@alessandraambrosio: Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been working for this amazing brand that inspires me and women all over the world. In my wildest dreams I would have never imagined doing 17 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. Thank you Ed, and all my Victoria’s Secret family for making these memories unforgettable. Last night was so emotional to say goodbye to my #angel sisters but we put on the biggest and best show ever. I could not have done this without all the love and support from my fans. It gives me great pride to be part the Victoria’s Secret movement! I will always be cheering for you! Love you forever ❤️

#now that explains why she wasn’t eating

📚 Author Themed Asks 📚

Because I love books and I CANNOT find an ask-prompt that satisfies my literary sensibilities AND my insatiable desire to troll. (Feel free to reblog). 

F. Scott Fitzgerald: How would you describe your ‘ideal’ brunch attire?

J.K. Rowling: What is your Hogwarts house? 

Donna Tartt: Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of? 

Sylvia Plath: What is your favorite artistic medium?

Dostoevsky: Do you sleep feverishly or perhaps not at all? 

George R.R. Martin: Would you rather marry for wealth/power or murder for it?

J.R. Tolkien: What is your favorite magical creature? 

Jane Austen: What social faux-pas annoys you the most? 

Leo Tolstoy: Do you feel honor-bound to betray aspects of your formally bleak and morally corrupt life?

Hans Christian Anderson: What is your favorite fairytale?

Lord Byron: Are you narcissistic? 

JD Salinger: What is/was your worst subject in school?

Stephen King: What kind of curse would most effectively punish you for disrespecting the sanctity of some Native American burial grounds?

Oscar Wilde:  Would you sweep your rival a magnificently lethal leg at the top of a long flight of stairs? 

Charles Dickens:  How do you really feel about children? 

Edith Wharton: Do you love someone with every fiber of your being but respect them too much to touch them?  


HAPPY KIHYUN DAY! november 22, 1993 ♡

happy birthday to monsta x’s main vocal, yoo kihyun! words cannot begin to describe how much you mean to me and how much happiness you’ve brought me and others. thank you for your hard work, for caring for your members, for making monbebe (all around the world) happy. monbebe are and will always be proud of you and admire your strength, your passion, your talent, and will continue to support you and watch you grow as an artist and person. i love you ♡♡♡



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I’ve been wanting to make this brief introduction to lychnomancy ever since I made my first post about the different forms of Pyromancy and after reaching the 400 follower milestone, I figured it was about time!

Now, admittedly, lychnomancy is not a very complex practice. It is a very basic form of divination involving three identical candles arranged in a triangle; you ask a question, light the candles, then focus on your query as you or someone else interprets the candle’s flames. 

If one flame burns brighter than the others, the answer is a positive one. Wavering or flickering flames indicated a journey, or that you may encounter obstacles. If your flame spirals upward, enemies are plotting against you. An uneven flame indicates danger. If sparks occur, caution is advised. It is considered very bad luck if all flames are extinguished at once, but I have never personally seen this occur and consider it rare!

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Despite being rather simplistic, I really do love this form of divination. It speaks to me on a level that I cannot describe and every time I read the flames to answer my own questions, it feels deeply personal. 

I’ve taken creative liberty with this practice to spice things up every once in a while. Sometimes I will take a crystal that represents my emotions, charge it with my thoughts and feelings, and place it in the center of the three candles just before lighting them, as a way of focusing. This way the fire is able to draw on the power of raw emotion. Other times I will include tarot, using a combination of a single card and the three flames to find the answer to my question. It feels more detailed and dynamic this way.

I love what fire represents. It is the energy of life. It is passionate, raw and untamed. Dangerous, necessary, creative, and destructive. It is the most lively of the elements, and it can do so much. It is no different in lychnomancy. When practicing, keep that in mind. A simple candle flame can be so many different things, and it’s important to be in touch with your emotions when you practice any sort of pyromancy. However, be sure to balance yourself out afterward. If you do get this involved with your divination you’ll start to feel burnt out, like a candle at the end of its wick. Take a moment, drink some water - to put out the flames inside, of course - and breathe. Use the other elements to ground yourself. Sit on the floor, breathe deeply, and have some water nearby.

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 As a special gift to all of my followers, I will be keeping my divination requests open throughout the month of May starting today, April 30th! I will be answering questions using the very basic form of lychnomancy as not to exert myself with constant, draining sessions. Feel free to send me an ask at any time ( anon or not! ) with any questions you may have, and I will answer it as soon as I am able!

