I am actually so pumped, like. I hung out with a few girls from my class at one of the conferences I went to and had a nice time with them but didn’t really expect them to be not-conference friends, but I just ran into one of them on a walk with Monty and she and her friend played with him and chatted with me and I think we may actually be friendly acquaintances now!!!


@jenba Thank you for your kind message! It’s one of my favorite books, too. Who am I kidding, all of Jane Austen’s books are my favorite books. 

@bottsbotts I am having soooo much fun with your lots!!! And I love the hipster staff at Haerts. You are really a creative builder.

@zauglom Yes! I am so pumped for laundry and pets haha.

@justsimsen You have no idea how much I wanted to make Jamie and Hazel and item just for you <3 I kept going back and forth in my head about whether to make Jamie be in love with Fawn or with Storm… I thought maybe his jealousy towards Hazel would be enhanced if he loved Storm, but I thought I better not because I hate writing love triangles haha.

@zauglom I am too much a sucker for happy endings to let them be apart for any longer!

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u probs don't remember bUT I sent you an ask a few months ago complaining how I can't see kinky boots but now it turns out I am and I'm pumped !!! also do you know if he's performing all of the shows, or which days/ times he isn't in it? ❤️

if i remember right he should be performing all the rest of the shows until the end of his run if everything goes smoothly, ie no injuries or illness

Just to clarify why this is such a low quality drawing, I am moving house tomorrow and all my art crud is in boxes, but I am still PUMPED TO DRAW. So this is a pencil drawing on the back of an envolope photographed with my phone. I will draw better things when I am unpacked.
I really wanted to draw @mr-tony-clock‘s forbidden padlock akshfifhrifhgkj. I love geoclock but also this too, gosh.

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*slams fists on desk because when it comes to the Iida family I am never NOT fucking pumped* Just imagine Tenya finally having an SO, and the only reason he didn't overthink himself out of dating them was big bro Tensei being his supportive rock. "They're cute, go ask them out or I will tell them that one story about the time you--" "Yes, alright, thankyouTensei!" "You are going to be handsome and charming, and so help me, if you don't put down that notepad of prepared compliments..."


I literally live for Tenya and Tensei’s brotherly relationship… because Tenya is so awkward and unsociable compared to Tensei so he always helps him out, gives him advice, makes him not look like a dork.

You got to know that Tensei is 100% Tenya’s best man at his wedding. And the tears? THEY ARE FLOWING LIKE A RIVER! Because his little brother finally did it… he got married.


Benvolio Montague: I’m a snarky drunk, who uses my boozing and womanizing to cover up the fact that secretly I’m a romantic artist, and I hate you.

Rosaline Capulet: I’m a witty and independent minded free thinker, who just wants to join a nunnery so everyone will leave me the goddamn hell alone, and I hate you.

The plot: you two must now get married!


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I am now working on the slow burn stuckony with wingless pining tony- added bonus. after they're together tony makes fake wings that look like his own to present to them. "i know that you don't care that i can't present to you, but i wanted to be able to do it." he doesn't use them again really, just wanted the chance to establish their relationship in a way that felt right to him

“I just wanted to be able to do it” SWEETHEART

Q: Other versions of Voltron include Prince Lotor’s obsession with Allura. Will we see this obsessive trait reappear in Legendary Defender?

LM: I will say that in my childhood there was a lot of that, like–the guy wants to kidnap the girl and force her to marry him–and I feel like that is a thing that needs to stay kind of in the past. [laughs] So if we were to go down a road like that, we would probably choose a very different way to do it, but ultimately what we do with Lotor remains to be seen.

JDS: Plus Allura would just like punch him in the face. She’d be like, ‘Get away from me.’

LM: Yeah, yeah, and we do have like a very different Allura, too.

—  Executive producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery in Wondercon interview [x]

we’re growing together 💝


I finally can submit thiingssss

I love these dorks and the manga so much ahh;__; So excited for the anime as well. so obviously I ended up drawing them<3 I wanted to draw more of them but didn’t have any references because my internet was out, so for now just them.

huge thanks to joker-ace because you’re the one who has gotten me interested in Haikyuu!! on the first place.