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Ima ask on anon bc I'm shy af but can I ask for a one shot of Keef tellin Shiro he's engaged? (like years down the line in life) To the dork Lance? For the Dad au? I can only live through so much angst. I had to watch a bby!voltron speedpaint 2day !!

Hi there nonny! I hope this isn’t too late for you! Aww, I hear you there. Sometimes we need some more fluff (I  love me some angst and it seems like a lot of you all do too :)) And this is very cute! So I’m guess this is like a sequel to this oneshot, but it’s an AU of the single dad Shiro AU bc no set pairings here but it was cute. I hope the speedpaint was super adorable and enjoy! I love when you nonnies send in great asks.


              It was too early to think coherently.

              Lance wished he had gotten coffee first.

              He really wished he had gotten coffee. It was too early to be awake.

              But here he was. Awake and sitting in the terminal of an airport with a little old lady, trying to connect to the world-wide web via a worldwide travel book, a lonely man asleep with half an omelet still on his plate, and a pile of gum wrappers that didn’t even get close to making it in the trash can. The airport terminal wasn’t busy by any means, but Lance was still pleasantly surprised at how many people were here at five-fifty in the morning. Here and awake.

              At least he wasn’t the only one who was barely able to form thoughts and maneuver himself into a waiting chair, after he had watched a man about twice his age run straight into a pillar in the wall. Earlier, a woman had almost taken a morning dip into the fountains. It was safe to say that these people probably weren’t morning people either.

              When was the last time you woke up this early? Middle school? Lance groaned, leaning back into his chair. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and glanced over to where Shiro and the others were snoozing in their chairs. At least he wasn’t the only one suffering at this hour. Lance glanced back up at the time board that lay above their waiting area.

              Flight 201CA has landed.

              Oh yeah.

              Keith was coming home.

              After five years of service, Keith was finally coming home for good. No more having to go back. No more training others. No more emergency service. Keith had fulfilled his time in the military, paid many prices for it, and he was finally coming home.

              Lance had nearly sobbed at learning that his boyfriend of seven years was going to be coming home. Shiro had actually cried (There were tear marks all over Keith’s letter, but that was okay, Lance wasn’t about to ruin the father’s moment). Everyone was more than a little excited about welcoming Keith home, and soon a welcoming party had gone underway under the supervision of Pidge and Coran. Which was not a good idea.

              Shiro and Lance both knew that Keith wouldn’t want a big party, but while Shiro wanted to stop the party and keep everyone from overwhelming Keith, Lance didn’t see the harm in getting Keith out. After all a lot of people had missed him while he was gone. Shiro and Lance had argued for a bit about Keith’s party, but eventually Lance won after insisting that Keith should realize how loved he was.

              He’d never seen his boyfriend’s father so awed before.

              Hopefully soon-to-be father-in-law.

              The heavy weight of a small box in Lance’s pocket suddenly felt much heavier than ever before. His heart rate speed up and soon enough, any trace of sleep was gone and Lance was wide awake. Unlike his companions. For a split second, Lance was quite jealous of how his friends could sleep through this waiting period. As if the rest of their lives didn’t rest on the sole moment of Keith walking through those gates, ready to determine how their futures would end – oh wait, that only affected him. Right.

              To be fair though, none of them even knew what plans Lance had made for when Keith came in today. Not even Shiro, which may or may not have been a good idea. Guess I’ll find out soon. Lance thought nervously as he looked down at his watch for the millionth time this morning.

              He was so busy lost in thought and thinking about the impending future, that Lance and the others had failed to notice when people had entered into the waiting area from the gates and were now walking towards them. In fact, none of them noticed until a pair of brown combat boots had stopped in Lance’s line of sight and a voice chuckled.


              “Keith!” Of course, Shiro was the first to shoot out of his chair, awake in less than a second (damn, Lance needed to learn how to do that). Lance looked up in time to see the others awakening at a slower pace, but with smiles all around and saw Shiro making a break for his son.

              Keith, in his uniform with that especially tight black shirt and those loose cargo pants with two sets of dog tags hanging around his neck, smiled tiredly at his father before dropping his bag to the ground. He easily caught his dad into a hug, standing at an impressive two-inch taller height than Shiro before pulling a surprised Shiro up into the air.

              “Dad!” Keith laughed when Shiro gawked. “It’s so good to be home.” Shiro was surprised for only another second before scowling playfully at his son.

              “What the hell are they feeding you there, where did my little child go?” He whined before ruffling Keith’s hair (which had finally grown back out to the familiar mullet he used to have). Keith chuckled and set his father on the ground, before the two embraced in a much tighter and more heartfelt hug. Lance and the others could feel their eyes beginning to grow misty as Keith and Shiro practically hung onto each other for several long minutes. All around them people were watching and smiling at the small display, sharing happy comments with one another, to which Keith and the rest of them ignored mainly.

              Eventually, Keith and Shiro pulled back, both with wet eyes and bright smiles, as Shiro gently pat Keith on the back.

              “I’m so happy you’re home. Shiro whispered before letting go of Keith’s hand.

              “I missed you too dad.” The twenty-three-year-old grinned at his dad before turning to Lance and the others. Lance was the first to leap at Keith, jumping right into his arms (Ha, he was still taller than Keith and Shiro) and pressing a full-on kiss right onto Keith’s mouth. Keith blinked in surprise but caught Lance without a struggle and eventually melted into the kiss. The two lovers could hears some clapping and cheers all around them but ignored it in favor or holding on to each other for a few moment’s longer. Lance felt tears dripping down his face and he blushed in embarrassment, though to be fair it had been almost 13 months since he’d last seen his boyfriend in person.

              Even Shiro was clapping from behind them. Looks like I’ve gotten dad’s approval after all. Hopefully he won’t try to kill me after today.

              When Lance and Keith finally broke apart, Lance rest his forehead against Keith, looking into those beautiful blue eyes he’d memorized after nineteen years.

              “Hey babe.” Lance grinned crookedly, drying his eyes while Keith snorted.

              “That was quite a greeting Lance.” Keith huffed, but Lance could see the love and amusement in Keith’s eyes as he continued to hold Lance against him. Lance grinned.

              “I’m all about the big show stopper babe. Go big or go home.” Lance winked before giving Keith another peck on the lips, who happily closed his eyes at the kiss, and hopped out of Keith’s arm. His heart was hammering like a drum in his chest and the small box in his pocket felt like a giant weight. Nervously he wiped his hands against his jeans.

              “I’ve missed you. Kissing your sleeping face on a computer screen just doesn’t measure up to the real deal.” Lance joked, causing Keith to laugh in that adorable way where he sounded like he was too embarrassed to be laughing. It was laugh that always make Lance’s heart stop.

              “I’ve missed you too.” Keith said sincerely and brushed some of Lance’s hair out of his eyes. Lance swallowed heavily and his fingers itched for the box in his pocket. This is the perfect moment. Do it now. “Except for when you hog all the blankets. I did not miss that.”

              Okay, so maybe not now because that was rude.

              Keith laughed at Lance’s pout and Shiro snickered from behind them. Rude.

              “Hey don’t hog Keith! Let us say hello!” Pidge finally smacked Lance’s arm and shoved him aside just before Keith was attacked by Hunk and Pidge with everyone else hanging behind them. Keith laughed happily and accepted the hugs and high-fives from everyone. He gently gave Hunk a pat on the back when he started bawling in Keith’s arm. He accepted the manly hug from his grandpa and gave his grandma a kiss on the cheek. Keith accepted Allura’s scolding for making them all worry before hugging her and narrowly avoided a long-winded story about Coran’s time in his youth with young love. From the side, Lance watched this all with loving eyes finding himself falling more and more in love with this man, even after seven years of being together.

