EH: To be honest, it’s not that I love Choco because she’s a dog or animal, but just that the Choco that I love, just happened to be a puppy. In far future, when a lot of time has passed, and Choco has left my side, I might start something while remembering Choco. But right now, I want to pour all my love only on Choco. Choco is still just 13 years old; She’s still a young puppy to me I think the word ‘Love’ cannot describe all the feelings between us. It’s a kind of love that you cannot feel with a human. A being that loves me without expecting anything in return, and regardless of how I act. I think everyone who has an animal companion have their moments. When I look in her eyes, I get this feeling that she understands me. You know those scenes in movies or dramas. (Where the actor) breaks up with (his) girlfriend, and goes “The unni who really showered love on you; she’s not coming back anymore. So you should forget about her too.” and talks with their animal companion.. It’s also the same for me. But I think Choco really understands what I’m saying.  #RIPChoco

Unlike Shakespeare it is not to be;

As it would be no act of justice

if I compare a summer’s day to thee.

The warmth of the summer’s day comes and goes,

it is no eternal joy.

But the happiness that you bring to me

is something that the worst  part of times cannot destroy.

The light of the day will into darkness decay,

but your astounding beauty

is something that can never fade.

Although I’ll try with all my might

I cannot my love for you describe


How you fill my life with wonder and delight.

Who can describe the heart of a man, You? Well Who are you to say what capacity a man can, Or will go for the one he loves. I know, I personally will put nothing or no one above. Just look into my eyes and youll see my soul, A soul that is now warm, but was once so cold. It is you that created so much magic, Created a love so deep so tragic. A love that for all that I am I cannot escape. Solely because all that I am fades when I am in your embrace. So whether it be one year or two, or three, or eternity, I will not survive if you are not eternally with me.

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This is going to be a little weird so bear with me. I HATE when writers vomit character/location/backstory descriptions. Unless it fits the writing style, I cannot get behind it. When I write, I reveal things slowly as the character progresses and as I see fit. However, it recently came to my attention that some people hate slow reveal and would prefer the writer to be up front about descriptions. My question: which is more annoying to the reader? I'd love to see a pole on this.

Well, it stalls the story and feels info-dumpy if you describe every single aspect of a character’s appearance right off the bat. However, if you don’t describe your character as a redhead until chapter 4 and your reader has been imagining them as a brunette or if you describe them as slender when the reader has been imagining them curvy (or, worse, if you don’t specify something important like their ethnicity) this could feel very jarring for the reader. 

It’s best, in my opinion, to be upfront, but to also use just a few brushstrokes to paint in an image of the character for the reader. Examples:

  • A tall, thin woman with deep brown skin stepped into the room, latching the door shut behind her. 
  • A plump girl with frizzy red hair stumbled across the podium. “Here! I’m here,” she said, sounding out of breath. 

Likewise with place descriptions, backstory, etc. Paint it in with a few broad brushstrokes from the outset, and then do the slow reveal with the details later to bring them to life just a little bit more.


Happy birthday my babe, I cannot with words describe how much your music means to me, and it means so much that I have met you. I’m always in awe of your melodies and lyrics, and you inspire me every day. When I feel down, your music
is the thing that helps.
I hope you have a lovely 28th birthday Benny!

I’m so excited to be sharing with you my experiences in Argentina whilst trekking Patagonia for 2 weeks. 8 hours of hiking each day through some of the most spectacular scenery cannot easily be described - but I’ll try my best! Mount Fitzroy, Glacier Climbing, and so much more are what to be in store with this South American destination feature. If you know a friend who loves nature, hiking, or sensational traveling, tag them below! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. 😊

a.k.a. “holy shit why are there 150 people following me???

( please excuse the shitty graphic omg )

so omg i would just like to say thank you to each and everyone who has followed me or interacted with me in some form like honestly i love you all and i’ll get octavia to braid your hair sometime i swear. this is especially for the people i talk to both ooc and ic bc you’re all beautiful, though i wish i could put everyone on here

briightestofthehundred // whctsright

SHAY THE BAE like words cannot even describe how much i love you tbh like you are the ying to my yang the cass to my o the love to my life like i could seriously go on forever and ever about how much i love you you’re literally the biggest bae okay and i loved you on caroline and you came and put up with me here like omg how can you live with me i can’t even live with me but my god okay I’m rambling but i love you.

badbloodfoxes // clarkegriffinsx

JESSIE OKAY YOU ARE MY ONE AND ONLY it all started with my going through the clarktavia tag and liking all of your onsets like omg then you accidentally followed me then made that post of my undertones of clarktavia then we started talking and you made me a bloody birthday drabble and it was honestly love like you are my soulmate then i bloody convinced you to make a clarke rp and we are doing like EVERY AU WE CAN and it is beautiful like you are beautiful and you’re my bae and never leave me ok??


