“I don’t care how many people you’ve been with.”
“I don’t care how many people you haven’t been with.”
Magnus was prepared to let Alec walk away if that’s what he wanted. But Alec, Alec is like screw this I’ve waited too long for you I’m gonna fight for this. And Magnus has this smile because he is more than happy to do whatever it takes to keep this. He’s all for effort.

I just finished my Merlin Rewatch

I… am wrecked. 

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I was ugly sobbing until 4:30am. 

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imagine William breaking down after one too many account of General Hux's ruthlessness. he's devastated that Brendol made a monster out of little Armitage

(William Hux AU / Hux brothers AU)

Imagine William standing and looking at a giant propaganda poster of General Hux; his strong stance and violent aura, his sharp gaze and tyrannical pose

Imagine William remembering creating a little blanket fort between his bookshelf and his bed frame, hiding both of his baby bothers inside it and away from their father’s vicious voice

Imagine William falling to his knees in front of the poster, punching the ground, no longer recognising his own brother, a monster in his place

My Guys....

I am so fucking…I.
Literally no words, and considering this is a writing blog, that should say something.
I want to do a give away at some point, but have no idea where to begin with that….
Thank you all for being a part of this FFXV adventure with me! As always, if you have anything you’d like to see or if you just want to say hi/ talk about color theory/ whatever, feel free to send me a message <3

BaekXing in 2015 pt 4 - Being Each Other’s #1 Fan

constant compliments from zyx to bbh

zyx, byun baekhyun’s #1 fanboy seriously zyx your crush is too much

and of course bbh thinks highly of zyx too!

beyond compliments, they really care for each other a lot

bbh fixing zyx’s mic

bbh always looking out for zyx and encouraging him 

omg bbh is such a fanboy. I CANT EVEN.

and of course lay wants everyone to know the progress on the byun abs im waiting byun baekhyun

but really. they care about each other so much. baekxing is truly beautiful.

they really are the two most precious people in the world. they love each other so much.

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