i’m going to sleep. for the last night i can say this, barack obama is my president. i love and support him and i don’t remember being conscious of a political world without him as my president. i’m sad i will have to face that world so soon. i am so proud to be a citizen under his presidency, and i will fondly remember loving him as i did throughout my teenage years. i do not know if i will ever see a better first family in the white house or if i will ever see another true love & respect like that between him and michelle, but i am glad and thankful i got to experience and grow with it in my life. 

hopefully i can someday soon say this again, though it will have to rest for a while now: my president is black. and we are all better for it. 

thank you, obama. i love you. i already miss you. barack obama is my president.

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all of your overwatch ladies have arm hair and thats so???? refreshing?? thank you. my crops are thriving and my skin is clear bc of your art.

thank u so much! i got made fun of a lot growing up for having arm hair so i like to put visible body hair on everyone i draw and especially women bc, u know, its My City Now. im so glad other people appreciate it, it means a lot to me too <3

ive gotta figure out a way to render it more clearly though, i get a lot of people (like u, anon) in the tags being like ‘is that arm hair or??’ YES its arm hair, if im the artist its definitely arm hair guaranteed

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Your last video is by far my favorite of yours. I am currently studying to get certified in something that I've been looking to do for a long time and it was just nice hearing you speak about out. Take Care

that makes me so happy, i’m glad you liked it ♡ good luck by the way, if you ever feel stuck, remember: you want to be a fucking badass that knows their shit & can make people go “damn he/she is smart” 😋 you got this, ily 

one random thing i loved about rogue one was how unsmiling jyn erso was

most of the time she was frowning at the situation she was in, including people, looking pouty and angry (not all of the time, just often enough for me to notice it)

and why shouldn’t she be? don’t get me wrong, i love bubbly heroines as well, this isn’t an either/or type of scenario, but it felt so refreshing in a way because this type of behaviour is usually much more reserved (and acceptable!) for male protagonists, holding on to their manpain, you know the whole shebang, they’re rough and gritty and hard to reach~ and they grunt and glare at things

and jyn had every right to feel the way she did, angry and betrayed and lost

and i am so glad no one tried to forcefully ~cheer her up or whatever bullshit they could’ve included

it’s just

i love her characterization and i am glad that when she finally did have a reason to smile we got to witness it as well


BEYONCÉ: Well, I am so glad we grew up in Houston. And I know that it’s such a big inspiration for all of us: you, myself, my mom, my dad … everybody that lives there. How can you describe growing up on Parkwood, and what about our hometown do you carry with you?

SOLANGE: Growing up on Parkwood was so inspiring because we got to see a little bit of everything. We grew up in the same neighborhood that produced Scarface, Debbie Allen, and Phylicia Rashad. So, culturally, it was as rich as it gets. People were warm. People were friendly. But the biggest thing that I took from it is the storytelling. I feel like, in the South in general, but specifically in our world growing up, people were expressive and vivid storytellers. In the hair salon or in the line at the grocery store; there was never a dull moment. I feel so happy that I got to grow up in a place where you could be the pastor’s wife, you could be a lawyer, you could be a stripper on the side, you could be a schoolteacher—we saw every kind of woman connect on one common experience, which was that everyone wanted to be great and everyone wanted to do better. And we really became womanist because of that. And that’s the thing that I carry with me the most, being able to go out into the world and connect with women of all kinds. I was just having a conversation with someone about The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I was saying how I love that show and think it’s so brilliant because it’s the woman that was represented in my childhood in Houston. It makes me feel so at home.

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So I submitted my novel (which was I ridiculously proud of at the time) for publishing and just got the rejection for it yesterday, and it's hitting me hard and has me questioning a lot of things. I've been trying not too fall into the pit of despair, which hasn't been working out well, so I've resorted to listening to some of my favorite Toby/Tybalt scenes (which might be all of them honestly) and it's been really helping. So just. Thank you for that

First, you are so welcome: I am genuinely glad to have helped.


