Ppl don’t talk about Hulkseong enough so here’s Inseong being really amazing on Dream Team (feat. supportive bff Youjin)

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They’re so stinking cute!!!!

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"Well hello there~" GD slides up to sans giving him wiggly eyebrows "the names guard dog or GD for short" she gives him a toothy smile showing off her sharp teeth. The stench of iron was everywhere when she slid up to sans and There was fresh blood coating her sweatshirt.

Sans looked at her intrigued. “Hi. I’m Sans.” He said sheepishly. The smell of Iron was everywhere. Sans didn’t understand it was from her clothes and body. “How may I help you?” He said looking at her eyebrows wiggling. 



i went to my first ever pride event today with my friends - it was so good !! do you think i looked gay enough?

++ my mum got me a pride rose, and a couple of days ago i got my septum pierced 

So I just finished the second chapter of Scandalous! I know I said I’d have it done by tonight, my originally set deadline, but life got in the way and I underestimated just how difficult this chapter would be to write. But it’s finally done but needs an edit. I’ll edit it tomorrow night after work than upload! Too excited to see what you guys think of it. Unfortunately there’s not much kabby in this one, it’s a slow progress given that i have to start to set the context and storyline and their past relationship. BUt i hope you find it enjoyable nonetheless :) 


Get you a girl who can do both.