Run. Part 1

Requested By Anonymous. Clarke makes it back to the rocket in time for it to take off, but her helmet is still cracks and she’s covered in boils.

 Clarke pushed her feet further with every bit of energy in her, she’d managed to get the antenna working and she only had nine minutes to get back before the others were forced to leave. Clarke could sense Praimfaya approaching behind her and she’d never moved so fast in her life. For little legs she was doing well, that was until she tumbled over a sticking up branch, crashing down on the floor the brunt of the force hitting the glass and she was on her feet nevertheless, moving once again as the crack in her mask expanded and soon enough the glass completely shattered and she could barely breath. She could hardly run anymore but her body pushed. She had to get to the rocket, she had to reach the others. She had to get back to Bellamy.

Out of breath she fell into the lab, helmet long gone but her skin was bubbling and burning, screeching in pain, her suit had been slightly torn by the fall. Her pain filled cries were heard from down the stairs and in seconds footsteps were echoing towards her until she saw a fuzzy vision of Bellamy and Murphy. They were yelling but it was only muffled as her ears burned with boils. She felt the blood trickle out of her mouth as she collapsed in someone’s arms before feeling herself get carried towards the glistening white rocket.

“Get her in fast, we need to leave now!” It was clearly Raven’s voice but she couldn’t see her, only hearing a mumble of mortified gasps. Clarke could only imagine what she looked like, she gathered it was an unpleasant from the sharp gasps. She heard a slam of a hatch and she knew soon enough Raven would be shouting for them to hold on. But Clarke knew she might not make it to that point, she could barely see or hear and she felt the sizzling flaming all over her body, she just had one thing to say if this really was her time to die.

“B-Bell-” She hissed through the pain, it was harder to talk than she thought. The burning coming from around her mouth too, making it even worse. Whoever was beside her must of heard her struggle too and scolded.

“Sh Clarke, you’re just making your injuries worse. You get sick before you get better alright.” It was definitely Bellamy’s optimism, he was close to her she could feel it, there was a click of a belt and she wondered if he was in his seat yet. But Raven yelled out.

“Bellamy, sit your ass down before you get thrown around this rocket like a ping pong ball!” Raven demanded and Clarke heard a faint click before the rocket began to rattle to life, preparing to shoot off into the atmosphere. “Get ready girls and boys!”

With that Clarke felt the rocket be released from it’s launchpad, the entire time there was a gentle hold on her hand, she knew it was Bellamy because he was gentle with her injuries even though it still hurt, she didn’t want him to let go so she didn’t complain. If she was to die in the rocket she’d at least want it to be in his hold. The burns and boils effects were intensifying, Clarke cried out in pain.

“My hands feel like someone has just ripped them off, I can’t imagine the pain she’s feeling.” She heard Monty called out from the other seat beside her, the rocket shook violently, tousling them around only adding to the agony she was going through. She just wished it would kill her already. Just as her thoughts crossed, her eyes fluttered shut, the pain subsiding as she passed out her screaming finally falling silent. Bellamy didn’t care less about the rattling of the rocket he was calling her name, his voice desperate for her to wake. He wasn’t able to check her pulse seem as it under her suit and if he opened that now the oxygen in her suit would be sucked out. All he could do was hope but she wasn’t breathing and keeping hope when her head was lolling side to side, no sign of life in her, was hard.

“You need to wake up Clarke, you have to show me you’re alive, please,” Bellamy begged as they entered orbit and Raven now swivelled in her seat to check if everyone was ok. “Show me something.” Bellamy’s hand on Clarke’s knee was what was keeping her from hovering in her seat because of the Zero-G, Bellamy knew her belt would press against her already blistered stomach if he released her, so he snapped his head in Raven’s direction urgently. “Hurry, Raven, if she is alive she probably won’t be for much longer.”

Raven understood, undoing her belt and the Zero-G took over and she let out a happy laugh before doing a front spin as Murphy and Monty reached the hatch tugging it open, Echo and Emori watched in amazement, they’d never seen anything like it. Raven kicked through the leg and pushed herself outside, Harper had attached her wire to assure that Raven didn’t end up floating around aimlessly. Bellamy wished Raven well before returning his attention to the unconscious Clarke.

