the end of this month marks 2 years since exo dropped exodus. it’s been 2 years since they came back after Hell Era™ n delivered unto us what is arguably the greatest album of all time. it’s been 2 years since exo reinvented the music industry yet again n the decided to continuously one-up themselves with every single release after that. honestly. the iconography

This sneak peek of Magnus and Alec kissing and having dinner in Alec’s office, with champagne and lobster, just confirms that Matthew “captain of the Malec ship” Daddario is dropping spoilers nonstop—we just don’t get them most of the time. lol

YOI ep 10 has still got me awed at how amazing this anime has progressed. But one thing that got me really intrigued, is where it was set: Barcelona.

Now, I remember reading a post somewhere (I’ll edit this once I find it) that Kubo-sensei and a friend traveled to Barcelona to look at monuments and places for the anime etc etc

Of course, I checked her IG and I found these gems:





You Know You Love Me (Theo Raeken Prompt)

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Request: 18& 76 with theo 😚
18) “me being sarcastic is how I show my love for you”
76) “don’t look at me, I’m the innocent one”

Liam had Kira’s sword and stabbed it into the ground to let Theo out so we could get his help to stop the ghost riders.

“(Y/N)?” Theo questioned while getting up, “Theo” I whispered and he walked towards me to hug me, “I didn’t think I’d see you again” Theo whispered in my ear and not wanting to let go.

Liam and Hayden cleared their throats and Theo and I pulled apart, “We need your help” Hayden stated.

After we talked to Scott about what to do, Liam, Hayden, and I were out walking in the woods while Theo had chains around his wrists and was being pulled by Liam.

I stayed in the back with Theo and every time Liam pulled the chains, Theo looked at me, “Don’t look at me, I’m the innocent one” I say, “I’m not the one pulling you” I added.

We stopped due to Hayden telling Liam she believes in him and they end up kissing, “You guys want me to leave you alone?” Theo asked and they turned to look at him. 

“Oh, that’s right, I can't” Theo stated and held up the chains and dropped them.

Liam and Hayden rolled their eyes and continued to walk.

As we continued to walk Theo and I were talking, “I missed you, you know that right?” Theo questioned looking at me.

“I missed you too, but wanna know what I missed the most about you?” I confessed and questioned.

“What?” Theo asked.

“I missed that cute thing you used to do where you don’t text me for a few hours” I sarcastically say.

Theo groaned, “I’m starting to think you don’t love me at all” Theo pouted.

“I love you, me being sarcastic is how I show my love for you. And you know you love me” I stated and held his hand.

“Good to know, and I do love you it’s kind of obvious” Theo smiled.

“Can you guys not? Gross” Liam and Hayden interrupted, “You guys are worse than this” I replied.

“Yeah, we aren’t at each other with out tongues down each other’s throats like you two” Theo added and we laughed when we saw Liam and Hayden’s face turn red.


170921 “Thank you for cheering for us ARMY!”

They posted right about before I went to sleep, with 6 minutes interval from each other. I love them. That’s it.

also i’m still in an emo wreck after comeback show because mic drop and 고민보다 live performances are realms of day and night

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Hello, I don't know if you take any prompts, but this thought haunts me for a few week. Imagine, John receives comments on his blog (he still runs it) where people speculate that Sherlock saved Irene and now they are have child together and raises him. John decides to tell this rumors to Sherlock and greate detective is sweating and stutter( cause it's true) and John can't believes his eyes, he is in shock! To wonderful Adlock writers, feel free to use this prompt as you want. Thanks

Oooh Dear Anon! I don’t request prompts….but if someone wants to drop some  in my Ask, I’ll do my best to fulfill their wishes ^^

As for your prompt, i gotta say, i couldn’t resist!!! Sorry if it is a bit late or if it has any mistake. Enjoy :3

Since John began to run his blog again, he had received plenty of new comments full with new and elaborate theories on how his friend could have survived the fall. As a side note, a few of them were creepy or weird, he blames Anderson and his fan-detective club for those. Every fan theory he received was very thoroughly thought and John enjoyed reading every of them.

One day, the comments began to appear on Irene Adler’s case. Some of them inquiring if she ever appeared again, or if Sherlock ever found her under the witness protection. Despite John insistence on her total disappearing, people didn’t let go on the matter.

“Witness protection? Never see her again? That’s bullsh*t!! For what you write on this blog, Sherlock Holmes would’ve never let that woman go. I’m very sure he went after her. I mean, what about those two years he went missing? I’m sure he went to find Irene Adler.”

It was this comment that triggered a rain of speculations on her whereabouts and current situation. The theories escalated from simple visit from Sherlock to more elaborated scenarios relating the government or the MI6, going to uncover missions for the Russians or dropping the mischief and living a happy life with a lawyer. After two weeks of continuous comments about it, the fans seemed to finally conceived one single theory who gathered all the others. During his two years away, Sherlock  found Irene Adler, they spent those two years together and beared a child, but Sherlock had to return from this  life to defend London. After reading this, John laughed, closed the laptop and went to sleep.

