Look at that man with the blue suit, and the girl beside him.

“Well seems someone drank more than they shoud….”

Then we have who I’m guessing is Sara. She looks ready to record the moment.

“Oh it’s Yuuri!”

Then we have Mila.

And the poor girl just can’t hold it anymore…

And now even Victor has to take some photos, he doesn’t even care he is talking with other people at the moment.

“Ok just wai-… I only need one photo of this… Ok done!”

Also JJ…

“Don’t worry, we are cooler than that.”


They feeling it….


“Oh no… now there’s another one.”





“OK now… who brought the pole?”

The Unreliable Yuuri

Much has been said about Yuuri being an unreliable narrator, but this episode just tops it all, really. Yuuri has no fucking clue.

Katsuki Yuuri

  • thinks very little of his own skating career, and kinda convinces us to think the same at first - until we realize he’s the top skater in Japan and, even though he was in 6th place at last year’s Grand Prix, that basically means there were only 5 skaters in the world who were better than him that year?? (I mean, there are other championships as well, ofc, but still). We can also see tons of trophies at his home

  • thinks he could never be Victor’s equal - but proceeds to skate Victor’s Stay Close to Me routine perfectly, down to a t. 

  • thinks he has no fans - but there are always people cheering for him with banners, and prodigy skater Minamino has looked up to him all his life. Yuuri is to Minamino what Victor is to Yuuri.

  • thinks he’s weak-minded - but is a cold bitch when skating Eros, is in total command of their relationship after he screams at Victor at the carpark, tells Victor he must go back to Japan to see Maccachin and demands Victor take him sightseeing in Barcelona.

  • thinks he’s an outcast among the other skaters - but was actually the life of the party last year.

  • thinks he has no idea what “eros” is - and then we find out he was oozing eros at last year’s banquet.

  • was afraid that Victor would leave him one day - but was actually the first one to seduce and walk away.

Yuuri, you have zero knowledge of yourself, I love you.

YOI Fandom needs to chill

Recently, in the Yuri on Ice Fandom, a new possible ship has made it’s way over the horizon and it has a lot of people getting all up in arms to either man it or sink it.

Yeah, I’m talking about yurabek (otayuri? orio? yurbek? herofairy? fairyhero?).- whatever ship name that is decided for Yuri(o) x Otabek

Now, a lot of people are excited because, finally, Yurio has found himself someone who he can get along with that doesn’t make him either a) want to physically harm them, b) makes him feel self-conscious/self-loathing, c) annoys him or d) isn’t his grandpa. Which is wonderful as it’s always good to find that one person who you don’t feel the need to keep your guards around. Someone who sees you as you see yourself and who just wants you to shine in your own way. And, tbh, Yurio NEEDS that someone, someone who’s closer to his age, who he can connect with because he has a lot of pressure on him (from his peers, his mentors, fans, and himself) to succeed in a sport that is very, very technical and stressful. I don’t ice skate, but even I can tell how much effort you have to put into it TO JUST KEEP YOURSELF BALANCED ON THE ICE. So here’s a dude- a very handsome and sweet dude- who just shows up and is shown to be very interested in Yurio, not because he wants to antagonise him or belittle him, but because he sees him as an equal. A boy becoming a man he respects. Otabek wants to get to know Yurio, and only him, because he can relate to him and the fans want to see them together, forever.

However, as the other half of the fandom keeps on pointing out, “YURIO IS ONLY 15, a child (by American Standards)!!!!!!! OTABEK IS 18, AN ADULT (by American Standards)!!!! That’s paedophilia!!! (by American Standards)” Which, totally makes sense because- by American standards- that’s disgusting. I admit, I, for one, am definitely not for adults dating children and I do follow American standards. So, I’m actually happy people are getting all up in arms over this, but there’s an issue among fandoms that make their arguments sort of moot to me, even though I agree with them, and it’s a two part-er:

1) it’s only disgusting because people are immediately assuming, on both sides, that the romantic relationship that would form between Yurio and Otabek can only be a sexual one. Like, there is an unwritten Law, forced upon us by society, that in order for two people to be “dating” they need to have sexual relations. This is the first mistake fandoms make because, dating doesn’t and should’ve have to be mainly about sex. Dating is about forming a connection, an emotional bond. The way people form those bonds differ and it doesn’t need to be through sex. Otabek and Yurio can date and wait until they’re both consenting adults to do the do, or not because a relationship doesn’t and shouldn’t be built mostly on sex!!