              Do it now. Now it the perfect chance.

              Lance nervously licked his lips, as his hands dug into his pocket. He thumbed the small box in his pocket and eyed Keith.

              Do it.

              Lance gripped the box tightly with sweating fingers. Shiro glanced over.

              Do it.

              As Lance pulled the box out from his pocket, his heart hammered heavily in his chest and Shiro’s eyes widened.

              DO IT.

              “Eat food with me forever?!” Lance had suddenly shot out before Shiro could open his mouth, right in front of Keith (in front of everyone) before taking a knee and thrusting the small box unromantically towards Keith.

              The airport was dead silent.

              Keith’s eyes were as wide as the moon and he stared at Lance with his mouth open. The silence etched on as Lance was frozen in horror. Did I just propose like an idiot?! He could hear Pidge and Allura trying to hide their snickers while Hunk was sobbing again. Still Keith said nothing and Lance’s heart shook.

              “W-what?” He finally squeaked, and normally Lance would have teased the hell out of him for his tiny mouse voice but he probably was seconds away from passing out.

              “Er, um, marry me?” Lance tried again before mentally slapping himself. How was that any more romantic than before? Keith blinked again.

              “Is this a joke?” Keith’s face suddenly grew hot and a heavy blush spread over his cheeks. Lance thought it was adorable.

              “No! Fuck, I bought a ring and everything see?!” Lance thrust the box back at Keith before realizing that the lid was closed. Oh. Quickly he opened the lid with shaking fingers and presented the ring to Keith.

              “What the?” Keith gawked and stared at the silver band with intricate diamonds and stones that represented his birth month. He blinked again, this time feeling hot tears behind his eyes. The ring was stunning. It was hard, simple but it was beautiful too with stones that Keith always mentioned were pretty to Lance. He remembered. It wasn’t too masculine or too feminine. It was perfect.

              Keith was mortified.

              “You idiot.” Keith sniffled before gripping Lance’s collar ad hauling him to his feet. Lance swallowed thickly, thinking he had somehow messed up. “You couldn’t wait until we were home?! Or when I wasn’t so tired, I could barely say my own name?!” Keith sniffled again and Lance frowned. Was that a yes?        

              “Er, are you gonna marry me or not? ‘Cause you’re not making much sense.” Lance laughed nervously and Keith rolled his eyes.

              “That’s because it’s six in the fucking morning, and I got two hours of sleep.” Keith rolled his eyes with a snort. “And my stupid boyfriend thought it would be nice to propose to me, while I was dead on my feet, he was exhausted and hungry instead of during a nice quiet dinner or at home.”

              “I can, uh, do it over again? If you want?”            

              “No, give me that goddamn ring. This is perfect.”

              Lance blinked once. Twice. Three times before Keith finally pulled him in for a deep loving kiss. There was no battle for dominance, no tongue lashing or desperation. But rather it was full of love, passion and promises for their future.

              The airport exploded with the sounds of screaming cheers, sobbing and clapping when Lance and Keith finally pulled away. Lance eagerly pulled off one of Keith’s glove before slipping the ring on his finger. A perfect fit.

              Keith and Lance both stared at the ring, with goofy and tired smiles.

              “I love you.” Keith whispered, eyes staring into Lance’s and Lance broke into a huge grin.

              “I love you too.” The two broke apart when everyone else came rushing towards the newly engaged couple to give their congratulations. Keith happily accepted all hugs from everyone, while Lance did the same. Eventually, Lance felt a familiar metal hand grab his shoulder and his stomach dropped. He turned around to face Shiro, who wore an unreadable expression on his face.

              “Shiro, sir, I know I should have asked for your hand in marriage and talked to you first –” Lance babbled nervously.

              “You should have.” Shiro said and Lance swallowed. He was then pleasantly surprised when Shiro pulled him into a bone crushing hug. “Thank you for making him so happy. Welcome to the family, Lance and please take care of my son.” Shiro whispered into Lance’s ears and the tears were falling again on Lance’s face. He clutched at the back of Shiro’s jacket before burying his face into the shirt.

              “Thank you Shiro. I promise to take care of him for the rest of our lives.”

              “Thank you.”


              “I hope you don’t mind that I gave dad my dog tags.” Keith said when he and Lance were finally alone in their house. His eyes continuously wandered back to his ring every few minutes and Lance found that absolutely adorable. Keith might not be the most verbal about his appreciation but Lance wouldn’t be with him otherwise if that was the only reason he’d want to love him.

              “Nah, I figured you were going to.” Lance admitted with a smile. He remembered that moment when Shiro and Keith started crying like babies. Shiro’s tags were still resting against Keith’s pale chest, full of new scars.

              “I was always going to give them to him. It only felt right.” Keith said softly. “Even when we got together, I knew I was going to give them to him. After everything I put him through.”

              “He loves them Keith. He loves you. Don’t worry about anything else.” Lance said quickly before Keith could go into a guilt-filled rant about his time in the military. Keith never regretted his decision but he’d seen how much it had hurt his friends and family. He often took it out on himself for their pain. “I love you, okay. Besides, you’ve given me a much better gift.” Keith frowned.


              “You’re gonna be my husband.” Lance grinned and snaked an arm around Keith’s waist. Keith squeaked at the touch and playfully swatted at Lance’s arm. He snorted but allowed Lance to pull him close into another soft kiss.

              “Mhm, yeah. I’m excited for our future. But Lance?”

              “Yeah babe?”

              “There’s no way I’m going to be Keith McClain. You better get used to Lance Shirogane.”

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nursey is a Good Dad who goes to all his kids sports games, co-head of the PTA (is that still a thing?? idfk), shows up at bake sales, goes to school plays, and does his daughters hair in the morning and reads her poetry from a book of poems as a bedtime story (if nursey has a child they're an automatic Poetry Hoe from birth) !!! sorry im just really excited about dad nursey

one time his baby asked when she would grow her marks (the tattoos, bc he’s definitely getting more) like he has and nursey hadn’t slept in like four days and he forgets to eat sometimes so he laughed so hard he passed out. when he woke up his daughter was hovering over him with a juice box because she gets snacks after her naps. nursey almost cried

“Pregnancy”  ~  Draco x reader

“Can u do another imagine where it is post war and the reader is pregnant with Draco’s baby and they tell his parents but then she gets sad afterwards bc her dad (Snape) died and she can’t tell him and draco comforts her?” ~Anon

The feels. So many feels! 

Thank you soooo much for the request!! I’m sorry that it took me forever to post. I’m so behind on these requests, and my returning write’s block isn’t helping. Haha! Anyway, I loved writing this! I love Snape and Draco so much! I hope you enjoy!😘😊💕

  • y/n - your name
  • y/f/b - your favorite breakfast


Y/n woke up to the smell of her favorite breakfast. She rubbed her eyes as Draco walked in with a plate fixed for her on a tray.

“Good morning, Love.” he whispered, sitting down beside her. Brushing the hair out of her eyes, he smiled. “I made your favorite: y/f/b.”

She giggled. “Thank you, sweetie. You’re so thoughtful!”

“Ready for today?”

She took a bite of food and nodded slowly.

Draco gave her a warm, reassuring smile. “I know you’re nervous.” He kissed her forehead before getting up. “I am, too.”

After eating, y/n got up out of bed and picked out an outfit, with the help of her husband, of course. She brushed her teeth, fixed her hair, and applied a bit of make up. The two of them left for the Malfoy Manor soon after.

