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hey adzie! its really stupid but im really sad bc I was really really looking forward to dying my hair (i was gonna go like lilac) but i went to the hairdressers today and they took a bit of my hair to test and it's too dark to bleach properly so I can't :/ I know it's silly but like whenever I was sad I told myself that if I died now I would never get to see what my hair looked like all snazzy n purple, but now that's never gonna happen 😞anyways, advice on cheering up?

maybe try out a different hair colour? i’m sure there is a way you can make it snazzy! even if it’s not purple!!!

oooooR maybe you could try experimenting with a new hair style? :D it may not be a different colour but a different kind of difference may cheer you up!

maybe buy some clothes that are snazzy n purple instead? there are other ways to express/present yourself that isn’t just through hair!!!!

sorry if this isn’t v helpful ahh i’m sorry to hear the nature of your hair is against you right now but i promise you there will be a solution to your problem!!!!!

its 1am and i am done for the night. This side is pretty much done, just need to touch up and rough up some of the clothes and colouring. that fucking hat of his will be the death of me tbh i can never ever get it right.

also the metal strips are waaaaay too thick for me to work with :/  i essentially want to do more of these but i want them to be wider so i can complete the image more…