Practice safely, my witchy friends~

170504 Kyoong Party - 1
  • Baekhyun: I will keep bringing you happiness. Thank you.
  • Fans: I love you
  • Baekhyun: You love me? Tell me that again.
  • Fans: I love you.
  • Baekhyun: Me too.

hey my lovely dear friends, human or otherwise 😺🐶 I was lucky enough to receive an early access code from EA for the new cats & dogs expansion!! big thanks going out to EA!

so, without any further ado, I am so excited to share with you my take on the highly anticipated addition of our furry friends into the sim world. join your girl blarf as I take on my first day in Brindleton Bay! 

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Oh my love,

I cannot promise you many things.

I cannot promise you that I will always be full of joy. I cannot promise you that I will always be secure in myself. I cannot promise you that I will always be fit and attractive and youthful. I cannot promise you that I will always be able to help you in whatever you are going through. I cannot promise you that I will always be able to talk about what is going on inside me, because sometimes there aren’t words to describe the shades of darkness that can creep into a man’s heart.

I cannot promise you many things, but this is what I can promise you-

I promise that I will always try to make you laugh, every single day. I promise that I will always try to love myself so that I can love you even more. I promise that, even when I get fat and old, my eyes will always be the same shade of green that you fell in love with when we were both young and beautiful. I promise that, no matter what you are going through, I will always be there to hold you as long as you need me to. And I promise that, no matter what is going on inside me, I will always love you. No matter how dark and damaged I become from life’s battles, I will always love you with every piece of this battered, broken heart.

—  Z.M.Letter #2 to you, wherever you are.

steph_luv25: 10•16•18
I’ve been in love with you for 7 years…7 YEARS!!!. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me. I’m so proud of you and your success. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for promoting kindness, love, positivity, and equality. Thank you for being an amazing person to look up to. You and the boys are my life, my world 🌎 you all changed my life for the better. I’m so glad I got to see you and tell you how much I love you, Harry Edward Styles❤️


Emma Thompson, Very Serious Dramatic Actor™

Mrs. Lovett, what a charming notion                                                      Eminently practical and yet appropriate, as always!                                    Oh, Mrs. Lovett                                                                                            How I’ve lived without you all these years I’ll never know!

anonymous asked:

Somewhere in Dallas a tired media relations intern just had to update the list of things they'd prefer Tyler not say in interviews to include 'compare team chemistry with falling in love' and 'refer to the entire team roster as his girlfriend.' They're slotting in right above 'saying he prefers stallions' but below 'sitting naked on a Zamboni and suggestively fellating a rocket pop.' It's a long list. Good omen for the season though.

godspeed, dallas stars media intern. we’re all rooting against your work, of course, because who here doesn’t want to witness tyler digging himself into a homoerotic hole. but still. godspeed to you.

10 mile run today i watched the Ochako vs. Bakugou ep (subbed then dubbed) then Midoriya vs. Todoroki (subbed then dubbed) and i am dead and murdered conclusions are as follows:

  • i love anime physics because if any of this were real i think all of Ochako’s hair woulda been singed off. 
  • like damn japan i admire your insistence that fire attacks are just Big Amorphous Bludgeoning Weapons
  • Bakugou’s…surprised and peeved “she’s not dead” slays me like look i know thats your “thing” but you cant expect her to be fucking dead. scratch that you cant be surprised when shes not.
  • Everyone, up 18 stories high in the high-rise bleachers, watching massive amounts of shrapnel rise into the air until an entire torn up car garage is floating in the sky, “hmmm…..Uraraka really has no plan…she should attempt something but shes not……shame….pity….”
  • i want a gag reel where all the pro heroes in the stands just. continually get smacked by the shit the contestants throw off the stage. people bludgeoned by falling rocks. an entire section frozen over in ice. like that spongebob Frycook Games episode.
  • Kirishima for best 1-A Boy. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu for best 1-B boy. Combine for the ultimate Best Boy.
  • the phonecall scene. im not crying youre crying,. shut up
  • Izuku, stepping up on stage, doing yoga stretches and drinking Gatorade, “anyway time for a friendly and sportsmanlike game of Let’s Massively Fuck Up My Body”
  • Kissanime has started doing this “im not a robot” feature where it shows you five images, describes two, and you gotta click on those two. Anyway one of the descriptions was boy, injured and the image was fanart of Deku bloody and fucked up like i cannot make this shit up
  • Izuku: has 8 broken fingers and a broken arm. Todoroki: is cold. It’s anyone’s game.


