osaudade: ngl i think most people would probably drive or take the train. it’s pretty common for there to be layovers on domestic flights, though, especially for less major airports like in WV

Yeah, I think I should have specified the character, as it’s definitely not ‘most people’. Private jet/helicopter it is!

socpuppet: Why would you fly? I’m not from the East Coast, but I would say driving or bus/train

Because it’s 450 miles??!!?! This is me being FOREVER APPALLED at US public transport btw :P Like, okay, I’m spoiled because I live within 1 and a half hours of five international airports but like… I can fly to most major cities at a 450 mile radius from me?? You can fly from London to Edinburgh, which is around 450 miles and okay a lot of people would take the train but if I am a wealthy businessman, why would I drive for 7+ hours when I could be there in two???!?! It doesn’t cost a whole lot more! Why is there no option to do that?!