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i saw your coloring tutorial, and there was a part about layer masks. can you explain how you did that? thanks in advance!

Its fairly simple. I usually use this when I have to highlight specific area(s) in pictures. In gifs, it works best if the object isn’t moving too much. 

In this gif, I want ONLY Peter’s face to be bright, and nothing else.

Without Layer mask:

With Layer mask:

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Fascination, a lady with large eyes. And hands everywhere. Nothing related to me, but I wanted to make something about consent. Or more non-consent. Did it to cool down from a very cool animation project I’m helping on. :)

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saying clexa fans are all racist is stupid. like im so tired of everyone erasing the majority of poc in the fandom that like clexa just bc the ppl who play the characters are white. ppl are mad about every lgbt death, but u also don't hear about ppl crying about root x shaw they're another white wlw couple. there were a lottt of wlw couples that got killed and they all fucking suck poussey included the only reason ppl still talk about lexa is bc the 100 is airing again & ppl want it cancelled

Darling nothing you say will erase what your fandom did and said when Poussey died. You came right back here to ignore her death some more. Right back here to remind me of the important lesbians…the white ones. So I’d love to know if you are being deliberately obtuse or if you are genuinely this stupid? And listen this “majority of POC” in that fandom were overwhelmingly silent when Poussey died for white guilt and to make light of the BLM movement. The dead black lesbian didn’t fit in your narrative for ~reasons~ so guess who still doesn’t care about your brown face wearing bindi having snowflake dying? Me. I don’t care. 

If you’re brave enough come off anon or stay out my inbox with this weak white feminist bullshit. 


8½ (1963) - Dir. Federico Fellini

“I thought my ideas were so clear. I wanted to make an honest film. No lies whatsoever. I thought I had something so simple to say. Something useful to everybody. A film that could help bury forever all those dead things we carry within ourselves. Instead, I’m the one without the courage to bury anything at all. When did I go wrong? I really have nothing to say, but I want to say it all the same.”

From All Lives Matter to WhiteGirlsBreakTheInternet from Slavery

Why do white people see black joy and immediately try to dismiss it?

I’ll answer: Because they don’t think we deserve joy or to be able to see the beauty in ourselves. Our lives don’t matter. 

There are real life slavery apologists alive and well today. The actual belief held by white people that slavery ‘wasn’t so bad’ is proof of that. White people who prey upon black people’s insecurities whether it be our heritage, the way we speak, how black we are, who buys false hair, our very culture that is a mixture of what they forced on us, remixes from West Africa, or our own original creations are all a result of an America who has not answered for its sins. 

Nothing is post racial unless there is a resolution to why us of indigenous African descent are classified in the first place. Why did white people feel the need to make a negro/nigger? 

Slavery echoes through the halls of buildings I walk in, roads I travel on, it’s even in my name. It’s the way my mother says ‘she’s black’ not ‘african’. It’s the way the joking notions of ‘I’m something mixed with black’, the fixation on ‘good hair’, and yellabones. It’s me thinking my lips are too big, my hair needs to be straighter. It’s the brightness filter on my camera. It is my life, a daily reminder. The language I’ll never know. I’m only here because someone on that slave vessel survived. It’s bonafide for me. 

Slavery DESTROYED the way Africans thought about themselves. Before you say ‘Africans sold other Africans’, But they all knew who they were. Africans were not selling other Africans because they were black. But white people enslaved Africans because they were black. This is a fact. This isn’t debatable.

But the core at why white people get defensive of slavery and apologetic for it’s abuses is because blackness isn’t something they are required to respect. I’ve experienced this first hand.

From a casual meeting with a white person I didn’t know, a teacher, another teacher, former white friends, the dismissal of a struggle that I go through everyday that was not my own fault. ‘Africans enslaved other africans, the war wasn’t about slavery, my ancestors were Irish (so is my last name. NEXT) and it goes on. There is a blatant disrespect for black life that astounds me at times.

Race is very much a political power. A caste. You could be extremely wealthy and if visibly black you are denied things white people get.

In Charles Chestnut’s  The House Behind the Cedars, he chronicles the life of a light skinned black woman and her white passing children. While the darker skinned black people struggle to recognized as human, the son of the woman John Walden passes and becomes a Lawyer, even marries a white daughter of a plantation owner. But it all falls apart if ‘the old story’ is discovered.

These narratives of blackness as inferior have not went away. I don’t know if I’ll be alive to see it go away either.

But black joy is always a dig at white superiority. Why are they so happy? They don’t deserve to be this happy. The need for white people to control black people still exists. Exerting control over someone means you believe yourself to be their superior.

