Storage Room (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut 

╳ Summary: You didn’t know that accidentally being locked in a storage room with Jungkook could turn out to be so fun.

All you wanted to do was go to the mall by yourself and have a relaxing day but no, of course that can’t happen. You were just walking by a store, glancing at a display window, admiring a cute outfit until you heard screams. You quickly whipped your head around to see a swarm of girls coming at you. You had no time to think before you got pushed into the store, the employees freaking out trying to shut the door, and a guy in all black pacing back and forth.

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New Old Captain

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Lardo was hunched over her laptop working on a write up for her final art project and Ford was across the table from her, finalizing room assignments for the boys’ upcoming (and final) roadie, when the front door opened and a voice called out, “Hello?”

“Jack?” Lardo scrambled out of her chair and into the front hallway. Ford leaned over to save Lardo’s document, then slowly followed after her. She didn’t think she had met anyone on the team named Jack, but who else would be coming to the Haus? She ran through a mental roster of the team, but didn’t come up with anything.

She found Lardo wrapped up in what looked like the world’s comfiest hug with a man who had to be a foot taller than her, and if he wasn’t some sort of athlete, Ford would eat her rooming assignments. His arms, good lord.

“Who’s this, Ris?” He asked, catching sight of Ford.

“Ford, our new manager,” Lardo’s voice was muffled into his chest. “Ford, this is Jack. You should have told someone you were coming, Ransom and Holster made an extra practice today and everyone else is at the rink.”

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“Why doesn’t he care?” 13.06 Finale.

 Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst & slight Fluff

Format: Text Post

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I was patiently waiting for Taehyung’s arrival, and in the mean time I had changed into a black oversized hoodie which hid my baby bump completely. I didn’t want to let him see just yet, there were a few things I needed to confirm. A few things that I needed to know before I could make the decision to let him know. 

My doorbell sounded, and I took that as a signal to prepare myself before opening the door. Once I had opened the door, I looked him in the eyes momentarily before gesturing him in. For the first time in so long I finally got to see him again. Aside from his hair colour and style, he hasn’t changed one bit, he’s still as handsome as ever, his eyelids still slightly uneven - but I’ve always loved his eyes. We just stood there in the hallway not knowing what to do, until I plucked up the courage to finally say.

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Call Boy Johnny (Johnny x Reader)

Rating: M 


P.S. Yes, I’m the same blog as the original Call Boy Yuta smut. I changed my url from @chokemewithjaehyunschoker to @caliboyjaeffrey ! Hope no one get’s confused lol

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You woke up slowly, the sheets and blankets kicked off in your sleep and tangled in your legs. You felt content as you looked over at your alarm clock, the time being in the late afternoon.  Sleeping in was your passion, you’d stayed up super late the previous night anyway, not too bothered that half the day was gone. You gazed out the one big window in your bedroom, the one that looked out at the bustling city. Snow had fallen last night, dusting over the streets and cars like powdered sugar on pancakes. It didn’t really feel like your birthday, but it wasn’t so bad to wake up on a day as pretty as this one.

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so during lunch a few weeks ago, i was chilling with 2 of my friends at our usual table (because the rest of my so called “friends” abandoned us) and the canteen was crowded. so, halfway when we’re eating, 2 boys from our level who we have never seen before asked if they vould sit there (they were hot). and we went all “umm.. okay” and soon after that, their friends were joining them at our table (all the hot shits) and because our school has a dont use your phone during lunch else it would be confiscated policy, we were forced to communicate with each other.

it started out very awkward. like “hi..” then they would say “hi..” and like total silence. soon the guys realised we werent the most outspoken people and decided to chat among themselves, talking about basketball? and my and my two friends also chat among ourselves.

now you need to understand that me and my two friends are like those quiet people but once you get close to us, we are like crazy. so my friend actually stole my food. and i turned into a cursing monster like “fUCK YOU GIMME ME MY FUCKING FOOD BACK” kinda shit. and my friend who stole my food was shielding herself with her feet like kicking me and my other friend was quietly stealing my food too.

so when the boys heard the screaming and laughing coming from the exact table they were sitting on they just turned and stared at us.

i would like to imply that there were 7 hot boys staring blankly at 3 girls. one of them was close to stabbing another girl, who was kicking her, in the eye with a fork and the last girl was quietly eating with her hand, like shoving the food in her mouth as quick as possible.

we soon realised that they were staring and we just sat back down awkwardly. aND THE BOYS STARTED LAUGHING LIKE OH MY GOSH THOSE VOICES OF AN ANGEL we exchanged names and numbers and the next day they actually came back and acted like we were all best friends. like b r o s

and those friends who abandoned wanted to like come back to us because they wabted to be near hot boys but those boys were all like “no.” like straight up said in their faces “no.”

and when we were sad for whatever reason
they would always buy us flowers just to cheer us up. and there was once i needed pad because periods. they actually went to every girl they met and asked them for a pad. like i am touched.

when we went out, they be there just chilling with us even though they could stay at home. and we had sleepovers on several occasions and it was cool. like alot of shiet happend (maybe i would write another story about the things that happened during our sleepover)like they are nice hot guys.

and now we are like best friends.

moral of the story kids: let your bitchy friends abandon you for whatever goddamn reason and be best friends with guys. especially if they are hot.


Our Little Monster

Request: Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimic him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all?

I stir the pot of spaghetti sauce with the wooden spoon and sway my hips to a light tune I hum. Suddenly I cease my stirring and humming at a crash. “Boy? What was that?” I yell from the kitchen.

Quick footsteps and scuffles are heard. Not soon after Jerome hurries in with our son in his arms with a smile. I cross my arms and look at both of them. “What did you two break?”Jerome laughs “Noting doll.” My son wiggles around slightly. Now I know he’s hiding something.

I walk over to (s/n) and pick him up in my arms. “You have something to tell me baby boy?” He stares into my eyes and hugs me. “Daddy did it.” He laughs into my shirt.

I look up at Jerome with narrow eyes. “I thought we were a team! Come on (s/n)! Don’t turn soft on me now!” Jerome says dramatically throwing his arms everywhere.

(S/n) gets out of my arms and runs to Jerome’s legs hugging them. “I’m not daddy. I promise. I’ll never be a cog! I’ll always be free!” Such a daddy’s boy.

I walk into the living room and see nothing shattered on the floor. “See? Nothing. Right buddy?” “Right!” Our boy cheers.

I look upon the floor and see little specks of glass leading to the coat closet. I turn to them again to see their nervous faces quickly change to happy innocent ones. “Boys. Are you sure you didn’t break anything?” They shake their heads. “So when I open this door I won’t find anything out of the ordinary?” Once again they shake their heads.

I nod and open the door seeing a vase my mother gave me at my wedding. “Jerome! My mother gave this to us!” (S/n) runs over and looks at it. “Grandmother has hideous taste.” Jerome laughs and mumbles “trust me buddy I know.”

I groan and pull the light switch and instead of the light coming on… a body falls down. A girl. A teenager. “Oh my gosh! Is that Molly?” I turn around and see Jerome looks slightly too happy.

This girl was the most sweetest and innocent babysitter I’ve ever met! How could this happen? “Jerome how could you do this? Why?” Jerome puts his hands up laughing. “I can’t take credit for this one baby. Look at our little monster for guilt.”

