Initially I doodled some fluffy marrying iwaois for coping with the train wreck that is tei-gen​‘s and crossbelladonna’s love for iwaoi angst, but after showed them the first pic they switched to maximum meme overdrive and here we are.

Click on the pictures for captions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b  

(Also shout out to hipster-noya​ for telling me about 21 pilot’s cover of ‘Can’t help falling in love’ because that’s been on repeat ever since she told me about it much thanka amberoo)


I made a deck of cards with a knock-off Jenga game. There are 33 tiles. 11 of them are blank and 22 have the major arcana on them and one key word for them.

I put two of the “cards” with one blank for each row and then I started to draw. I put each “card” back on top as per the rules, but I took note of it and the meaning to answer my question.

When the tower falls, the “card” in question has the real answer at the heart of the question. If it’s blank? Well, try you luck next time.

Super fun to make, honestly only took me two I hours to fish from start to finish since I painted each block, used sharpie to colour the edges and of course wrote the names and meanings on each block.

I’m going to make another one soon with an actual Jenga game, but I have another set of knock off blocks too.


EB: as for us, i don’t think any time soon. we’re both still young and i’m actually still in college!


There’s 360 degrees virtual reality videos on youtube now?? what the hell? How have I not heard about this until now? Am I late to the party or what


The future is here man, this is some next level shit. Amazing. Can’t believe we are at this point already. What’s it gonna be like in 5 or 10 years?? Remember 10 years ago when nobody could even fathom we’d all have internet and high def cameras in our pockets? 

Virtual reality is gonna change everything man, once the Oculus Rift and other similar devices hit the market, just imagine the potential for games, movies, TV, horror, just everything is going to change.



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I sort of want to see a collage of Potato's improvements and different art styles/coloring since the blog's start uwu (ok I definitely said the wrong vegetable. srry Lettuce)

((are you sure you want to go through that pain))

Owaranai Seraph #6

Translated from otaqween’s French subs to English, so expect slight differences between the original and this. If anything’s off or you have raws for these eps, please let me know! (also i hope it’s ok i forgot to ask permission orz I was just in the mood to write this up)

Shinoa: Everyone, prepare everything you need to fight, be sure to overcome the situation.

Kimizuki: After this bend, we should see Shinjuku’s defensive line.

Yuu: This is…

Shinoa: Ueno…

Kimizuki: I-I have the wrong path…

Yoichi: We have to get to Shinjuku…

Mitsuba: Shinjuku is out there! We’re dispatching! (going/leaving?)

Kimizuki: Yeah..!

Kimizuki: After this bend, we should see Shinjuku’s defensive line.

Yuu: This is…

Shinoa: Shibuya…

Kimizuki: Wrong… again…

Mitsuba: But we must be close!

Kimizuki: Yeah!

Kimizuki: After this bend, we should see Shinjuku’s defensive line.

Yuu: The statue of liberty…

Shinoa: Odaiba…

Yoichi: Kimizuki-kun… don’t tell me…

Mitsuba: We’re lost, right?

Kimizuki: Yeah…

(Michael Ying)