  • Izuku punched him AT LEAST twice and that’s a real damn satisfying thing
  • For real I love that the point of Deku’s whole screaming fit is that he’s offended Todoroki wont beat him up harder. That’s on par with Bakugou being offended that Todoroki declared war on Izuku and not him. 
  • Todoroki offends a lotta people
  • IT’S *Y O U R* POWER”     E  N D   M  E
  • I love when the UA teachers have to play a rousing game of “fuck do we have to intervene before Izuku literally murders himself”
  • Todoroki’s fire side going the fuck up is just???? damn????? DAMN??? THIS FUCKING OP ANIME CHILD WHOMST I LOVE???
  • RIP in pieces Mama Midoriya who no doubt died of 14 simultaneous heart attacks when that final collision went down
  • The dust settles. Izuku wavers, then collapses, out of bounds. Endeavor lets out a whoot of victory. “That’s my boy!” he shouts. Slowly, Todoroki raises his arm in triumph. Wait a minute. Not in triumph. No look at his hand. He’s got his middle finger up. That’s what he’s raising. Damn all the way to the sky. Fuck You Dad he declares, like a true champion. Endeavor smiles but he’s dead inside.
Words cannot describe all that you mean to me. I could spend hours trying to fit words together like a puzzle to fit into the enigma of you. However, even Shakespeare is at a loss for words when it comes to the effect your honey brown eyes have on me. These words will never do you justice or depict how your love forever changed me. You are the words that flow from my pen, you are every love song and quote that I come across. I do not write these words for you, but rather you are the words that beg to be written.
bisexualkananmatsuura call out post

I wish to start by saying that I never wanted to do this. I absolutely hate calling people out, and in this fandom, there are a few things where people get a bit out of hand with witch-hunting, and I would never wish harm upon someone whom I think didn’t truly deserve it. However, this person deserves every word of spite that can, and hopefully will, follow from this posts, as this man’s irredeemable actions should be brought to everyone’s attention, and I wish that this post can serve as a warning to keep your distance from him. 

Before I begin talking about this individual, however, I would like to provide a content/trigger warning for, in particular, mockery of sexual assault. 

This particular individual has shown that he is attracted to people much younger than he is, and has made advances on them repeatedly, even when those advances were met with obvious disinterest and discomfort. In a fandom predominated by teenagers and young adults, this particular person, at the age of 30, should know better than to do this. I never knew of the going-ons about this person until one of my friends complained to me about his actions towards them. With those complaints, he had been on my radar for quite a bit of time, but it had been in the moments that I had met him where I had learned the horrors of who @bisexualkananmatsuura truly is as a human being. He is a rape apologist who is unable to recognize when he is overstepping his boundaries with anyone, regardless of their age.

The first issue which I had heard about regarding Kanrie, as I will call him as not to desecrate the name of any Love Live! character, comes from a peer in the community whom, for the sake of anonymity, I wish not to name. At the time that these messages were sent, the recipient of these messages was 19, and he was 29. There are rumors that he had been flirting with people who were younger, but I wish not to throw labels upon him without damning evidence. Among other things, he had stated, unironically, the he “knew [she] wanted it,” and that they were, in his own words, “canon.” And as I said that I wouldn’t say anything without evidence to back me up, here are screenshots of the conversation, the only alterations being those to obscure the identity of the recipient. 

I will repeat that she was 19 and he was 29: he is a decade older than she is. To make things worse, he, at the age of 30, actively role-played on Steam as Kanan Matsuura herself, a 17-year-old. Even if there is the argument that, due to the character being fictional at 17, there’s not much issue on the character front, the concept that a 30-year-old is role-playing as a high-school student is rather unnerving and has quite the unfortunate implications. I don’t wish to imply anything by stating this, but rather you can come to your own interpretations of this subject matter.

In my beliefs, I do not think that this content is worthy of a content post on its own, and rather this is the actions of a socially-blind fan of Kanan Matsuura who, at the age of 30, is undergoing a third-life crisis and wishes to hold onto the scraps of youth that they have left. 

What had forced my hand on this issue was when one of my friends was on a discord server, and, on accident, made a comment about her sexual assault at the age of 11. What follows is, once more, undoctored evidence, bar the protection of the names and identities of the spectating crowd and my friend, and I wish that there existed words in this language so bitter and vitriolic that they would make the hard r seem like a compliment but there exists none and, in truth, when I initially read these I was at a loss for words myself: to see this person invalidate something so scarring to one of my closest friends fills me with so much anger that I cannot start to describe my anger. I will let the images speak for themselves. 

