Daily- Is there really nothing nice to say about me?!

Right first of all its not been the best day! 

I had double geography, a free then double PE with basketball at lunch in-between.

Got quite a lot of homework just in the first lesson and then in the second I got a lot as well :/ I think I need to actually need a serious sesh this weekend and get it out of the way! Then in my free lesson my friend kinda just gave me his Ipod for the hour and well I find it so much better when Im on someone else. Okay So I looked down his song list and well he had some great songs on there, not neccaerly new but just great classics as well. 

Best friends- 50 cent

F5 the fast and furious song

Teach me how to dougie

All of the lights some sick remix though 

Okay you get the idea I really enjoyed that hour just kinda zoned our and relaxed :) 

Okay then I had a PE practical. First we just looked at agility by zig zagging some cones out and touching them and getting it done as quick as possible. So yeah easy. I was wearing my hyperdunks because well I had basketball after and yeah we did it on the court which is quite slippy but I was actaully good at it. Okay I wiped the dust of everytime because well I know that court is a shit hole and dust just doesnt give you the friction on the court. So I wiped it off and did the course then he picked me out and said yeah I have technically correct model which means my body is in the right place nothing to do with my shoes! but he was like well yeah Maccy isnt the fastest but his body position and balance is flawless and the group was just like well yeah he doesnt have slippy shoes. 
1. They didnt wipe dust off (fair enough hyperdunks are allways gonna be a bit
more grippyer dust of no dust) but for real wipe your shoes! 
2. Get your body in the right position and well then you might be doing it right.

Pisses me off! Then we did like shuttle runs in small groups and well our group did it wrong :L so we lost and had to do 10 press ups ( nothing really) Okay me and this other kid are just super skinny and well they think we’re weak because of this.
I’m just lanky so it looks like it….infact I have great core muscles compared to any of them and have decent streghnt, yeah not a weight lifter but yeah I can do it. 
And well the other kid is a runner. and just has no upper body strength at all but his legs are tank! Okay he did 3 press ups and couldnt mange any more. thought this was peripatetic tbh :L he just donesnt try? 
Any way we had to do press ups and they were all like ahh that not gonna even be able to do it. Started doign them easily then they were liek oh yeah maccys pretty good actually. Do they forget how much condtioning basketball takes or something?! And well the other kid did 3 so yeah….

Then basketball at lunch is just getting shit! all my friends that used to go have left the school :( So its not quite the same and well soem of the new guys have no clue!

Then PE last theory. Okay banter its not banter its just you being a dick nuff said. Then walking down the hill I fell over not like completely just rolled my ankle but wow it hurt! still does! Not been the best day :(

Got back made noodles and watched something about steve jobs and wow he actaully changed the world with very simple ideas! He pretty much invented the playlist and well think how simple everything is. 99p for every song on Itunes. Everything he makes has like one button on as well. yet they do so much. And well because of playlists our genration has a much wider taste of music. just from one simple idea. I thought it was really amazing.