Ducati Baby- Shannon Leto one shot

Heres a first- play nice guys… let me know what you think 😘😘

“Beautiful bike you’ve got here” Shannon pushes off the side of the bike in question taking a few steps forward in her direction. She was not who he expected to be the owner of this masterpiece of a bike, her hair matched the custom dark red paint job on it with the off white matching her pale complexion 

“She is…” Tori replies her eyes suggesting there was mischief and mayhem to this girl, especially if the bike she owned was anything to go by.
“I haven’t ridden since before we started this monster of a tour…” he sighed reminiscing “I miss the feeling, the purr, the adrenaline-“
“The absolute freedom?” she asked with a slight smile
“The freedom” he ran his hand down the side to across the handle admiring it
Tori knew who he was, she’d just left their show after all… her heart hammered in her chest- she’d always had a thing for drummers… Shannon was no different, the man was stunning especially since shaving his head- oh god he was the man your mother warned you about while secretly being in absolute envy. Most girls took to Jared, but Tori no she wanted that rhythm only a drummer could summon with the beat of a few sticks, and here he is… admiring her bike she left parked out the back of the venue from their latest show in Germany.

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