Words cannot describe hatred I have for him because of these statements. What he said was, is, and forever will be completely inexcusable. The very idea that my friend had to open up about her sexual assault due to being mocked for it is something which I wish not to have ever in a community like this, especially one which centralizes itself upon the word “love.” His actions are inexcusable and are infinitely magnified by the fact that he, which I wish to repeat again, is 30 years old. If you ever come across this man, stay away from him.

i’m in love with you in the way that makes my mind go blank when i try to explain it. with all my eloquence, i cannot find a way to accurately describe how i love you. all the words in the English language do not do justice to the way you love me. i love you in the way that every poet and songwriter longs to be able to describe. i want to hold you close and never let you go. i love you so much, and it pains me to be left without words when i feel so much. i love you in a way that i cannot describe no matter how much i long to.

Me when I started playing Mystic Messenger: Aw this is so fun I love the RFA, Zen is adorable, there’s just the right amount of angst. What a great game

Me now: [dehydrated from crying so much, hoarding 8000 pieces of fanart on my phone to make up for the emotional devastation, hasn’t slept in 21 days] 


Right, so, this dude, an acquaintance at best, that I knew way back in the day on the net. The dude was a Friendzone Fred before “friendzone” had its big break into common lingo, that is to say, he was a proto-Nice Guys Finish Last kinda loser. We used to play Blazblue CS together, so we’d talk here and there before, between, and after matches, and all this dude talked about was his fetish and how this girl he crushed on totally, definitely liked him back, but “she’s just too shy to say it to me”, like, my dude more than once For Realsies used the word “tsundere” to refer to this real-ass girl. I frankly didn’t give a shit because I kinda hated him, but he also was optimal to fight with in BBCS for my skill level, so hell, whatever, this-for-that.

So one day he’s going with her and some people to an amusement park and he’s all “tomorrow’s perfect for her to confess to me!” the day before this. Now, at this point, I would’ve warned him several times to err on the side of caution and to not be assuming other people’s feelings so freely, and to also not use fucking anime as his guide to a maiden’s heart, but again, I hated him (he was not exactly a good person or a pleasant person), so I more or less just watched as the gunpowder trail lit all the way to the keg, kinda like a sideshow to our Bang vs Rachels and Hazama vs Ragnas, see, so I just told him to break a leg and come back with the good (*snort*) news.

Of course, next time we play, the very next day, he’s in a supremely foul mood. You get One guess at what happened. Wrong. It was worse. My dude basically made her very uncomfortable the whole damn day by laying it thick on her and acting overly familiar, from what I could discern out of what he was telling me, and eventually he had to come face to face with her hooking up with another dude in that little group. I don’t really know if the dude confessed to her or she confessed to the dude, but the whole point is, my acquaintance was not exactly right on the money when it came to her affections. So, from that day on, he started no joke, For Realsies saying that kissing girls was gay (again, no semblance of humor, straight up saying gay as an insult) because kissing a girl meant kissing her dad or some crazy logic that all translated to “I am Very Mad about recent events”. He was being more annoying than usual and all I wanted was to play BB, so at one point I just tell him “you should go tell the dude you are unhappy with this” and he’s like “Yeah”.

Full stop.

Now, if you’ve followed me for like four minutes, you know I like jokes. I am practically being facetious my entire life and about most things that come outta my mouth or my fingers are japes. THAT over there was a joke, an attempt at smoothing over the atmosphere so maybe he would stop being anal at a girl for not liking his narcissistic NEET ass and get back to trading punches with me in the anime game. There was no way I could’ve been serious about it. NO ONE would say that for real. 

That “yeah”, I simply concluded was an acknowledgement of the joke. A “Mm! You sure did say that!” kinda dealio. After that, he did chill, after all, and we played, woo. But my dude took my word as if it came out from the Bible itself, and that’s exactly what he did the next day. Two days later, I connect for our usual games and he’s in the worst mood I’ve seen him, and I cannot begin to describe to you the gorgeous abdominal muscles I developed from laughter the moment he told me he actually fucking went to this dude’s house, told him what amounts to “your girl actually loves me, so back off”, and somehow didn’t expect the massive ass whooping the other dude gave him.

All I am trying to say here is that, one, there’s some real God Damn Legends walking among us, and two, life ain’t that bad. Shortly after, I departed that website and that whole community, so I dunno what happened to him after, but basically, this dude was burning more bridges than Edgar Allan Poe by the time I was packing my shit, mine included, so here’s hoping that things haven’t changed much.