I land on my knees and look at my son seeing him smile. “(S/n), baby, did you kill Molly?” He nods and laughs. “She kept stealing our things! And she wouldn’t give me a cookie! She always talked about daddy saying how he was handsome! I wasn’t going to let that whore take my daddy!” I stare at my son in shock.

Then I pulled him into my arms and hug him laughing. “You are just like your father I swear.” I laugh and go to Jerome. “Welcome to the family business my boy.” Jerome says and kisses my head.

I’ll See You Again

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a series. You can find all parts linked below.***

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Summary: It’s been 6 years since you left Daveed to better yourself. Things have been pretty good but it was only a matter of time until your past caught up with you.

Words: 2.2k+

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

A/N: Ale said I should pull a Beyoncé and not warn anybody about this dropping so..here ya go! Enjoy the Part 2 that nobody asked for!

Tags: @diggs4life @tempfixeliza @daveeddiggsit @daveedish @imagineham @americanrevelation @patron-saintof-sluts (I tagged you guys last time so, hello again)

For a month Daveed tried to keep contact with you strictly as a friend. You entertained the idea for a while but you knew ultimately this was just going to bite you in the ass. You stopped replying to him and after Daveed’s fifth attempt at reaching you with no reply, he got the message. It’s been around 6 years since the day you left. It was difficult at first but eventually you found your path. You went to culinary school and excelled so much you were offered a job before you even graduated. Of course you took it, working at a four-star restaurant was more than enough to keep the lights on and food on your plate. After a year and a half of working for different world renowned chefs, you made the risky decision to open your own restaurant in New York City. Thankfully, it was the best decision you ever made. Your restaurant took off and you were able to keep up a steady hype. Eventually you expanded into catering and you were being pulled left and right from state to state. Today you were booked to cater a dinner for a bunch of entertainment elites. You decided to go personally to this event to oversee everything because you were curious what actually happens at these fancy dinners.

“The shrimp cocktails go over there.” You pointed toward the back of the room, stepping out of the way of your workers who were transporting food around the huge hall.

“Mic check! Mic check! What’s up, What’s up!”

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I’m Going To Be A Dad?!

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2565

Authors Note: Here is the next part to my pregnancy series I’ve got going on. Thanks to @rememberstilinski @sarcasticallystilinski and @smutandahalf for looking at this and letting me know how it is. I hope you guys enjoy this, it was quite fun to write. Also, I got really excited writing the reveal. Don’t know why exactly.

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Well now, dating this little shit right here would include:

  • first of all, laughs for days
  • you won’t have a moment to feel sad when you got Ong by your side
  • see what i did there *shoot*
  • he would crack a joke in the most inappropiate moments 
  • and sometimes it would be annoying cause he can’t keep quiet and keeps making derp faces and embarassing you in public
  • but you love him anyway cause he keeps making you smile
  • Like literally all the time 
  • you want him to share something with you? “buy your own yo”
  • “seongwoo it’s just one minute, please give me the mirror a bit”
  • “It’S jUsT oNe MiNuTe, PlEaSe GiVe Me ThE mIrRoR a BiT”
  • but he ends up sharing eveything with you, it’s just that he enjoys teasing you and seeing you flustered so much 
  • but really, your smile is the most precious thing for him 
  • he would like watching you as you get your make-up done and most likely would start commenting on it
  • “i don’t think the shade looks good on your skin” 
  • and you’d be like “are you kidding me seongwoo?! i spent 40 minutes on this” 
  • “i’m just saying, you know, it’s not my fault” 
  • and when you slap him he would give you a backhug and kiss your neck while staring at you both in the mirror
  • “you’re lucky you have a hot boyfriend, babe”
  • “fuck you seongwoo” 
  • “you sure you can handle me?”
  • i feel like he would love showing you off to his friends
  • like “you see her? yeah, she’s mine, that’s my girl.” 
  • pet names would be a common thing and besides the usual “babe”, “honey” he would call you something funny or stupid 
  • like “cupcake”, “honeybunch”, “dumbass”, “muffin-top”
  • you would always bug him about how much time he spends with daniel and how he should just date daniel instead of you
  • “well maybe i should, daniel honey here i come” 
  • and then he would start coming back into the room dramatically 
  • “what is that? did I hear someone call for a handsome prince?”
  • and a tickle/pillow fight would emerge and you would end up on the floor with him pinning you down while smirking 
  • he would kiss the tip of your nose before forcing you to say he is the most handsome guy you ever met 
  • and you will spend half the day on the floor cause you wouldn’t admit it and he needs to hear it from you 
  • fights wouldn’t happen often and they are short-lived all the time
  • but sometimes you would get insecure since he is so handsome and so many girls are trying to flirt with him 
  • and he sees it immediately and calms you down
  • “babe, I am jinjja, daebak, real, heol, wanjon in love with you”
  • and you would laugh cause gosh he’s so amazing 
  • always holds you close with one hand resting on your waist and giving glares to anyone who dares to give you a second-look
  • he would be really well-mannered when meeting your family 
  • complimenting everyone so they are all just “aww, such a handsome young man with such good manners”
  • but then he would just do a dumb shit in the middle like
  • you asking “daddy can i get the salt?” 
  • and he also reaches for it as everyone stares at him 
  • “oh… i thought she said darling, my bad” 
  • so he laughs it off cutely and no one suspects a thing
  • but under the table he probably has his hand on your thigh and is creeping up higher and higher 
  • until he finally reaches your core and decides to tease you by massaging it quite a bit 
  • while he maintains eye-contact with you and tells your mother how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you 
  • and then he would do that stupid move of dropping his fork under the table just so he can give a quick kiss inside your thighs
  • “oh this little thing, it fell so far away. maybe Y/N can show me where the kitchen is to get a new one?” 
  • and when you get to the kitchen he would kiss you hungrily while finger-fucking you just to give you a taste of what you will get tonight 
  • I think  he has some experience + rather high stamina since he dances
  • i honestly think he would be one of the best at oral
  • lots of tongue work and wet kisses all over your private area and thighs
  • loves hearing your moans and you putting your hands into his hair pushing him against you 
  • would be a tease even in bed; kissing and licking you anywhere and everywhere but on your sweet spot 
  •  usually dominant but with a shade of laziness here and there  
  • would like it if you took charge from time to time and just try to dominate him
  • he would smirk from undearneath you while you kissed his neck and chest
  • “you look so sexy like that, babe” 
  • would love it if you ride him as he gets to grip your hips and chest
  • i think his favorite positions would be: you on top, reverse cow-girl, face to face and missionary 
  • he wants to be able to hold you, kiss you and basically just feel you next to him
  • a vocal one in bed, especially when receiving 
  • so expect dirty talking, moans, your name being called as well as your pet names alongside stuff like:
  • “god you’re so tight”
  • “my princess is so wet already” 
  • “oh my god, you’re making me crazy Y/N” 
  • i think he would be into light bdsm and leather 
  • also would like it if you got all dolled up for him with red lace lingerie and garter stockings even though the clothes would be on the floor in less than a minute
  • it would make him go crazy seeing you like that

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After what felt like years and my trip I finally finished this and am highly motivated to write more again. 

please leave suggestions or requests here or check out the other stuff here.

thanks for all your guy’s patience and we are nearly at 500 I can’t believe it :0



To say there was some tension between you and Baekhyun was an understatement. Ever since your mutual friend Chanyeol introduced him to the group you two were teasing each other. Suggestive and sassy comments where a daily thing and usual for your meeting. It was normal for your group which consisted mainly of guys so those comments were nothing unusual sure your girl friends weren’t better by a bit although those comments mostly happened between you and Baekhyun. You always joked around and told each other about the adventures you had well you did to your closest friends. About 6 month prior your friend Chanyeol had introduced Baekhyun to your group of friends during a party and everyone got along with him and so he started to hang out with you more often. Now you were in a restaurant eating and pre-drinking for a party you were about to go to. 