Draco raised an eyebrow at y/n as they were walking up the steps of his parents home. “Should you be wearing those shoes?” he asked.

“Draco. Dearest.” she smirked. “It’ll be fine. Besides, I’m not that far along yet.”

They knocked on the doors of the mansion. Like every time y/n had visited, Narcissa answered the knocking. She smiled as she hugged her son and daughter-in-law.

“It’s been too long.” she stated. “I thought you were never going to return to see your dear mum.”

Draco chuckled at her joke. “I’m glad to see you, too.”

She turned to y/n. “And, y/n, darling. it’s always such a delight to see my favorite daughter-in-law.”

Y/n knew she was the only one Narcissa would ever have, but it was a great compliment to her. Her hormonal stage was coming earlier than expected.

Narcissa led the two inside. “Lunch is almost ready. Draco? Why don’t you and y/n set the table. You know your father won’t.”


Draco and y/n headed to the dining room. Memories flooded through her mind as she placed silverware and plates on the decorated dining table: meeting Draco’s parents, the time she snuck out to see him, Christmas dinners, their engagement announcement, the many other times she’d been over… She started to tear up.

Draco walked over to her. “Are you alright?”

She nodded with a grin, wiping her eyes. “Yeah. Just remembering all the times we’ve had to set the table.”

“Quite a lot to remember.” he joked. He wrapped his arms around her, her head laying on his chest.

The food was brought to the table and the family took a seat, Lucius taking his end seat as normal.

“Y/n.” he began. “How lovely to see you. How have things been.”

Y/n grinned. “Wonderful. Just… wonderful.”


Draco swallowed. “We’ve been having a bit of an adventure lately.”

Narcissa was interested. “Really?”

With a deep breath and a smile, y/n nodded. “Yeah. It’s been quite a whirlwind.”

“Well, let us hear it.” Lucius spoke.

The two looked at each other, waiting for the other one to speak. Y/n bit her lip with a nervous grin.

Draco was nervous as well. “Well… umm…” He dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

“Why do you have that?” Y/n asked, giggling a bit.

“How else am I supposed to keep this picture with me forever?” He handed the picture to his mother face down.

A questioning expression formed on her face. “What this?”

Lucius leaned in to get a better view of the picture his wife was holding. Their eyes grew wider the longer they examined it.

Narcissa stuttered. “Is this… Y/n… Are you…”

Still biting her lip, she nodded. Draco slipped his hand into hers.

Draco’s mother squealed with delight, tears forming in her eyes.

“Congratulations to the both of you.” his father said calmly. “Y/n, your father would be proud.”

During the whole time of her pregnancy, y/n hadn’t thought of her father once. She smiled at Lucius, a little less happy than before. Thoughts ran through her mind: the classes her father taught, the times he’d cheered her up after Harry and Ron made fun of her, him approving of Draco when she told him they were dating. She missed him. She couldn’t stand it.

Y/n kept smiling through it. It was hard, but somehow, she manage to. “Excuse me for a moment.” She stood up and left the room.

Narcissa was concerned. “Is she alright?”

“I’m sure she is.” he replied, getting up from his seat. “Just early mood swings.”

Draco knew exactly where she had gone. Running up the stairs and down the hall, he found her sitting on his bed in ugly tears. He shut the door and rushed to her side.

She sobbed as he pulled her close, rubbing her back in spirals. He was worried. “Shh… It’s alright, sweetheart. Shh…”

Y/n kept crying. It was hard for her to stop.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“I just miss my daddy!” she wailed.

The sound of her cries broke his heart. He couldn’t stand to see her like this.

“Oh, y/n.”

She placed her head against his chest and kept bawling. “Our baby will never know their own grandfather! I don’t get to tell him about any of this!”

Draco raised her chin up, giving her a tender smile. “What are you talking about? Our baby will know everything about him.”

“How, Draco? He’s dead!”

He wiped the tears from her cheeks. “You’re father was one of the bravest, most considerate people I knew. Don’t you think for one second that I’m not going to be telling stories about his greatness.”

“But, I don’t get to tel-”

Keeping that loving expression, he interrupted her. “Of course you will.”

Y/n grew confused.

“We’ll visit him tomorrow, after you get your rest.”

She smiled slightly at her husband as he continues to stroke her cheek.

“Now,” he continued, “let’s go back downstairs and finish lunch, and then we can take a nap. Does that sound good to you?”

She nodded.

Draco gave her a kiss before getting up from his old bed. He held out his hand for y/n to take, which she did, and they headed back to the dining room to finish their meal.

Just before they reached the stairs, they stopped. Draco opened his mouth to speak.

“What is it?” y/n softly, a but concerned.

He wrapped his arms around her once more. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

They finally took their seats at the table, Narcissa still worried about y/n.

“Is everything alright, dear?”

Y/n nodded. “I’m fine, thank you. I was just overwhelmed with everything that’s going on.”

“Oh yes.” she agreed. “I would be to, no doubt. It’s a tricky thing, pregnancy”

Draco turned to y/n. “Hey. I’ve already got the perfect story to tell.”

“And what’s that?”

“That time he gave Potter and Weasley detention for flying that car to school.”

Y/n rolled her eyes with a giggle. 

“I’m not kidding.” 

“I know.” she responded. “Can’t wait to hear your version of the story for the millionth time.”

“I know you can’t.”

Fairy Tail: Unanswered Questions


This is going to be a really long thread of me just posting screenshots of certain chapters asking THE REAL IMPORTANT QUESTIONS *sarcasm* but seriously I was just wondering…

Chapter 417

When Natsu and Gildarts meet up during Natus’s one year training mission. What was Natsu thinking about? What are they talking about? Was Natsu pointing at the sky or waterfall? What did Natsu say to Gildarts? Why is Gildarts smirking afterwards?

Chapter 424

Mashima don’t think I didn’t notice that heart in the sky in this chapter (which I feel many people overlooked or maybe I’m just really annoying and pay to much attention to detail.. yeah probably that) anyway why is it there?

Chapter 448

So I think we all know that sometimes at the end of arcs Lucy writes in her journal about it and then the arc wraps up. So is Lucy writing this during the war? After the war? “At this time that was my only wish..” WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? Are they not going to win? Does anyone else die besides Master?(which I still have my doubts that he’s actually dead or not but I’ll get to that)

Chapter 453

Like what Natsu? Clearly he’s not looking for Igneel anymore soooo….  


Chapter 478

Okay this one I know we’ll find out the answer to in the next few weeks but can someone tell me how Mavis found the answer on how to defeat Zeref during Natsu and Lucy’s battle against Jacob? And also why is it that the answer occurs to her when Natsu and Lucy are pulling that stripping prank? lmaooooo Is she going to defeat Zeref with the power of nudity stay tuned

Chapter 490

What was up with the snakes in this chapter

that’s it

Chapter 504

Okay since the beginning I’ve never understood why Gray doesn’t just go after Zeref instead of E.N.D. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand his hatred towards the demons because of his past but if Zeref is the one that created all of them then wouldn’t you just go after him? Or at least go after Zeref first?

Chapter 505 & 506

Is Master Makarov reaalllyy dead? Mashima is known to not permanently kill off his characters and I actually didn’t cry when Master died because I thought he was going to be brought back but now I’m starting to doubt it :( 
Then again it seems his body is completely intact, he just seems like he’s entirely made out of stone now? maybe it can be undone… maybe? *cries*

Chapter 509

yeah so I think we’re all still waiting on the answer to this lol

Chapter 510

“ And that’s exactly why….”  WHY WHAT

Chapter 512

So after this chapter it cuts back to Lucy and Happy stripped of their clothing trying to keep Natsu warm… so in between that did Happy explain to them what the deal is with Zeref and Natsu or….? Also I’m assuming that Gray heard what Happy said since he woke up. Now what is Gray going to do? Has he come back to his senses? OR maybe now that he knows that if Zeref dies, Natsu will as well so then he’ll just go after Zeref (you know kill 2 birds with one stone)

Chapter 513 & 514

Okay well now with the latest chapter we at least know that Erza’s dad isn’t a dragon lol but that still doesn’t explain why that’s Eileen’s last name? 