2) keeping in mind that people seem to think that sex is the only way to be in a “romantic” relationship- the second issue of fandoms is that fans are completely A-OK with two or more UNDERAGED CHARACTERS HAVING SEX WITH EACH OTHER. I will never, ever, understand how people will get upset about an adult having, consensual, sex with a minor, but two minors having, consensual, sex is totally fine?? The thing that makes people squeamish about couples with big age gaps is that it’s a minor having sexual relations, and that’s ick. So how is it not so ick when all the parties are minors?? “Oh, well minors don’t understand the full meaning of what they’re consenting too, which is why adult-minor relationships are disgusting.” Well, damn, so what you’re saying is that, even though a minor can’t truly consent with an adult, somehow they can when it’s with someone their own age?? And people need to chill with this whol “18 means you’re an adult now!” like, no, not really? You don’t suddenly become worldly and wise the split second you age from 17 to 18 (believe me, ask literally anyone. You will still feel like a child) so, how can people get all up in arms over a relationship where one of the parties is 18?? (tbh, ages 18-20 should be called preadult. like, we have preteens? Yeah, preadults. You think you are an adult, but, truly, you know jack shite and can’t do jack shite and you just want your mom/dad to keep doing everything for you)

So with those two issues in mind, I really cannot fault people for wanting to ship (a very healthy) relationship between yurio and otabek. I didn’t even cover how each country has it’s own laws of adulthood age and age of consent (which are two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS- like, Japan’s adulthood age is 20 but the age of consent is 13. Yeah, let that sink in.) so be thankful for that (I’ve seen a lot of posts have covered that already, so I don’t need to delve into it)

I’m gonna finish with this: Fans are gonna ship what they want, how they want, and what they don’t want and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them. If the Yurio/Otabek ship really irks you, block the ship tag or ignore the ship posts. Likewise, if you ship them and see others don’t, do not be assholes and shove it in their faces. Bottomline, be respectful of each others ships and let’s continue to love this fandom.

Crying + The MBTI types

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It’s a topic that isn’t discussed much in MBTI- but the physical act of crying and how it fits into the types. All types are capable of crying. It’s a physical process we all experience, some people cry for others, some people cry out of physical pain, some out of confusion, joy and / or out of reflection. Sometimes it’s a reflex that can’t be controlled, sometimes people cry on purpose. Some people cry constantly, some people don’t cry much. It’s a topic that has much variation and complexity.

Crying in itself is not the emotional expression Jung talked about in ‘Extroverted Feeling’.

Feeling in the extroverted attitude is orientated by objective data, i.e. the object is the indispensable determinant of the kind of feeling. It agrees with objective values. If one has always known feeling as a subjective fact, the nature of extroverted feeling will not immediately be understood, since it has freed itself as fully as possible from the subjective factor, and has, instead, become wholly subordinated to the influence of the object. Even where it seems to show a certain independence of the quality of the concrete object, it is none the less under the spell of traditional or generally valid standards of some sort.

I may feel constrained, for instance, to use the predicate ‘beautiful’ or ‘good’, not because I find the object ‘beautiful’ or 'good’ from my own subjective feeling, but because it is fitting and politic so to do; and fitting it certainly is, in as much as a contrary opinion would disturb the general feeling situation. 

Often I come across typings for characters who are rather emotional and cry a lot- get FJ tyings automatically, based on scenes where they cry. This is false, as crying is not extroverted feeling. Like I said- all types cry, and we shouldn’t confuse crying as one of the functions. This does not happen just to FJ types- it also happens to FP types also. What I’m fascinated with and will attempt to talk about- is how the types experience crying, and how it manifests. Because there, differences can be found.  

First- the FJs.

