Brutiful Chick of the Week - HYSTERICA

Dare I say the most brutiful band in the world?!?! An all female metal band is a rare find…even rarer, their freaking good!! Formed together back in 2005, Hysterica is a brutiful Swedish heavy metal group have been touring around for some time & with a few changes to the line-up, released their debut album, Metalwar, back in the beginning of 2009.

One of the best parts about this group is you get to see not just one brutiful chick up on stage buy five awesome musicians that have put together their own uniquely heavy sound with critical acclaim from various music groups. Plus, they got some bad-ass names to go with their seductive outfits like Marydeath, Bitchie & my favorite (& god forbid I have a daughter she’s getting this name) SatAnica!!

They haven’t made it to the states yet for any touring, but if they do, you know my ass will be right in front with camera in hand hoping for some major wardrobe malfunctions. e sure to check out the video for “Girls Made of Heavy Metal” & i would suggest doing it during your alone time.


Long, Long hair, And tattoos everywhere…