does dan have any fucking clue what he is doing to me I mean I have feelings too but the masterbation and sexuality and shit really really fucked me up please send in help and about a crap load of tissues to catch my tears please Dan I was like hahaha this looks so cute his little jacket and glasses and then aww Winnie the Pooh oh wait fuck wat wat is happening oh hey there Phil wait Evan P ha Phil would have to film that waaaait this is actually fcking genius work his rapping is ON FIRE Hahahaha get it , no but srsly jay Z Kanye bruv get Dan on board the next single he be roasting them potatoes till they golden brown but ha the only thing burning is my whole sense of who i am and wat fucking emotions I’m having and I’m already hyperventilating I had to watch the video 14 times to feel slightly any better because I’m just a small trash can that needs to be emptied and the fucking can is splitting and melting

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honestly idk why but ive always loved the type of boxers that gerard wore for several years (like the kind in that picture you reblogged of the white/black striped shirt). its just So Good and they're So Attractive, im dead.

wait you mean,



because idk man, it looks like he just saw that the tighty whities were on sale at target and bought one of every color and then wore them for 3 straight years


160309 Jin’s Tweet

#슈가생일ㅊㅋ 안녕 잘생긴 윤기 형 이제 운동 끝났으니 갈게. 넌 내 하나뿐인 룸메 세상에 딱 하나

#HappyBirthdaySuga Hello handsome Yoongi, now that hyung has finished exercising I’ll go (back soon). You’re my one and only roommate, the only one in the world

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John_Boyega: Dear babies. Why is it when you meet me you stare then seconds later start climbing on me and using me as an adventure playground. I don’t get it. #nephew #lookinglikebabyfinn