ANYYYYYway that’s it. :) Sorry if you just read all this and thought it was a huge waste of time but I’ve genuinely been curious about all these things even if some are small moments. Also sorry for the sort of insinuating nalu ones (except im not sorry at all bc im nalu trash)  
But yeah feel free to answer or comment on anything!!

Hogwarts! SVT

 anonymous asked:

since you’re Harry Potter trash could you write more Seventeen!Hogwarts aus?? pretty please??

Originally posted by 12fools


  • gryffindor 
  • his tie is never properly done
  • his shirt is never buttoned all the way up
  • he always wears his robe because he likes the way it goes SWOOOSH
  • i’m not scoups biased whatchu talkin bout
  • he looks like he could be in slytherin 
  • helps out all the newcomers
  • a prefect
  • but kind of lowkey about it
  • forgets the password to come to the common room ALL THE TIME
  • scolds the 1st years for not studying
  • literally tries to convince every one to join the team
  • he’s one of those people
  • teases Woozi from Slytherin to get him riled up
  • almost got turned into a rat once
  • but they’re actually really good friends
  • breaking house barriers :’)
  • S.coups actually tries to make friends from every house
  • he’s a pacifist 
  • but if you miss with his friends
  • he gonna whip out that wand
  • will literally protect chan all the time he loves him


  • he’s in hufflepuff because he makes dumb ass jokes
  • laughs at everything so that makes everyone around him laugh too
  • people think he uses spells to make his hair so shiny and luscious 
  • hes just blessed with good hair
  • hangs out at the 3 broomsticks 
  • basically his favorite thing to ingest is butterbeer
  • studies during dinner
  • doesn’t eat at any of the meals
  • he just takes food to snack on later
  • reads under trees a lot
  • pure-blood 
  • could’ve been a prefect
  • didn’t want the responsibility 
  • rather be spending that time to sleep 
  • Seungkwan’s owl terrorized him once
  • it also pooped on him
  • turned Seungkwan into a rabbit
  • the game doesn’t officially start without it :’)


  • So proud of being a ravenclaw
  • wrote a letter to tell his mom right away
  • holds study sessions in the library
  • all houses are allowed to come
  • volunteers at madame pomfrey’s 
  • girls (and guys) pretend to be sick
  • all the professors love him
  • Professor Mconagall gives him a chocolate frog every time she sees him
  • his pet cat is named percy
  • Percy follows him around EVERYWHERE
  • mainly because joshua always carries cat treats with him
  • althought he’s the one that’s attracting all the pussies 
  • his mom was a witch at hogwarts also
  • tried out for quidditch 
  • he fell off his broom 
  • poor bby broke his glasses :(
  • his favorite class is “Care of Magical Creatures”
  • advocates for the rights for house-elves
  • blushed and stuttered realllyyy hard when he met her
  • does his knee drop every time Ravenclaw wins a quidditch match


  • SLYTHERIN! (*hehe slyther in*)
  • the sassiest prefect in hogwarts history
  • talked back to Umbridge all the time, it was savage
  • but he actually doesn’t give a shit about it or setting a good example
  • no one understands how he got it
  • but no one really cares because seeing him walk up to the podium for “orientation”
  • damn, son
  • his parents are muggles
  • actually wants to fight Draco and his stupid father
  • “My father will hear about this!” “With all the moans I get from him every night, I doubt it.”
  • Nearly Headless Nick loves to spook him
  • Last prank was fogging the mirrors in the slytherin dorm and writing weird messages
  • most of them said “I sure do fancy some cauldron cakes right about now” but Jun was too shook
  • doesn’t care for quidditch much, but goes to the games to flex on the vulnerable first-year girls
  • his best field is charms (how ironic)
  • Hagrid drags him out of the forbidden forest at least thrice a semester
  • tried to prank Lockhart with polyjuice potion of filch
  • almost expelled on a few occasions
  • nice guy, just acts like a d-bag


  • got hatstall (sorting hat took more than five minutes)
  • finally sorted into gryffindor!
  • he was so excited he was literally jumping up and down
  • got sick because he ate too much on first day’s banquet
  • McGonagall simply adores him he always has a smile on his face and does anything to help her
  • his housemates have a love-hate relationship with him
  • they love his enthusiasm
  • they dont love his 2 a.m moonwalking
  • favorite subject: herbology
  • practically besties with pomona sprout
  • enjoys playing with the mandrakes (???)
  • fell asleep during transfiguration, woke up to see a bunch of rats swarming around him
  • him and seokmin are practically the up-and-coming Fred and George Weasley
  • always doing stupid shit in the gryffindor quarters
  • forgot the password for entrance
  • dean thomas handed him the honor of quidditch commentator
  • he cried really hard (he was happy!)
  • everyones best friend
  • shares a quarter with dino


  • in Slytherin
  • he saw it coming
  • was glad he got put into the same house as Woozi
  • he now feels slightly more protected
  • they’re like his babies
  • his favorite class is astronomy 
  • takes girls on dates up to the astronomy tower 
  • “Was your dad a thief? Because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes”
  • breaks girls’ hearts on the daily
  • has a soft spot for Cho Chang
  • wants to fight Cedric
  • wants to fight Mingyu because he likes Cedric
  • hangs out with Draco??
  • how cute
  • Professor Snape kind of looked at him like , “Wtf??”
  • but he was touched
  • accidentally called Dumbledore santa 
  • sleeps in his spare time
  • hangs out with Joshua at madame pomfrey’s 
  • kinda gives the side eye to everyone he hates


  • because hagrid just kind of randomly picks him up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he was lowkey really butthurt that he wasn’t put into Gryffindor
  • but he accepted it because he realized that he’s a snake  Slytherin at heart
  • since he looks like a marshmallow 
  • and marshmallows aren’t kind of intimidating
  • everyone kind of looked down on him at first 
  • no pun intended
  • but everyone quickly changed their minds when he burned all of Vincent Crabbe’s underwear for calling him cute
  • uses the Tarantallegra (dancing feet spell) on Seungkwan A LOT
  • wants to fight Draco 
  • he just finds Draco to be really pretentious
  • s.coups and woozi try to hatch a plan to fight Draco
  • jun eventually joins in
  • woozi has casted the Silencio spell on almost everyone
  • especially DK 
  • his boggart takes the form of a broken guitar
  • somehow has perfect grades in every single one of them :’)
  • Proffessor Snape and him have tea together on the occasion


  • not in a house
  • lol
  • just kidding
  • he hangs around them a lot though
  • His expecto patronum is a pigeon
  • when there was a dementor outbreak
  • he was unaffected???
  • has a crush on one of the girls from Beauxbatons
  • in charge of taking care of the plants in the Hufflepuff common room 
  • somehow managed to break his broomstick twice in one week?? 
  • tried to ride a hippogriff
  • Joshua warned him to be subtle and quiet
  • blows all of his galleons at Weasley Wizard’s Wheezes 
  • gave Woozi Ton-Tongue Toffees for christmas 
  • imitates Professor Snape
  • ‘cause he’s a little shit
  • luckily he’s never gotten caught
  • he says that her pink outfits make her look like a flamingo
  • and then proceeds to act like a flamingo??


