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I love these dorks and the manga so much ahh;__; So excited for the anime as well. so obviously I ended up drawing them<3 I wanted to draw more of them but didn’t have any references because my internet was out, so for now just them.

huge thanks to joker-ace because you’re the one who has gotten me interested in Haikyuu!! on the first place. 

Q: Other versions of Voltron include Prince Lotor’s obsession with Allura. Will we see this obsessive trait reappear in Legendary Defender?

LM: I will say that in my childhood there was a lot of that, like–the guy wants to kidnap the girl and force her to marry him–and I feel like that is a thing that needs to stay kind of in the past. [laughs] So if we were to go down a road like that, we would probably choose a very different way to do it, but ultimately what we do with Lotor remains to be seen.

JDS: Plus Allura would just like punch him in the face. She’d be like, ‘Get away from me.’

LM: Yeah, yeah, and we do have like a very different Allura, too.

—  Executive producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery in Wondercon interview [x]

we’re growing together 💝


Only I can give Dipper what he truly wants.

Only I know and understand his deepest desires and fears.

Only I can stay beside him.

…Too dark or nah?

It’s been a month since I started the first pic and whew, guys, I am NOT good at time management. Anyways, exams are next week and I have a whole lot of other shit to do, so… I hope this’ll suffice until I can be active again!

As always, you’re free to leave an ask, it might just take a while for me to answer. Also, I’m really sorry, but to those who will hereafter be submitting ask, please don’t expect art to go along with your answer? I’m sorry? I really want to be as active as possible but if I try and make art for every ask I’ll never answer them all. I’m not saying I will never include art, just that it’s going to be very unlikely. Thank you so much for understanding.

On another note, man I am so pumped for this AU! I have other comic ideas stacked, so I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

Also, final note, this comic is not meant to be fluffy. This is Bill being a conniving, manipulating kind of guy who has a twisted sense of what love is and what one “requires” to be “worthy” of someone.

Title taken from The Princess Bride. I love that book.