When I sent Rosemary and Rue out for consideration, I first sent it to a literary agency which represented several good friends, who assured me I had an “in.”  I got rejected.  I despaired.  (This was in the era of printing out your manuscript on fancy paper and buying a special box and everything.  It felt like having an offering to the gods returned.)

Then, an editor I know, who was close friends with several close friends and thought well of me, asked to see my book.  She let it sit on her desk for two years before rejecting it unread.  I despaired even more.

The whole time, though, I was revising and rewriting and writing new things and becoming better.  So that one day, when I sent that book to an agent, they said “yes.”  And when that agent sent my book to an editor, they said “yes.”  And all that no became the push that had gotten me to “yes.”

What I am saying here is don’t give up.  Despair can be a motivator, not a tar pit, if you keep moving forward, and refuse to yield.

You can do it.  I believe in you.

I believe in all of us.

Edd- Thomas. Stop.

Edd- The last thing I want you to do right  now is to be alone.

Edd- Sit back down.

Edd- I hate it when you cry,

Edd- Haven’t seen it in a while,

Edd- I’m so sorry that you feel that way,

Edd- I-I just got so excited that Tord was finally back, I didn’t know that I pushed you off to the side..

Edd- B-but I’m glad that you said something, I really am.

Edd- But please understand that I don’t like you like that,

Edd- And you cant make me like you like that.

Edd- I’m happy to stay friends with you, but that’s all I want, okay?


Tom- y-yeah…

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okay so, question- how the frick do you have so many styles? and keep making more??? like TpoH is totally different from Fox Song and TpatJ and then these two crazy new MP100 looks you got going and I like, just, what? how.

ahaha omg I actually, uh, I don’t know?! I am real glad you like it, I think it’s mostly that I just, I dunno, I’m never 100% happy with the way I draw and I love the way other people draw, so I look at their work and try to suck out the parts I like and smash them together, and also I play? a lot. Playing a lot is really good for you man I can’t endorse the health benefits of Pure Mucking About and I guess really that’s what it boils down to. yeah.


Name: I Know
Pairing: Mycroft x Reader
Comment: Mycroft gets interested and asks the reader out, to have a dinner. But the reader is hopelessly late.

“Damn,” you almost run in the restaurant and momentarily notice Mycroft sitting in front of a huge window, slowly drinking his coffee. You walk up to him and sit on the opposite chair.

“Y/N,” Mycroft looks up at you. “I am glad you made it.”

“I am so sorry that I am late!” you start apologizing quickly, almost messing up with your words. “I got in this horrible traffic close to…”

“Temple church,” he nods, putting his phone away, and you grin spasmodically, and he smiles. “Y/N, you are forgetting who I am again.”

“Right. Sorry,” you smile back, but keep apologizing. “I really left on time, but today everyone just went crazy.”

“Y/N,” he repeats slowly, and you shut up. “I know. I have checked.”

“Right,” you blush and look away. “You’re not mad?”

“It was not your fault, and you could not predict that a car will break down in the middle of the road,” he hands you a menu. “I took the liberty of ordering some wine, it should be brought within the next two minutes. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course,” you smile at him, as you look through the menu. All in French. “Uhm… Mister Hol…” you shut up again, stopped by his cold glance. “Mycroft, the menu is in French. I studied it before, but had no practice…”

“Yes, it is. My apologies, Y/N,” he takes it back, but doesn’t hand you another one. “I will do the ordering, if you don’t mind,” seeing that you are going to argue his decision, Mycroft smiles. “I am the one who invited you here, it will only be fair if I order and pay.”

“You don’t have…”

“I do. It’s a shame that you don’t find it normal in our world that a man pays for woman when he asks her to have dinner,” Mycroft grins sadly, as the waiter approaches you and, without letting you say a word, the Government orders several dishes, then turns to you. “They will be back in fifteen minutes.”

“Good. Mycroft, I feel like you really must have felt bad when I didn’t come on time.”

“Y/N, I got your text ten minutes before the actual time, and I had cameras make sure that you are still moving towards the restaurant. It is ok, we do live in London, not a small village in Scotland. Being later there would be inappropriate.”