  • wandered into the restricted section of the library ??
  • has to clean the girls’ bathroom for punishment
  • Moaning Myrtle likes to scare him 
  • she thinks he’s dreamy
  • he falls down out of terror every time
  • laughs it off and makes small talk with myrtle
  • girls from Gryffindor get in trouble for sneaking into his room to watch him sleep??
  • (shirtless) S.Coups screams when he sees females in his room
  • that does the job though and scares the girls off
  • doesn’t like Cedric Diggory 
  • he thinks Cedric is more handsome than he is
  • ends up being friends with Cedric
  • shares his hair care products with him
  • Hufflepuff + Gryffindor = Minric? 
  • or Cedgyu?
  • none of the professors like him
  • he distracts the other students
  • but he’s a fairly good student though
  • his favorite class is potions
  • one time he unknowingly drank polyjuice potion from hoshi
  • he got turned into a squirrel for a good two hours
  • he actually didn’t mind it that much LOL 


  • the sorting hat was barely placed on his head
  • “Ravenclaw.” “Shit, that was fast.”
  • very good friends with joshua
  • ya know, being close with a prefect has its perks
  • a lot of his fellow ravenclaw can’t believe he’s actually in their house
  • like, yeah, ravenclaw has a lot of “eccentric” members and everyone is welcome and made to feel at home
  • but minghao? he’s quiet. too quiet.
  • but later everyone realizes that it’s because he’s hungry so that’s done
  • moving on
  • hangs out with mingyu in the restricted area in the library
  • doesn’t get caught walking around the school at 2 a.m
  • bc he’s friends with the Grey Lady!
  • he learns more and more about their founder, Rowena Ravenclaw
  • thanks any divine power that his family is close and reliable
  • teeny crush on luna
  • asked her on a study date, but she declined bc she had to take care of her pets with hagrid :’)
  • favorite class: potions
  • looks up a fucking lot to Sybill Trelawney


  • sometimes the other students don’t know if Woozi has charmed Seungkwan with the dancing feet spell
  • or if he’s actually just voluntarily dancing
  • he’s also a Hufflepuff child :D
  • it was Seungkwan’s idea to wear badger costumes during quidditch matches
  • in the frog choir
  • his frog jumps away from him A LOT
  • so his favorite spell to use is Accio
  • poor frog
  • almost fell off the stairs
  • best friends with Neville Longbottom 
  • wakes everyone up in the hufflepuff dormitories by singing every morning
  • his owl is named mochi
  • because it’s fat and squishy
  • LOL yells at trolls like that would save him
  • looks forward to Christmas because he gets to see his mom
  • disses Umbridge’s outfits
  • but nah
  • Mconagall loves him
  • she protected him like he was her baby :’)
  • and also because he compliments her everyday
  • and gossips about the other professors with her after class 


  • a very lowkey student
  • his parents are muggles
  • Jun and him bond over this
  • also a slytherin 
  • poor baby thought he was evil
  • but he realized that there were more to slytherins than being up to no good
  • let’s the other students listen to his headphones
  • coups was scared of the abrupt noise
  • Draco called his music “rubbish”
  • when he looks into the Mirror of Erised
  • he sees himself being able to be a wizard yet live a normal life
  • the Beauxbatons flirted with him a lot
  • it made DK jealous 
  • his uniform is always perfect
  • doesn’t like being in the Slytherin common room
  • would rather hang out with Jeonghan at the Three Broomsticks
  • begs Jeonghan to pay for his butter beer
  • eats the most during meal times
  • the other students are always like, “what’s rap?”
  • and he goes on to rap them a verse or two
  • and they just nod their heads like they understand what’s going on


  • every gryffindor adores him
  • he’s the youngest of the youngest in the entire school!
  • doesn’t get taken seriously as often as he should, because “awww, baby chan is so precious and sweet!”
  • yeet say that again when he the only one that passes the astronomy tests with excellent scores
  • try me bitch
  • anyways
  • sorting hat didn’t know whether to put him in hufflepuff, ravenclaw, or gryffindor (hat didn’t even consider slytherin, that boy? in slytherin? nah)
  • shocked everyone at how loud he can be
  • but it’s okay bc he’s just so ;;u;;
  • dances in the gryffindor commons when he thinks nobody is there
  • caught by a pretty upperclassman girl mid-moonwalk
  • really awkward
  • made it worse by moonwalking out of the room
  • everyone finds out he can dance
  • dumbledore wants him to perform at quidditch championship
  • that boy was out of the room so fast, dumbledore thought it was a pegasus
  • sends lots of food to his mom and dad
  • listens to michael jackson A LOT
  • “Ugh, what is that rubbish cacophony? Turn it off!”
  • “………. What did you just say?”
  • gets expelled for killing a student

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hiyaaa could you do a luke imagine where he's on tour and you get admitted to hospital and he like freaks out and comes home and he doesnt tell you hes coming home bc he know that you'd make him stay? xxx

a/n: I made y/n pregnant because I.. don’t know, anyway, hope that’s cool :) 

 | request

Honestly, you loved being pregnant. At least, you loved it in theory; you loved the idea that a tiny little version of you and Luke was growing inside you — in fact the whole concept of growing a human inside you really blew your mind — and you loved that you were going to be a mum soon, that you’d get to see Luke being a dad.

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im 14 and I just feel depressed and lonely , I feel like if I try and get help no one will understand me .

nope nope nope nope nope nope!!! 14 youre at a young age. you have not even lived half of your life. you have so much to live for! so im going to take this from another prospective ive never tried this. but im going to tell you my story. 

