Posted on my Instagram months ago, but it never made it to my Tumblr. Proof that I do actually draw things occasionally with real pens and paper :)

Proof of concept for my 2nd year film!
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to show this to Michael Dudok de Wit yesterday when he visited my school and he liked it! (oh boy!!)

weather girls: o v e r c a s t 

//You promised me your heart
just so I couldn’t flee
Thought I wouldn’t see it coming?
Made a plaything of me//

There was a period in Vivi’s life when she was dating recklessly. This happened after her failed relationship with @soundlessroom​ ‘s Detlef, who used/abused her trust — Vivi begun desperately looking for someone who would prove Detlef was just one unlucky case. Her current, milder trust issues probably have their roots in Detlef, too.

This is actually an illustration I made for another song I’m writing — it was originally meant to be one of the ship challenge songs, but the lyrics grew out of their frames and became something else entirely. Now, they fit that one period of Vivi’s life pretty darn well. Lyrics put under readmore — unfortunately I haven’t been able to record the song yet due to computer problems.

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blurryface art; seven; the judge
“i know my soul’s freezing
hell’s hot for good reason”


“Gee, you’re a fuckin’ wonder.”

might do a color on this eventually hahahrahrarOOHROOHROOH

I just saw the redrawn illustrations, and it actually made my heart melt for a second. I still remember how much I loved the colors and the atmosphere when I started to read Tokyo Ghoul. It was just a very distinct feeling you get when you dive into a new story. Seeing these pictures in Ishida’s new art style gave me the exact same feeling back. It’s just amazing how much he improved and how elaborated his art is now. I’m so glad Ishida gives us the opportunity to read the first chapter of his manga with new eyes.


A nice 101 rundown on body types in both video games and animation, the difference between idealised male and female bodies, and how some companies are trying to move beyond cliches. 

Speaking of idealised male bodies, Jamin does address the issue of the difference between what men think women find appealing and what women actually find appealing. I made this video to illustrate the difference - as much as I love Killbane and Angel de la Muerta, my SR boss is built for the ladies