“I bet you were never late for any of your meetings.”

“That is because I always calculate the time adding two hours for traffic,” Mycroft smiles like a happy shark. “I occupy only a minor position in the British government, but it is important for me to be on time.”

“Yeah, minor,” you smile, and Mycroft smiles back.

“Let’s call it that,” you nod. “What do you feel like talking about?”

“Anything but politics. I spent a day with your brother, and he was watching news… I suppose I don’t want anything else about the relationships in the governments of different countries,” Mycroft laughs quietly.

“Of course, I forgot that Sherlock was going to watch the news,” you know perfectly well that Mycroft never forgets anything. “What did he say about our government?”

“He was going to say something, but I did yell ‘Long live the Queen!’ every time he opened his mouth,” Mycroft laughs out loud, leaning back in his chair, and you actually notice that his eyes can smile. For some time, you thought that they are dead and cannot have any emotions, yet here you are - looking at the happy, laughing eyes of the British Government. “You can ask him, Sherlock really got offended and demanded that I stay quiet until he deduces something about me.”

“Oh, that is dangerous.”

“I bet he already knows everything, so I am just trying not to annoy him too much,” you both smile, understanding that it is absolutely impossible. “He is a good person. John is lucky to have such a friend.”

“Anyone else would state otherwise.”

“Sherlock deeply cares for John. It’s the only contact in his phone that he always answers, the only one not blocked, actually. Even I got blocked, and John… John is his number one, no matter what happens,” Mycroft nods, agreeing with you.

“You do understand my brother. It makes you honor,” you smile, as the waiter approaches you with plates. “Let’s have dinner now, I know that you didn’t have anything for lunch.”

“How… Right. Right,” he smiles kindly. “The minor position.”

“Absolutely correct.”

Back To December.

Pairing: Dean x reader 

Titled: ‘Back To December’ 

A/N: This is my entry for @winchester-writes Christmas writing challenge! Which I am so glad I got involved in when I could ! Merry Christmas Everyone!! And to those who don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Hanukkah!!! 

Warnings: Extreme Dean feels, fluff and a little language. I think that is it. Y/N/N means your nick name, Mention of you know what. 

Tagging:   @sincerelysaraahh @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall @mausoleumdean @winchesterwhisper @waywardsons-imagines @winchester-writes @winchesterfics @winchesterenthusiast @winchester-clique @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @soaringeag1e @nichelle-my-belle @spnfeelstrain @msimpala67 @ivvitm1109 @mkay-chan @the-mrs-deanwinchester @waywardsons-imagines @one-shots-supernatural @mysupernaturalfics @castielohcastiel @supernatural-jackles @bringmesomepie56 @youwerelikeadream @mysteriouslyme81 @mizzezm @zombi3gyrl07 @beatlesobsessionlove @wanderer-08 @madelineannmolder @feelmyroarrrr @girl-next-door-writes @oh-goodness-loki @chantillilace @bkwrm523 @mysupernaturalfics @castielohcastiel @castiels-sweet-little-grace @torn-and-frayed @supernotnaturalcas @atc74 @mommaton @ilostmyshoe-79 @sis-tafics

As much as you loved cuddling in Dean’s motel room on his bed, all cozy and warm laying into each other’s arms. You knew you had to get going soon. You still had curfew after all. Plus, if you came home, only a minute pass curfew, you could kiss having a curfew goodbye all together. You certainly did not want that and you tried avoiding that at all costs. But, as you and Dean flipped through the channels laying on in his motel bed, it had begun to snow. 

