you can literally crumble the “ENTERPRISE SUCKS!!!” argument with one question:

“so then why do people like Firefly so much?”


Enterprise and Firefly share so many hallmarks - both cheesey-introed cancelled early 2000s offerings featuring a now unified humanity after a brutal civil war and years of conflict, their hope hinging on a flimsy ship maintained by a southern-accented sweetie (Trip and Kaylee), piloted by a homegrown genius (Travis and Wash), literally captained by a cowboy in everything but name (Archer and Mal), feeling its way around the frontiers of wild space

T’Pol and Inara share a rather similar role in making interaction with outside powers easier, and also a potentially deadly secret (Pa’nar Syndrome/possible Romulan hybridization for the former, and an unnamed intended terminal condition for the latter), along with a “will they, won’t they” dynamic with the Captain, at least in early seasons, not to mention both are from worlds inspired by eastern cultures (Vulcan and Sihnon)

and then you even have Jayne’s role mirrored in Shran, blue and bellicose as he is, and the MACOs

River’s role is duplicated by T’Pol’s Vulcan telepathy and Hoshi’s skyscraping translation skill

and then we have odd dandy genius doctors with both Phlox and Simon

then that covert “two by two, hands of blue” intrigue with Section 31 and Malcolm, which is further shared by Book’s backstory

the horrors of the Delphic Expanse are also found in Reaver space, with it driving an entire crew of ever-levelheaded Vulcans over the brink

and while Enterprise isn’t without its own issues, i’d say that it deals with things using far more tact than Firefly

so there. sorted. if you want to have a legit dialog with someone who insists that Enterprise deserves to be the most universally hated Trek, here’s your leverage that proves Firefly - one of the most universally loved sci-fi series ever - is a reflection of it (i say reflection, and not mirror, because Firefly premiered a year after Enterprise)

u welks

suck it Enterprise haters

i’m OUT

two amazing things happened today which made it one of the coolest days for a while:

  1. i showed my friend one of my recent songs, and by the end he was sINGING ALONG TO IT . song goals right there omg.
  2. i look on my bandcamp and…. SOMEONE ACTUALLY CHOSE TO PAY FOR “STALL THE FALL” !!! It’s the first song I’ve written/recorded/produced all solo that has been actually been purchased as in someone thought it was good enough to buy like a real release I am JUST SO HAPPY I CANNOT BELIEVE IT AHHHHHHH.?!!!
The ToG coloring book is going to be from scenes from the whole series, from each book so far, and I am so excited to color my favorite scenes from the books. I will probably cry

so there was this rumor on a vinyl forum that the sleater-kinney box set would come with a 7" of new music, and today twitter basically confirmed it.

we did it, you guys. it’s real. it’s happening.

1/20/15 GET PUMPED

edit: stereogum is on it tho i scooped ‘em by a few :)

edit 2: there’s cover art for a new album (?!) called “no cities to love" and the name of the 7” song is “bury our friends”

edit 3: here’s a 10 sec clip of “bury our friends”

edit 4: 6th photo is from an instagram user whose vinyls shipped early (hit the jackpot i guess).

edit 5: 7th photo is from a record store in atlanta who got this teaser flyer for the new record. you might recognize that I-5 exit…