Microagressions at me speaking aave, rapping, using the n-word in front of white friends shocked me at first then I remembered who i was to them. What my skin, my hair, what it all meant to them and I stopped being surprised. 

Well that’s just my take on it. Black people share and discuss. Sorry if I rambled. 

‘Why do white people dismiss black joy?’ 


Hard Day’s Night (1964)

RINGO: “Well, it was a hard two months. It took two months actually to make this film. But, umm, I think I found the biggest drag was when we were just sitting ‘round doing nothing.”

PAUL: “And getting up early. That was one of those things. We had to get up about six o'clock in the morning, you know, sometimes. Which is– oh– I’m sure it’s not good for anyone, that. It’s very bad for your health.”

Q: “George, how about you? Did you find it an easy thing to do?”

GEORGE: “Oh no. In fact, you see, we’re night owls, folks.”

PAUL:  (hoots like an owl, and laughs)

GEORGE: “You mightn’t have noticed. No, but– you know, we all go out at night. And then suddenly our day was reversed, so that we had to be up at six in the morning, but we still couldn’t get the hang of going to bed at night. So we were going out at night AND getting up in the morning for the first week or so, and I just couldn’t believe it. Six o'clock, somebody dragging me out of bed.”

Q: “Ringo, at six in the morning what did you do about the bags under your eyes?”

RINGO: “Umm, well, I’ve always had 'em. I just filled them up a bit more.”


Q: “How about you, Paul?”

PAUL: “Well, you know. I had a bit of trouble, but there was always this handy makeup man on the (laughs) …on the scene to sort of paint your face up a bit.”

Q: “Ringo, was it a fun experience, or was it actually work?”

RINGO: “About eighty percent work, and twenty percent was all laughs.”

PAUL: “Even the work, which was hard work, was still good fun because, you know, the film was a good laugh, mainly. I mean, even when we were sort of very tired and really knocked out, and we’d do a thing, when we actually saw it on the screen it looked, sort of, quite funny. I mean, there’s one scene where I think I’d been out the night before and I was feeling so tired, you know. But I’ve seen it on the screen since and you can’t tell.”

- Excerpts from the Hard Day’s Night Promotional Interview recorded in July 1964 which was sent to radio stations all over the world

White people love to talk so much shit about how THEIR ancestors didn’t own slaves or helped free slaves or came to the country in 1920 so couldn’t have owned slaves or whatever

Meanwhile i can’t trace my black family back past my great grandma who’s still alive because no records were kept of the family and white people did everything they could to prevent black people from learning to read or write

Like the very act of being able to claim your family through generations is white privilege. While y'all were making family trees and keeping track of marriages and shit, black people had their families split and were treated like nothing more than a good for trade

I’m literally exhausted of White America.

I knew this SAE shit would get turned around on black people because why the fuck would these bitter ass people NOT try to make us responsible for some shit that ain’t got nothing to do with us besides being the actual victims. They keep the topic of rap out of their fucking mouths until it affects them. Black people getting killed by cops while unarmed? Well maybe he shouldn’t have been so thuggish, rap did that. and now white adults in college say the N word in the most racist and vile means possible (any utterance shitty) talking about hanging and excluding us from their organizations, and rap did that too? 

But of course, it (rap) only matters to them when white lives are affected. Personally, only weak minded people are truly controlled by music. An artist should be free to express what they want and the listeners should be able to decipher what is reality and what isn’t. This is why parenting is important in the development of young kids, and not so much censorship. So if you wanted to have a third of a point, you should have blamed their racist parents for making them into the shitty people that they are instead of artists who are just creating music. 

The whole nation got into a fit when North Korea tried to censor an movie of ours. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, ‘MERIA. But when stupid, very clearly racist white adults get caught in the act on video then all of a sudden it’s time for censorship of rap. It’s suddenly time to point fingers at something other than the problem.

This is always the case in America. Rape? Oh maybe she shouldn’t have dressed so slutty. Got killed because he’s homosexual? Well maybe he shouldn’t have been “soooo gay.” Got shot and killed while unarmed? Well let’s analyze their character history, and determine if they were actually decent humans beings and if not they clearly deserved to die. I mean, gang signs & weed? Clearly should have been shot a long time ago, duh?

This country is so freaking backwards. We cannot blame, convict, or correct anything in the place that’s straight & white against something that is not. It’s just not fucking possible. 

Okay, for fuck’s sake, she’s not WHITE PASSING. We all have eyes, and I’m sure she owns a mirror – that much is obvious. So when she was talking about people not wanting her to get the part because she’s “not white,” THAT’S what she is referring to. I really don’t think that part should be confusing so many people.