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Boston General

(gif credit to the creator)

Part Three - Emergency

Master List

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 2,003
Warnings: language, medical stuff
A/N: My writing schedule got completely thrown off and due to that you guys are getting part 3 early! I am still so overwhelmed by all the positive feedback I’m getting from this. I’m so glad you all like it. Title comes from Emergency by Paramore. Huge thanks to Nicole (@iwantthedean) for help with the medical stuff. If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Heya Hawker. I just wished to tell you, that i am really glad how you keep on working on your Drunk-Chara blog, for it is starting to be trully amazing, and i love every update you make. Thank you very much for always giving so much effort in time, into something your fans love. I just wished you to know, that you are an awesome person, and a cool artist. Also a badass roleplayer, that even got me into RPing. So thanks, for being who you are. Plus i hope you get to meet Stephie soon :) Take care


the love you have | shawn mendes imagine

word count: 2,821

author’s note: here is the imagine based on “roses” that i promised! i did a very quick proofread because i wanted to get this up asap, so i probably missed a few things, but i am very proud of some of the writing in here. i hope you enjoy.


The vase was waiting on your doorstep when you arrived home Saturday night.

As soon as you pulled your car into the driveway, you were glad that you had said goodbye to Lucas at the restaurant, knowing that he wouldn’t know what to make of it. Once you locked your car and got closer, you could see that the vase held five scarlet roses, beautiful but painful in their implications. A small note had been tied with a string around one stem, but you didn’t need to look at it to know who had left them there.

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For those who may not know, earlier this year I got the chance to work on illustrating a children’s book for an author back in June!  It was my first experience as a freelance artist and I am glad I got the opportunity!

Just today, my physical copy of the book arrived in the mail!  It’s still so surreal to see my work published into an actual book, and I have Mr. Gary Adolph to thank for the amazing chance to work freelance for the first time!

If any of you are interested in purchasing your own copy, it’s for sale on Amazon here:


“Big Boy in the neighbourhood, alright ladies we have Chris Brown in the building. What’s good my brother” I chuckled “what’s good family” rubbing the top of my head, it’s so damn early for me “I’m glad you made it, I thought you wasn’t about to come. What time you call this? Your eyes half closed, he is half dressed. I am joking, he is dressed. I can assure you ladies but what happened?” licking my top lip laughing “uhm, I overslept. I don’t know” I shrugged “overslept? Do you even sleep? Don’t give me that bull” he always catches me out, shaking my head lightly “aight, I kind of forgot. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming here. I have had so much happening and my manager called and was like you know you got an interview and I was like huh? Where and he goes Big Boy. My eyes shot open and I came running” Big Boy side eyed “mhmmmm, we got playboy breezy in the building. We going to be back after this break” I am still half asleep, I mean I haven’t slept but I did other things. Big Boy cut to a song “my bad family, I wouldn’t do you like that” getting my hand out “I know, I know you would never do me like that. You want anything?” he shook my hand “uhm, water please” I guess I will be able to sleep after this.

Drinking the water as we came back from the song “now we have Chris Brown here, he is awake. I have watered him and he is smiling for me” placing the water down “so Chris, it’s been years. It has been years since you have entered my show, now I feel a little hurt but I know that you also kept a low profile too, but not as low as you think. You released an album, well a few but no interviews at all. When I asked for you, I thought you would have rejected” let me word this right “I just didn’t want to do interviews, I wanted my music to speak for itself. I just really wanted to concentrate on me as a person” sounds lame “which is understandable Chris, I see you are doing well but from the outside looking in you are still the same Chris” Big Boy wouldn’t sugar-coat shit so I’m ready for this “I don’t care though, I honestly just thought forget it. I love my fans and I do it for them, I don’t think my music should be based on how I act in an interview so that is the reason why I stopped. My personal life has affected my music, it would be the thing of if I am with Rihanna everyone loves me, when I am not I am the most hated person. I am just done with that” Big Boy’ eyes widened as he sat back.

