13x02: Dean is John

Fairy Goddabb (and team) coming at us, waving his wand and textualising that Dean is John in a season all about fathers… Forget hail Mary’s I’m giving hail Dabb’s this year.

In 13x01 we got Grieving!Dean, canonically upset and nihilistic over the loss of Cas and Mary and the others. First every time though was Cas.

In 13x02 we are now seeing the fall out from this. Namely that he is mirroring both John’s life long grief over the loss of Mary, the grief that led him to act towards Sam and Dean in a way that led them to have so many issues that they are now overcoming, and also mirroring season 1 Sam through his grief over Jess.

We have already seen Dean drop to his knees next to Cas’ body just as Sam did at Jess’ grave and Mary did over John’s body and we had the scene where Sam pulled Dean back from Cas just as Dean pulled Sam back from Jess.

I then said here that I was expecting at some point mirroring of the scene from 1x02 where Dean offers to let Sam drive to take his mind off Jess (check!) and references to Dean not sleeping (check! - the “you were hallucinating sheep” conversation) but to get them both in 02 was fantastic :)

x x  Honestly, I want to keep a checklist of these things… I am so overjoyed!

Next is 1x04′s:

Sam “I’ve gotta find Jessica’s killer, it’s the only thing I can think about”
Dean “All that anger, you can’t keep it burning over the long haul, it’s gonna kill you”.
Sam “How do you do it?”
Dean “We help others, it makes it more bearable…and killing as many sons of bitches as we can”

Perhaps next week? In 13x03? When they go out to help someone else on a “normal” MOTW hunt? Who knows, I can hope. I can’t help NOT hope given we’ve been given so much else so far on my wishlist in such timely order. 

So anyway, yes, it’s established that Dean is GRIEVING. He is a MESS. He’s also perfectly mirroring both Sam in season 1 after Jess’ death and John his whole life after Mary’s death.

I wonder what could possibly be the link here? Hm. 

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*we just don’t know*

So then yes, Dean is mirroring John. THIS IS NOT TO SAY DEAN IS LIKE JOHN. You can mirror someone without being exactly LIKE them. Look at Jack mirroring all of TFW. It’s just a way to expose a storyline and emotional motivations for someone’s actions. OK? I am not saying that Dean is John. It’s just a link to the story of the past to show the story of now and how parts are mirrored to be ADDRESSED and SUBVERTED.

This then makes total sense when we look at Dean’s interactions with Jack. Yes he is harsh and struggling with him right now, the cause of Cas’ death, the potential big bad, because he’s grieving and a mess. Just as John was. 


There is going to be so much symbolism around John in this season and frankly seeing Dean mirroring him makes me so HYPED because this means we really should see some amazing exposition of Dean’s feelings towards John and himself in relation to John and I cannot help but hope for CLOSURE on this now. 

Then we have Jack who is a huge mirror for Sam. Sam who was the reason Mary died, though of course it not through his own fault. Mirror wise, Dean is John and Cas is Mary, Jack is Sam. 

Original story: John/Mary - Sam.
Season 13: Dean/Cas - Jack.

Still with me? OK.

So now we need to see this subverted. The ORIGINAL STORY.

Where Dean and Sam’s lives were ruined and turned upside down by all this, by the yellow eyed demon and Lucifer’s plan, by Heaven’s orders. 

The terrible original story of how everything started seems now to be mirrored and subverted into a (potential) end (but at least a later story) where everything is ‘fixed’. 

In the original story everyone was manipulated. Mary and John were manipulated into falling in love (versus Dean and Cas who fell in love DESPITE Heaven and everything against them). Sam and Dean were fated to be the vessels of Michael and Lucifer but they chose free will.

Everyone tried to manipulate Sam and Dean down a certain path. Their whole lives were a manipulation up to the point they chose Free Will. 

Now JACK has to choose FREE WILL thanks to their guidance and help. Through mirroring them and their story and through them helping him choose the righteous and free path.

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He has to be the catalyst and mirror to subvert this story, to allow the metaphorical John and Mary (Dean and Cas) to LIVE and have a happy ending. For the metaphorical Sam (himself) to NOT grow up into the demon blood arc, and for the real Sam to move past this, accept the past and move onto a brighter future, to let go of his guilt over it by helping Jack past this too. For Jack to do just as Sam did do in the end in season 5 and fight back thanks to support from his family.

