“i cant imagine how that feels” is my favourite stock phrase because while it does validate the recipient it is also just a statement of fact

Favorite things about RWBY4’s new animation style:

-those cloth physics
-red afterimage trails on Grimm eyes
-better shading on faces
-slimmer and cleaner outlining
-red glowing inside Grimm throats and injuries
-better particle effects
-higher poly count models or better smoothing or both
-higher quality lighting effects (that SUNSET THOUGH)

so who wants to see the mess i typed to @bichaelwheeler regarding BYELER HEIGHT DIFFERENCE?!?!

  • imagine will having to stand up on his tippy toes to press a soft, sweet kiss against mike’s lips, but he overbalances and stumbles forward against mike’s chest instead and mike catches him, stumbling slightly back himself. he holds onto will for balance but they end up falling backward onto the floor in a giggling heap - a pile of silly boy laughter, warm, blushing cheeks and soft, secret smiles saved just for one another
  • will wearing one of mike’s long sleeved striped shirts with the sleeves falling over his hands in the most adorable way. mike just sighs and smiles as he sneaks his hands into the opening of the sleeves to wrap his fingers around will’s. he leans down to place a kiss against the top of will’s head and will snuggles into mike’s chest with a content little sigh. mike just rests his cheek against the soft, floral-scented nest of will’s hair and wraps his arms around him while will measures his breathing to the steady beat of mike’s heart.

A beautiful tarot card I commissioned from the lovely @key-of-zee !!! I am flailing and smiling and giggling like mad because this is just so extremely beautiful. I feel like I will be staring at it for hours <3 <3 <3

It’s all so very dramatic and angsty for my Ellana and Solas, and it’s just the way I love it.

Throw your money at her, throw it!!! She produces wonders.

What springs

These are tough times
for so many of us
Times of sorrow, times of pain
tears, fears and the breaking
of our hearts
It feels as if we’re drowning
in loss and lies
All I want to do is give up,
give in
Surrender, and hope
for mercy
But, then I remember
that there is no mercy
to be found in the wicked
They are after our lives
at the least
They seek to feast
on what springs
from our very souls
Not caring whether
we are whole
I am broken
lost and flailing
Drowning in a sea of pain
But there’s something
that I’m not

I’m not giving in
Not to wickedness
Not to my own fears
Not now,
Not fucking ever

Take me and burn me
Tear me limb from limb
Just know this…
I’m not done yet
I’m not giving in

My thoughts on the spoilers.

First, after seeing everyone else flail, I am cautiously optimistic. Captain Charming is my second favorite thing on the show, so BRING IT. Killian giving David a heads up, subtly wanting to know where he stands with Emma’s family, is perfectly fine. Queen Jane is writing it (I think?), so I’m confident problematic language will be kept to a minimum, if any.

That said…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT PULL THE RUG OUT FROM UNDER KILLIAN ON THIS. Emma has taken the first steps in every other aspect of their relationship and I totally get why, but JUST ONCE, I would like to see Killian take the leap of faith and get the chance to take the initiative. JUST ONCE. 

Let my bb have the fairy tale proposal she deserves, pretty please.

anonymous asked:

While I drown in my own phlegm, I'm thinking about post Lucky Penny Steter. You know, where Peter performs all kinds of beautiful fatherly acts. Tucking Stiles in at night. Teaching him how to skin things with his new claws. Letting him have the best, most tender bits. Dropping him off at school and kissing MOUTH TO MOUTH. "Oh that's my uncle. He's very European." Sports dad Peter almost dragging Stiles into his lap on the stands. All aboveboard. Just innocent guardian-ward stuff <.<




who are youuuuuuuu, sweet anon, bringing such beautiful, sparkling, grade-A trash to my door, like some magical gift-giving raccoon? whoooo who who whoooo?

hellooooo babe :p

Alpha Peter, and his fresh little werewolf bb. Uncle Peter, so European and affectionate, so dedicated to making his little orphaned charge feel welcomed and loved. So wholesome. 

I am flailing and making horrible noises. This is everything I want. This ^^^^ 

Which, you know. It’s Lucky Penny. So if I want it… I sort of have to write it. Curses.