“Are you done with that?” he eyed me up “I am done with people judging me yes” Big Boy chuckled “you know what I am talking about, don’t play stupid. Ok, so correct me if I am wrong please. So these are the rumours” he lifted a paper up “you messed up” he slowly put the paper down, a stupid smile played on my face “is that?” I said “yes, that is all I read. I was rooting for you, we was all rooting for you” busting out laughing “come on now, you can tell Big Boy. Did you mess it up” clearing my throat smiling still, licking my lips “to clear up rumours, I don’t want to go into detail. Yes it was my fault, now I don’t admit fault for many things but this, it was me. Things escalated and it didn’t stop” I mumbled “it said you already had Ava lined up, you tell us was that the case?” this is why I hate interviews, this is like the first one since having Liana and since the breakup “that wasn’t the case, this is how it went down. I did know Ava and things happen, I don’t really wish to say anything but I never had Ava lined up” I said in annoyance “I can see home girl with you now, y’all an item then?” shaking my head “nah” rubbing my face “no?” Big Boy repeated “no, I am not in any relationship, I am single. Ava is just there” sounds a little mean actually.

Big Boy went silent “so I woke up and came to work, read a story on TMZ. I had peers with me, they was all cheering you on calling you that nigga. Billboard awards, pictures of Ava entering your home, Rihanna leaving your home. What happened?” that was the whole reason Robyn ran to Barbados, I don’t know how that leaked out. Blowing out air “erm” rubbing my chest laughing “now you are the only guy that I know that could pull such a move off, man. This is Rihanna” chewing my bottom lip “things happen” throwing my arms in the air “things like that do not just happen, come on” I don’t want to say too much, sighing “aight, so uhm. Robyn came to the crib, she stayed the night in a different room. She was drunk and no matter what she is my shawty and I will look after her, she called me up and didn’t want to be home alone. That is it” Big boy squinted his eyes at me “I don’t believe that, mr save his ex-girlfriend from a situation” Big Boy snorted laughing, why does nobody believe me about this shit.

It’s straight up bullshit that people are saying that I had Ava lined, I wouldn’t ever do that to Robyn “ok so let’s change the subject, we have just been speaking about this. Liana Brown, she is a mini you! I actually met her, she was with Rihanna backstage at an event. I don’t if it was my ugliness but she didn’t wish to speak to me but from afar she was playing havoc with Rihanna, I swear I saw her kick Jay Z but maybe they was play fighting but she is a cutie” grinning from ear to ear “thank you, Liana is so bright for her age. She tells me off” I miss my daughter “do you and Rihanna share custody? I know you both went court, I see you both still together for her” I sighed “I don’t really get to see Liana as much as I would like too, I mean I see her. Rihanna is there when I do, if she does stay then Liana has to stay with my mom. I can honestly say I have never had Liana for a full twenty four hours and I am not the type to sound bitter but that is never enough for a father. I am a bad guy, I have done shit and made some shit decisions but my daughter, now I will do anything for her. I want to be the man in her life, her first love, her hero. I know when she is older she will see and hear the shit I done but will turn around and say but he was good to me, I am not that guy to shy away from how I feel. I couldn’t have asked for a better baby momma, Rihanna is always one hundred with me, she tells me about things, calls me if needs be. They in Barbados right now, I miss my daughter” I ranted on “that is what I love about you, you never shy away from telling the truth. It is just because I couldn’t help when I was rooting for you when you was with Rihanna” shaking my head laughing, he won’t drop that at all.

Walking out of the radio station, opening the SUV door “get in” allowing Ava to get in first, I am about to just go to sleep when I get home. Getting in the back after her “you going home?” I asked “if you want me too? Seems like you do?” nodding my head in silence “you know what he said in there? Did you have me in line? We met as friends” looking out of the car window “this ain’t no love story, we met in a studio. Come on Ava, don’t make me say things that will upset you, you will be straight back after getting upset with me” she does it to herself “you took my number that night, you was with Rihanna then. You had my number, you called me while you was happy” I don’t get what she is trying to say “and then I fucked you out of spite” turning my head to look at her “your point is?” she need to explain to me what she is on about “but Rihanna said she never cheated, seems like you always wanted to fuck me, I mean you didn’t really need to have sex with me but you did. Everyone saw the video and Rihanna really didn’t do anything” taking in a deep breath “this is why girls like you need to be switched up, don’t speak on shit you don’t know about” side eyeing her “but you haven’t switched me up?” who gave this girl a voice “you right, you don’t have a place, not when your the same girl that watched me fuck another girl in front of you. I don’t respect you like that, you won’t be on that level as Rihanna. You’re here because I want you here”  I done warned her about that shit “you’re fucking vile Chris, not even a daughter will make you respect women” mean mugging Ava “don’t fucking speak about my daughter!” Ava mean mugged me back “Rihanna is clever to keep her away from you” hitting the front seat “get this bitch out of the car now!” before I do something stupid, Big D stopped the car abruptly “get out now” she huffed hearing her shuffle away.