Although crying in itself is not emotionally expression, what may be is verbalizing feelings, talking about them, articulating such strong emotions to others. An FJ, whilst crying- might tell people why they are crying. An example of this is the ISFJ Sansa Stark- who in Season Three, Episode Seven “The Bear And The Maiden Fair” explains to Margaery why she is so upset. She voices her insecurities “I’m stupid”, her situation (her having to marry Tyrion). She gives a greater scope to the situation- that she always wanted a nice marriage, and has now been denied that. That’s Fe. Sansa isn’t being Fe in this instance because she is crying, she is being Fe because she’s being open. That is not to say that Fe will openly cry in front of everyone- they’ll tap into their Fe / Ti to assess whether or not a person is trustworthy or a situation is safe. If say, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde wasn’t in such an emotionally open society (her sorority) her expression of her emotions after the breakup with Warner would be much different.

An example of an FJ in a toxic environment- Commodus from Gladiator. Completely unhealthy ENFJ. But there’s a scene where he wrestles through his tears and attempts to clearly articulate why he is crying, voices his insecurity about lacking ‘virtues’. He comes across as rather child-like with a strong desire for expression but still verbal. This however, is a skill that if the emotions are too strong, and the body is in a lot of physical pain- there may be no articulation, but once the pain passes- they’ll articulate what they are feeling to someone else. Will Graham (INFJ), from Hannibal comes to mind. He’s so upset about Abigail and what Hannibal did that he can’t stop crying about it in the season two finale… but later on in season three, he starts to open up to a wide variety of people on what he is feeling (to the hallucination of Abigail, to Hannibal himself and to Alana). Therefore, the FJ does not just cry, but expresses themselves whilst or after crying.


TPs… are stereotypically, not big at crying. But they, like all types- do cry. Depending on how healthy their Fe is (as well as external environmental factors) whether they cry, how they cry and how often is determined by numerous factors. In situations that are emotional, they might manifest their Fe in ways that make them come across as rude, blunt or careless. So to many (not all) TPs… crying might feel unfamiliar. Cosima Niehaus (ENTP), from Orphan Black has rather healthy Fe. She’s a kind, caring person, who involves herself well within the Clone Club, Dyad and various science pursuits. Her priorities are Ti in nature- she wants to make sense of the world around her. She’s always looking for an explanation, cracking a code.

So when something upsetting comes to her- its only once she’s made sense of it, then she cries. What I said about the FJs being expressive applies as well, but the TP doesn’t necessarily have a sophisticated grip on their emotions due to lower Fe. They may say things like ‘I love you’ (which Cosima does to Delphine), or an angry ‘get out’. Simple, straight forward… but emotional. The thought of voicing deep insecurities may frighten them.

Now onto the Introverted Feeling users.

FPs and crying is… very layered. It’s strong. It hurts. But it lacks the FJs ability to verbalize. The FP may be crying in front of people, and still feel that no one is really understanding why they are upset. FPs have lower Te, which they may tap into- and result in actions and words that are deadly and brutal. For example, Anakin Skywalker is so upset at having his mother die in front of him, that he massacres the people responsible and those associated with them. You can feel his fury and his rage. Harry Potter, after watching Sirius Black be murdered at the hands of Bellatrix, runs after her and does a deadly curse. That’s Fi being so volatile and emotional, that Te comes in and makes decisions that are frightening. That’s not to say that FPs feel more pain than others, that statement would be ridiculous and false. But as crying puts you in such a vulnerable position… they may be rather awkward and inarticulate about it, preferring the much active Extroverted Thinking to run the show.

But with the FP, there is no priority about verbalizing insecurities (or its very low). They may think about it, but the FP have their mouths firmly zipped up and are in a state of prolonged pain (as in some cases, expression can be the healthier thing to do). FPs can be very social, but when it comes to the things that really hurt, they may feel that expressing them could be embarrassing, worthless or could lead to more pain.

TJs are interesting in the sense that they bottle emotions up. They use Si or Ni as well as Te- which makes them sharp decision makers, always active in getting projects completed. So crying may not be something they have given much thought to, or thought it might be best for them to do. Really healthy TJs may express themselves a bit, but that could be Te just articulating really well, there thoughts and opinions. Remember the scene in the Philosopher’s Stone where Hermione Granger is found crying in the bathroom? She’s not crying just because of a mean comment, but because the reality of her situation is creeping in to her mind. She’s also crying because of her status in Hogwarts, as someone who has no friends, and is a ‘nightmare.’

