For every one that thinks that nintendo give up on the wii u



Nintendo consoles always have 4-7 years until a new one comes. the wii u is not a exception, the NX is coming march 2017 meaning by that time, wii u will be already 4 year old

and it wii u have enough big games to mark his lifetime

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Nintendo didn’t give up on the wii u they’re just going forward.

PS:Please reblog(and add a game that you think i missed)

oh wait i forgot bayonneta

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also didn’t found wonderful 101 gifs

#462. The young warriors see the army as their family, Agitha is the crazy aunt, Cia is the sexually ambiguous aunt, Lana is the mediator aunt, Ganondorf is like a father, and Zelda is like a mother, and link and linkle are like their cool older brother and sister, expect wizzro is the insane grandparent that always wrecks family gatherings

So I have a sketchbook where I do a Sketch a day, and I haven’t sketched in it this weekend due to doing painting doodles on the pc. 

So I thought I might as well so one of them to prove I’m doing the sketch a day thing…

Have Link from hyrule warriors (I’m actually looking up master sword resources so it’s easier for me to paint him while I study the actual sword.) Yes it’s been flipped.