‘Ya y/n you haven’t told me what colour your underwear is yet’ Baekhyun joked. One drunk evening you guys started to talk about what a girls underwear would mean and soon he had asked you what kind of underwear you were wearing and then it became a thing.

'Nothing. as usual’ you said winking suggestive at him and he chuckled.

'So ready to party?’ You could see him tongue moving inside poking his cheek out.

'I’m always ready to party and you know that’ you brushed though your hair.

'Oh my gosh guys we are at a restaurant can you please behave a little bit more like it.’ Said Suho and you two laughed.

'I don’t believe you’ he said grinning.

'Wanna find out’ you whispered at him and he grinned even wider.

'Later baby later’ you and Baek never hooked up or something although many people thought you were the horniest couple in the world but you were just joking around. Sure there was some kind of tension when you made these jokes but you always made fun of it. You were even brilliant wingmen for each other, with the help of each other you never ever went home alone if you wanted to.Pre-drinks were getting you a little tipsy and you started whining that you wanted to go to the party now.

'Yes OK let’s go’ Chanyeol said after paying and you walked to the next taxi stand. Getting into the big taxi you guys started to talk about the people that were there. Kai’s crush was there and the guys where trying to convince him to talk to her.

'Kai it’s easy… First You take 2 drinks then you walk over to her preferably when she is close to a wall otherwise the way is to long. You gently but determined push her against the wall. You might put one hand on the wall next to her face.’ You turned to Baekhyun pushing your hand against the backrest.

'Then you look her into the eyes and say >>you look beautiful today<< and they you kiss her’ Baekhyun grabbed you and pretended to make out with you violently. You started to laugh and looked at Kai.

'I don’t think I will to that.’ He said skeptical.

'It worked with Baekhyun’ you said leaning back into your seat.

'Baekhyun is easy to pull though’ said Sehun earning a punch from Baekhyun. You arrived at the party location. It was a big apartment and you could already hear the music form upstairs. The guys knew other people so they quickly disappeared while you decided to go to the kitchen to get another drink. You mixed a strong mixture that made you shiver but you know that in a few sips it would taste a lot better. 

'No one to pull?’ You turned around and grinned at Baekhyun. 

'Haven’t had a look’ you said while Baek took your cup and took a sip. He flinched at the strong taste.

'A lot of couples and the rest looks boring.’ Baek said and you sighed.

'Well I got ready for nothing.’ He grinned.

'Oh well poor girl… well all of this for nothing’ he brushed over your sides.

'Yes it took me so long’ you whined. And took your cup back out of his hands and finished it.

'Oh poor you’ he patted your shoulder and you playfully sulking put your head on his shoulder. He brushed over your back and laughed.

'Well we could check if there is someone other or we go to a bar’ you looked at him grinning.

'Or WE hook up’ you said jokingly at his face. Well you were kind of joking sure hearing his stories you wondered if he was fully truthful but it was nothing more than a little curiosity. You looked at each other.

'Or that’ he said joking still looking at you. You locked eyes and let it be the influence of the alcohol but you tiptoed to connect your lips. Instantly you stared to move your lips. Baekhyun’s lips were soft. And hot. And way to good feeling. You felt arms creeping around you pulling you closer. Like if you had done this a million times your fingers moved to him hair pulling it a little. Baekhyun was now holding your hips tight pushing you against the counter. You could feel southern regions of your body feeling very happy that this happened and starting to get ready for usage (🙈 well if there is a way to say it more awkward tell me I’m sure there isn’t) Suddenly you two broke apart unintentionally you tried to follow his lips but you two ended up looking at each other. His lips were darker a little swollen maybe and his chest was rising and falling fast. 

'Woow’ he panted 'that was..’

'Hot?!’ You panted as well and he laughed nodding.

'Yes hot’ his hands were still on your hips thumbs circling over your hip bone. You looked at each other for a few more seconds. Baekhyun’s eyes were dark with lust. his body was still pressed against yours, making you feel hotter by the second. He kissed you again hungrily, passionately and wild making you nearly go out of breath. He pushed you harder against the counter forcing his leg between yours. His thigh was pushing against your core and in desperate need for some friction you started to move your hips pressing against the rough fabric of his jeans. Baekhyun bit your lip not so much that it really made you feel pain but enough to let your abdomen starting to feel a little tighter and definitely enough to let a moan escape your lips. He laughed one hand wandering towards your breast, massaging them over the fabric of your dress.

'Baek we need to close the door.’ You said between steamy kisses.

'You want to do it here?’ He asked a smug grin on his face.

'I’m sure you can’t walk that far either’ you joked seeing the huge tent in his pants. He closed the door just to open it again. You looked at him confused but he took some bottles and placed them before the door then removed his jacket and hung it on the door nob. The clicking sound of the door indicating it was locked made your body shiver in excitement. He walked over to you grinning devilishly then grabbing your sides and simply pushing you onto the counter. You mouth formed a surprised oh before you slung your legs around his hips pulling him close. He started to kiss your neck making your head roll back resting against one of the cupboards. 

'Let me see if you were lying about that underwear earlier’ he said grinning already getting down onto his knees.

'I was’ you panted grabbing his hair instinctively. He shoved your dress upwards, grinning slyly at the sight of your underwear.

'Black lace… I like’ he clicked his tongue and you shifted more towards him. With one move your underwear was removed you didn’t care were it landed you just cared that it wasn’t between you and Baekhyun anymore. He grabbed your legs and placed them over his shoulders making sure you wouldn’t slip from the counter. His long slender finger brushed against your tights teasing you.

'Baek’ you moaned looking at him. The he went down on you. First he moved his tongue lightly over your folds but your darting hips and hair pulling made him soon go faster and more powerful. With every lick you felt yourself tighten a little bit more you bit your bottom lip to hold back moans but you were sure you would be soon drawing blood. The story Baekhyun had told were all true he was skillful. Very skillful. After making you a moaning mess under his licks he added his slender fingers. Curling, brushing your walls and hitting all the right spots you knew you couldn’t hold it in much longer. 

'Baek I’m…’ He got up looking you in the eyes fingers still inside you.

'Cum’ he said demanding pushing again into you. And following his instructions your body sprang free you head shot back to the cupboard hitting it but you didn’t feel it. All you could feel was your body exploding under his touch and stare. Still on your high he grabbed your chin dragging you to him again kissing you hungrily till you rode out your high. After the last waved had crashed over you and your vision had cleared again you jumped from the counter pushing Baek to the wall opening his jeans. His member just sprang free and you were happily surprised at the length of his package. He grinned at you biting his lip and you winked.