TJ’s would value privacy, and may be uncomfortable at such an outburst. Like a TP, this may manifest in actions that are blunt, to the point and rude. They might ‘throw a tantrum’ (looking at you, The Governor from The Walking Dead as well as Rachel Duncan from Orphan Black). This is the result of poor, lower Fi. TJs, even when upset and in the midst of crying, will not shy away from expressing their opinions and thoughts. Expressing their feelings and insecurites? Highly doubt it, but like the FPs, they may choose to do it in private. To them, openly crying and being insecure may be a threat to their Extroverted Thinking, or undermine themselves.


In conclusion (this got longer than I thought it would be) crying manifests in different ways for the MBTI types. It’s important to remember that all types are capable of crying, that crying is a natural thing to do. My point writing this is that crying can manifest and show in different ways. It’s a topic that doesn’t get much discussion in the MBTI community outside of shallow stereotypes, and I hope I showed the different ways.

The Signs as Things my Grandfather Has Done

Aries: Rolled down his window and screamed: “YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF IDIOTS” at people protesting something he didn’t personally agree with. (I can’t remember exactly what they were protesting… I just remember it happening)

Taurus: Trash talked Donald Trump on a number of occasions, and called the guy who threw the shoe at George W. Bush a “goddamn national hero”.

Gemini: Looked me dead in the eye and said “Shianne, I’m so glad you agree that Kirk and Spock are gay. I’ve been trying to tell your grandma that for years.”

Cancer: Recorded all the episodes of Full House and put them on a video cassette for me. 

Leo: Whenever we drove past the cemetery told the same shitty joke: “You know people are just dying to get in there…” He laughed hysterically every time this happened. 

Virgo: I asked him what he was afraid of, he answered, “I’m afraid of someone holding a gun to my head and threatening to kill my entire family. That’s what I’m afraid of”. I was 7.

Libra: Jumped out of a moving car to avoid an argument with my grandmother.

Scorpio: Watched FOX News with me and paused every 10 seconds to explain why they were wrong. 

Sagittarius: Stayed up all night watching reruns of Seinfeld on multiple occasions.

Capricorn: Got really irritated that I kept calling crayons “colors”. He corrected me every single time.

Aquarius: Never signed up for the draft, even though he was 18 in ‘68. Is also very proud of this and says “I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!!!!!” on many occasions.

Pisces: Took a picture with his toy sized Yorkie for his Christmas card. They posed like he was taking her to the prom, and he was wearing a suit for some reason.

bone-drew-sle  asked:

Okay, those anime panels in that last update look like you stole them form @bossmonsterbani but I can't find them on that blog. did you make those yourself? Even the sans one? be honest now.

….I did it all by myself…

I did get some asks saying this but accusing me of stealing? really???

seriously, I put up with a lot of shit, if anything my art has been stolen by other people, jfc. Can you guys NOT?


Oh, my beautiful sweet little angel babies. We’ve done it. We’ve reached the season finale. Can you believe that it’s only been 9 episodes? And now here we are, the 10th episode. Consider this our final game of the World Series. Let’s go out with a win!

No matter what happens in the upcoming months, whether we get renewed or not, I just want to say that it has been a pleasure to meet and create and scream with all of you. We truly have something special in this fandom and I, personally, couldn’t be more thankful to have met you wonderful, brilliant people.

Y'all know how this goes! Pitch starts at 9p EST on Fox. Remember to set your DVRs, watch live, stream on the Fox app, tell your friends, tell your family, tell random strangers you meet on the streets…And keep watching! Hulu, Amazon video, Itunes, and the Fox App have episodes!

And don’t forget to tweet your hearts out! Starting at 8pm EST, get to tweeting with our hashtags #RenewPitch, #PitchOnFox, #Pitch. We’ve trended FIVE weeks in a row (during airing weeks)…let’s make it six!

Episode Synopsis: Ross warns the Padres that Ginny is dangerously close to her pitching limit, but management is reluctant to end her season. Meanwhile, Amelia confronts Will about money that has gone missing from the restaurant fund in the all-new “Don’t Say It” episode of PITCH.

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I don’t think enough people are talking about this with everything that happened in this episode. Yuuri might not realise it, but he has a huge influence on people’s lives. Not just victor or his family, but in the entire skating community. They are all rivals, but he can bring them together for dinner, or during a dance off. He gave purpose to many of them and allowed that many friendships were formed

Normally I don’t rant but...