Sitting on the side of the pool with my legs dangling in the water, the sun rays shining down on me. Oh this is the life, so perfect. Smiling lightly, so free “mommy!” Liana shouted, letting out a sigh but I am not child free. Turning my head, taking my shades off “yes baby” I love my daughter’ bikini, a stupid smile played on my face remembering when me and Chris was together. We went to the beach and he saw Liana in a bikini and did not like it, he ranted on like she was a grown ass girl. It made me laugh so much that day, he told Liana off and she was yelling things at back him. They are so cute together “I want that” she pointed at my shades “your shades are in the suitcases, go and tell uncle to go and find you them ok?” she nodded running off, I love my baby too much. Letting out a sigh, I have been here for two weeks now and I don’t want to leave but Jay wants a meeting with me in New York. The relationship with Mychal died, very quickly when the pictures of me leaving Chris’ house leaked. I dumped him over text, very petty of me, I know. I am feeling really happy about this though, more freedom being single.

Feeling someone tug at my legs, looking down and seeing Mel “bitch, if I fell in that pool I would kill you. I don’t need this weave to be wet just yet” Mel chuckled “don’t be telling Leandra that, she would kick you in the pool” Mel has a point “if that bitch does, I will cancel her ass and she will be removed from the jet ride home” looking over at Leandra “speaking about that, where we going? LA or New York? You keep giving me mixed answers” I paused thinking “well it’s been two weeks away from Chris and he is having a fit but we are going New York” I said “oh, what changed?” Mel held the side of the pool at the side of me “Chris seems to have these stupid outbursts and rants, I have been ignoring him but he text me saying I am turning Liana on him and I said the only nigga doing that is you, I called him last night and he was in a club but he has been in a club and studio for the past five days so Liana has not spoken to him. He asked for her and she won’t speak now” Mel’ mouth hung open “she is not here for his shit” shaking my head “she’s not, I think she asks for him and then when I am saying daddy busy she thinks he doesn’t want to speak to her, so she is sad about it” hearing Majesty and Liana both screaming “girls! No running, you can hurt yourselves” they make me nervous, it’s near a pool too.

Looking down at my nails sighing “you finished in there?” I shouted from outside the door, I don’t know how I trust that girl on her own in the bathroom, but she will only go to the toilet as long as I am not there. Potty training is the devil’ work “auntie how long?” Majesty stood in front of me “I don’t know, Liana will do as she pleases. It will be a wait” it has been a very weird experience for me and also difficult being out in events with her, I had to put a diaper on her most of the time but she is coming along just fine. She openly said she wants to be a big girl “lovey, lovey, kiss, kiss meee” Liana said, frowning at the wall “she sing” Majesty whispered “Chris Brown” she giggled placing her hand over her mouth “I see” crossing my arms over my chest, I can’t just stand here because I don’t know what she is doing. Pushing the door open a little, seeing Liana bent down, her behind in the air and a whole lot of toilet roll in hand “uhmmm you need help?” I asked, she is trying to wipe her own butt I ain’t going to complain “no mommy, I got it” she said, look at my baby go.

My daughter actually did a great job, I am proud of her “you tell mommy when you need toilet again” Liana held my hand “I am, I’m big girl now” she grinned “yes you are princess” walking down the steps “where did you go crazy?” Rajad said to Liana “I wipe my own butt!” Liana said, letting out laugh “really?” Rajad said, Liana nodded “I tell dad?” Liana asked, she is asking for him which is a good thing “of course you can” tugging at her hand “come then baby” Rajad gave me a smile “actually come, let’s go upstairs to call him” turning around “I talk dad, I tell him I swim” smiling from ear to ear, I love her so much.