“We didn’t survive this long for you to die on me, Clarke.” Bellamy growled, he was angry that she was dying, angry that Monty got hurt and he had to leave Clarke. He was mad that the nightbood didn’t seem to be working. There were several other reasons for his frustration and each one made him need Clarke more. He couldn’t survive the next five years in space without her, he wouldn’t be able to handle Murphy’s taunting remarks or Monty’s consistent need to work or Echo’s…Echoness. He needed Clarke to keep him centered and if she wasn’t he’d end up spending those five years of his life shut away in his room, until he came back to Earth and reunited with his sister. Before he allowed his emotions to come out.

“She did it!” Monty let out happily, unclipping his belt and pushing into the seat where Raven had sat. He’d got basic training from Raven how to move the rocket into the hatch and he hoped he didn’t do something stupid, they only had a limited amount of fuel, plus their oxygen tanks were flashing red now. It was now or never or they die. 

The moment they slotted in the space provided, Bellamy felt the Zero-G vanish, Monty was out first, Murphy following helping with the oxidation machine, they had two minutes of air and Bellamy knew if need be he’d give the remainder of his oxygen to Clarke, without it her body would shut down much faster than the others would. Bellamy was last out seem as he was carrying her bridal style, praying he wasn’t hurting her and made his way out, Harper and Echo waiting ready to take her from him, but he shook his head.

“Come on, we need to get to a vent.” Bellamy instructed, gesturing for them to follow him towards where Monty and the others had darted off. Clarke shifted in his arms and he let out a sigh until he realised she woke because of the pain, his eyes watering as he saw her pain, he wished he could trade places with her, take her pain away. He sat down against a wall beside a vent, he was going to place Clarke next to him but he couldn’t bare it, so he left her sobbing in his arms until Monty signalled it was fine to remove their masks, he pulled Clarke’s off first. Then his own. They both gasped for breath, Clarke curling in his arms as the agonising pain shot through her. “Hey. Hey look at me okay. Look at me.”

Clarke looked at him through tears, trying to push away the pain for a second to give him her attention. Bellamy had a tear stained face, almost as soaked as hers but he cradled her face in his hands, she tried not to wince at the contact.

“You get sick before you get better, right? The pain is temporary, you will not die, ok. You will not die.” Bellamy’s voice was strained, his face close to hers, she wasn’t sure how he could actually see her when she knew her face was covered in blisters and boils. But Bellamy couldn’t care less, this was the girl he’d had no intention in falling for, the girl who stole his heart and took him by surprise. The girl who stood by his side and that wasn’t ending now. Clarke nodded, just for him, she didn’t know if she was going to make it but she knew she had to give him hope, so she managed a smile through her tears and nodded, relaxing when she saw the relief swamp his expression. “Good.”

anonymous asked:

1/2 your blog inspired me to look at my family and what was occurring in my household. there was a lot of racism and homophobia i had to learn to detach myself from. i couldn't have done it without the awareness you continually spread on Tumblr, even if it may seem insignificant to you. i can gladly say i surround myself with amazing poc & lgbtq+ members who have taught me love and acceptance firsthand. love isn't some cookie cutter version spewed by society.

it’s the thing we create within ourselves and dare to share with others who are different than us. my parents may disagree with my views on the world and my seemingly apparent “naive” attitude…. but i can say that that attitude will be what will change the world one day. what will unite us rather than separate us.

THIS WAS SO CUTE WHAT THE SAM HECKING PECKING GOGGLBE GOBBLE TURKEY IM CRYING. i love you, nonny, and i’m so glad you find some sort of comfort or peace or happiness or whatever on my blog. don’t worry. we aren’t our parents. my mom’s sister is super racist to the point her own daughter wants to clock her in the face. THIS WAS REALLY SO CUTE AND SWEET AND IM TERRIBLE AT RESPONDING TO THESE BUT I LOVE YOU, SUGAR COOKIE GUMMY BEAR. i hope we do change the world one day, one person at a time. 


[ENG] 160119 Live in Vietnam (DELETED)

Note: This vlive was never re-uploaded due to Jin’s cursing lol