Hyrule Warriors


The trio of evildoers went to a cosplay convention and dressed up as Undertale characters. Ganondorf cosplayed as ASGORE, and was pretty damn close. Ghirahim cosplayed as Mettaton EX, and has grown so fond of the look that he wears it far too often, much to the annoyance of Ganondorf. Zant also once cosplayed as the small, white dog. However, things spiraled way out of control after Zant absorbed an important artifact. When they tried to force Zant to take off the costume, Zant promptly absorbed Ghirahim. It took Ganondorf 17 days to retrieve Ghirahim, and Ghirahim was in surgery for 5 weeks to remove all of the white fur from his insides.


So instead of staying inside during the snow storm the other week like a rational human being, I took my friend Chelsea out in her Link cosplay to do some snow themed photography haha. After battling the winter elements for an hour or so, I think we ended up with some pretty worthwhile photos! I’m hoping that once the weather warms up and my friend gets a few more accessories for him that we’ll do some more shots of him then too!  :)

Character: Link
Cosplay Portraiture - 2016

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