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So back in December, I received a Swiftmas package from Taylor herself full of presents from London and LA all handpicked by her. She included a personal polaroid and a card saying “ And I Can’t Wait To Meet You (Soon!)”. So I mentioned to her over Tumblr that my dad and I would be flying to Glendale to see her. She liked the posts. Back in May, the 28th to be exact Taylor Nation asked for my number and my concert date. I responded and they received my info. It was months and months of “Am I meeting her or did they just want my number? Like Taylor said she wants to meet me?” I was confused. Anyways… so about a week before we left, another Swiftmas girl named lily met Taylor and the same thing had happened to her. She got asked her show and all back in may. That got me thinking about how I might actually get to meet Taylor. So, we fly out to Glendale to see Taylor and so I could meet my Best friend, Alecksis. The day before, I literally had my phone beside me all day hoping and hoping that Taylor Nation would call me to tell me I was meeting taylor. (Most of the swiftmas people got contacted the night before) On Sunday, nothing happened. I really began to lose hope that I wouldn’t get called. That night my heart was racing and I just had never felt closer to meeting Taylor the thought of it not happening brought me to tears. Monday morning I woke up, we went to breakfast and nothing. My dad and I went back to the hotel and I started to plan a quick poster to make, Swiftmas related to maybe get noticed by her people. At 9:17, we were legit sitting in the hotel room planning poster ideas and my phone rang. It was from Nashville. I looked at my dad I said oh my God cause I knew it had to be them. I answered… and the conversation went like this…
Me: “ Hello?”
TN: “Hi Rachel this is Sierra from Taylor Nation… how are you doing today?”
Me: “I’m good”
Sierra" “So are you going to the show tonight?”
Me: “Yes I am. I’m very excited”
Sierra: “So are you ready to meet Taylor?”
Me: *BURSTS OUT CRYING* “Are you serious?! I’m sorry I’m crying”
Sierra: “Yes I am congratulations & it’s okay I understand”
Me: “ I can’t believe this”…
Then She asked us what time we planned on arriving at the show and we said whenever. She informed us that we needed to go to will call to pick up 2 M&G passes between 4-4:30. We also told her we had a gift for Taylor and she said Taylor would get it from security but she would get it. I couldnt post about it until after it happened. when the call was over… I sobbed so hard. My dad and I hugged and he even cried. It was happening. So I got ready and I called my mom to tell her and she was so so happy for me and so was my Grandma. Around 3, I met up with my Best friend of 2 years, Alecksis at the Arena and we waited together. My dad and I legit checked will call every few minutes because I was so stoked. Around a quarter after 4, we finally got the pass and we read it together. It was so dang hot out we went to a restaurant and they were playing nonstop Taylor videos and that made me so happy. Even the Love Story video came on and I cried bc that song started my obsession with Taylor. Doors opened at 6, & all the M&G people met under section 101/102 by 6:15 to meet Taylor. We went and sat and eventually got in line, showed our pass and they gave us neon yellow bracelets on our right hand. They put my dad and I right at the front of the line because I explained I was one of the swiftmas people. So.. we moved to near the backstage doors where we got instructions to put our bags on a table along with the gifts for taylor. We waited in that area for about 30 minutes and finally they took us to the loft 89 room. I was put in the very front of the line. I was going to be first to meet Taylor. Erica wrote down my name and we stood outside of this tent and a guy went in and I caught a glimpse of Taylor and said “oh my god” he opened the curtain and I walked into Taylor and said her name.
Taylor goes “Rachel, My Buddy!!!!” & we hug! She hugged me so tight. She gives the BEST hugs in the world. Taylor then told me she was glad I was there and that we were finally meeting. Then I said I liked her outfit and she said “ Thank you, it’s new & she told me she liked my plaid dress” Then I told her how pretty she is & she responded by saying “WHY Thank you!” Then I said “thank you so much for all the Christmas presents” and said “awww I’m so glad you liked them” I then said “ I even have my bracelet on” and I showed her & she touched and was like “aww”. She’s so adorable. Then Taylor noticed my fox earrings and she started playing with the one on my right ear and she was like “those are so cute” & I said haha yeah I promised you on tumblr I’d wear something fox related and she smiled. Then it was picture time. She asked to have one of just us and then a group one. Taylor and i hugged and my eye was twitching I was smiling so hard. When we took the group picture, we had to retake it. “ Were my eyes closed? Yeah? Let’s do another one” said Taylor. After the pic taking we hugged and I said “I flew out here to see my best friend. Her name is Alecksis and she met you at GMA and she’s in left pit” Taylor said to tell her hi and she goes “Left pit.” Like she was taking note in her head. Taylor held my hand and I said “by the way I’m very happy for you about Calvin” and I said it in a lower voice so it was a moment between us. And she smiled and said “Yeah, he’s a good one”. My dad mentioned to her that we brought her a picture that he took of NYC and she was like “aww thank you so much” and she put her hands over her heart as she talked to us both. I told I got her presents and she was just smiling at me so big. We hugged. I said I love you and that was the end of my dream come true. ❤ Taylor, I love you so much and you make me so so happy. I could’ve said so much more but I’m so grateful we got to meet finally. I love you. I always have your back babe. 😘 Thank you for wanting to meet me. My life= MADE.
xoxo, Rachel (YOUR BUDDY)

I started making this list because it WAS our dear ERB’s birthday and I figured I would make a list of birthday head cannon for the guy who I love to BITS (sorry it’s late I’m very lazy and this was on my school laptop and I almost lost it and AHHH I should have posted it sooner anyway….)

•At his first birthday he had the traditional “Southern 1st Birthday Party”. Where his whole family came over, dressed nicely… He was in a fancy little pressed pair of shorts + shirt combo that his mom swooped him out of before singing happy birthday and placing his smash cake in front of him but he cried and they had to bathe him in the sink as he was absolutely coated in icing
•When he was three he stuck his hand into the big cake while they were singing happy birthday and it’s marked in the photo album as “Dicky’s first crime”
•One year (maybe he’s like nine or ten) all his male cousins all suggest they play football in the yard but he’s like “ohh.. Sorry y'all I already promised the girls, I would help them inside…. We’re baking cupcakes” and then suddenly ALL of his cousins are inside and baking cupcakes and Suzanne takes SO MANY pictures.
•Every year he and his mom bake their birthday cakes together.
•Moo Maw taught him how to make icing when he was barely four years old and he never forgot
•Coach gets him sports gear every year.
•Every year.
•He’s gotten very few gifts from his dad that are actually used
•He’s never thrown any of his presents away because he thanks his dad politely but when his mom offers to return them he can’t ever agree.
•In seventh grade the guys who locked him in a closet overnight tried to ruin his party but his mom took him to William’s Sonoma and made everything better
((That was the only school party he ever tried to have, every other year he just had family parties))

•given: he got there kind of late that night bc he had a game but he doesn’t have any plans for the next day so he’ll be spending Bitty’s actual birthday catering to him hand and foot
•when Jack first gets there bitty is being greeted and offered drinks like it’s nobody’s business. He’s also handing out mini pies. So when Bitty finally gets a moment with Jack it’s not a long one because suddenly it’s MIDNIGHT and Ransom & Holster have him on a keg getting him just as drunk as they did his frog year
•Bitty didn’t intend to get so drunk as he wanted to spend some SOBER time with Jack but “IT’S YOUR TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAY.” “THIS IS LEGAL NOW.” “WHAT WERE YOU REALLY EXPECTING???”
•Jack got a lil tipsy too though so it was okay (plus he wants his boyfriend to have a good time?? So he doesn’t mind. It’s Bitty’s day not his)
•So Bitty’s dancing and he’s dancing DIRTY
•And he makes the most obvious bedroom eyes at Jack THE WHOLE TIME HE’S DANCING TO GET ME BODIED who runs upstairs faster than he would like to admit
•And Jack’s supposed to be sleeping on an air mattress but HA HA HA that’s a good one
•So you know “shenanigans” that ensue when those two get left alone
•SIDENOTE–> Bitty continues dancing upstairs to other songs by Beyoncé including but not limited to:
Crazy in Love
Halo (smooches)
XO (the last song they really listen to before they’re totally distracted by each other)
Drunk In Love (afterwards)
•Bitty totally made a playlist with those songs in case he and Jack were ever in this situation
•Bitty totally thought about being in this situation with Jack rather than doing his homework on more than one occasion
•The next morning Bitty is woken up by a loud noise via god knows who or what when his boyfriend strolls in carrying breakfast in bed, still sporting his bed head
•"There’s a bunch of people downstairs are Rans and Holster just going to start it back up or,,?“ “At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they woke up and started dancing” “Don’t put it past them eh?
He has a slight hang over but Jack brought advil and water up with him and "This boy” and he checks the time, expecting almost noon but when Bitty looks at the clock it’s still fairly early. He asks why Jack got up so early to which he replies “What? No checking practice?” and they go to Faber and skate around– AFTER Bitty eats what he says are the best batch of birthday pancakes that anyone’s ever made him (Totally not true but the smile he gets out of Jack makes the little white lie totally worth it)
•They skated around gently
•They smooched A BUNCH
•It was really cute
•So cute it put Chowder and Farmer to shame
•((((SO MANY FINES))))
Okay back to the point
•They stop by Annies on their way to the Haus where they find Ransom and Holster have kicked everyone out and just people who live there + the frogs remain
•And says it’s the best pie he’s ever eaten
•And he’s still not over it when his sweet baby chowder comes in with a framed picture of the gang from the Falconers game they all went to
•The frame itself is Falconers blue
…The water works just won’t end. There are so many tweets
•Since our sweet hockey team is all pretty tired (or “Plum tuckered out” as Bitty put while it in his state of hysteria) they just sort of chill together and promise that next year the party will last all week but for now they catch up as no ones seen Shitty or Jack in a while so they all have fun telling stories that the others couldn’t get the full effect of via skype.