'Impressive’ your hand moved down stroking his already fully erect member. You grabbed your purse getting out a shiny little bag. Ripping it open you smiled at him then slowly rolled the condom all the way down his length. He moaned at all your touches. You pushed him down on the floor in a sitting position. Removing his trouser just as much all you needed to have a free access you straddled him. You could already feel his member lying against your core. You looked at him and kissed him again. He was paralyzed for a moment when you moved down taking his member in. All he managed to do was a grunty moan holding your hips tight. Baekhyun stretched you and you needed to take a moment for adjustment. His hands were impatiently holding you closer. You rolled your hips Baekhyun’s nails digging into your hips pushing you down again. Your hands rested on his shoulder seeing the muscles tense up when he pulled you towards him again. There were probably party sounds around you but you couldn’t hear them all you could hear was the sound his and your skin made crashing onto each other and your uneven shaky moaning breaths. His hips darted upwards thrusting powerful into you and little white stars started to appear in your vision again. You looked at Baekhyun his eyes were nearly closed trying to hold on a little longer. You knew you were close to the edge too so you kissed his shoulder. Your orgasm hit you so hard you needed to bit into his shoulder to not cry out load. Baekhyun seemed to really like it because as you were tightening around his member you felt him twitch inside you giving an airy groan. You rested your head on his shoulder needing some time to catch your breath. He stroked your sides slowly also panting heavily. You stood up and pulled your dress down. Baekhyun got rid of the condom and pulled his pants back on. He looked at you and laughed.

'Seeing how this went we should’ve done it much earlier’ you hit him and laughed.

'Let’s get going’ he said taking your hand. 

'To where?’ You asked confused. He just chucked.

'To my place of course silly. Or do you think this was everything.. nah i have much more that I want to do to you’ you looked around remembering that you actually had once wore a pair of underwear.

'My panties’ you said looking around. Baekhyun reached into the pocket of his jeans and proudly showed you the black lace panties. You wanted to take them but he quickly put them pack into his pocked.

'I’m keeping these’  

'Perv’ you scoffed grinning. Baekhyun opened the door and you were greeted by Chen.

'Oh no guys really?!’ He said with a grin that was supposed to be judging but you were sure you could also see a trace of “I knew this would happen sooner or later” in it.

'We are leaving it’s boring’ announced Baekhyun and dragged you to the exit.

Saturday Party || Jungkook || Oneshot

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Word Count: 1623

Genre: fluff, oneshot

Summary: Jungkook had a massive project due Tuesday…but you were more important. 

It had been a week since the last party that his friends had dragged him to. It had been a week since he had met you, smiling as you easily handed him a drink before turning back to your conversation with your friends in front of the snack table. It had been a week since then and now, on another Saturday night, Jungkook found himself looking around for you, hoping to see your smile again and maybe even talk to you.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh could you please draw grown up ruby with long hair and Weiss is just like staring at her all awestruck and Yang and Blake are laughing in the background.

That atlesian cold air.. always making Weiss’s cheeks blush

I Don’t Love You Anymore (pt. 2)

You can find part 1 right here –> I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 1


I’m writing this note because I don’t have the balls to say this to your face. The reason I’ve been acting like a douche these past few weeks is because, well, at first, I thought it was just stress but, for awhile now, I haven’t felt anything with you. Each kiss, touch, laugh and word we shared has felt dead to me. I’m sorry y/n, I really am but I just don’t love you anymore. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me.


I read the painful words over and over again, each time praying that this is a sick and twisted drawn out April Fools joke he’s playing on me; maybe Mikey put him up to it. But as the minutes pass, I come to the bitter reality that he meant what he said, he doesn’t love me anymore. Is it really a surprise? I mean, all the signs were there. He stopped our morning and nighty-night cuddles, claimed he was sore from working out so much. No longer gave me his warm and soft pecks before he or I left work, it was always, “I really gotta go” or “Go, y/n your gonna be late.” He completely stopped all intimacy between us, and not just physically but mentally, he didn’t talk anymore, nor did he want to listen. So no, it’s not a surprise but it still hurts like hell. I get out the bed and walk over into the closest grabbing another shirt of his and placing it on his side of the bed as I snuggle up next to it and cry myself to sleep.


Six Weeks Later

I’m in the grocery store humming along to Tim McGraw’s “Shotgun Rider,” while debating if I want salmon or tilapia for dinner when a familiar and comforting voice behind me says, “You’ve always had a beautiful voice, it’s a shame that you never considered putting it to work.” I turn around and none other than Ashton Irwin is standing there giving me his award winning smile walking towards me. “Oh please,” I say dismissing the thought. “I’m serious, y/n, we could’ve used you in our band,” he admits as he gets closer. “Then you’d actually be five seconds of summer,” I joke as he laughs and his smile warms up my day. Gosh, I forgot how perfect he was. He looks good, his hair is cut nice, muscles seeping through his shirt.  “A picture lasts longer babe,” he smirks while finally coming face to face with me. I chuckle softly at his cockiness, “How have you been, Irwin?” I ask sincerely wanting to know how my best friend’s been the past few weeks with the stress of making an album. “Seems like I should be asking you that same question,” he says back and a seriousness falls upon us as I realize what he means. I clear my throat as a shift to the other foot, a little uncomfortable, “I-I’m good. I’ve been fine.” “Really?” he asks not buying it as he senses my whole attitude change. “Yeah I’ve been just focusing on school and wo–

I’m cut off by a sudden warmth that wraps around me and I realize that warmness is coming from Ash. Me and Ashton have always had a great relationship, sometimes I felt he understood me better than Calum, maybe it’s because he’s older. I could always have deep and intellectual conversations with him, something I could never do with Calum. We always understood each other; there were countless long nights of personal thoughts, feelings and blissful moments being shared over Chinese takeout or bowls of ice cream, especially the last weeks before Calum broke up with me.

One Week Before Breakup

“Ash, if I ask you a question, will you be completely honest with me?” I ask as I take a bite of my sesame chicken. “Of course, y/n, you know that. What’s up?” he asks and takes a long swig of his beer. I poke at my chicken, still wondering if I’m a bad girlfriend for even considering this thought, I mean I should trust my boyfriend right? I eat another piece of chicken as I take the beer out his hands and finish it making that my 4th one that night. “Okay, y/n, you only drink this much when we’re celebrating, which we’re not or if somethings really bothering you,” he says pausing the TV. I continue poking at my chicken and Ashton pulls the food off my lap and sets it on the bed side table as he makes me face him. “Y/n, talk to me, love,” he says softly as he lifts my chin forcing me to look in his eyes. “Do you–Is Calum seeing someone else?” I blurt out as tears begin to fill my eyes. The thought of Calum cheating didn’t seem real until I actually said it. “What?!” Ashton gasps, “Why would you think that?”