Jack’s story is a chance to subvert all the horrors of the start of the story for Dean and Sam, but first their story has to be mirrored for this to work.

This is what we are seeing happening. This is the set up.


Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here contemplating the difference between I don’t take orders from you and If I’m on the list, you’re on the list because just, like, think about that.  By the time Finn died, Bellamy knew he loved Clarke, right?  You can argue about it being romantic love or not, but she was definitely his Person by that point, and he when suggested going on a suicide mission she shut him down.  And he snapped I don’t take orders from you because, well, he loves her but his life is expendable and this makes the most sense.  And then she says because I can’t lose you too and he doesn’t really have a response.  He knew what she meant to him, but Clarke saying no your life matters to me is still a little too much for him to fully process.

But in 403, Bellamy has already announced his intention to participate in a slow-motion suicide mission by declining a place on the Ark.  He delivers the news as if it’s already been decided and Clarke once again challenges him, but they don’t really get into it until later that day.   He says okay, you want me to live?  Then you live too.  We’re a package deal now, and when Clarke can’t bring herself to agree, he writes her name for her.  He agrees to let her save him only on the condition that he gets to save her too.  He’s not even that surprised that she wants to save him and I suggest it’s because because he knows she loves him.  And now it’s Clarke’s turn to be just a little bit speechless as Bellamy makes it perfectly clear how much he loves her.

“i cant imagine how that feels” is my favourite stock phrase because while it does validate the recipient it is also just a statement of fact

The need to find more Sanders Sides blogs is very high. I especially like anything related to Patton, but honestly, I adore them all and would love to read more ideas/metas/speculations/fanfics as well as look at art on it!

So anyone whose a Sanders Sides blog or has a sideblog for this lovely fandom, hit this post with a like/reblog! (though I may just go on a random follow spree anyway XD; )


Rick Grimes Appreciation Week: Day Seven
Anythang Goes: Andy Lincoln’s Rick Grimes Appreciation

sea shanty

*rolls shoulders* *stretch neck* *crack knuckles*

let’s do this thing.


Kakasaku Month, Week One:  Yukata or Kimono/Mission Report/“He desperately wanted to breathe”/Summer Rain/Myth or Fairytale AU

i’ll have at least one longer piece ready for later in the week, but to get us started… i’m jumping on the pirate+mermaid au thing the fandom has going on.

Kakashi claws at the surface, trying to keep himself above water. He desperately wants to breathe, but if isn’t the cool dark below pulling him down, it’s the acrid smoke choking the air from his lungs and scalding his throat, leaving him helpless to resist the soft embrace of the sea.

It’s waves and screams and the crash of wood and steel and fire—the whole world in flames with only the deep, eternal respite below—and his arms are just so tired.

It’s blood, staining the sea and sky red.

(Whirling red, spinning crimson, screams trapped behind his teeth. And what are they, these men who are not men, who do not bleed the way men should bleed on steel? Kakashi’s friends on fire and all the world in flame.)

It’s blood, and he wonders how long it will take for the sharks to arrive. He wonders what will take him first: the cold, the fire, the exhaustion, the teeth.

Every paddle, every kick—the next even more impossible.

Kakashi coughs water, coughs smoke, as his head comes back up again, clearing the waves once more in favour of the acrid black sky.

He’s so tired. It would be so easy to stop.

Even the screams are dying out now and, when he can manage to blink his vision clear, Kakashi can see The Leaf sinking, sinking, sinking down amidst the flames.

Twenty years of his life—and everything and everyone in the world who remains to him—surrendered to the sea.

Kakashi gasps: salt and iron.

All that is left to him: the flame and the waves and the bitter knowledge that he will never know what Otherness came in the night and stole the world from him.

Kakashi claws at the surface but oh, drowned gods and hanged gods, oh but he is tired.

Kakashi closes his eyes, and lets the sea sweep him up, lets the sea pull him down.


Once upon a time—

But no, this is not a happily ever after. Not yet. Perhaps not ever.

(And yet.)

Once upon a time, a man surrendered to the waves, and the cool dark welcomed him down.