Now you’re asking yourself what did JACK get him?
Jack who bought him an oven when they were just friends, what did he get his BOYFRIEND when their anniversary soon approaches?
I’ll tell you.
Jack did not get Bitty one large gift this year oh no…. He got him 21 “small” gifts:
•HE GETS HIM FLOWERS YOU CAN FIGHT ME (He gets his favorites). Twenty of them being a certain color & then one being a different
•A new pair of Ray Bans (Bitty scratched them on the bus as he got too excited when he heard someone say something about the Falconers game from the previous week)
•A bottle of his favorite champagne, because Jack knows that Bitty prefers mimosas to bourbon
•As a sort of joke gift he wraps a bottle of lube + condoms; bitty swats at him and blushes a bunch as he puts them away in his drawer
•Expensive cold brew tea
•Tons of coffee… like four different flavors for the Keurig
•A bottle of the Cologne that jack likes on him
•A gift card to Annie’s
•Another falconers JERSEY, signed by most of the falconers… Originally just Jack but then Tater saw, and then everyone had to sign it.
•A baby falconers T-shirt for Senor Bunny (signed duh)
•A new spatula (bitty offhandedly mentioned that he wanted one)
•An apron– it has a Maple Leaf on it

Back on track again

•A copy of his photography portfolio from his senior year
•A little card that he drew with the Samwell and Falconers logo
•A signed Beyonce poster
•For Valentine’s Day Jack gave him a signed CD, flowers, and baked him a pie
•Bitty still isn’t over it.
•He’s getting them concert tickets for their anniversary
•A documentary on the history of baking in America
•By the end of it Bitty is crying and telling Jack he can’t do this every year Bitty won’t live through it
•That’s when Jack pulls out the box his dad sent; Jack doesn’t even know what’s inside
•Bitty laughs really hard and has happy weepy eyes and he’s like “You Zimmermanns… I swear”
•He opens the box– he reads the card first he’s a polite man he knows how this goes. The card congratulates him on making captain and says that he can call him if he ever wants/needs advice on ANYTHING– ANYTHING AT ALL.
Then towards the bottom “Maybe you should even consider a visit this summer so we can discuss…. Things :)”
Bitty laughs and is like “ha ha He thinks I should go to Montreal.” and Jack blushes because he wants that a lot too but now isn’t the time to offer
•There’s a bag of Maple Leaf shaped maple flavored candies
•A small Canadian flag
•A t-shirt with a big maple leaf
And Bitty’s baffled, Mr. and Mrs. Zimmermann only found out about him and Jack recently. He’s assuming this is a sort of joke gift but he’s got a longer envelope at the bottom of the box
Bity opens it
It’s a plane ticket
To Montreal
From Providence
He makes a loud gaspy noise and slaps Jack’s arm
He realizes later that between Jack, Bad Bob, and HIS OWN MOTHER, they had picked a week that Bitty could visit
He’s speechless

•Jack gives him the tickets to the Bey concert on the 18th
•Bitty cries harder than he did over the oven
•He’s in hysterics
•He doesn’t remember how to form words that aren’t “thank you” “I love you” or “my QUEEN”
•He gives Jack the best thank you sex after the concert
•He considers the concert the best night of his life

I watched Palo Alto last night and it was really good lol I cried anyway // woke up feeling a bit stressed/angry at everything/cold // felt like shit for the whole day bc grades and workload // I’m so stressed out // Exams are coming up and I’m still feeling lost // it was raining the whole ride home so I listened to sad music and slept // my dad was home when I came home and he’s literally never home earlier than 8 so idk surprising to see him here but I don’t feel like talking // he made dinner for once ha ah // I want to sleep more and cry

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If you still want blurb requests, I would die if you wrote about luke and y/n taking care of y/n's newborn nephew for the day and him being so careful trying not to break or upset him, and eventually when he has to change the diaper he gets all whiney bc hes nervous :( i love my boy :(

Luke’s voice was so soft as he stood next to you, staring down at the little baby sleeping soundly in his carrier. “Look at him, so tiny.” 

Ever so gently he reached down to feather the back of his finger across the wisps of hair adorning your nephew’s head, until the baby shifted in his sleep and Luke’s hand pulled back so fast like he was afraid he woke him up. “Oh,” was all that he said once the baby just sighed and shifted, before stilling and resuming his mid morning nap. 

Luke didn’t think much of the baby, until later when he woke up, crying and hungry and reaching for human contact. Luke watched as you picked up your nephew, softly shushing his cries and rocking him back and forth in your arms. You turned towards Luke, a smile adorning your face that he’d never seen, but similar to a smile his mother wore years ago. “Would you heat up a bottle, Lu?” 

He did so carefully, adding just the right amount of formula and heating up the milk (but not too hot, he made sure to test the liquid on the inside of his wrists every couple of seconds) before bringing it back to you. “Do you want to feed him?” You asked, because Luke’s eyes were on the baby the minute he came back into the room. 

Your boyfriend stuttered for an answer, glancing between you and the baby like he didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know,” He murmured. “He’s so small, I don’t wanna hurt him.” 

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concept/fic idea: draco's away somewhere so scorpius has to stay at hogwarts and albus decides to stay too. there's barely anyone there so they're not rly bullied and albus decides hogwarts isn't too bad (also mrs weasley sends scorp a jumper as well as albus)

I love this so much omg

Warnings: cursed child spoilers? (I actually cried while writing this bc it’s so sad wtf)

 “What are you doing for Christmas, Scorp?” 

“Staying here,” Scorpius said, upset. “My dad is going to visit my grandparents in France. He said I could come, obviously, and he tried really hard to convince me, but I don’t want to.” 

“Really? Well that’s great, then, because I’m staying too!” Albus exclaimed.


“I can’t stand James’s new girlfriend and she’s coming over for Christmas, so I don’t really want to be there.” He chuckled.

Scorpius gave his friend a small smile, now feeling less sad about his dad being away.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad, then.”

Everyone left to go home a week later, and it was just the two of them left at Hogwarts.

“It’s just us! There’s only a few first and second years from the other houses that are still here! This is so cool, we can do whatever we want, Scorp!”

Scorpius forced a laugh and a smile.


He wasn’t fooling Albus, though.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well I don’t really get to see my dad that often, and we normally have a lot of fun over Christmas. It’s also a time that we think a lot about Mom, because it was her favorite holiday, so since she died, it’s always been kind of a hard time for us. He always makes sure that I still have an enjoyable holiday, though.”

Scorpius looked away when he felt tears form in his eyes, but Albus already saw them. He enveloped Scorpius into a tight hug, and didn’t release him until Scorpius started to pull away.

“Well then I’ll try my hardest to make sure you still have fun,” Albus told him with a smile.

Scorpius was actually in a good mood after that, and the two of them commenced in all sorts of activities around the castle. They even tried pranking Professor Longbottom, but he caught them before they had finished setting everything up. At the end of the day, they laid in their beds talking.

“You know, it’s not so terrible here when everyone else is gone.”

“Yeah,” Scorpius said before he let out a long yawn. “No one to constantly harass us.”

“Exactly,” Albus said with a chuckle. “Goodnight, Scorpius.”

“G’night, Albus.”

They woke up on Christmas morning to tons of gifts at the end of their beds.

