just a thought … it’s probably wrong but i wanted to say it.

so you know in the spoiler pic for tuesday, jason is holding a small knife and then they have a fight which cain most likely breaks up, the next day robert discovers that aaron has been self harming again. it doesn’t say he finds out that he is taking spice, so maybe the damage this fight with a knife does, ends with aaron getting cut or something and so this is what robert discovers. instead of telling the truth about how he got hurt, aaron has to just let robert think he has started to self harm again ???

what’s great is that cassie clare is going to be releasing books till the 2020′s and by great i mean shes going to be stringing my sorry ass along in agony for another 10 years of my life

Guys I think @linmanuel has been hiding something from us.

If you rearrange the letters of “Lin-Manuel Miranda”, you get: 

“Annual Mermaid Lin”

Lin-Manuel Miranda therefore transforms into a mermaid one day out of every year. It’s no wonder he loves The Little Mermaid. It connects him with his mermaid folk.

All we need to do now is figure out which day of the year Lin becomes a mermaid.

So there’s a Harry Potter AU Victuuri + Durmstrang student Victor Nikiforov trend going on twitter and I hopped onto that bandwagon as soon as I could CUZ I AM TRASH FOR HARRY POTTER AU