(hello hello hello welcome welcome welcome been waiting have waited waiting for you)

Salt and iron.

Flames and sea.

Once upon a time, a man surrendered to the waves and the waves—

(blood in the water)

—the waves swallowed him up whole.


Firelight, blood in the night, red sky dawning—

“Hello,” says a girl who is not a girl, who is the sea made flesh, who is sun pinked skin and fish scales, who is salt and iron and flames on the water, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Hair like the sky’s last blush as it kisses the waves, like blood in the night, she smiles with more than enough teeth to take him.

The sea smiles softly, smiles terribly, and Kakashi—

Kakashi drowns.

if i were to make this an actual facts fic, it’d involve mermaid!sakura and pirate!kakashi trying to figure out what exactly attacked The Leaf and accidentally stumbling upon fisherman!naruto and the mysterious sasuke. it ends up that the uchiha were a powerful noble family working for the corrupt crown under the regent danzo as naval officers, cursed by a sea witch for the death of her son to travel the seas as ghosts, never to rest.



and sakura with too many teeth.

… i am not writing this. it stays as is…

(but like, naruto is probably actually the secret heir to the kingdom, taken in by a fishing village as an infant. and sasuke makes peace with his family and gets their help in retaking the crown for naruto so that they can finally break the curse. and sakura and kakashi fall in love and naruto as king makes them the admirals of his navy and they spend the rest of their lives on the sea. (can you imagine going up against a giant flotilla backed up by half-fish woman with water and storm magic and mouths full of teeth??)

sharkface’s death was so completely ridiculous to me that upon my first viewing, i assumed miles just didn’t want to keep writing him. (granted, that may be true.) and thinking about it now, it’s really a sticky situation all around. wash and kimball gun down someone making very clear threats against their friend–but he can also be interpreted to be in the middle of hysterics.

as usual, forgive me if this has already been suggested, but allow me to make things even stickier: how do we know he didn’t want to die?

although there’s a lot we don’t know about him, the character isn’t a stranger–we watched the freelancers kill his team, saw the building the director dropped on him as it went down. we know he’s had a lot taken from him, and it’s easy to imagine he’s thought of pretty much nothing but revenge since. 

but when he gets his chance, instead of the bloodbath he wants, the aggression he brings isn’t returned. he’s denied the fight to the death he always expected. carolina apologizes to him, takes the moral high ground, and he’s left visibly shaken afterwards. this is the woman he was presumably told by the counselor will never turn down a fight. the confrontation veers wildly from the script he likely has running in his head.

then wash and kimball show up. carolina hasn’t dealt any lethal blows to him–but he hasn’t put her down, either, and now he’s outnumbered. so, not even able to stand, with two guns trained on him, what does he say?

“as long as I’M alive, you’re all as good as DEAD!”

i used to think this death scene was ludicrous, because i interpreted it as him unwittingly talking himself into being gunned down. but suicide by cop is a real thing. carolina’s just apologized for what they did to him. his perception of her has been altered; killing her in cold blood may not even be an option for him any longer. 

he can’t claim the satisfying revenge he’s always imagined, and if he can’t do that, it’s entirely possible that the only thing he’s been holding on to this whole time is now just another item on the list of what’s been taken from him. he never imagined both of them could walk away from this. it was supposed to be a final encounter–he would win, or die trying. 

now neither end game is possible. he can’t get up for one last attack. if he asks carolina to kill him, she won’t (not to mention his pride may not allow it). but by posing himself as a threat to not only her, but all of her allies, he isn’t giving her friends much of a choice other than to pull the trigger.

that may have been exactly what he intended.

I know this is a BTS blog… but I’m hoping you can indulge me for a little bit.  

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Because I’m in my G Dragon feelings right now.

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Anyone who has been on my blog for a long time probably already knows that the only group other than BTS that I stan hardcore for is Big Bang.

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But within Big Bang – GD is my bias.  I love them all for different reasons, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say my feelings for Kwon JiYong stand apart.  Like, it’s not even close.

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My feelings for the other Big Bang members are generally pretty pure.  I want to protect them and champion them.  Which I want to do for GD as well… but it would be better if maybe we were both naked?

