나는 로빅이다. 2016 #아육대 #빅스 요원들의 메달 사진을 공개한다! 무엇보다 다치지않고 #빅스 요원들이 경기를 마쳐 기쁜 로빅이다. 응원을 보내준 별빛요원들 고맙습니다!

I am ROVIX. I’m revealing a picture of VIXX’s medal from the 2016 Idol Star Athletics Competition. More than anything ROVIX is happy that the competition ended without the VIXX Agents getting hurt. Thank you Starlight Agents for sending your passionate cheers!

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx


Beenzino and Oh Hyuk did a Facebook live broadcast today during a photoshoot for W Korea’s March issue! 


“When you have to be professional when there’s cameras” 

cr.  Tae’s Paprika

VIXX - scared of bugs

Ayyyy let’s go!

N: “Hey bug! I-I watch you! Don’t you dare come closer to my girl or me!

Leo: “What? You want me to kill it? I’m not sure bby.” *laughs nervously*

Ken: “Umm you know what, I’m sleepy, let’s go to bed, I’m…I’m sure this bug will leave us alone .”  BUT ITS 4 PM?

Ravi: “What the hell is that, it’s a MONSTER o.o”

Hongbin: “Ew ew ew, what is that?”

Hyuk: *screams* *tries to shoot it or hit it with a pillow or anything he can find around*

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