I Am Curious (Black)!

A Crash Course for Starseeds

Conversation 1

A question is posed for star-beings here on earth: “What are you and what is your chosen mission?”

One might say, “Why, I am a galaxy. By simply holding a space I give life to the human race. The light I contain shines so bright I need not lift a finger to see humanity through this cosmic night.”

A wanderer from many places exclaims, “I am a library of evolution with tales of love imbued with treasures. My strides are worlds apart and I can evoke a note that sings and rings with the songs of the universal heart.”

Another being gently leaning against a tree replies, “Well my curious One, I am a black hole! My very nature contains all that you are and gives rise to the planets and stars you find within your art.”

And although we are beyond thankful for all of these brave beings who care to share their gifts with this realm… there are other ambassadors here who have chosen to do far more than dip their little toe in humanity’s rivers…

So to such an ambassador, I present the same question: “What are you and what is your chosen mission?”

“I am One.”

“One you say? Humans are afraid to “be one” or embrace oneness because they worship individuality. They fear the loss of themselves.”

“Odds are you’ve grown so far apart you cannot hear the harmony that joins all hearts. If a few of you became like the Christ-child or perhaps the guru who said ‘you are me and I am you’ then you would be past this ordeal and every soul would be healed.”

“Okay so you are Oneness. Does that mean you are here to hold a space? Do you watch with love and keep your distance so humanity can find its own way?”

“No, no. You see, I came with my work boots on. Where I ‘came from’ is important but not nearly as important as knowing why I am here now. I didn’t come here to whine for home, escape reality, or become overwhelmed with problems. Your planet has a few words for me: peacemaker, conciliator, mediator… just to name a few. I create union among all races in the universe… or better yet create opportunities for the universal family to see the oneness that we already are. We are accepting job applications you know… we seem to be a little short on oneironauts at the moment.”

“Tell me more.”

“I can create union and harmony among all beings. I become the mind from which all things can arise… the universal one that is. It is actually a dark, empty space. When I unite the minds and brainwaves of world leaders to this place they become the masters of their own karma and I show them how to create harmony on all planes. The ego falls away because there is nothing to dominate. There is no separation. There is no red, blue, green, or orange. There is no fire, water, air, or earth. There is only the source of the rainbow and the cauldron from which all elements can emerge.”

“How does this help humanity? How is this any different from a monk abandoning the world to meditate in his cave? If there is nothing to fight or compare yourself with how do you bring help to a world rooted in duality?”

“In this pureness I become united with whoever appears in front of me. I can enter the mind and soul of Van Gogh and see the stars as he saw them (as spirals!) and view time as he did. He felt trapped by it, actually.”

“Well that is pretty cool… could you be more specific about how this can create harmony though?”

“Certainly. As I imagine Vladmir Putin, Barrack Obama, and Bashar Al-Assad appearing in front of me, I see they can experience each other AS each other. Vladimir Putin can see through the eyes of Barack Obama and can experience Obama’s sense of humor, facial expressions, and (in this space) become a fan of the Chicago bears. Extend these examples to the merging of the political stances of these leaders and you’ve got the idea. Basically, these men can become the minds, souls, and bodies of each other. I give them the opportunity to be masters of their own karma by showing them this space where they can step out of the drama for a few moments and see how it all plays out. Or better yet, I can experience myself as each of these beings and unite them with the source where they share “common ground.” Can republicans really oppose democrats here? I can find the source they both arise from. They do eventually arise from the same place… when these leaders become aware of these similarities in each other peace becomes a possibility in the 3d world and war is no longer needed to resolve conflict. A common goal can unite even the most estranged enemies. All of the opposing qualities in individuals can be united and mixed together in this way so that there is no way to differentiate between one or the other. This is a place of pure inspiration. What can possibly be more inspiring than knowing that you can move forward without anything opposing you? When beings achieve a state of oneness they are in this pure experience of inspiration. When I come to this place with the three men I listed before, I see a common goal. They want to survive and thrive. If they begin to understand that war and violence on each other actually reduces resources for each and every one of them and that all of the violence is actually keeping them from all of the abundance they could be sharing (I mean come on, by being enemies they are all being stingy with something) then they will begin to work together peacefully to create new solutions for all of their countries collectively. Eventually they will all easily be able to answer, ‘What is the right thing to do for everyone?’ Oh, and they’ll actually want to do it.”

“Okay this doesn’t sound so bad… but there is still some confusion on the ground here. What is a starseed then?”

“Great question. A starseed really can be someone with the aura of a black hole, a wanderer, a quasar, or a star from a distant constellation… they can be an incarnated sirian with the spirit of a dolphin or a Yahyel who brings cool technology to earth. They can take on the role of mediator, referee, healer, and maybe even guardian angel but a starseed is more than that. It is a soul brave enough to consider the human race as their responsibility. This does not mean that humans need a savior, no. We learned that lesson before. A starseed is a “go-between” of sorts who is a living example of everything humanity can become. We become the bridge for races such as humanity to walk across as they become acquainted with evolved forms of themselves. We can even serve as the “higher selves” of other races. A starseed is a being who can unify anything by being a pure mirror by which all of humanity can become synchronized with each other and the rest of the galaxy. We view all beings as part of the cosmic family and unite them with this reality. There is no evil plight we cannot make into light. In one moment I live many lifetimes. In one dream, I can create peace from the most irate fight. I can become like the stars and see the world through a million eyes. To be a starseed here is to be born with this creed: We are all one. We are all family. I allow peace to serve as the core of my being and I make the healing of earth and humanity my highest dream.”

