britpopgirl As if the night could not get any better…seeing my favorite band on the big screen and running into Miles Fucking Kane at the snack bar!!!! #supersonic #oasis #mileskane #lastshadowpuppets #fangirl#butterplease

Am I the only one who is still waiting for the episode in which Jake and Amy move in together and absolutely hilarious chaothic situations take place?

Cause it was kind of a big relationship step for them last season but now I have the feeling that we’re not even gonna see that happen

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are your commissions still open?

They are indeed! I’m currently working on three commissions right now, and there are a few more waiting in the queue. I plan on keeping commissions open indefinitely but to save confusing myself I’m only doing three at a time, so don’t worry if it takes me a while to get back to you <3

Basically if you just drop me an email, I’ll get back to you when I’m ready to discuss your commission :D

i have found only one bad thing about the Cynthia SuMo reveal

and it’s that some people decided that A., this is the time to write how much they didn’t enjoy Sinnoh, which is fine, you do you, but unfortunately they’ve also decided to B., put it in the tags. Look. Don’t like something all you want. I, for one, don’t like many things. But don’t put hate in the tags, please.

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you are the master of metaphor... what is your secret

THAT IS SO KIND. Definitely not true, but super kind of you to say.

(Iawknow if anyone else does this, but one of my favorite things to do while walking alone is to let my brain be in this highly sensory, very aware, yet very loose and limber place – just practicing noticing, practicing seeing, and letting words float up on strings and do whatever they want to do. Visually it feels like setting a concept down on a big white sheet, open to all possibilities, and seeing little tendrils from other concepts reach out and offer their twisted ends. And you sort of try them on, test the connection no matter how sideways the two threads might seem, and see how many knots you can make.)

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Oh crap, girl, this is so visceral and perfection. This is ughhhh. My brain broke, sorry.

Gnnhhhhh!!! <3

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I’m so glad you liked the Rhinkness. My thoughts are rather a mess this evening and I can’t seem to get a firm grasp on anything but sense… so I just let my jumbled brain have a go at the keys.

I voted!

seekthemist Five Tropes Fanfic Readers Love (And One They…

BWAHAHAHAHAH, some of the stuff labelled as “NAY” or “MEH” or “I really don’t like that type of AU” are exactly my jam XDDD

I am LAUGHING, because same here, my friend. SAME.HERE lol.

Everybody apparently loves Fluff (except me), and dislikes Crack and Mpreg (which I love). Also, all the ‘Nay’s’ like Noncon, Underage, Incest, etc. are all my jam baby lol. And apparently Zombie AUs, omegaverse and rentboy aus are ‘most hated’ and I’m just like GIMME ALL THE A/O RENTBOY FICS SET IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE PLEASE….

(I feel like the eccentric old lady peddling all the strange and exotic fic that nobody reads, cackling at the occasional brave soul who wanders into my little shop of horrors :D)

Inktober 2016: Day 22 - Dragon

(If you don’t know, I was trying for Lucifer’s Rosemaunt’s fantasy fanfic, Dragon Paw’s Familiar.  Prince kid!Raoul gives me life and since I was reading it just the other day, it won out on this prompt than my Dragon Age au idea :P I’m not sure how Erik comes into the fic yet, so you just get baby raoul with his flippy baby hair)