I’m so proud of Louis. He has such a stage presence. He used that big ass stage and filled it 100% of his performance. He made sure to acknowledge every single side of that stage and make sure every one of those thousands of people got a little bit of him. And HE DID THAT WHILE HITTING EVERY SINGLE NOTE HE SANG. WITH A SONG THAT HAD A TEMPO CHANGE! That song was faster, and he still jumped around, slid around, and sang his heart out all over that stage.

I honestly couldn’t be more proud of him if I tried. He is the most talented and best boy, and he deserves the absolute WORLD!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite jikook blogs?

ohoho i have so many but heRE WE GO

@yourpinkpill - ummm, the source of not only the best jikook gifs, but all gifs???? i absolutely love them and i love seeing them on my dashboard!! thEYRE AMAZING AND DESERVE ALL THE LOVE (imagine how hard it must be to make such perfect gifs?)

@wingstyles - kjdkksd i love their blog so much they’re absolutely hilarious!!! i have no idea how they come up with their text posts (a robot? yeah probably a robot) and sometimes i spend so long just scrolling through their blog… I LOVE THEM SO MUCH IT PHYSICALLY HURTS

@trashywickie - their fake subs give me life??? they’re always so hilarious and they always manage to make my day!!!! like i totally recommend following them. not only do they post those amazing subs, but they also do really good analyses from time to time!!!!

@mintsugakookies - the u l t i m a t e jikook blog. if u arent following them then wyd?? (lmao jk.) they also post lots of jikook gifs and they’re great and they write fanfiction, too!!! overall, i recommend, 11/10, i die whenever i go to their blog so….

@tanktoptiger @harunyany - more wonderful jikook gif makers!!!!!! tanktoptiger’s text posts (though they aren’t jikook) make me laugh so hard skfjksdf. and then there’s the amazing harunyany whose blog is… like, goals. (its not fair.)

@jikookdetails - i can literally always count on them to notice every single detail (as their url implies, lmao). like, they’re a god. thats some top tier stuff right there that they’re doing, im telling you. gifs are amazing, and they’re blog goals.

@bkayl - another one of those jikook blogs where if you’re not following them…. u good? lmao jk. their analyses are great all the time and i frequently visit them when i need my daily dose of jikook. they’re probably one of the blogs that actually got me into jikook in the first place  👀

and so many others like @mimibtsghost, @parkdatassjiminie, @chim-n-kookie, @pkjjm, @caughtinjimin, @hellosempai1, @staycute1234, and sO MANY MORE I WISH I COULD LIST AND WRITE A PARAGRAPH ABOUT BUT THIS POST HAS ALREADY GOTTEN SO LONG AND I SINCERELY LOVE EVERY SINGLE BLOG ON HERE EQUALLY N THEYRE AMAZING <33333