Days passed and for an unexplainable reason, John couldn’t take that final theory out of his head. He didn’t believe it of course. It was ridiculous, Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler? Well, John knew they kept in contact, Sherlock still receive text messages from Ms Adler, also he admitted they text each other occasionally. But a child? That was too much, too much speculation from Anderson’s crazy detectives club.

Another week went by and the theory settled its roots deeper and deeper on John’s mind. On a restless night his mind began to wander about it. The two years disappearing, finding her, living together, that could accidentally lead to a pregnancy… maybe, and then? Sherlock and Irene raising a child together? No, no, impossible. It was just silly, absurd. With that final thought, John rested.

“I’ve been receiving new feedbacks in the blog.” Comments John one afternoon in Baker street. Sherlock doesn’t answers as he is concentrate on a experiment on the kitchen table.

“Theories on how you survived the jump from Bart’s.”

“Any of them interesting?” Asks Sherlock with low interest.

“There was one about… Irene Adler.” This catches Sherlock attention, but he tries to hide it and pretends he didn’t heard. “I said, there was a theory about Irene Adler.” John repeats louder this time.

“Mh, what was that?” Asks Sherlock. In John’s opinion, he is playing the fool.

“Irene Adler, someone thinks she- well, she and you… er… had something during the two years you were supposedly dead.” At John’s words, Sherlock laughs nervously but pays no further attention. “So? Nothing to say?” Insists John.

“What do you want me to say?”

“Well, you still text each other. Are you going to tell me you both met during your absence?”

“Fine!” Exclaims Sherlock annoyed. “Yes, John, we met, some… few times.” Answers Sherlock uncomfortable.

“Oh, so… a few times…” Sherlock ignores him and focus again on his experiment. “Because, the theory doesn’t ends there. These people thinks you and her had a child.” As soon as this words reach Sherlock’s ear he drops the flask he is holding and it crashes on the floor. Standing quickly, the detective begins to gather the glass pieces and clean the mess. John is astonished by this reaction. “You ok?”

“Yes, yes, I just… drop it.”

“You seem nervous.”

“I am not.” Answers Sherlock, running his fingers through his hair.

“You sure?” John insists.

“I said I’m fine!” He yells this time.

Slowly, John stands from his position and walks towards Sherlock, sharpening his gaze, John starts to notice subtle details on his friend. Clumsy moves, altered breathing pattern, sweating, the sly shake on his hands, darting eyes. That’s when John starts to remember situations who seemed odd back then, but now are suspicious. Taking a deep breath, John gets close to Sherlock who is now standing.

“You knew about the diapers… How they worked.” Comments John.

“Well, that was a basic understanding for a case-”

“And that technique with words,” Interrupts John. “You taught Rosie to talk… faster.” Says John bewildered.

“Um well,” Says Sherlock in a mocking tone with a sly smile. “Nero talked even faster.” The words escapes from Sherlock’s mouth before he can stop himself and regrets it immediately.

“Nero!” Yells John with rage. “His name is- You had- Sherlock! You have a son and never told me about it?” Exclaims John in a mixture of shock and anger.

“Well John, I think you are making a big fuss about it.”

“I am?” Taking a moment to study the situation, John gives is. It is not the first time Sherlock hides this kind of information from him, and probably won’t be the last. Regaining his calm again, John laughs. “So, Nero then?”

“Yep.” Sherlock nods.

This time, John considers carefully his words. Because, he realises, Sherlock has been plotting this revelation for a while now, the first step was Irene Adler’s text.

“When are you seeing him again?”

“Sorry, What?” Asks Sherlock in confusion.

“Your son, you have to see him from time to time.”

“Well, yes but-”

“When?” Insists John.

“I was supposed to take a flight to Montenegro next week.” Answers Sherlock a bit shy.

“Why don’t you… Invite them over?” Sherlock frowns at the suggestion. “You know,” John continue. “Moriarty is dead, so is Magnusen. Your sister under surveillance.”

“I… Um… “ Sherlock looks away and frowns meditating on John’s suggestion. “Fine… I’ll have to make a call but… yes. They could come and…” Sherlock sighs leaving the sentence unfinished. “John, I never said anything ‘cause-”

Before Sherlock could finish his sentence, John brings him close into a tight embrace. Releasing a joyful laugh, John taps his friend on the back.

“Congratulations, daddy.” Says John with a broad smile after the hugh.

“He doesn’t call me dad.” mumbles Sherlock bending his head.

“How does he calls you then?”

“Irene calls me Sherlock when I’m around so…”

“He calls you Sherlock…” Laughs John eagerly and a bit impress. “Do you have any pictures of him?”

“Oh! Yes, of course.” Says Sherlock reaching for his phone. 

Well, this turned up longer than i expected. If someone wants to continue this fic, you are very welcome :3

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Hey can you give me tips or something? I hate myself. I want to die and I wish I was dead. Everything seems so pointless. I don't want to do anything anymore. I lost motivation and energy. Talking to a doctor therapist or counselor won't help. I tried the suicide hotline, I'm really tired of everything and I just want to end it. I'm sick of people and sick of my body and my life. Everything seems disgusting, I can't help to care about the people in my life. My hobbies seem shit.

