Look at what I found today

I was at the comic book store w/ rianne to buy her sister Seconds and I was going through the indie comic isle and I found this

But what’s so special about this, you might ask? Perhaps you might recognize this character

Look familiar yet?

How ‘bout now?

I now own the comic where this original meme came from and I got it for 5 bucks I own a legend

title: you are safe in my heart

author: sadfic

rating: mature

word count: 57042

summary: “Why?” Louis asks with curiosity, and it’s all like everything’s frozen in time because their eyes aren’t moving anymore, aren’t taking their views off of each other. Green, green, green like the purest of vines and blue, blue, blue like the depths of the ocean below them. “What’d you wish for?”

Green, green, green eyes flicker across his face and Louis can just tell the locations they’re quickly looking at. Eyes, lips, jaw, back to the lips and then returning to the eyes. There’s longing, Louis can tell, he knows that look. He may be just short of twenty years of living, but he’s no idiot. That look - that’s something else.

Harry knows when to speak, and when he does, he’s splitting open the deafening silence with words that may just be subtle but some of the worst to reach Louis’ ears. “Something - something I can’t have.”

or: a seventeen-year-old, soon-to-be-wed aristocrat meets a poor, wayward artist on the ill-starred RMS Titanic

video of ashton and bryana kissing in disney!!!