Hypno Kittens


I spent about forty minutes in queue at the cable store. I was bored, SO BORED. So I thought (haha silly kitten having thoughts) ”I can use this time productively and repeat my mantra.”
So i stood there, silently thinking over and over:

I love to serve
I love to please
I love to be hypnotized
I must obey

And wouldn’t you know it the time just flew by. I can remember it all but i floated in and out just repeating

I love to serve 
I love to please
I love to be hypnotized
I must obey

And even more satisfying?
Being called a good student still gives me a delightful shiver.

Some things have stuck hard. Which makes me so happy in my adventures in hypnosis. I’m acclimating well to being a hypno-kitten~




xxfortheloveofyaoixx  asked:

Animal hc three: -The Apollo cabin has parakeets -The hecate cabin has so many damn animals like where do they even come from -Jason has this giant fat cat and he loves it,but it hates piper with a PASSION -Aphrodite cabin has a bunch of large dogs and one kitten. -hypnos cabin has a great Pyrenees -everyone has competetions to see who's pet is the best -especially the Aphrodite and Ares cabins -it's so stupid but funny -if you think that Percy has fish? Your wrong hehates people who have fish

This is all perfect, I love it


I’ve reblogged it here a bunch but right now I DON’T HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE AT THE END OF THE MONTH. Me, my Madame, and my Boyfriend are scrambling for jobs and apartments with very little success.

I am OPEN FOR ART COMMISSIONS I do all sorts of kink drawing including but by no means limited to: hypnosis, BDSM themes, vore, weight gain, pin-ups, original characters, fan art, almost everything!
I even do a little bit of modeling on the side, and if that’s an interest let me know!
I’m willing to accept donations as well, anything helps! At the very least PLEASE REBLOG AND HELP SIGNAL BOOST.
(I’ve been trying to make art my job for a long time)

I really don’t want to be a homeless hypno-kitten :(


I did some work with @thegreato95 recently and he was gracious enough to repay me with a personalized hypnosis file! He asked what I wanted and I eagerly told him how I want my Owners to be able to silence me. Talking is so overrated, why should a mindless hypno-kitten have the privilege to speak unless explicitly ordered to. So both my owners now have several hypno commands for me. I’m still shy asking about hypno-play because neither of them are into it like I am.
I’m still between places right now and stress makes it hard to trance.
But I can totally feel how the silence file reached into my brain. PART OF THE FUN: was I recorded my own looping mantra for it, my own voice repeating and repeating to be silent. It’s very effective.

Text and my brain

I’m noticing that I feel deepest with text inductions. Or at lest I think I feel deeper which probably means I am haha. Brains are dumb.
I’m going to be recording some voice clips soon, which is exciting!
Half of me wants to try the other side of hypnosis, dropping people and making them my plaything…but I have so much more fun being a mindless hypno-kitten.
I’ve internalized the idea that I’m playing along because my brain doesn’t want to think I’m Controlled. Oh but I am so controlled. I still purr when called good kitty. I still get floaty and fuzzy and smiley when I’m told it’s bimbo time.
And I’m hopefully going to have a new trigger to make me lose my words. Speech taken from me until told otherwise. Mmmmmm it sounds soooooooo good.
I’m going to make a day of text and audio inductions. Sometime soon.