Ok so I just had a thought about Kingdom Hearts so bear with me while I ramble

That one scene in KH2 - Hollow Bastion. Axel fleeing at the sight of Saïx, Saïx being the one who has Kairi, and then Sora begging Saïx to let him see her somehow.

And Saïx makes him really, truly beg for it, right?

“Show me how much you care for her.”

And Sora gets on his knees and begs, he pleads. He sounds like he could cry because he’s so desperate.

And Saïx looks at him and says “The answer is ‘no’.”

Now, an epiphany struck me.

Saïx has been shown to be teasing in his own way before, goading Sora, in 2 alone - “Do you want to end up like Riku?”

But do you think, perhaps, that these things have been said to him?

Do you think he has been made to beg, plead, desperate, only to be mocked and told 'no’?

Do you think TerraNort made him get on his knees before he took his heart, made him beg to spare Lea?

Do you think Xemnas made him beg, sometime after his heart was taken, submissive in an attempt to avoid punishment? Do you think the answer was 'no’, and then Xemnas’ blades carved an X into his face?

I wonder if Axel heard him parroting these words to Sora as he fled - there’s evidence of the Organization hearing things before and after they use corridors to move around. Do you think Axel heard Saïx take the words used to degrade him and turn them on Sora?

Do you think maybe, a lifetime ago, Isa was made an example of and a man with silver hair asked “Do you want to end up like him?”