“Well, we’re growing really distant, ya know? He doesn’t  want to cuddle anymore, doesn’t want kiss or touch me, it takes so much for me just to get him to tell me how his day went, which is only a grumbled out, “fine.” And all that has got me thinking that maybe, there’s someone else,” I admit to him. I can see Ashton getting upset at hearing the way his best friend has been treating me. “I’ll talk him,” is all he says before he reaches his phone. “No! Ash, please don’t. Its only gonna create more problems between us, just stay out if it,” I desperately say as I snatch his phone out his hand. “Well, I’m not gonna let him treat you like shit and let him think its okay,” he snaps back at me reaching for his phone. “Ashton, you can’t talk to him about this!” I scream as I hop off his bed, “Why not Y/N?! What’s the big deal?” he asks. “Tell me Ashton, how would you feel if your girlfriend went talking to Luke, for instance, about problems she’s having with you?” I ask him. “I’d be pissed,” he says immediately. “Exactly,” I say back, “He can’t know I’ve been telling you these things. Especially now, he’s so irritable. Our relationship is at a fragile point and any sort of pressure will crash it,” I admit as I flop back on his bed. His face softens as he whispers, “Sorry, love I know–”

“Is it me?” I interrupt,  “Am I not pretty enough? Is it because I’m always talking about school and the future? Does that scare him? Am I too boring because I’d prefer to stay in than go out and party? Does he not want me?” I ask as the tears fill my eyes again and they freely fall down my face. “Hey, y/n listen to me,” Ashton says softly, “You are a beautiful woman. You are so intelligent, funny and talented. I mean what normal person, double majors in sociology and philosophy while minoring in Spanish and working two jobs, you’re frickin’ superwoman,” he exclaims making me laugh. “And oh my goodness, that gorgeous smile. Y/n you literally walk in a room and it lights up, you make everything brighter. And you know what else?” he asks wiping away the tears from my face. “You have the most beautiful soul. You have a such a great heart y/n, you’re so selfless, my goodness, I love you.” My eyes widen as I feel that he didn’t mean love as in best friends but love as in lovers. We stay like that for a while just staring into each other’s eyes and as each moment passes I realize which love he meant and I realize that maybe I too feel that way. Not once had Calum ever expressed his love for me in the words my best friend just had. “Ash, I-” “Shhh,” he says softly as he brings his hands to the sides of my face. “Ashton, we can’t,” I say bringing my hands to wrap around his “I know. But I can’t stop wondering how different it would all be if I’d seen you first,” he says. “Me too,” I admit. The moment is interrupted when the sound of footsteps snaps us from each other’s trance. We immediately sit on our respective sides of the bed and return to eating our food while watching FRIENDS as Mikey bursts in the room yelling, “I’m bored!”


We never got a chance to talk about that night seeing as I blamed our confessions of love on too much beer. We always get super mushy with another after a few beers, a reason why Calum never wanted me to drink alone with Ash. Then the next week Calum broke up with me via, sloppy written note and I’ve ignored and avoided all connections to him, including Ashton. However, my best friend who still loves me, is holding me and I finally relax in to him and for the first time in a while, I feel comfort, cared for, loved even, simply through his touch. He tightens his grip on me as I wrap my arms around his torso drinking in his scent and embracing the memories that I shared with him. Ashton has always been the only who could completely comfort me, its almost as if he peers into my soul, finds out what’s hurting and says the right things to heal me. I don’t know how long its been as we stand there enjoying one another presence, I mean I haven’t talked to him in six weeks, despite his constant tries. I sigh as a warming tingly feeling comes over me and I begin to grip on him tighter, almost craving him, which freaks me out as I realize that my best friend, who is also my ex-boyfriend’s best friend is making me feel weird things as I pull away. “I umm, I should go,” I say as I get ready to push my cart. “Y/n, wait,” he says as he softly grabs my arm, “Can we go grab a coffee?” he asks desperately with pleading eyes. “I don’t know about that Ash,” I say despite my mind saying yes. “Y/n, come on, it’s been six weeks. I miss my best friend,” he says. “You still have Mikey, Luke and uhm, Calum” I say looking down. “Yeah, but there’s someone special still missing,” he says as he lifts my chin up to look at him. “Ashton! What’s taking you so…bloody…long…” a voice that I never thought, nor wanted to hear again says. I watch with big eyes as the guy who tore my heart apart comes in to view. “H-hi y/n,” he says.

A/N: Hey beautifuls! I know I promised it would be posted Friday but it’s 11:39pm on the west coast :p and I live in the midwest so, I use both time zones interchangeably  /.\ Anyways, this is part 2, what do yall think? Its okay to message/ask me I promise I don’t bite…hard (was that too corny/played out?) Forreal tho, talk to me! 😊