Scorpius smiled and went for everything from his dad first. Before opening the gifts, he read the letter he had sent him.


I really wish you could be here with us, but I know you feel that your grandparents can be a bit…overbearing. Just know that they do love you, though. I’ve been thinking a lot about you and your mother. She loved you so much, Scorpius. You meant the world to her. I know that you know that, but I just felt like I should tell you again. I know this year must be especially hard for you. I’m sorry I can’t be with you. I’m glad Albus is there with you, though, so you’re not alone. I hope you’re still having a good holiday. I love you so much, Scorp. Hopefully I’ll see you soon.


Scorpius quickly wiped his eyes, glad that all of Albus’s attention was on his own things.

Albus happily reached for his next gift, which was from Grandma Molly. He opened it to find a dark green sweater with an ‘A’ stitched onto the front. He smiled and put it on. As well as the sweater, she had included several pieces of the fudge she makes that Albus loves so much.

Scorpius only had one box left, leaving it for last because he didn’t know who it was from. Albus grinned as he watched him open it.

Scorpius looked at Albus, shocked when he saw what was inside.

Scorpius pulled out a royal blue sweater with a large ‘S’ on it.

“She didn’t have to…”

Albus smiled.

“She wanted to. I wrote to her and said that you were staying and what not, and she said she was going to jump right on making you one. You’re practically like family to them, anyway. They see you every time they see me.”

Scorpius smiled down at the sweater before putting it on.

“She’s great. I love your grandma.”

“As much as you love me?” Albus said with a wink as he got up and walked over to Scorpius.

“Not quite,” Scorpius said and stood up to give Albus a hug.

Albus hugged him tightly, and the pulled back only enough so he could look at the blond.

“I know it’s not exactly how you wanted to spend the holiday, but it’s the best I could do.”

Scorpius smiled at him.

“It’s wonderful, thank you.”

“I still have one more gift for you,” Albus whispered with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Albus…you already got me so much, I don’t need-”

Scorpius was cut off by Albus’s lips on his. The kiss was short, but held so much emotion in it.

“Funny,” Scorpius mumbled, blushing slightly when they pulled away. “I’ve been asking for that for years.”

“Merry Christmas, Scorpius.”

“A very merry Christmas, indeed.”

Albus grinned at him before leaning in to kiss him again.

I watched Bay Window 10 hours ago but I'm still having emotions so here's some stray thoughts bc my life got consumed by a fucking sitcom on Disney channel
  • I honestly have not stopped laughing about Lucas freaking out at him looking the same in his baby photos omfg
  • The return of Cory Matthew’s obnoxious yellow hoodie God Bless America
  • Now, as riarkle af as I am, I am always lowkey crying about rilaya. And I just. Riley and Maya, ages 7 - 20something in this episode, were the gayest they’ve ever been, like so gay it fucking cleared my skin.
  • (I’m not fucking kidding I clicked the link with my face looking as usual and when I turned off my computer, my skin was almost fucking clear. This is the best my skin has looked in months. I am honestly so fucking confused especially since I’m approaching my period so if anything I should be breaking out???? Riley and Maya’s homosexual love honestly cleared my skin there is no other logical answer here)
  • Topanga going on about how you get “used to comfortable” was really interesting. I can’t remember the exact wording atm but it gave me a lot of riarkle vibes and also threw me back to her and Cory’s first breakup. Where, ya know, they broke up because they were too comfortable together/nothing felt new. I need to rewatch that little speech tho bc it was interesting.
  • Okay I’m sorry but Lucas starring at his phone in confusion and mild horror going “Guys something is wrong” I’m dying
  • Like I love Lucas in situations like that but just everything else they do with him is like. Stop. Pls.
  • “You are both very special to me in…whatever ways you will eventually tell me” I honestly groaned so loud I woke up a bird sleeping in the tree next to my window. The bird was not amused and neither was I.
  • Farkle meeting the girls was so freaking adorable I can’t even begin but if Riley didn’t already know him why was he at a costume party in her apartment??
  • I got really weirded out when I realized “Baby Riley, Baby Maya and Baby Farkle” where all. Like. Around the same age I was when I first started watching Boy Meets World/when BMW ended. Like one of my first vivid memories in general is I was like maybe 4 and sitting on the floor in front of the tv, and Cory had a job as a telemarketer or something??? And he’s fighting with a costumer on the phone and goes “I’m bringing in the WIFE.” and Topanga made the sale. And now I’m a gross legal adult and watching a show about their kids. Yikes. Just fuck me up.
  • The little shout out to Mrs. Swavorski was nice.
  • They messed up their timelines again though because this had Maya saying her dad left when she was 7. But in GM Forgiveness they said he left when she was 5. Not that big of a deal but I like to nitpick.
  • Lil’ Farkle wearing a turtlenecks because he was scared of Vampires but then dressing up as Dracula because “My brain is very fancy” had me on the floor omfg. That was so cute and also like I’m 90% sure I did something similar at that age so this just further confirms that Farkle Minkus is My Son.
  • *Topanga, in labor, frantically honking the car horn* “YEAH, YEAH, WE ALL GOT THINGS HAPPENING.”
  • C O R Y like listen that scene was the closest we’ve gotten to Vintage Cory Matthews in a while and I’m LIVING
  • Farkle getting all embarrassed when the girls appreciated his glo up game awww
  • Riley telling Maya she’s her safe place and Maya holding up her hand to show off her ring and saying “And I’m yours”. How…heterosexual…
  • yeah, sure
  • Adult Maya getting her art showcased in SoHo!!! Yaaass bitch!!!!
  • Baby Maya literally just climbing into a stranger’s apartment because she liked the room decorations and heard a pretty girl singing omfg I could go on for hours.
  • Like I want to see what Cory’s reaction to eventually finding her there would’ve been you feel me?? I can just see him walking in and getting confused about the random little girl and Maya just tries to convince him she’s a ghost or something omggggg
  • “Whatever you want”, said softly with a loving smile.
  • So hetero
  • How does Farkle even get his hair like that
  • They joked about Riley almost drowning while bobbing for apples but fun fact in 3rd grade I had a Birthday/Halloween party and we had a tub set up out in my back yard and this one girl Kerry stuck her head in the water and deadass no lie a brick fucking fell on her head and she almost drowned and had to go home. So, the question is, why wasn’t overprotective Papa Bear Cory Matthews obsessively chaperoning the game when he knew how accident prone his 6 year old daughter was?
  • But Farkle saved her life like the prince she was dreaming of so I guess I ain’t even mad.
  • Okay it made for a cute episode and I get why Maya was upset, I do, but…Riley should not have to ask for Maya’s permission to redecorate her room??? It’s seemingly little things like this that make it hard for me to figure out whether or not I actually like Maya ugh
  • Why does Topanga’s hair appear to be a different length in every episode?
  • I like how they just walked in on their daughter and her friends tearing down wall paper and throwing everything out and even though they apparently had no heads up on this, C+T were just like “I'ght.”
  • As much as I don’t care about Lucaya, that “Giddy up, Huckleberry!” part was super adorable.
  • “Have some dignity, Riley!”
  • Can someone with actual talent make a gif of Baby Maya saying that and Riley yelling that when Maya jumped on Josh’s back orrrrr
  • Honestly everything that came out of Baby Maya’s mouth made me go “awww” like that kid was so good omg
  • I almost cried during the last scene and I’m kinda mad at myself tbh
  • Idk what else to say like I have more thoughts but I think this is my 40th bullet point so I’m wrapping this shit up rn. Overall, great episode. I’m still lowkey emotional. Honestly send help.