She is white. She posted a tweet saying that she is white. She did NOT post a tweet saying that she is

- not black
- not latina
- not indian
- not multiracial
- not x, y, z.

Stating a part of your identity does not eliminate the other parts. Being white does not make you not black. There are some people who identify solely as multiracial and nothing else, but then there are others (people like me and obviously Ciara Renne) who identify as multiracial in the sense that, yes

I am white. And I am black. I am both things, simultaneously, at the same time.

But she is not white passing. 2 times out of three, someone will assume she is black, and only black. Just like 2 times out of 3, someone will assume Wentworth Miller is white, and only white. Which is WHY, multiracial people tend to get defensive when people erase the side they don’t look like.

Ciara reminding people of the fact that she’s white, and proud to be white, is exactly the same thing as Wentworth Miller reminding people that he’s black, and proud to be black.

And for the record, there are white Latinas. So if the role for Hawkgirl only said “Latina actress,” guess what? A white woman could have gotten the role.

Ciara auditioned for the role of Iris West because she’s black. People out there saying “she’s only a LITTLE black so it doesn’t COUNT” are displaying signs of the prejudice multiracials often deal with on a daily basis.

Not black enough for the black kids. Not white enough for the white kids.

I’m sick and tired of it, and find it absurd that as women of color, you all don’t seem to understand that your dictating how she should identify or becoming upset with how she DOES identify, is extremely out of place, out of your lane, and exactly the same thing as white people overstepping their bounds and into person of color territories.

urgh i need to make clean lines for once in my life :“c but i have a lot more fun scribbling on canvas and then coloring it in lmao…
Se ND Help… ANYWAYS I made these two the other night, i know the concept goes around a lot lmao… but i made these guys the original said "In another universe…” or something… BUT IDK IDK.

anyways Tako is the black and orange one, and Yaki is the white and teal one!


Oh my god this is incredible?

Every time DC releases a shitty movie, there’s always so many DC fans crying about how they love it despite the “haters.”

Like are you thirteen year old girls blasting Halsey in your bedrooms while you paint fuck da police on your white girl wallpaper as you tied your hair with black ribbons and pull on your fishnet stockings?


Can you just….like did you PERSONALLY make the movie?

Because if you didn’t, I don’t see why you get your hackles so high.

If you like a DC movie, then whatever.

Nothing wrong with disagreeing with critics.

But frigging RELAX with the lurid accounts of Marvel bias and reviewers being stupid morons who don’t “understand” the brilliant and complex DCEU.

Dark Knight got 94, Rises got 87, and Batman Begins got 84.

When DC makes a good movie…

It’ll get good reviews.

Until it does….

Please frigging relax.


I don’t watch shows just for diversity’s sake and I never did, because it’s always been a sham. Whether there is or isn’t a black or non-white person on the show means nothing, precisely because it’s always a bait and switch situation (especially if the show is not specifically geared towards minority audiences). Because whether the show has a cast full of color or not, the majority of the people making the decisions about characters behind the scenes are white. Not only are they white, but they are probably white people who have had limited interaction with POC. A majority of the people watching will inevitably be white, as well. Again with little REAL interaction with POC.
So this is the formula that creates shows like Glee or HTGAWM or [insert show], where you have lots of diversity but inevitably the white characters somehow “rise to the top” in the media and become fandom darlings. It’s a deep psychological issue in the fabric of our culture that would take many, many years of careful and deliberate change in the media to undo, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. So I watch what I want, like what I want and pray for the day when I can see a Black Charmed or a Latino Parenthood without expecting it to be cancelled, panned by reviewers or just ignored by the general public.

found myself thinking about the beginning.. how it started. the feelings. the excitement. the first moments together. first kiss. first touch. the first time I looked at you, & knew it’d be you. it’d always be you. & it has been you since the very first day. which led me to think about everything else that filled up the little pieces of me that were empty before you stepped foot in my life. nobody can ever compare to you. nobody could ever make me feel the way you did, no matter how much I wish someone else could. nobody will be able to bring color to my eyes like you did when all Ive ever seen was black & white. sadly since the beginning nothing has changed, except for the fact that everything has changed. makes sense to me in an odd way. but it tears me apart. which is why I do everything in my power to forget about it, forget about us. but how could I possibly forget the memories? how could I forget the thousand kisses I can still feel, all over my face & body? how could I forget so much that you gave me to remember? I despise you. I hate the affect that you still have on me. I hate that I still waste my tears on someone who broke me to pieces.
—  it was supposed to be us in the end, now it’s just me.