I don’t know who the Mcelroy brothers are. I have literally no idea what they do or what they talk about or anything. But for this entire time, anytime I saw their name on my dash, I mentally read it as “Mic-EL-roy.”

Until tonight, when I see a quick video and hear someone say “MACKelroy.”

They’re apparently the “MACKelroy” brothers

Not the “MicELroy” brothers

And now I only know that I know nothing

Martin Freeman's new haircut makes me question my sexuality.

Somebody help me. Please?

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why is rose a special rose quartz. eyeball said “and who else has the ability to heal gems other than the villainous rose quartz?”, like am i missing something here?? did rose fall in a vat of acid and gain some extra powers? why is she different from other rose quartzes? does this explain her odd peach-colored skin? is she also half-human or something? why must she be so op someone please explain

ok so since I don’t watch the trashdred anymore and barely anyone on my dash does either; i do not understand 0.4% of what’s going on there anymore. apparently space is back? and ships are dying? and people are talking to each other through medical tubes idk what’s going on anymore remember when this show was good (aka remember when t100 s2 aired and things were aaight) because i don’t 

when did the creators start snorting bath salts for breakfast when did that become a thing

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If Dean will functional normal so what was the point of Cas’s death? To show us his ... pointless? -___-


Dean might act surface level OK, throwing himself into hunting, tracking Jack, trying to find Mary etc. IN DENIAL probably for a while, BUT CLEARLY HE IS NOT GOING TO BE OK. It’s just the SURFACE level of functioning normally that I don’t expect to change MASSIVELY.

What I just DON’T think will happen is Dean being catatonic and not functioning and not doing anything for half a season - it’s not realistic, he’s the show’s main protagonist.

He has to DO STUFF. 

He might be textually not ok, which would be awesome or even if he seems kind of OK, there will be moments where he falls apart for SURE, I mean the man he loves his best friend just died right in front of him and as you say what is the point of showing this death (and yes, Cas’ death is relevant to his personal arc too, we CANNOT say it is all about Dean’s reaction) but showing Dean’s reaction as so big in 12x23 and it being relevant to their relationship…. they’re NOT going to just gloss over this.

They haven’t every other time this has happened, Dean was a MESS in season 7, which is such a mirror of this, then every other time too, and this time it’s even STRONGER cos it’s been longer they’ve been together and their feelings have deepened massively. DON’T WORRY.

So, I’m in need of Star Wars discourse, because writing is hard. Father Andor was at the Carida Academy and was killed during a protest against the Galactic Republic’s increased militarism. What side was he one? Republic or Separatist?

Cassian says he’s been in the fight since he was six years old but my understanding is he started in an insurrectionist cell associated with the Confederacy of Independent Systems (i.e. the Separatist Alliance) which were at war with the Galactic Republic.

But this quote is made while he is with the Rebel Alliance which he joined and actively supports. My understanding is that the Rebels wants to restore the Galactic Republic in some sense. Draven was Galactic Republic before and he recruits Cassian.

Basically I’m super confused. I get that allegiances change (Erso and Rook are good examples of this) but what is Cassian’s motivation to change. And why does he say he’s been in the fight since he was six if some of that time was spent with the Separatists??