Pressing the phone to my ear as I sat on the edge of my bed while the phone rang out, Liana stood in front of me staring at me all wide eyed, I hope he picks up “yo” Chris said, he picked up “shocking” I mumbled “Liana wants to speak to you” I said, he cleared his throat “uh yeah, hold up. Facetime me instead” he disconnected the call, I think he is in bed still “daddy wants to facetime you, come sit here” patting the bed, Liana giggled clapping as she climbed up on the bed. Watching her get comfortable, I tapped the icon to start the facetime and pass the phone to Liana, he doesn’t get the pleasure of seeing me first “little momma!” Chris said, Liana cheesed “dad” she stared at the phone in shock, bless my baby “look at you, you got a tan. You having fun there?” she nodded “dark” she pointed at the screen “yeah, I just woke up. I been awake working very hard for you, I miss you so much. Tell me what you been up too though” Liana looked up at me “tell daddy about you swimming” I don’t know what’s wrong with her now, she looked sad at that moment, she looked back at the phone “I play in water” watching Liana’ body language, it changed so quickly, that was weird “that sounds so fun baby, I saw pictures of you. You looked so pretty” Chris said “and, and” Liana pushed her hair back with her free hand “I wipe my own butt” I snorted laughing, I know she was dying to say that. Hearing Chris laughing ever so loudly “oh wow baby, you wipe your own butt now too? Stop growing” Liana giggled.

Liana keeps giving me these sad glares and I don’t understand why “baby, what is wrong? You wanted to talk to dad” she pouted looking down at the bed “what’s wrong?” Chris asked “I go there” she pointed at the phone “baby, you will come here soon. I promise, I will see you as soon you come back. You will see me and grandma, I will buy you a toy for wiping your own butt too” a small smile played on her face “Liana!! Come on, uncle is making us ice cream!” Majesty ran into the room, Liana gasped “dad, I go” she is too busy now “aight, I love you baby. Talk to me later” she nodded placing the phone on the bed, she shuffled off my bed and I was quick to grab my phone and straight disconnect it, I don’t wish to speak to the devil.

I was about to step out of my bedroom until I looked at my phone, he is calling me back “fuck my life” I whispered, closing my bedroom door answering the call “hello” I didn’t want to be rude and start an argument “sorry” he said “no need, I don’t care. I really don’t want to know unless you are calling in regards to Liana” I have no choice in that “don’t be like that with me Robyn” letting out a sigh “call me Rihanna please, Robyn is dead to you” I hate him calling me Robyn, the guy I loved called me that “I love you” he is so annoying “you had Ava lined up, I heard the interview. I don’t know what hurts more Chris, the fact you still have her around or the fact she walks into the home we bought together. I am still trying to decide on that. Did you have fun having sex on the same bed we made love on huh? The same bed we used to stay up at night on when Liana wouldn’t sleep, the same bed I showed you how to clothe, feed, change Liana diaper on because I was too lazy to show you in Liana’ nursery. You ruined all that shit in that home. I hope she is keeping you warm at night. Jesus, I hate you and I hate myself too” the phone is silent “anyways, I am going New York, not to despite you but because I have a meeting. You see how normal people work, they don’t go and destroy a whole life in one night. They speak, you know like I am doing now. If there is anything you can do right in the world is please do not let Liana down, when she wants you to talk to her then you fucking talk to her, you walk out of that club and you drop your fake hoes. Don’t upset my daughter, goodbye Chris” disconnecting the call, throwing my phone on the bed just because I do not want to talk again because he will ring back.