KAYLEN MY AUSSIE BUDDY omg like we’ve rped for what, like four, five days? i honestly don’t know how i’ve lived without you and lexa and i never thought i would ship o and lexa but look where we are now, o dying, having nightmares, lexa dominating, and so much sass. like honestly like i love you so much and i apologise for breaking your heart with all the feels but at the same time I’m not sorry at all <3


lizzie you are the biggest bae like you are the first clarke to even begin romantic clarktavia with and omg i can’t even believe we started it and like i literally do the longest paras with you and I’m hella lazy so you must be pretty darn special. i love talking to you on Skype and i love you for putting up with me and my random rambling shenanigans like omg ily


jess you my main bae tbh and your jasper is perfect and you are perfect and you’re adorable and shitty and i hate you and love you at the same time


g. gg. swaglord87. how do i even begin like i think i have the most threads with you and i just love you to bits like i haven’t even seen all of twd but beth is always my main bae and i love beth and i love you like do not ever leave me plsssss

jxstafriend // rosiitas

rachel you are the most adorable person and you must never change who you are and NEVER let the h8rs bring you down bc you are perfection


lu lu/monique it all started with a happy birthday message and now you are my precious and i am never letting you go idc how creepy i sound like I’m srs.

and a mention to all my rping baes;

justkeepswimmingemily, heavylieshercrxwn // jessxkomtrikru, bloodymorality, criminalxclarke, portectorisms, screwyoufears, leeurbaneverett, skaikru-klark, oarwhat, drama-khaleesii, dontspeakgrounder, blakespride, ivoryxsteel

and i know i missed people and I’m so sorry

hi taylor I’m kath and I love you a lot, I can’t even begin to describe how much you’ve changed my life. I cannot wait to see you on tour (June 27th) see you there!💖 taylorswift

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confession: there's this guy and he's like my dream guy basically like he dresses so well and we like all the same movies and shit and i hated his gf for like a year bc he was "talking" or whtvr to both of us at the same time but ended up dating her.....point is recently i've like gotten over it and like she is so hot i cannot even describe so p much i stopped liking him and now i'm in love with her she is gorgeous and smart and funny i am in lov tbh

that is character development right there. i am proud of you. 

1. Your body is fucking amazing.
2.The way your hips move.
3.The way that you breathe every night, while I watch you smile.
4.Your legs. I have never seen such a perfect woman.
5.Your tummy is soft, and toned.
6.Your chest, is amazing.
7.The way your right cheek gets a dimple when you smile at me.
8. Your beautiful blue eyes and the way the shine when you look at me.
9. Your touch, it’s gentle and kind.
10. Your laugh, it is the most contagious laugh ever, there’s no time you laugh and don’t make me laugh.
11. Your hugs, oh my gosh. Words cannot describe how much I love your hugs.
12. The way you whisper “I love you babe”
13. The way your face blushes when you talk about me.
14. The way you charm me, your spontaneous personality, I love it.
15. You. The way you’re you.
16. The way you love me, the way you treat me, and the sweet things you say.
17. The way you touch my hand ever so gently.
18. The way you playfully push me.
19. The way you sleep, the smiling face, and the peaceful breathing. And the way you call out my name in your sleep.
20. The way you snuggle up next to me.


—  20 reasons why I love you.
  • Today is mine and my boyfriend Mark's sixth month anniversary and I know to some of you that may seem trivial but its something that is important to me. He is my world. I didn't know I could love someone the way I love him. And I definitely didn't know someone could love me back the way he does. He's not perfect and neither am I but he makes me feel like I am. He makes me feel like I'm worth something. Words cannot describe how in love I am with this man. This man is so incredible and so precious to me. He treats me so well and he makes me feel safe. I feel cared for and wanted with him. I just thought I should share this with you guys.

When you get home from work to receive this… words cannot describe how much he means to me.. With how much he loves me and cares for me. How he’s willing to do anything and everything to make sure I’m smiling, whether he loses sleep or gives up uni, he’s always there. I cannot thank him enough for what he’s done and I’m so blessed to have him in my life. Wow. I love you baby, so much.

May 2nd, 2015

Hi sweet friends :)
I wanna begin thanking you all for your immense kindness the other day, I cannot describe how much I needed it and you guys were really there for me. Since then I’ve been one day in school, I haven’t smoked for three days now and actually going on strong :)  I could never had ended up on the right track if it wasn’t for you guys giving me your love and support.
Today has been studying, cleaning and laundry. I’m really gonna work my ass to squeeze in a tiny tiny workout and stretch, mostly for the principle of it.
I’m thinking I might get back into personal blogging like this, to keep up motivation and empty my brain a little bit. Hope you guys like it :)

Have a beautiful night, sweethearts.
~ Joey

I appreciate you in every sense. Words cannot describe nor do they even do you justice. You are such a sweet and loving man, and I pray that I’ll be able to give you half of what you give me. Thanks for putting up with my psycho moments! I hope I’m deserving of you.

Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend ever. He makes me the happiest guy in the world. Words cannot describe how he makes my life so much better. I know I wasn’t there physically but I made sure that he got plenty of birthday wishes. David, I love you and I can’t wait to spend more birthdays with you as we share our lives together. Happy Birthday babe

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I've been trying to write this ask for so long and I ultimately cannot find the appropriate words to describe the love and admiration I have for you and your fanfics. so imma just sit here and tell u plain and simple that u have an incredible talent and goddamn do i love vapors and clarity ok they are the best of the best 10/10 would buy if they were actual physical books. love from the dominican republic! (sorry for my english)

Your English is perfect and your sentiment made me tear up. If they were actual physical books I would give them to you for free.

I have wanted to do that- print them, I mean.  Not for profit, that would end badly. Just so I can put them on my shelf and see the work as an actual physical thing, you know? But I am probably never going to do that and I know it. Although if I did, I would, like, include all the fanart and fanfic of it. And it would be awesome.

It really means a lot to hear from you. I put a lot of myself into those silly stories. I am glad that they can resonate with you.