4x13 Shandy Scenes.

  • *in bed, at 221B*
  • Sherlock: *softly* ...then there's 42. MO, Molybdenum. The free element, a silvery metal with a gray cast in appearance, has the sixth-highest melting point of any element. Molybdenum-containing enzymes are by far the most common catalysts used by some bacteria to break the chemical bond in atmospheric molecular nitrogen, allowing biological nitrogen fixation.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: That *gently prods Molly's stomach* my darling, will be your first word. Molybdenum. Not just because your mother's name is in there. Sort of.
  • Baby Holmes: *kicks*
  • Sherlock: Oh, I know. She'll have you saying something like 'metatarsus' or 'coccygeal vertebrae'. I'll save you from that one, don't you worry.
  • Molly: *sleepy* In that case, I'm rescuing her from 'roentgenium'.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *giggles* You were talking to her.
  • Sherlock: *swallows* No, that would be ridiculous. She's a foetus.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; yawns* Whatever.
  • Sherlock: *smoothing Molly's bump* I suppose I can settle for Daddy.
  • Molly: *smiles* Good *pauses* We're still not calling her 'Holmium'.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Fine.

Renée Elise Goldsberry: When you play a role, or you’re a part of something that’s really really really great, you’d have to be pretty full of yourself, to feel like you can pull it off all the time. You know what I’m saying? And the irony is that, the greater it is, the less of you it actually takes to pull it off. (video)

MOGEKO INFO (from Vgperson)



2015, Get ready for the TGG prequel


They also mentioned making a sequel to complete the trilogy. Prepare for the future.

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Just the way he looks at her really worried then his face turns hard in anger as if seeing Amy hurt makes him feel even more determined to protect her. I’m so happy that we’re seeing more SonAmy proof in shows. I’ve adored this pairing since forever. I’ve never felt so happy, thank you sega for making SonAmy canon.  

It kind of makes me very mad when people tell PoC to calm down on subjects that affect us personally. For example, the whitewashing in the media. We see literally black celebrities, like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Drake, etc. appear whiter on magazine covers and articles and on all types of media, and sometimes look as if their race is completely changed! Let me tell you something: We cannot calm down about this. Because I have to tell my 5 year old cousin that she’s beautiful when she tells me that she wants to be pretty like the girls on TV. Because I used to avoid taking in sun because I didn’t want to be darker. Because my aunt asked my grandpa for a skin whitening cream when she was younger. Because my grandma used to do this funny thing to my sister’s nose so that it would be thinner.

This is why I will never apologise for us being angry. You white people, you will never understand growing up feeling inadequate and worthless because of your skin colour. You will never experience seeing everyone on TV and seeing your idols being whiter than you, or being just so dramatically different than you, that you feel like you have to be that way too.

You can’t just tell someone they’re “making drama” or “getting angry over nothing” when it’s something that you’re blind to, but we see every day. I mean, shit, how many Latino artists have chart toppers right now? I don’t mean someone that could pass as white, I mean a proper brown person. In fact, how many black people who don’t sing rap, R&B, or soul are on the radio? Can you name one native who is a famous celebrity in Hollywood? One Arab? Hindi? Pakistani? Do you see the issue here? How many people of colour are making a successful life for themselves, away from the already existent stereotypes?

Sorry, jealous bitter racists, I cannot shut up about this, and I cannot get over it either. It’s there, it’s present, and I feel it every day! I feel it because I see it with my own eyes!

Yes, I made this post in light of the whitewashing that not only the supposedly all inclusive, Pro-PoC fandom does to Calum, a self proclaimed brown half Maori man, but also the actual photos used by magazines and articles and album covers and profile pictures (!!!) used by 5SOS. And, man, if you’re actually offended when we, the people that suffer from subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle racism, bring light to this issue, then… I have nothing to say to you.


Lascelles concocts a plan after the incident with Lady Pole
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     A small noise of surprise actually escapes her lips upon hearing the males voice. Of course it would quickly be replaced with utmost d i s g u s t and horror. This obviously has to be some sort of sick joke right?  


      No. Was the first thing out of her mouth, complete denial for her apparent new partner.  No I r e f u s e to accept this!! She hisses again, glaring pointedly at the pinkette in front of her, like it was his fault for this ridiculous pairing. 

      “Out of everyone in the business, why y o u!?”