CHUNKY Sweater Dress by impressoespresso

You’d think I could come up with a better name lol.

Well, I didn’t expect to be back with more CC so soon, but I was just randomly inspired, so I made these dresses!

More Info

  • BGC
  • 19 Swatches
  • Female
  • Teen-Elder
  • Custom CAS thumbnail
  • Proper LODs, shadow maps, normals all that jazz
  • new mesh (and gee it was a struggle lol)

-Download- (simfileshare no ads)

Anyways, thank you all for 1000+ downloads on my Cecilia top + 100 FOLLOWERS!!! 40 followers in two days is crazy, I couldn’t thank y’all enough for supporting me :)

As always, if you run into ANY issues, don’t hesitate to let me know, and if you recolor, or use them in your game tag me! I’d love to see it.

As always, thanks for supporting me and my content!

Enjoy :)

update: 8/2/18, fixed issue with white seams