I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 3


    • every second of her existence caused me delighted pain and suffering in this episode.
    • so much backstory, every part of it more upsettingly endearing than the last!
      • she had a cancer research start-up at 18 with her handsome friend who probably adored her from the start.
        • for the math challenged:
          • jack and lena had their company for five years and were together for 2.
          • they were together when she left both him and the company approximately 6 months ago.
          • lena’s 24, as per episode 212. 24 minus 5.5 = 18.5.
        • their start up was in a garage! with explosions!
      • she wasn’t even there when lex was dragged away to jail and her mother was pretending nothing was happening at all.
      • she had a darling boyfriend whom she loved very much and left him behind in metropolis to go clean up her brother’s mess.
      • she’s learned to punch the everloving shit out of someone attacking her in the space of a couple of months since her mother tried to have her killed injured.
        • that high heel to the stomach!
      • but alas also basically a dead puppet for evil.
        • i do love that the evil motive this week was just corporate greed.
      • i’m choosing to believe that the mainframe held his consciousness and he wasn’t just a mindless automaton BECAUSE I WANT TO DAMMIT and also the entirely inconsistent moment of breakthrough to tell lena to do it at the end lets me get away with it. he was a robot recreation of the real jack okay AND HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER SO DAMN MUCH.
      • that first scene in lena’s office was so dreamy. it’s a hard sell to get people on board with an off-screen previous romance, but holy crap i swooned.
        • their banter was so nerdy.
        • he was so charming.
        • “do you have fun here?” “i feel good about the work we do.” “you had fun with me.”
        • “it’s not like i wanted to go.” NOT ENTIRELY JACK RELATED BUT, OH MY HEART. 
        • “just dinner?” “it’s entirely your prerogative.”
        • swooooooon.
        • and they were both so sad, and it made me very sad.
      • that dinner was. i can’t actually, it was horrifying. much horrifying. but…
        • “is that the only reason you came?” “no.”
        • he called her a queen, and she nerded out in her heartspace.
            • kara wanted to vomit, this was hilarious.
      • “it’s pretty decent.” “it’s pretty dece.” “oh no, you did not just say that.” DAMMIT, I LOVE HIM.
      • ‘hey kara can you please go i need to have a small breakdown in private have work to do.’ someone please hug her.
      • “you were just doing your job, it’s all any of us can do.”
        • she’s going to blame herself for this, for abandoning their work.
    • also
      • lena has a new assistant named hector. i hope he’s less minion-y.
      • the way she smiled when she thought VP of Murder whose name i don’t know was going to kill her was the saddest thing ever. someone please hug herrrrrrr.  
    • so happy to be out flying around!
      • “i am here to kick some ass, take some names, and do it all with an endearing smile on my face.” how Very Meta.
    • what a plot twist, this week i was endlessly proud of kara as a professional and totally facepalming otherwise.
      • perhaps a first?
      • i love awkward as fuck stutterface kara. i just do. and i love that they very specifically only bring it out as a device when she’s trying to be grown up professional kara danvers. it feels real, in a way that sits interestingly with the performative nature of the kara danvers construct.
      • and it was a good resolution. what she did at the time wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t actually the best solution in terms of getting her information out there. no one cares about kara danvers dot com. a great many people care about the apparently now a hard hitting investigative news source, catco magazine. but way, way more importantly, what she did wrong as far as her job was concerned was break the rules. and she has apparently learned that though from what i do not know, even in the dialogue that was totally tacked on. oh well.
    • i’m gonna be sad i’ve been denied news blogger kara in her pjs on the couch, though. or food truck entrepreneur kara!
      • i actually have a lot of issues with the points they say they’re wanting to make about the press and what they’re actually doing, but that’s not for this list.
    • also kara’s knowledge of FDA regulations and FOIA requests was hot.
      • “you’ve gotta get out of here.” “no, i’ve got a better idea.”
      • the most important thing this episode did for me shift them professional to personal. yes they were having gay hipster dates last ep, but this was friendly.
    • first of all, what kind of nerd-ass date is taking a girl to a science tech press conference? a very good one, if you ask me.
    • “i always have your back.” “you’re my favourite.”
      • lena basically asked kara to protect her from her feelings of thirstiness, and kara totally abandoned her! twice! yes, lena told her to go away, BUT THAT’S BECAUSE OF THE THIRST. 
      • in conclusion, don’t ever ask kara to protect you from getting laid, because she will not.
      • at least she complimented lena on how good she looked on their thirst adventures, which: she looked damn good.
        • i had to slither over the back of my couch from second-hand embarrassment.
    • it’s okay though because lena thinks she’s one of the best reporters in national city, and kara has absolutely no idea how to respond to that besides laughing like a lunatic, bless her.
    • let’s just pretend that dinner scene didn’t happen.
    • kara showing up to tell lena about jack, and describing said dinner that didn’t happen as “weird” is. okay. 
    • does lena know? DOES LENA NOT KNOW?
      • WHO KNOWS.
      • but man that last scene is funny if she does.
      • “i will always protect you.” girl, lena saved you this week, and you abandoned her to her thirst.
      • i just.
      • I JUST.
      • (i actually feel a little weird including this in the shipping section because lena was basically on Planet Sad and definitely not fully present.)
      • gosh, kara has a lot of feelings.
      • a lot of feelings for her good friend lena luthor.
      • a. lot.
    • the actual plot this week was cool and scary as fuck. nanobot swarms are going to give me nightmares now, thanks show.
    • i hope alex learned some cool knife tricks.
    • i hope kara didn’t leave any DNA in that active crime scene she flew away from.
    • mon-el was actually delightful as heck in all of his existence, including interacting with kara.
      • he was reading harry potter!
      • he took a message on what i can only assume was kara’s landline!
      • “this just feels like stalking.” “no, it’s journalism.” “very creepy journalism.”
      • “i feel a connection to you. like a mannection.”
      • “i stole jack’s security badge. for journalism.”
      • “that romantic bastard.” the more the merrier on daxam ;)
    • the previouslies included IT’S BLOBBED. every previouslies should include IT’S BLOBBED.

clubspooky  asked:

i know you mentioned that pidge and her partner (does she stay with lotor?) have a dog, but have they considered adopting kids of their own? if they do, how would they let the rest of the voltron fam know? or are kiddos not in pidge's life plan (i means at least outside of her nieces and nephews from lance and hunk)?

[The Voltron Family] It shocked them to know Lotor was actually Zarkon’s son who was studying abroad most of his life, who returned to his father when he got into college. The teens knew back then that Lotor was a son of a business tycoon but they didn’t know it was their neighbour Grandpa Zarkon. Lotor found this so amusing when he came home one time, and saw Pidge walking home eating an ice cream. 

Pidge: *blinks in shock* The heck you doing there?
Lotor: *points at Zarkon’s house* I live here. 
Pidge: *chokes* YOU WHAT?! 
Lotor: It’s my father’s house. *shrugs* Well, one of his houses.
Pidge: Zarkon’s your Daddy?!
Lotor: *nods in confusion* Last time I checked, yes.

The thing with Lotor and Pidge, they had so much fun together. They kept travelling the world together after Pidge graduated (Lotor was 2 years ahead). Lotor proposed when they were in Belgium over Belgian waffles during breakfast outside, and Pidge snorted out her chocolates and Lotor found that so endearing, he started laughing.

Pidge: Are you serious?! *wipes her nose with the napkin Lotor handed*
Lotor: Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to, Peejon. *smiles softly*
Pidge: *smirks* You just want to turn your boring richass life to an adventurous one with me, don’t you?
Lotor: *smirks* Maybe I do. So?
Pidge: *hums* Maybe I do want that, too. *grins* 

Pidge sent her daddies and Hunk and Lance a photo of her hand with a ring that had chocolate smear from her food with the caption of: “Guess who got engaged to a dork in fricking Belgium over Belgian waffles (das why there’s a smear. don’t mind the smear. it adds charm) ???” 

They ended up having a dog and she and Lotor were the wealthy-uncle-and-auntie-who-spoiled-their-nieces-and-nephews. However, she saw how happy Lotor was with Hunk’s and Lance’s kids, so she went to her daddies’ house.

Pidge: Is it wrong that Lotor and I don’t have kids?
Shiro: *shakes* No, it’s not? What made you think of that, sweetheart?
Pidge: My dork’s just… yknow a little too happy with the little gremlins.
Keith: *interlaced his hand with Pidge* *smiles softly* Sweetheart, are you thinking of having kids with Lotor?
Pidge: *squeezes Keiths’ hand* Everyone’s just happier with kids.
Shiro: Not all. *laughs* Even your Daddy Keith and I took 3 years until we adopted three of you.
Keith: *hugs Pidge* Think about it. Talk it out with Lotor. Kids are a serious business. There’s no going back if you decided you want them.
Pidge: It would be nice to have a little one running around. *chuckles*
Shiro: It would. *laughs* I remember when you were still so little. Always running around the house making a mess wherever you go.
Keith: So many broken vases, oh my god. *laughs*
Pidge: *smiles sheepishly* Oooops? A bit late to apologize for that, innit? *laughs* But is it worth it? Was it worth all the trouble to have adopt—
Shiro: Yes, of course. Even all the sleepless nights. *grins so wide*
Keith: Definitely. Especially if they turned out so great later in life. 
Pidge: Awww, gosh, you guys. So cheesy. *rolls eyes*

One Sunday morning, the doorbell rang. Keith opened the door and found Pidge standing, smiling so wide.

Pidge: *hugs and kisses Keith* Morning, Daddy Keith! Is Daddy Shiro in?
Keith: Yeah, of course. *goes to the living room with Pidge*
Shiro: *joins them* Sweetheart. You should’ve called us if you wanted to drop by. *hugs and kisses Pidge*
Pidge: *laughs* Would ruin the surprise.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* What surprise?

Pidge just grinned excitedly as she went back to the hallway and signalled someone to come in. Lotor entered the house carrying a little boy who looked about 3 years old.

