been growing out my hair for 3+ years but this is it, i made an appointment at a nicer hair salon for this afternoon and i am going back to the Bisexual Bob

pray for me. and also my stylist


Things Tesla enjoys:  1) going very fast.  2) licking very much.  3) smells.

She is a very quiet girl, even though she is so curious and explorative. Just sniffs. No woofs. 

Looks at everything. Soft ears. Possibly part whippet, based on sporty legs. Does not quite know her name yet. Does Not Like Traffic and in the presence of traffic sounds she Will Not Go. She has almost made peace with leashes, but has not yet grasped their linear nature and creates many tangles. Very gentle. Likes kisses. Spotty. 

I think the appeal of Alice in Chains, and most grunge bands in general, is the polarity of their music and the band’s personalities. Their music and lyrics are so incredibly dark and moody, often brooding, and the photos shoots are equally moody or dramatic. Once you start to actually watch interviews and get to know the people behind the music though, it’s almost like a 180 from what you would assume them to be. They’re goofy, silly, loveable troublemakers who, more or less, just want to have fun and do what they love, and this makes them incredibly relatable and down to earth. They’re not these dramatic, larger than life rock gods. They’re normal, approachable, relatable human beings and that is what makes them so magnetic and appealing for fans.


(If by some miraculous chance anyone of you is in Pensacola and going hit me up :)

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that text with w******** just proves how awful of a person he is. like...he went after noora because she said no! how can anyone even defend him when he does stuff like that??? its not sweet or cute or funny. its creepy and him doing stuff like that is what abusers and rapists do!!!!

that text really was not good. i really didn’t like it at all, i am just wondering if julie/mari actually understand what they wrote in there. not that they could have changed my view of willhelm but they - imo - didn’t even try to redeem him? and today they had the chance.

me: im fully aware that dragon maid’s original creator has created some p gross shit. i am also aware that snk’s creator may have had some lowkey nazi intentions when creating attack on titan. i am aware of this and i do not condone it. however i would like to enjoy both shows at face value. if this makes anyone uncomfortable i am deeply sorry and i will tag things properly so anyone who doesnt want to see it doesnt have to. my deepest apologies.

some anon: i cant believe you’re supporting pedophillic and nazi content you are literally worse then satan

i would like to say something very important, i apologize for myself these past months! though i always want to move towards becoming a better person, i have been lazy with myself and increasingly self centered, and i know there are many times i could have helped much more with all of you and made a difference, but did not. i am thinking a lot now on how to better myself and i am sorry i have not been a better friend to you, i promise i care about you all a lot and i will do my absolute best to move towards treating you all much better