       First of all. I’ve been there. I had the same feeling of “the light at the end of a tunnel is a train”. I thought I would never get better. But I refused to give up. I kept on fighting. The thing is to cling on the last drop of hope left. Believe me. Life got brighter. At some point I had some amazing time and I remembered how much I had used to hate my life. And I felt glad I hadn’t ended it. Remember : your best days are yet to happen. There is so much more about life that waits ahead. Try and look forward to future with optimism. I heard that in 2017 some amazing movies would be released, and I bet you’ll love some of them. What about autumn leaves? 

      Second of all Your hobbies are not shit. If they make you feel valid , then they are just right.

      Third of all You’re allowed to get sick of everyone from time to time. Humans can be some horrible beings sometimes. You must remember though that no one is perfect , and just as you deserve affection so do the ones around you. In my case , it was the right people that got me back on track. I forced myself to go out. Crying alone at home does not always help. Or it stops having effects at some point. You know what is really effective? Laughter. Do you know a friend that says shitty jokes? What about hanging out with them. What is your favourite comedy show?

       Fourth of all The human body is basically a shell for the soul. Looks fade. I’ve met some people with bright smiles and they didn’t have “cover magazine” figures. I myself have freckles. Always hated them. But alot of other people consider them special and beautiful. You see , when we look in the mirror what we see is an actually distorted image. Strangers notice so many positive features that we often forget about. Your imperfections are what makes you unique. Stop beating yourself up for being “different”. And finally Take care of yourself. You are loved. You are worthy. Warm hug

 - M💕

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point me to where Harry's ever sworn during a performance that wasn't in one of his own gigs... of course he's occasionally dropped a swear word (90% of the time accidentally) during interviews, but it's either when he thinks the camera's stopped rolling or like... I think it only happened once or twice in the middle of an interview. Louis does it all the time and people outside the fandom have complained about it. Pull your head out of YOUR ass

I’m not using conservative mothers who lost their shit over LWWY (and 100% would/do not like some of Harry’s lyrics) as the baseline for Louis’ language, thanks.

Louis and Harry are grown adults who swear all the time and can do so when and where they please! They don’t answer to conservative moms and they don’t answer to you!

Deleted scenes from the next episode of AOS
  • *Robbie and Daisy are surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D.*
  • Robbie: I'll hold them off for as long as I can. Give you time to get away.
  • Daisy: No, we stick together! Why are you pushing me away, you're my best friend in the world-
  • Robbie: -and you're more than that.
  • *cut to Fitz and Simmons watching the scene from the base*
  • Fitz: Did they just-
  • Simmons: -I feel so offended right now.
  • *Mack and Yoyo burst into the room*
  • Yoyo: Mack, you know what Ghost Rider can do! Can't we at least just talk about us before you go!
  • Mack: There's nothing to discuss.
  • Yoyo: ...maybe there is.
  • *Fitz and Simmons stare at them in silent rage*
  • Fitz: What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On!
  • Simmons: It can't get any worse-
  • *Melinda and Coulson walk up next to Fitz and Simmons*
  • Coulson: So when you said all those things about moving on from Andrew and starting something between us... I mean, you were tired and dehydrated-
  • May: -I was as clearheaded then as I've ever been... when I said all those things.
  • Fitz: *drops his clipboard* Okay, I'm out!
  • Simmons: Right behind you.
  • *Fitz and Simmons attempt to leave. However, they are blocked by Radcliffe, who is eating a sandwich*
  • Radcliffe: Hey, FitzSimmons! You won't believe what just happened! AIDA made me a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with a hint of homemade pesto aioli-
  • Fitz and Simmons: *pushes past Radcliffe, which makes him drop the sandwich.*
  • Radcliffe: *sad because of sandwich* What. The. Hell!
On the Trail of High Old Adventure

15 June 2017 - Brian Jacques’ 78th Birthday

I can’t believe how much this community has grown.

Three years ago I had the sudden epiphany to browse the Redwall tag here on tumblr. At the time I was running a personal blog and all was well, but my Redwall feelings were running high and I was curious if there were any other Redwallers lingering across the internet. I found a smattering of different posts, everything from quotes to art, but I could only find one blog solely dedicated to Redwall that was still active. I remember thinking about how lonely that blog seemed in the grand scheme of tumblr. I wanted to support that blog as much as I possibly could. Thus was theredwallrecorder born, and what an honor it has been to watch the ranks of Redwall blogs swell. It kinda makes me teary-eyed.

Think about it. We got memes. We got drop-dead amazing art. We got fics for literal days. We got roleplaying communities, a music collection, a fundraiser, cosplays. We’re gonna have a video game. That’s insane.

Cheers to you, Mister Jacques. It is the legacy you have left us that continues to touch our hearts, beckoning us to join you again and again on the trail of high old adventure.