Pidge: *looks at her daddies* Daddy Shiro, Daddy Keith. Meet our son, Tadashi.
Keith: *places a hand on his mouth* *teary eyed* Oh god.
Shiro: *smiles so wide* *pulls Keith with him to meet their grandkid*
Lotor: *smiles* He speaks just a little Japanese cause he lost his parents earlier this year.
Keith: That’s fine. *coos at the child* Hello, Tadashi. Daddy Keith and Daddy Shiro will make sure you will be fluent in Japanese.
Tadashi: *giggles* *reaches out to Keith*
Keith: *takes the child into his arms* *looks at Pidge and Lotor pointedly* Your child will call us “Daddy Shiro” and “Daddy Keith” just like the rest.
Pidge: *rolls eyes in amusement*
Lotor: *laughs* Yeah, we already decided on that too. We’ll just be “Mommy” and “Daddy” to Tadashi.
Shiro: *takes Tadashi from Keith* You almost have the same name as I do. *laughs* *kisses the child* Takashi and Tadashi. We’re gonna be the best duo.
Keith: *whispers to Pidge* I’m surprised and happy at the same time you adopted a Japanese kid.
Pidge: *smiles* Yeah, me too. When Lotor *looks at Lotor* and I went to the orphanage, we saw him sitting by himself in a corner. He felt so left out because he was the only Asian. We knew then and there that we wanted to adopt him.
Lotor: He’s just adorable and it was honestly love at first sight for me. *stares fondly at Tadashi* He’s going to be the nerdiest and geekiest kid.
Pidge: *nudges Lotor* I’m going to make sure of that. *chuckles*

[PART 02]

Answered asks! (yoi cat au)

Oh my gosh, thank you everyone for sending in headcanons, knowledge, kind words and funny pictures! You guys are amazingly creative!

Someone sent me a photo of pancakes they made that accidentally looked like yuri cat this week, and I’m still laughing at it, AHAHAHAHA!

Answers, and copious cat photos under the cut!

As always, if I haven’t gotten to your ask, then I’m probably thinking of something to draw for it, thank you for your patience!

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More Than You Know

In which Yoongi shows the other side of him.

Words Count: 1.3k
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Min Yoongi x OC

Description: It was written for my best friend’s birthday! ♡

She stirred in her sleep when she sensed the feeling of the bed dip behind her.

It was the two pairs of arms sneaked behind her waist and embraced her into his warmth that had her awaken. She did not even need to turn around to figure out who exactly it was.

It was the light kiss on her head that had a smile split across her face.

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BitterSweet Love - Draco Malfoy x Reader


“I hate you.” I bitterly snapped walking up to my boyfriend who stood alone flipping through a book in the library. We’ve been together for a little over a year and it’s been wonderful. Really. It’s just sometimes he could get on every single last nerve in my body.

He turned around so his eyes could examine me as I stood before him with my hands placed on my hips. Draco’s lips tugged upwards in the corners after he had registered my body language.

“Why? I’m lovely.” He simply stated as if I should’ve already known. Draco’s smirk lingered for a while on his face before I continued. I could feel myself already cracking. He knew just how to make me smile and it bothered me sometimes.

“You know why.” I gave him a look my mother would give me when she suggested , with her eyes, that I stop playing dumb. Shifting my hands from my waists to cross my arms, I clicked my tongue. I was beginning to get impatient. “Need a hint?”

“Yes. Please enlighten me, Y/N.” He copied my stance. A small smile crept on to my lips, breaking through my serious expression. I took in a breath and gave him what he wanted.

“You took my book, Draco.” After I had spoken those words, he fake pondered into thought. “Oh my gosh! Draco, just please give me my book back.” I pleaded, stepping closer to him.

“I don’t remember taking a book, Y/N.” Draco’s voice was playful and childish. He sure loved teasing me but it never bothered me. I always got him back. “What was it called?”

“It was my Potions textbook.” At this point my smile was beaming and I was beginning to laugh after every sentence I spoke.

“You mean…this one?” He pulled it off the shelf beside us. My jaw dropped a little. A chuckle came from Draco when he saw my sudden change in expression.

“How did y-” I reached for it but he pulled away just before I could grab it and held my textbook up above his head. Draco was tall and lean. If I jumped, I could just barely reach the book. “Draco.” I huffed out. He was laughing fairly hard which I am surprised hasn’t received a ‘SSHHHH’ from Ms. Prince yet.

“I’ll give it back,-” he started. I already knew where this was heading. My head shook slowly at him with my eyes squinted.

“-if,-” Draco paused. He began to think hard on what he wanted in return for my book that he took from me. When a lightbulb went off, he spoke up again. “-if you kiss me.”

My eyebrows lifted at his offer. I thought on his offer, considering it but also not going down without a fight. Looking from Draco to the book still above his head, I bit my lip in thought. A little time went by and I made my decision. If a kiss is what he wants, a kiss is what he’ll get.

I uncrossed my arms and walked towards him to closed the space between us. Gently, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips down to meet mine. I felt him smile into the kiss. I didn’t realize he was still holding up the book until Draco lowered his arm, and placed my textbook down on a nearby desk. Not breaking the kiss, he slithered them around my waist and kept them there.

When we broke it off, I grabbed my book and gave Draco a small smile before walking away towards my table with my other school stuff. When I returned and took my seat, I opened up the book to the correct page. The font was super small and hard for me to read so I rummaged through my bag to get my glasses. When I couldn’t find them, I stopped searching and slowly turned around in my seat. There I saw Draco, holding them in his hand as he sat as his table doing his work with his friend, Blaise.

Blaise must’ve told him I was looking because Draco turned his head and gave me a wicked grin. He hung my glasses of the collar of his sweater, shooting a wink, and resumed his scribbling.

That boy is going to be the death of me.


Wow Gray, Kinky Much? | G.D.

Requested By: Anon


It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon in L.A. You were laying on a couch, your head in Grayson’s lap. You were scrolling through tumblr, and he was distractedly running his fingers through your hair. You stopped abruptly at one post, a laugh bubbling up from your throat.

“What, Y/N” Grayson asked. You angled the phone so he couldn’t see the screen, and smirked up at him. “Nothing, Gray. It’s nothing.” But you were laughing. “Nooo, Y/N tell meee,” he whined. “I mean ok, but you asked for it bup.” You told him, before sitting up and clearing your throat.

“Okay, Gray, it’s a picture of you. And you’re holding up a shoe-

“Wait, how is this funny?” He butted in. You shushed him.

“I’m getting to it. Anyway, you’re holding up your shoe and the first caption says ’wow, that’s a big shoe you got there Gray.’ And then someone reblogged it and said ‘Well, the bigger the feet the bigger the meat.” You could barely get through it without laughing. Gray turned red. “Sometimes I’m real glad I’m not on tumblr,” He mumbled. You just laughed harder. “Okay, you know what, we’re gonna go find some other dirty stuff, because this is hilarious!” You quickly clicked over to their youtube channel, and scrolled deep into the comments before stumbling on your first one. “Lick lick lick, I wanna eat yo dick,” You read. Gray had his cringe face on. “Wow, that one even rhymed,” you laughed to yourself. Just then Ethan walked out into the living room.

“Hey guys, what’s up? Are you being all coupley and shit, because if so, I’m out.”

“No E, I’m actually just making Gray cringe, wanna join us?” You responded. His face lit up. “Definitely! I’m always up for embarrassing Gray!”