I tend to not get all crazy and rant about anything online but I need to this time. I have been tutoring this lovely international student all semester on Northern Renaissance ARH. I won’t disclose where she is from but it a very different culture than my own and she is doing a masters in a second language (which is awesome, I admire people who do that)

SO, my annoyance… Her professor has no regard for the fact that she may not understand all the complex vocabulary that haughty scholarship loves to use to sound more intelligent than the rest. 

Look, if an international student comes to you asking for help DO NOT EXPLAIN IT THE SAME WAY AS THE BOOK WITH EVEN MORE DIFFICULT VOCABULARY. If the student is struggling to understand, throwing in more flashy words isn’t going to help. Why can’t you explain it clearly and simply so someone without the vast vocabulary that you apparently think you possess can understand????

This student is bright and eager to learn and the only obstacle is coming from another country and studying in another language and yet the professor thinks using words that most native students don’t get will help…

Maybe I am being irrational but this really irks me. This is why I started this blog, to share interesting things in a fun and easy way… I am getting really fed up with snotty “scholars” locking themselves in ivory towers and looking down on the rest and then wondering why no one wants to help them save the arts.

Ok, done. Go about your business. 

Can we take a moment to talk about this scene, I think we can. It was AMAZING AND LET ME TELL YOU WHY IF YOU DIDN’T NOTICE: Liam clearly wants to go in alone to catch a Ghost Rider. BUT HAYDEN, MASON, AND CORY ARE LIKE FUCK THAT WE’RE GOING WITH YOU BECAUSE WE’RE A TEAM. LIKE, THIS IS LIAMS PACK, IT’S HIS BOND WITH THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

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I'd like to friendly remind people who are EXTREMELY against shipping Yurio and Otabek because "hes a minor, and hes an adult" that, they can be, happy, in a relationship, without sex coming into it. If they say everyones fetishising the gay relationship in YOI I think they should look in the mirror, because they are assuming that they would have sex at all. :)))))))))))))))

Ahh this topic again. I agree with you, it doesn’t mean sex HAS to be involved. Yurio can still have a healthy relationship with Otabek

nah listen guys if someones bringing negativity into your life on this hellsite, youre not under any obligation to let them stay. even if all you do is soft block them, no one has a Right to your blog, esp if its your personal or your safe space? if you get nasty anons, block them. if you get nasty additions on your posts, block them. if you get people who are just plain intolerable, block them. its easy, its free, and you can rest afterwards and feel all the more secure yknow.

I want to thank everyone for following me. I’m happy that people enjoy Cybertale. 

This blog has really gotten me through the first semester of college. It was a difficult transition. I missed my family and friends. But drawing cybertale helped relieve some of the stress. 

I also enjoyed all of the messages you guys sent me. They made me feel better when things got tough. ^^

So now that the first semester is over, I can finally take a breather and relax. Don’t worry, I’m still working on BlizzardCat for the holidays. And I’ll still be doing things with the cyberfamily. (It’s impossible for me not to draw them. XD) 

But thanks everyone!^^ Let’s all enjoy the winter!

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Ugh! I've been working in TKMaxx as Christmas staff and honestly some people are fucking ridiculous. This little girl was ripping this guy all machine out of all it packaging and I was like you can't open that until your mum has paid for it. I had to say this about 4 times before I told the mum and she said oh I didn't see. Like ???. Do u not pay attention to your child? 🙄why are people like this?

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Please tell me Jess doesn't believe they are a couple anymore because she's still upset and it's better for her peace of mind to believe that. I can understand her still being upset. She invested a lot of time and effort on her blog. She is so missed. I am betting that Starz or whoever now monitors the blogs has noticed a decrease in activity. 8 million views was nothing to sneeze at. I do very much appreciate your and other bloggers efforts. I'm so sad now. :(

I have a few people asking about this so I’m gonna answer it all here:

I asked Jess and she said it was a combination of things but she doesn’t really feel like saying more or going into detail since she’s technically not in the fandom anymore. It was just easier for her to detach if she thought they weren’t together. 

