minho: i am the ultimate third wheeler

hyunjin, holding seungmin’s hand: what are you talking about?

jeongin, letting jisung carry him bridal style: oh come on, you’re not a third wheel!

felix, in the middle of kissing changbin: don’t worry about it too much dude

chan, cuddling with woojin: don’t put yourself down like that, minho!

minho: alrighty, and i have officially leveled up to NINTH wheel. i hold ultimate power

Okay I’m really soft rn

So basically…

Chan got Hyunjin’s gift

Woojin got Jisung’s gift

Minho got Felix’s gift

Changbin got Chan’s gift

Hyunjin got Seungmin’s gift Hyunmin is sailing

Jisung got Minho’s gift minsung is sailing

Felix got Changbin’s gift changlix is sailing

Seungmin got Jeongin’s gift jeongmin is sailing

And Jeongin got Woojin’s gift