Confession: I am curious as to why it seems like the black men with money like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, A$ap Rocky. are so openly ignorant about how they are viewed in white America. I don’t see black women being this ignorant that have the same or equal amount of money. Like are they a special stupid or because we are double minority its easier to notice. or are they not asking us.

turtle-chef  asked:

Pelo, I have a question. Are you in some part black? I ask this becasue I too have an afro and am curious.

well ehmmm my ass is black but ehmm I thiiiink I have the afro thanks to my cuban granpa!!!!

Carmilla Week Thirteen!

Jesus hell we only have 10 episodes of carmillaseries left and I’m not ok. Buckle up creampuffs, this is long and I get analytical.
(thanks for editing again, lettheweirdnessin)


Ep 25 starts off where we were left on Thursgay - LaF being attacked by Jeep.

cackling. bad nerd indeed. but you diiiiiiiid starve him, so….

Yeah be a little less vigorous with the bloodlust and more sincere with the apologies. So, while I would love to continue looking at the hilarious facial expressions on everyone, I have a question: Where’s Perry?
Probably off being possessed. Probably off cleaning up more of LaF’s blood, as she does. But really, where is she? In the preview, Laura is sleeping alone downstairs, and it looks like Carm and Mattie are getting ready to leave. So that leaves Laura alone and unprotected. Perfect time for a) the reveal of Perry as the Dean or b) surprise visit from Baron Voldemort and his goons to fuck shit up.

Carmilla points out that it’s NOT a good idea to starve vampires and Laura disagrees because she’s Laura and still wants to know what Mattie is up to.

OMFG. Nice attempt at a save there, Hollis. And look at the Look Mattie gives Carmilla. SHE KNOWS.

Carmilla agrees that yeah, it might be good to share the knowledge around, and I agree since they’re, y’know, being hunted and there are supernatural goons running around and all that fun stuff.


Carmilla makes a good point though - Mattie’s current plan is hiding and that’s not doing them a whole lot of good. So she relents and tells them what she can.

So Corvae are an all-powerful scary corporation that hire vampires and demigods (isn’t that how most corporations operate?). She seems to think they didn’t cut a deal with Vordie, and I might believe her on that.

Mattie also mentions that the sword is in the pit. FUCK YES. I have been wondering where the fuck that went to. It’s probably stuck under Lophii’s arse. So it seems the sword is still in play and we might “see” it again. Is this like the Sword of Gryffindor/horcrux thing? They gonna use this to kill something mega? Mattie doesn’t know about the gates though (still thinking it’s the Seven Gates of Hell but what do I know).

LAF NO. Wait. LaF, maybe. So here’s the thing. The apples keep popping up on Twitter and Danny’s acting shifty. So there’s something with the apples. Are they drugged? Truth serum? Good ‘ol fashioned poison? It could be anything, but it’s probably something bad. This little tidbit of info from Mattie could be useful in creating, say, an antidote. Or something to make a human immortal. Or make an immortal human. Or maybe something fancy to be used in an exorcism. I’m just spitballin’ here. Bottom line: the apples are Something Bad, Danny is in on it and is helping that play out and holy shit that is HUGE. Why? Because Laura has her up on such a fucking pedestal. Like, higher than Carmilla even. And what’s something that can completely and utterly crush Laura’s black and white worldview? A betrayal from someone she admires, respects and cares for. If Danny does something that Laura sees is wrong, that last tiny piece of her that’s clinging to right/wrong, good/bad, black/white will be annihilated. I am curious about where Danny as a character will end up. The Romeo and Juliet reference at the start was foreshadowing. Maybe she and Kirsch die? My money is still on Perry, then Kirsch, then Danny.

so how you gonna stop El Baron? (under a cut ‘cause i go off on a rant and get all analytical about relationships)

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Dear person who I’m going to fall in love with one day,

How are you? On this cold August day I still think of you, although I am still doubting you exist. This is the second letter I’ve written you, and I’ll show you one day.

I should be doing my essays and readings and going over my lecture notes. I have two tests next week but today I want to think of you.

Are you looking forward to the end of winter like I am? Or are you lamenting the fact that it’s almost the end of summer for you?

I can imagine the cold nights we’ll spend curled up in front of the fire, because I really hate the cold! It doesn’t snow here, but I do live in one of the windiest areas on the planet, so it is a rare day that we can walk upright. You’ll laugh at my hair in total disarray when I walk in the door, with perhaps a broken umbrella in my hand. And I’ll pretend to be annoyed and I’ll tell you to shut up, but before long I’ll laugh with you too.

(Although if we need to go to the supermarket after that, have fun!)

What colour is your hair? It doesn’t really matter, I will love you nonetheless. But I am curious. Is it dark like mine, just a shade above black? Maybe a rich mahogany brown? Will it be blond like spun gold? Or the red of a breath-taking summer sunset? Perhaps it will remind me of the night sky?

I can’t wait to sit down and share stories of our childhood. What made us who we are today? What made us perfect for each other? Whose stories will be funnier? Which will make us cry even after so many years?

Oh, my love, I am so sorry. It will take me a while to get used to having someone to lean on, to having a sympathetic ear. Emotional reliance terrifies me. If you don’t let anybody in, they can’t hurt you. This is the creed that I have been living my life by.

Do you understand? When I love you, I will give all to you. You will have the power to break me, to destroy me. And perhaps this is the one part that I will hold back. The part that will be waiting for the coin to drop. I am more sorry than you will know.

I have never had a crush on anyone here, can you believe that? I don’t think I’m human! Maybe I’m just meant to be for you.

Ah, my love, I am so excited to get to meet you, to get to know you. I know that we will both have flaws, and it won’t always be an easy road. But, no matter the outcome, it will be worth it.

I will love you regardless of the flaws you have.

And again, after another novel, I am still asking: will you love me?

The girl who will one day be yours.