Staring at the wall rather than this movie, I have no idea what my family is watching because my mind is somewhere else. I think I am in denial, Chris had this girl already there. Wasn’t I good enough for him, I don’t understand because he says one thing and does another. I feel like shit because not to be big headed but she is not on my level, he never gets another girl as good as me. I bet that girl is living it up, the very home. Taking in a sharp breath, that place brings me bad memories and I hate it. We have had lovely memories but that one night ruined everything, when he said to me that he would fuck another girl I knew he would, it still pains me that I had to grab everything I could and leave that home with my daughter. Dramatic as it sounds I didn’t want there to be an argument because it would have been and Liana would be there, she would have heard. This way Liana heard nothing, all she knows is that we moved but kept asking why and I said that mommy and daddy are happier this way and this happens sometimes, I lied about the mommy part though. Feeling someone poke my side, turning my head “come” Mel waved me over, pushing myself off the couch.

With my arms crossed against my chest “you good bitch?” I shrugged not saying a word, Mel held out the blunt for me “you need it” she said, taking the blunt from her “Mychal messaged me on Instagram” taking in the blunt slowly “he said he acted stupid, he wants to fight for you. Get you back I guess” rolling my eyes as I blew the smoke out “I don’t have the time, I am over men” passing the blunt back to Mel “heard Chris kicked ole girl out of the car” I do not care, I remained silent “I know I can’t really do anything to make you happy and with the way you are feeling, you will somehow find a way to get yourself better because I know you do. You have got me if you need me whenever” opening my arms, shuffling over to Mel “thank you, just I always find myself being the joke. I bet god laughs at me when I go back to him” embracing Mel “love sucks Robbie, there is always that moment where Chris does change but you got us, you got Liana. God gave you the greatest gift” stepping back from Mel “thank you” this is why I run to Barbados, no negativity. Even though I am the fool to go back to Chris when everyone told me no, I will be back on top once get back to America, nothing will bring me down.


*I’m back Papyrus.



*Aaaw Papyrus~

*I missed you too.

*Everything was really boring without you around.

*How did it go with the blog whole i was gone?

*Did they cause you any trouble?



*Well it doesn’t surprise me at all, you are the great Papyrus after all.

*I am really proud of you, i can’t thank you enough.





*Bye Papyrus…


*I wish i could love you back Papyrus…


*Oh h-hi.

*Well…i am back.

*I hope you had fun with Papyrus.


I’m so glad so many of you are into indie games and in one way or another support the community!

As some of you may know i’ve been working on a Indie game for a while now, when I first started doing digital art (near the end of my Game Design Degree) I was awful, I mean terrible.
I kept trying and trying (there’s a post a while back about my art progress) and eventually I got to where I am now. But during that phase, my art grew, and so did my knowledge of game design.

Near the start of it all I had a idea for a game, and it evolved so organically over 3 years design wise AND art wise it complimented each other so well.

ANyway after a few trials and errors (minaly trying prgramming out myself, getting programmers that didnt last etc etc) I finally now have a team! They seem like a decent bunch, not the most talented, but able!

So i’ll be uploading the best concept ive ever done for the game soon and after a while ill be able to show you some prototyping and design documents!

I hope you all get into it! :’D

So this week I came home to a package containing the lovely @zirkusdolls Loreley who is like my fangirl crush of her crew / dies

So today she got to use Stephy’s lab. For what? No one is quite sure yet. I am just glad my witch isn’t done yet, lol

The ‘what is what’
Loreley is a Fairyland MNF RFA '15 and belongs to zirkussoldat

Just recently received this message. It’s been 2 hours since she got to my cousins house. She said, “Round two is over. His dick is huge!!! My pussy is sore and full of his cum. May try round three not sure yet. Just think you get to clean your cousin out of my pussy. And yes I told him you would lick my pussy clean and that he could fuck me anytime, even in front of you. I am so glad at least one member of your family knows what you are. Hope your ready for your cousin desert tonight. lol”. I swear my wife sits around thinking of ways to belittle me more each day.

anonymous asked:

Hi :) I'm a new shawol, and I just have to say that I am so glad I decided to join this fandom! They are all gorgeous, but in particular Taemin strikes me as incredibly handsome. Is he the main visual of the group?

Welcome to the fandom!! But I’m sorry to tell you that the main visuals of the group are all of them, lmao. I understand that first reaction you got from Taemin, but once you start to know each of them, you’ll fall for all of them unconditionally.