“Alright then, shall we continue? Kelsey G. says ‘Ok, so I’m an Ethan girl (at which E smiled proudly) but Grayson can make me feel some type of way. Sometimes I accidentally start fantasizing about fucking him. Like damn, that would be so good.” You read. Ethan snorted. Grayson screeched in horror. “Wait, it gets worse,” you smirked. 

“Fiona Trickzzz says ‘Omg Grayson is daddy material. Like, I bet during sex he’d make you call him daddy, so I call him that too when I’m alone. I’m just getting ready, you know?’ Oh my gosh!!” You laughed. Gray just looked kinda uncomfortable, and went “No, that’s Ethan’s thing, okay.” Ethan looked away, but he couldn’t hide his smirk.

“Okay, next one. ‘So we all know that Gray likes choking people. And omG he has the perfect arms for it!! Wow, It’s so hot to even think about..” You burst out laughing. “Wow Gray, kinky much?” He just blushed even harder, and groaned. “Nooooooo. Y/N, can we be done now, this is so uncomfortable.” You shook your head, still laughing.

“Fine Gray. You just gotta promise that the only person you’ll ever choke is me.”

Him and Ethan burst out laughing. “Okay, definitely. I will only ever choke you, I promise. I will choke you in sickness and health, for richer or for poor. I will choke you until death do us part.”

You just giggled and fell into his arms.

“I love you.”

Such a joker (24/?)

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Jim POV:
She jumped in front of me. My own daughter took a bullet for me. I was ready to take the steps through the open doors of death, but no. My babygirl took it upon herself to be the hero and save me. Now she’s laying in a hospital bed in a coma. Sleeping. Day and night. That’s all she does. All I hope is she’s having sweet dreams.

(Y/n) POV:
I open my eyes and look to my left. “Dad?” I say; my voice sounding dead. “Oh… you are.” A voice speaks ripping my attention away from my father. “Well dying that is.” I look over to the door and focus my blurred vision. “What is that face for doll? Thought you’d be happy to see me.” I shake my head.

“Jerome?” I ask in my croaky voice. He giggles and jumps on the end of the bed. “What’s going on?”

He keeps bouncing slightly. “Welcome to the land of the bed doll face. I’ve missed you so much!” Jerome dramatically falls onto my body and kisses everywhere. “D-Dead?” I ask shocked.

Jerome rolls his eyes. “It’s not as bad as it sounds. I mean you have me now!” I look over to my father and wave my hand in front of his face. “Gosh Jimbo! You look like you’ve been to hell and back!” Jerome says looking closely at my father.

“I’m really gone?” Jerome laughs and takes my hand kissing it lightly. “Sure are baby. Dead as a doornail!” He laughs.

I stand up removing all the stickers from my body. I look back at the bed and see my body laying there. Jerome stands next to me. He spins me around laughing. “Oh I’ve missed you!” I hold onto him tightly still shocked. “You’re really here…Jerome you’re really here!” We both laugh loudly. “I always have! I told you I’d never leave you. Life or death my dear. We always find each other.” I cross my arms and kiss his cheek. “Since when did you become such a poet?”

Jerome kisses my forehead and moves me to the door. “I’ve had some time to practice.”

We walk down the halls and the hospital slowly starts to empty out. “Where are we going?” I ask as we approach the door leading to the outside. “Home my doll. We’re going home.”

Jerome and I walk the streets of Gotham unnoticed. Most likely because we’re…dead. Ghost even. We walk down the streets I know so well and we come closer to some run down apartments.

Jerome leads me through the alleyway and we enter into one of the apartments through the back. “This is home?” I ask looking around.

A couch, a boxed TV, and cobwebs. “The couch pulls out to a bed.” Jerome says rocking on his heels nervously. I haven’t seen him like that since we first met. He’s changed and yes I love him the way he is, but I do miss the quiet timid Jerome I met at the circus.

“Good to know.” I giggle and stride over to Jerome and hug him. Just a hug. No lust hidden behind it. Just love.

I bring my lips to his and the move in sync. Too long it’s been since I felt those lips against my own. Too long without him. “I love you Jerome.” I speak once our lips are parted. He looks down at me and his eyes say everything and more. “And I love you too (y/n) Gordon.”


Jerome and I spent a couple days here. Laying around and making up for lost time. I tried to tell him about the recent events, but seems like he already knew them. “I followed you (y/n). I was always there! Breakfast to dinner doll. I know what happened.” I cross my arms and huff. “Then what am I supposed to blab on about?” I laugh trying to think.

Jerome moves closer and rolls onto his stomach sliding down. “I say you hush your mouth and we do something better.” His eyes darken at his words. My breath hitches and I bite my lip. “What’d you have in mind J?”

“I’ll show you babygirl.” He smirks and goes under the covers and moves between my legs. He lifts up his t-shirt I have on and moves my panties to the side. His hot breath against my swollen clit already making me squirm. Jerome grabs my hips and holds them down.

He brings his face closer and licks a straight line up my wet slit. I gasp and raise my back off the bed. It’s been way too long. Seconds later Jerome doesn’t waste time. He dives in as if it’s a full course meal. “Oh Jerome!” I moan and raise my back off the bed.

He moves away and crawls up to meet me. He roughly kisses me spreading my legs even wider with his hand. Jerome positions himself at my entrance and pushes in filling me up. “Oh damn doll. You have missed me. Just feel how tight you are around me.” He sucks a deep mark into my skin on my neck.

“Jerome move. Please.” He thrusts and I moan out. He continues thrusting and causing us both massive amounts of pleasure.

He grabs onto my face and kisses me deeply. “Oh baby. I’m close.” I moan out too overwhelmed by the pleasure to speak. As my climax approaches closer I bite onto Jerome’s shoulder. He cries out when I sink my teeth in a bit to hard. “I like it when you get rough!” He thrusts harder into me and I scream in pleasure when my climax takes over. Jerome does the same and collapses on top of me sweating and breathing deeply.

Once I catch my breath I sit up slowly. Once I stand I sit right back down and grab my head. Suddenly a horrible migraine has occurred. “You alright baby?” Jerome asks. “Yes… I just… I just need something to drink.” I stand and walk over the fridge opening it. Once the light hits my face I fall over.

Jerome rushes to my side and hold my body. “What wrong? What hurts?” I breathe deeply and hold in tears. “My head, and now my heart. It feels like it’s going to explode.” Jerome quiets my cries and kisses my face repeatedly. “Jerome. I-I can’t see. Everything is blurry.” Jerome’s touch becomes numb. “Jerome?” I ask scared. “You’re not dying…you’re waking up.” Jerome says sadly. I shake my head silently crying. “Shh no babydoll. Shh no it’s alright. I’ll be there. I’ll be with you. I love you.” I smile and hold his hand close. “I love you too Jerome Valeska.”

My vision turns to bright lights and I feel like passing out.

I jolt up and breath heavily. I’m in a hospital. I’m hurt. My stomach hurts. I look to my side and see a man. “(Y/n). Honey are you okay? How you feeling?” I shake my head confused.

“What?” I ask looking around panicking. “What happened? Where am I?” “Shh it’s okay.” I look up at the man with tears in my eyes. “Who am I?”

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