aaaaannnd the hits keep coming. 

RIP My Laptop, companion of six years. You served me well.

It’s just a shame that when you had to depart you had to take all my documents with you, even though I had the thing set to save backups periodical.

“Corrupted files” and “unreadable disk error” are now some of my least favorite phrases.