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After Justin puts Brian's bracelet back on and Brian walks back into his loft (looking hot af), he leaves the door open. Why?

So, obviously there’s no real practical reason, right? I mean, Mr. Brian How-Dare-You-Forget-to-Set-the-Alarm Kinney just…leaving his door wide open for anyone to come in or see what he’s getting up to? Doesn’t make much sense on that level.

But that’s okay, because it’s all symbolic. *\0/*

So we can see things are changing a bit with Brian and Justin. Justin’s still happy with Ethan (yes, we’ve seen some signs that things aren’t quite as perfect as he may have liked them to be, but generally speaking, things are going pretty well), but when Brian asks him “shouldn’t you be getting back to your boyfriend?” it’s pretty clear that Justin’s reluctant to leave. We’ve seen Brian pining for Justin, but now we have a really strong clue that Justin’s feelings for Brian haven’t gone away just because he’s now in a relationship with Ethan. 

So when Brian leaves the door open, it’s acknowledging that shift. Their feelings for each other are still strong. Despite all the hurt and anger and pain of the past few months, they both still love each other. And now we, the viewers, know the door is literally still open – for them to begin communicating again, for them to sort out all the things that ripped them apart before.

In short, the door is open for a reunion. <333

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Hey so what's going with that post about headcanning kids as asexual?

So a blogger attacked an ace headcanons blog for headanoning a minor as asexual, because in their opinion asexuals are apparently hypersexual people and you can’t have an ace headcanon without sexualising a minor

I mean, they’re not that blunt but that’s essentially what they’re saying. I feel kinda bad cos the OP is only 15 and they’re really misguided on what asexuality is but their whole argument is based on the idea that asexuality is taboo and reserved for adults which is just. so. wrong.

It’s a whole long kerfuffle that’s probably not worth it tbh


Table stack training from a novice handler trying to figure out how to do a conformation thing. Mostly not worrying about proper form at the moment and focusing on getting Galaxy comfortable with limb manipulation and holding position even when I step away for future judge critiques. 

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Hogwarts AU WIP... thus far

Okay, I’m not gonna give away the plot of my fic yet because I’m still a long way from being able to publish it, but I’ve got a few basic character profiles for the Nordics that I thought I’d post. A lot of these guys are sorted into houses that are a bit… well, different from what’s conventional, and I realize that. Some of these are even different from my personal headcanons for them (i.e. Denmark and Iceland), but given their backgrounds, this is the best fit. Read at your own risk.

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me waking up in the morning: wow pietro sure did deserve better than what he got

me pouring myself some cereal: i cannot believe pietro was killed off just like that

me getting dressed: pietro maximoff, who has lighting speed and fast healing abilities, and you’re telling me that he couldn’t dodge those bullets

me during class: boy oh boy, pietro’s death back there sure did hurt wanda. a lot.

me brushing my teeth: i just cannot believe that they would develop him into such a good character and just kill him off after one movie. one.

me going to bed: pietro maximoff definitely deserved way better

“and I thought you was a rebel”
“I am a rebel”
“but you can’t be a rebel if you don’t rebel”
“[whispers] fuck.”

why do I get the feeling jyn and cassian probably have had this same conversation over something dumb at some point

     Isaac groaned as he woke, brushing the sleep away from his eyes. He’d come to the conclusion that he could sleep just about anywhere outdoors now, even along rusted train-tracks. And whilst the air was warm enough around him, he found himself pulling the sleeves of his cardigan down anyway, because if he focused and opened his mind, something left him feeling awfully cold. Oh. Uh — hey, Isaac muttered, glancing up through his lashes to see someone heading in his direction. He’d been in solitude for so long, he wasn’t entirely sure to how to start a conversation without being awkward.