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Which is highly inappropriate and probably not even true.  GD is my true celebrity crush.  If I met him in real life, I would probably run away screaming or pass out from anxiety.  But I like to pretend I would be cool with it (I totally wouldn’t be though.)

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It doesn’t even make sense.  If you asked me to describe my ideal man… he would look nothing like GD.  Yet, I’m at the concert tonight and I think to myself, “I’m still turned on by him even with that stupid fucking mullet on his head.”  YOU GUYS! NOT EVEN A MULLET WILL DISSUADE ME FROM MY LOVE!

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It’s like he’s some magical musical sex-elf.  *sigh*  

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Thank you for your time.

Wait a moment. Groot doesn’t like hats, right? But what does a tiny tree-child consider a hat?

I mean, he thought Yondu’s badge was supposed to be a hat, or that Rocket needed a toe or a desk instead of a fin. Groot doesn’t really seem to have a concept for things and their correct names, most likely because he’s still a little child in this form.

So it would be very likely that when Kraglin got the fin implanted, Groot just noted “It’s on his head” and thought it’s a hat.

And Groot doesn’t really like hats. But Kraglin and Peter seem to like the new “hat”.

Cue in here Kraglin, still a bit insecure about his new look (and damn, that’s one hell of a weird feeling, having a steel attachment on your head, not to mention the headache), gets confronted by a very serious Groot, who tugs at him to get his attention. Once the former Ravager looks down, Groot declares, “I am Groot!”

“Um,” Kraglin flails, still not knowing how that is supposed to be a language the little tree is using there, never mind how to understand it. “Rocket?”

“What?” Rocket looks up from his newest invention, frowning when Groot whips around to him, repeating his words. “Oh. He says he noticed your new hat.”

“My new…what?”

“I am Groot.”

“…I think he means the fin.”

“Oh,” Kraglin ponders that for a moment, before, “But that’s not a hat, Groot.”

“I am Groot”

“He doesn’t get it,” Rocket explains, huffing, “Because it’s on your head and only hats go onto your head.”

“’kay, I guess ye could see it as a hat, but why’s that important?”

“I am Groot.”

He wants you to know that he doesn’t like hats.”

“I am Groot.”

“Because they make heads look weird – I already told you, that’s bullshit, Groot.”

“I am Groot!”

“It is!”

Kraglin rolls his eyes, sighing. “Guys, seriously – not important.”

Groot seems to think so, too, because he tugs at whatever bit of Kraglin’s jacket that he can reach again. “I am Groot.”  

Rocket falls eerily silent, not further translating, and the stony look on his face makes Kraglin worry. “What? What ‘e say?”

“He said he will overlook the hat and the weird headform, though, because you’re happy about it.” Rocket seems hesitant to translate the rest, but both Groot and Kraglin stare at him expectantly, and he grumbles. “And he wants all of his family to be happy.”


Now it’s Kraglin who falls silent, speechless by the declaration. Not sure if he should acknowledge the lump in his throat and the burning in his eyes.

But Groot looks up at him with big eyes, waiting for something, and Kraglin manages a weak smile, carefully patting the woody head with one fingertip. “Uh, thanks, lil’ twig.”

“I am Groot!” Groot happily hugs Kraglin as well as he can, standing on his knees, before he hops down and scampers off again, declaring very loudly, “I am Groot!”

Rocket’s chortle seems very close to a rasp, more so than a real laugh, but his teeth glint in a smirk. “He just hopes that no one else will get a hat now.”

Kraglin huffs a laugh and shakes his head at that, secretly rubbing his eyes. “Don’t think so.”

Subtext | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: In the beginning, there had been Robin and Batgirl. Jason Todd and Y/N L/N. Only the subtext of their actions can tell their ending.

Words: 4900


Masterlist | Inbox

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You end the call with a sigh, a trio of bats shrieking somewhere far off in the Batcave. Bruce looks at you expectantly waiting for information, and you give it as you don your jacket,”Jay needs me to come pick him up. It’s no big deal. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, okay?” Taking the keys from your pocket, you deliver a kiss to Tim’s cheek and another to Bruce’s, bidding Alfred goodbye with a half-hug. They deliver varying responses with varying degrees of care. Tim notices their not your keys, but Jason’s.

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