I know people miss her in the fandom; believe me, I do too. And I don’t mind answering the occasional question about how she’s doing in general but I think I’d like to request the questions about whether or not she’s still shipping come to a close. I didn’t mind answering the one since it’s clear people are curious but Jess left the fandom for a reason - she didn’t want the attention on her anymore so me posting about her beliefs, even with her permission, feels a bit hypocritical and intrusive. Hope you guys can understand :)

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I really like Ruby with Penny. That's my go-to Ruby ship. Other than that I don't really ship Ruby all that much with anyone. Ladybug is kinda cute though, I like that pairing. And despite my best efforts to fight it V4 has warmed me up to Ruby and Jaune just because I really like their interactions. They make great friends and I wouldn't mind more...I also guiltily ship her with Mercury just because I like the name Quicksilver and I like the way their personalities contrast.

I’ve always been lukewarm towards Ruby/Jaune, but I can see why people ship it. Personally I always wanted them to be super tight, best friends, ultimate bros.

As for quicksilver

Mercury, strutting around in 6 inch shotgun heels: years of practice, baby

Yuuri’s LIFE and LOVE

So in this scene I believe, Viktor was talking about Yuuri’s capacity to influence people through his passion and emotions.

Yuuri as a competitor can be considered a wild card. He can be the epitome of confidence in one minute and become a nervous wreck the next. This is true both on the ice and off the ice. I think it’s not because Yuuri has different sides to his personality but rather he lays all his emotions out in the open, fluctuating from 0-100 so fast you’d think he was bipolar. But then again, this honesty and pureness of yuuri’s feelings just come so naturally that it affects the people around him whether it makes a big impact or not.

His family and friends (Minako, Cap'n Phichit, Ciao Ciao) all know about Yuuri’s fragile heart and understands the reasons for his anxiety. They worry for him constantly but are always ready to give him support and telling Yuuri that they got his back. And when they see Yuuri stand up again and again after every breakdown, they can’t help but be proud of him.

Yuuri’s rivals on the ice know about his rather lackluster record and inconsistent performances but always take notice whenever he steps on the ice. Through his programs, Yuuri has the ability to make his audience feel something, whether it be passion, elation, triumph or whatever, he expresses himself more deeply as he skates and it shows in his performance. His competitors on ice, without expecting it, feel challenged and threatened when they least expect it because Yuuri becomes so eloquent on ice that his heart opens up and maybe, just maybe, they finally see what made the living legend Viktor Nikiforov turn to coaching this unconfident loser. 

So I think when Viktor and Yuri remember times in Hasetsu, its not the place itself that made it special, but the memories they had there with their new found friends. And it was because of Yuuri, with his glass heart and iron-hard resolve to return to skating that showed Viktor what he was missing in his life. Because Yuuri never failed to show what he felt at any given time, even when he cried and even when he was drunk, it made Viktor want to more about what made Yuuri so true. So when Viktor went to Hasetsu, he didn’t expect his plans to get derailed but instead came to know more not only about Yuuri, but himself as a person, and not as decorated athlete.

Yuuri shared his life and love so openly and so beautifully that it shows in the way he skated. On the ice, Viktor sees this and is enthralled how Yuuri becomes his emotions as he shows it in every spin, every step, and every jump. On the ice where Yuuri Katsuki is emotion personified, Viktor knows that no one can ever be as bright.

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How many asks did you get in a day?

hard to say cuz I don’t keep track, and I get so many that it’s literally impossible for me to get to answer all of them, but even though I’ve been answering people’s asks for a few hours now (as you probably can tell with the amount of activity that has happened tonight/this morning) I STILL have 101 asks in my ask box right now. 

So a good amount. <XD It’s too much to keep up with but I try! XD 

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘Ellenya has taken up chanting. I don’t think she’s quite gotten the hang of it yet, as it sounds a lot like ranting.’

I’ll grant that my chant sounds like a rant, but I can’t improve my scant chanting skills without practice, so I’ve been supplanting all other tasks with chanting. I chant at potted plants, white ants, pairs of pants, confidants, Rembrandts, eggplants and even people named Grant. I’m hoping to implant some chanting skill before my holiday to the Levant. I think I’m improving, and the neighbors have almost forgiven me for the escaped fire ants…